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WoW  – Here we go -TRUMP know’s  NASA is fooling em and he knows the Earth-is-Flat… Towards the end he used the freudian slip (an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.) Most of the Political leaders use it and so did TRUMP when he said CHEAT towards the end it was hilarious.. And the Mocking-of-Earth travelling at Great Speed 🙂

~ Galactic Human ~

Donald Trump is the Man. Watch him reveal the truth about a fake NASA astronaut.


Comments on: "Donald Trump Reveals Truth About NASA Astronaut ~ They are CHEATssss" (7)

  1. Trump is simply “baiting” NASA. He gives them the money and “EXPECTS” results…PERIOD!!! When they can’t deliver (and they won’t), they Will have “tied their own noose!”


  2. I heard no such Freudian slip. It sounds to me like he misspoke as he started to say achievement and then said, “…thing that you’ve done.” The maker of the video is reaching.


    • Hi Rosalie

      Thanks for ur comment , its an honor to have yourself with us

      Towards the Comment, It may sound like he mispoke!!! but this is not the first case he did this, Trump had slipped most of the time, And things do come out even though he may have mispokeN, as in this case the initial part was he making fun of the speed at which the earth Travels, which is a Hoax RIGHT… And i have post many articles from Eric and Jeramine to proof that its impossible to travel at such speed which is 8 to 10 times faster than a bullet…….the idiot Neil Tyson says the Earth is an oblate sphere, then pear-shaped, and concludes that cosmically speaking it’s a “perfect sphere”. I ask him if its Pear shaped dont you think it might have effected the people and their Buildings living at that place and also infrastructure … But they don’t provide any proof, they Know we cant proof them wrong either that Earth is not pear-Shaped… Or rather i say earth is a SQUARE how abt that?? Well NASA cant prove me wrong either :-)))

      Reagrding TRUMP “Freudian slips.” like i said The unconscious can talk right past our ego and persona, sometimes to perfectly contradict what our false personality is saying. And this is what TRUMP said in the END… WOW What an Amazing CHEAT.. Remember he is reading from the Script !! and Not using a Telepromter…. We had in the News that TRUMP said the earth is Flat since he had travelled 1000’s of times thru his own aircraft and knows it….

      At one time he even said “We’re a very powerful company…country.” instead of Country… He speaks what he feels right… Its like for eg.. The GAIA Messages which you yourself intrepret from GAIAPORTAL Differs according to the person who views it…You may have a Diff prespective to the message ,Its more of an interpretation of how we perceive this world… same case with this VDO… We flat Earthers do Feel what he said Was EPIC and cent percent right abt NASA and its International SCAM Station.


      • Very well put…GH! However, anyone can prove to themselves that there is NO CURVATURE! All they have to do is go to a shoreline (Ocean, lake, river, whatever!) with a telescope on a clear day and pick a point 15 to 20 miles away. Get about 10+ feet above the waterline so there is no interference with mist or waves. Now, look at the water hitting the shoreline at that distant point. You see the waves washing up on shore…right!

        WRONG! “IF” you live on a sphere, you would NOT be able to see that…PERIOD!!!’

        Earth Curve Calculator

        Sooo…there you go GH! YES, I CAN prove that there is NO CURVATURE!!!


      • Hi Booby

        I din mentioned the CUrvature…. Yup anyone can prove it, Thats why it’s among the long list of things which Debunks the Globe Earth… If there wasn’t any way to Debunk the Curvature .. We would not be a FLAT Earther and having this discussion in the first place….

        My View was that we Look at things from our prespective since we do believe Globe earth is a Lie and their are numerous evidence to proof it.. Like Galileo Said Quote ” Where Senses Fail us, Reason must Step in ” Eric Dubey had 200 Ways to Prove earth is a Flat plane… and None of the MSM Scientist can debunk him or are ready to Answer his question or challenge him for a debate to prove otherwise… Earth is a realm, it is not a planet not a rock floating in space…The Earth is obviously flat…. a childhood Globe myth gets Debunked, just like Washington cutting down the cherry tree, or the theory of evolution all getting Debunked.

        People Laugh asking me How i became a Flat Earther!! i Said its SIMPLE… Try Debunking the FLAT EARTH and you will Seek your answer………

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      • Yep! “WE” are definitely on the same page! I debated with someone for more than a month about there being no curvature. They were in Hawaii. I told to “try” my little idea. A couple of months later they replied, “I get it!” The only person attempting to debunk my “no curvature” proof is a guy attempting to say that “light bends!” lol


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