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Nothing new but no-doubt an amazing Video  regarding the Law of Attraction, Nothenless You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe , You are The Absolute & Universal You Expressing Itself Temporary Trough Human Form  You who can Do anything and Everything with your thoughts to make-it-in-Reality , Like the Buddha Said What we Think we become.. Raise your vibration today , Also like Karma if you help other people Achieve their Dreams it will return tenfold as  Zig Ziglar said Quote “If you help enough people get what they want, you can get everything you want”

~ Galactic human ~

The main voice over is from the Audiobook Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch. ►►Here’s the link where you can buy the audiobook: http://amzn.to/2xUdR4l ►►You can also get the simple book: http://amzn.to/2fmDl2B

Speakers: The Main Voice is from “Conversation with God” Will Smith Steve Harvey Jon Jones Conor McGregor Tyrese Gibson Charles Bukowski


Comments on: "“Anything Man imagines, becomes reality” ~You Can Do Anything And Everything" (2)

  1. “…You who can Do anything and Everything with your thoughts to make-it-in-Reality…” This is what the NWO “elite” and “science” (sceance) WANTS you to believe. It is NOT TRUE…PERIOD!

    Jesus Christ taught us ONE thing and ONE thing…ONLY! “Love thy neighbor!” Everything else is a…FALSEHOOD!!!


    • Dont make me laugh Bobby

      I wont and dont agree with you at all…. The things of Magical words or Law of attraction mentioned in the esotric Books of 1887 does not mean this is a NWO science and stuff, much of this stuff are copied from Hinnduism, let me Quote from esotric book… ” For the laws of the universe do not vary, be the intent of using them for good or ill. ” It means The same energy can be used to either heal or cause pain it depends on the User and his Intent…

      This law of Attraction is like a Double Edge Sword just like a human Tongue either you can Heal Or break someone with ur Tongue,

      Speaking of Jesus… GOD has no Religion…..Ans ma Queation?? why did Jesus Say “Ask, and ye shall receive ; seek, and ye shall find ; knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” And why he say “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,.. What does the Esotric Says on this ” “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Demand for yourself this kingdom, and it will come. Further ” Guard well thy thoughts; thy thoughts are heard in heaven.” People forget They are allready using the laws of Attraction to Comunicate with their own Gods…. Well he also said “This law, that whatever is conceivable is possible, is expressed by Jesus in the way, “if thou cant believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark IX:23)

      You said Jesus Christ taught us ONE thing and ONE thing…ONLY! “Love thy neighbor!” Everything else is a…FALSEHOOD!!!

      Well My GOD thought me a sanskrit word saying VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM – Whole World is one Family…. Neither of us can prove each other wrong… But i believe Law of attraction is misused for material benefits and it created attachments, Buddha said the Root of suffering is attachment…

      Some believe this Law of Attraction works some does not, The father of Conspiracy OSHO did not believe in power of words , Osho called the whole thing rubbish, long before The Secret came out. He says that positive thinking cannot change anything because it is a way of avoiding looking at the unconscious mind, which is full of our negativity. He says that, …By your not seeing it, do you think it disappears? You are just befooling yourself. You cannot change reality. The night will still be there; you can think that it is daytime for twenty-four hours, but by your thinking it, it is not going to be light twenty-four hours a day.” And now my favorite scientist, Dr Bruce Lipton, has come up with scientific proof which backs up what Osho has been saying all these years.

      He says that positive thinking does not work, because it is done with the conscious mind. And the conscious mind is not what is running our lives. Our lives are run by what Dr Lipton calls the sub-conscious mind,

      So you see all of us have our opinions… but neither of us can Challenge of what is Right and what is Wrong

      Its a suspense due to the manipulation that have taken place for 1000 of years……… So Chill Man…


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