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YOU can’t fly without  air! Second of all: They never went to the moon …worst cgi ever….3rd of all: They are caught with bubbles in water and also Zero G planes. They are nothing but CGI….earth is flat and this is ONE and the only WORLD we ever have… All Satellites are Fake… They are not in SPACE as been told , but are on balloons, like-in the 3rd VDO below from brazil exposed it!!

This is my 3rd Post regarding Satellites are Elites Hoax

~ Galactic Human ~

Satellites are a hoax. Caltech lied about everything. Nasa has tricked the public. Video proves nasa hoax by Captain Obvious. Trouble viewing video above? Click Here: https://studio.stupeflix.com/v/mzcll8…

This video provide amazing proof that there are no satellites in earth orbit. This is a video you will never want to miss.no satellites in orbit~this is the amazing proof.

Balloon satellite crashes in Brazil. This is about how satellites fall to earth attached to balloons


Comments on: "NASA is Fake And So Are the SATELLITES it’s a FRAUD" (1)

  1. The following is the BEST expose of the FAKE Satellite Program…

    “Flat Earth -Here’s your Billion, Trillion $ space program!”

    NOW THEN…the real question is “Why are all these TRUTH’S being realized at this time?” The Pharisees Of Yesterday (“Our” governments, scientists, medias, religious leaders, and Institutes Of Higher Learning) have control of ALL the information available to the “common man”…right!

    OR, “Do they?”

    There are obviously TWO factions at work on the Earth, today. Those that want to continue to keep us “enslaved” and, the one that is enlightening us to the reality of the Earth and the LIES of the Pharisees.


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