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MSM Fake News channels played a good part in brainwashing Americans  and the rest of the World..Operation Mockingbird is still here & it is just creepy .. But i guess TRUMP  is rocking the MSM boat of Lies with his Fake-News -Jibe.Amazing and Nice Vdo.. Must Watch!!

~ Galactic Human ~

Top news channels like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX and others are guilty of fabricating news, here is your proof. Wow!!! never trust those news channels! so sad there are so many people who still watch it and BELIEVE everything

When it all comes down to it, the fact is that people don’t trust mainstream news sources because of their history of dishonesty, so now the MSM outlets’ only option is to try to discredit alt-media in order to gain back their audience and gain control over the all important flow of information once more.

#fakenews has been a big deal these last few weeks. It’s been a very transparent coordinated campaign by several large mainstream media news outlets designed to make you think that fake news is a problem, and that censoring it is the only possible solution. The only problem with this is that many of the alt-media outlets this fake news campaign targets are completely legit, like Breitbart, The Free Thought Project, and others. What makes this whole thing even more hilarious is that the giant media conglomorates pushing this nonsense on the general public have a long and storied history of propagating, distributing, and reporting fake news stories themselves.


Comments on: "This Is Why DONALD TRUMP Calls Them Fake News | PROOF THE NEWS IS LYING TO YOU" (1)

  1. Anyone notice that “FOX” is NOT mentioned as being “fake news???” Even though they are not included, they are STILL reporting that NASA, space, and the Globe Earth as being…REAL!

    Therefore, they are STILL…FAKE NEWS!

    Unless of course, they “break the rules” and do the “unthinkable…!!!”

    OMG! Would they?

    NOPE! “just a pipe dream!”


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