( Freedom All the TIME )

Join poet Prince Ea and evolutionary biologist Bruce Lipton Ph.D and special guests to explore the synergies of where art meets science.

UPLIFT Talks combine interactive experiences, presentations, music and panels to dive into how we can create a new consciousness of unity on our planet. In Portland, join us for an evening with the music of Ayla Nereo. In Los Angeles, we present an all-day immersion experience to take a deep dive into the extraordinary. More info go here. http://upliftconnect.com/uplift-talks/

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Comments on: "Join UPLIFT Talks ~ We Are ONE…♥♥♥…" (1)

  1. This is just another…LIE! Don’t get fooled by these people. A dead “give-away” is what they want to do, “…Fusing Art and Science…” Do you seriously “believe” this? Isn’t anyone paying attention or are you all simply “going with the flow?”

    “Uplift Talks!”…sounds GOOD…huh! Why not! Let’s go with it!


    “IF” you are truly awakening to the LIES, then you would realize that “science” is derived from the word…”SEANCE!!!” That’s right! SCIENCE is deeply rooted in the occult…PERIOD!!! “MOST” everything you and I, have ever been taught comes from the “Pharisees of Yesterday” (i.e. “Our” governments, scientists, religious leaders, medias, and Institutes of Higher Learning).

    Use your God-given “common sense” to discern the truth from the falsehoods and you Will no longer fall prey to these types of ludicrous ideas like “Uplift Talks.”


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