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There is enough to feed all the people. Sometimes the problem is the governments are too corrupt and want to make the poorer populations dependent on them. They say there\’s no money for schools, hospitals or for Pay Rise .. So how’s there\’s allways money for more WAR…The sad thing about this world is  The world’s hunger is getting more ridiculous!! for eg..Quote “There are more fruits in a rich man’s shampoo than in a poor man’s plate. Unquote.. A very complex situation….no easy answers….. but good effort  !!

~ Galactic Human ~

Millions are ending their own hunger and poverty sustainably… Thanks @PrinceEa for your support & for spreading the message! Yes, we can end world hunger by EMPOWERING people!


Food For Thought, Literally!

For More Info, go to http://wehavethepowerto.com/

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Comments on: "Prince EA ~ The Cure For World Hunger…" (2)

  1. 99.99% of ALL monies sent to any and ALL countries as “foreign aid” goes directly into the pockets of that country’s ruling party…PERIOD! AND, that includes and/all commodities…private or government. Unless you personally distribute the good/monies to the people themselves, it never get to them.

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  2. btw…That goes for ALL “charities”…also! Except, the charity “itself” takes 99% of all monies/goods…raised!


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