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The validity of mudfossils and GIANTS can no longer be denied… i was amazed when i first came to know about many large rock structures are not lava formations as they say!! but are something much different than we’ve been told they are in reality  Giant Tree Stump of the past!!

~ Galactic Human ~

MFU * Mudfossil university “Roger Spurr: Free for all to factually present and discuss the theoretical explanations for things we now take as certainties.

Mudfossil University leads the way in truth.
MFU has taken a deep look at these and found some very interesting “completely unexpected” conclusions.

Once you start to understand the foundation of reality …you realize we are not on that foundation…literally every single thing that is theorized and explained as fact now is completely wrong…not one thing is correct…ZERO..NADA…NYET…not so much as one accepted theory is right if it is based on matter.

Space is not what ya think, Earth is not a spinning ball, Mesa were TREES man…..trees! and now the real titans of our flat earth. Whats next? Can’t wait. These are the best of times.


Comments on: "Earth “Mudfossils” ~ Are those the Ancient Giants & Trees" (1)

  1. It is quite evident that these Giants roamed the Earth at a time when the atmosphere was NOT as it is today. They are not “human beings” as we are today. They may have been in the same “shape” (head, nose, eyes, mouth, hands, feet, etc.) but, there chemical physiology was completely different. At least for those Giants that were 450 plus feet in height. Just as the Giant Trees (see “No Forests On Flat Earth”) were “silicon” based life forms, these Giants were “probably” silicon based.

    The later Giants, those in the 20+ plus range may have been more closely related to us and are the ones that inter-bred with humans.

    One thing is for certain, “Whomever” created us/them, was not satisfied with the end result and “we” are the last ones to be created…so far!

    Perhaps (and this is simply “conjecture”), what was missing from the earlier versions (of the Giants?) is “soul” that only we humans now possess?

    When asked if we were the only beings Jesus replied, “…there are many beings in God’s house but, none shine as brightly as you…” (paraphrased). Since it is also said that “we” were “…made in His image…” (paraphrased) I take that to mean that we have a “soul/spirit” that passes-on to Heaven as opposed to the Giants which may or may not have a spirit capable of “passing-on?”

    What happens to Giants when they cease to exist on this Earth? Perhaps they are the “luminaries” we see in the night sky? OR, Perhaps they are the entities we call…”inter dimensional” beings?


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