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Am still suprised how Petrifaction took place on Giants and Huge animals with flesh and blood without decomposing them and instead turning them into Solid-Rocks, was some Technology  used or was this a natural event?? Its sound similar to a Rajasthan Cursed Kiradu Temple located in india as rumor goes they say that it turns humans into stones! The Dragon on the 2nd Vdo shocked me!!… seriously we are fucked up on this prision planet with LIES

~ Galactic Human ~

Now when we look at the mud fossils of animals in your videos, we can observe that they were much, much bigger than today. This bring me to the conclusion that even normal human before the flood must have been much bigger than today… maybe 20-40 feet tall(still far from the titan 200 feet tall), 4.13 .. is a woman lying head east .. with her hair flowing down .. and a child lying on her stomach .with clothes on

Heres the Dragon from Egypt , You can even see the bone structure of the wing and where the soft tissue of the wings would be. Mouth slit, nose, peak at back of head. Simply amazing.

This will totally change your thinking about our earth and how you see it. … buttes and mountains being giant petrified tree stumps is astounding. … taller than us when God made them


Comments on: "Fossilized And Petrified TITANS & Dragons on Flat earth" (3)

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  2. Margo Moore said:

    If you just accept that there was a worldwide flood that covered everything, even the highest mountains, with water (with every mineral either in suspension or solution, sloshing around), it is not at all surprising that the corpses of titans, giants, people and animals changed state and were first preserved and then fossilized.

    Caveat: some of the photos appear to be, um, artistic creations, to put it tactfully. If you have the opportunity to travel and visit (crawl around on) some of these mountains, you can verify things to your own satisfaction. I was annoyed to discover that the “nearest” to me is the Lake Superior sleeping giant, in Ontario. Nothing in Illinois!


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