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NASA knows that space is electrical, that the sun is electrical, that space is a fluid sea of electric charge… but they don’t TELL us, more like a light bulb. But we have been conditioned to believe the Lies from our schools that The energy of the sun originates from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in the Sun’s core (nucleosynthesis).. Wow my brain hurts.

~ Galactic human ~

100% scientific proof NASA use CGI to stupefy the masses. Real science is fighting back with vengeance. NASA lies on a daily basis, draining billions of taxpayers money then stupefy you with CGI and control the minds of the nonbelievers.

Nuclear fusion is impossible on a flat earth sun, that in its self should raise questions.

Wake up call. Time to rethink everything we’ve been taught about our sun and standard model. There is more evidence for the ELECTRIC SUN over the Nuke Furnace MYTH. ~links below
Top 5 Reasons for ELECTRIC Sun- https://youtu.be/vxSjvsu7Yfo
The Case Against the Nuclear Atom

Thunderbolts The Electric Sun

Flat Earth Proof!: Real observation contradicts official maps and data! This sunset off Phuket is solid proof of flat earth as the sun shrinks and follows the circular path it should on the flat earth model.


Comments on: "NASA lies about the SUN~100% scientific proof NASA use CGI to stupefy the masses" (4)

  1. READ…”The Book Of Enoch” for a TRUE explanation of the “luminaries” in the sky above us (the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, etc.). AND, go no further as any attempt to explain what they truly are is beyond our ability to comprehend…PERIOD!!!


  2. This is a test to see if the rest of us have any shame, isn’t it? Or are you being blackmailed?

    It’s blackmail isn’t? Someone is holding your loved ones hostage and forcing you to post this nonsense online, right? That’d actually be easier to believe than this utter load of crap.

    A refresher:
    The Sun- aka Sol – is a giant, nuclear fireball hanging in the vast emptiness of space providing us life giving warmth while occasionally trolling humankind by disrupting our electronics with very real, repeatedly recorded and analyzed solar flares.

    The Earth- aka the large, spinning rock in space we currently occupy – is a sphere rotating around the sun. It is not flat, which has been demonstrated every time a satellite has completed by an orbit around its circumference.

    Actual Science. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.


    • lol…You STILL believe in a spherical Earth? Ha! Ha! Ha! AND, “What satellites?” Oh! You mean the one “hanging” from balloons floating above the Earth in the Jet Streams like the one that just crashed in Brazil.

      Never mind, the truth is available “IF” you aren’t afraid.


    • @Dsullry

      Wild imagination i guess… Nasa CGI has gone to ur head :-))

      As far ur research is concerned its all NASA…. Nothing new… There is no doubt what we’ve been told about our world is a lie.

      What do mean by Actual Science??? And Cool Kids or Fool Kids…. Yes we all LIKED school, now so much was a lie…a lot of history-mystry , all pseudoscience, evolution-revolution, globe, planets…on and on it goes. It’s disorienting . ..yet there’s something..good, fresh, simple, reasonable about all things like flat earth.

      If their are more than 13000 Sats orbiting earth ,why none of the NASA aka Real image accordingly to u has any Orbiting Sat inside it?? Hmm may be u will comeup like saying those as the Invisible ones 🙂

      Nasa goes to moon and then Mars… yet it stilll does no have a clear image of the Earth… And what abt the Ridiculous Speed 1000 Miles per hr… Can you imagine our TIN foil Fake satellites to stand that pressure…U cant even control ur car at 200 MPH and at 800 miles speed ur skin will peel off and talk about 1000…. And Their you have earth travelling around sun at 67000 MPH and the solar system at 480000 MPH and the Galaxy at 2.2 million MPH it means Earth travels a whole year to an aprrox distant of 5.8 Trillion MPH thru the universe .. wow and u believe this shit.. is it…

      Ans This …. If at this Continuous Speed everyday a Space craft Left Earth thru their imaginary Rocket dont you think that rocket will be left stranded in vaccum of space shooting of at 670000000 MPH … Oh well u will believe it .. Since NASA said it… Its more like if i do Magic they call it illusion… But when NASA does it .. its call science…. NASA+Asshole= Nassole.. So Dont be soo………

      Wakeup dude from ur sleep… i know its shocking… i would ask you to do ur own research…. Or rather Buy one of Eric Dubeys Book Named 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball and rather debunk him and convince Us We the Flat earther that we are Wrong.

      Actual Science Needs to be Factual Science???? Not to be spoon-fed …. @Dsullry dont be so Dull.. Pls Do ur own Shit Ass-research

      Blackmail… My ass…Ohh you are MAD cause i Took ur Balls… mamma mia.. i know it hurts but its the TRUTH…

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