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Science = Séance The idea of summoning the spirits, it’s Funny Science is man going around slapping labels on God’s work. Scientism is when the so called ‘scientist’ try to become gods by fooling us with lies … True science isn’t the problem …. scientism is. I wont agree Much on What Richie says as i no longer believe anything regarding space.. But nonetheless a nice Vdo .. must see..on the occasion a perfect Quote below…

~ Galatic human ~

Rip and flip this, it wont be up long. RFB Theres a reason NASA is showing up everywhere, theres a reason Science is doing a full court press

Science is nothing more than magic and lies. Don’t believe their deception. Scientists make the ‘ medicine’ Drugs are like magic potions….. Pharmacy stands for ” Pharmika ” which means witchcraft/sorcery.


Comments on: "Science Stems Straight From The Occult." (2)

  1. Like I said, “Some” of us have awakened to the…LIES!!! Do “we” know the TRUTH? Not really. However, we now use our “common sense” to distinguish the Truth from the Falsehoods…right!


  2. “Ritchie from Boston” is pretty cool…!!! He is “trying” to make sense of what he comes across…that’s all. He is still relying on the LIES he’s been fed since birth.


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