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Weird Documentary, i never had any Ghostly experience, but i do believe its for real, one of my property does have it ? Well It seems my Staff do say so!!! , and many have experienced its some kind-off Wakeup-Ghost, it does not allow you to sleep in the night and is completely Harmless . On the Positive side it helps my staff to complete their Night Shift 🙂

~ Galactic Human ~

This documentary has it all. EVP’s, mediums, materialization of objects, so much insanity. Plus it comes with a ton of haters! I love it. I’m astounded that I hadn’t discovered it already.

If you enjoy this, then I think you’ll LOVE my research in the field!


Comments on: "The After-Life Investigation ~ The Scole Experiments – Proof of Life After Death?" (4)

  1. This “stuff” is fun to watch. BUT, I have absolutely no belief in it…whatsoever!!! As Jesus Christ said, “…the dead are asleep and no nothing, and Will be awakened when He returns…” (paraphrased). I prefer to believe in the words of Jesus Christ rather than the words of…man.


    • Bobby i would take your statement with a Pinch of salt, Every religion has been Manipulated Be it, Islam, Christianity , Hinduism, etc.. etc… so many things are still hidden and left unanswered to us… like the saying goes… Every Ruler has Changed History according to his View or suited him best, Take for example Christianity has no knowledge of where Jesus was for thirty years. With the exception of two earlier incidents – when he was born, and once when he was seven years old – only the three years of his ministry are known; the remaining period is unknown. Well some say he was in INDIA….. But Why nothing is mentioned on the 30 Years of Jesus??

      Also dont forget many of the scriptures are misrepresented, some think it to be something else and the meaning is alltogether different.

      Even What happnened when jesus was resurrected, where he went wht happened No Records available?? Still a Mystery

      When you say I prefer the Words of Jesus Than of Man??? I ask Wasn’t Jesus A Man , it was infact a step by step process for him to be known as GOD before that he was a man ” Well Jesus din Popout of nothing.. he was Born like we do.

      See every religion had a god, every religion stated that the earth was Flat, but many got manipulated….Their is also a rumor that Jesus never died on the Cross.. he was Married too…….

      I would say something Quoted by OSHO on jesus ” Jesus thinks that he is the savior. No enlightened person has ever said that he can save anybody; he can only share his experience. Then to save yourself or not is your business. See the subtlety of the point: if somebody can save you, then even your being saved is not your freedom, it is dependent. What kind of saving is it?” further he says ” Not a single enlightened man — Bodhidharma, Chuang Tzu, Basho, Nagarjuna — has ever said that he is a savior. All that he can say is, “I am saved, and I have an experience which you don’t have. If you are ready to share it with me, I can open my whole heart to you.” And then it is your decision to be saved or not saved.”

      Regarding second coming… Like i said the same is given in every religion… Second coming of Christ?? Second coming of Kalki Avatar and so on… But i dont believe this??? According to me it will never happen….. Have you forgotten the Rupture event!! So many prediction on that from 1980 to 2005 many prediction come and gone, then again from 2005 until 2012 nothing ever happened. Now its 2017??? Still dreaming about it

      See we can have debate on this for hours with no end.

      And Bobby i have read the Bible may be 7 times, i been to 70 different churches alone in 2 years and i do respect all religions ….. i never believed in God until this God named Shirdi sai baba came and changed my life in to a miracle.

      But nothenless… i regret to say that Humanity has not progressesd at all… for eg. inspite of so many religions?? isn’t it ironic that in technological sense we have , like we use computers and Mobile now a days but we dont use a Typewriter Why? since its redundent old Machine it cant match the Computer speed!!…. In the same way Why do we follow something which is Thousand year old, But sadly we all Still follow-on all Our old scriptures which are 2000 to 3000 to even 5000 years old without even questioning ?? I ask why we do so and why blindly following it…i think May be due to FEAR of being Sinned or Cursed.Hmm Technologically we may have progressed but spiritually we have not.

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      • Hi GH! “Thanks for the response!” I agree with you on many parts as I’m sure you already know. Especially the fact that all religions have been convoluted.

        AND, you’re 100% correct that “we” have not become more spiritually awakened over the past 5,000 years. For the most part, we are back to the days of Sodom ‘n Gomorrah!

        As for myself? I don’t fear being “Sinned or Cursed”…lol

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  2. Joel Levenson said:

    I watched the video and is truly amazing and I am a believer in ghosts and the afterlife. I have and my kids and granson have seen ghosts.I have been following and studying the afterlife after my father died in 1973 of heart disease and only 57 young age.please keep me informed on your team’s work and someday to meet you all . Sincerely Joel Levenson


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