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Well Flat earth do have its implication on me… As i longer believe in Meteorite, But what was suspicious though the Guy Takes his camera saying he heard a Loud sound of a car crash,  and as u can see he jumps-up to go into his backyard and  you can’t find any roads…. Secondly American Meteor Association and NASA even said that meteors are cold by the time they hit the ground, Check Below Article
~ Galactic Human ~

Jay Sullivent heard a loud bang and thought there had been a car accident on the road in front of his house in Appling, Georgia on July 21, 2017.

According to CratersNews, he went running outside but instead of a car accident he discovered a burnt circle of grass in his backyard with smoke still rising from it.

Approaching closer he discovered a flame and a small piece of pink colored rock in the middle of the spot and concluded that it was a small meteorite, before he took it out of the hole.



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