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Here we Go again.. NASA is FAKE Without-A-DOUBT.. And i will continue to post more in the coming days.. We need to keep posting and exposing Until NASA is Down-And-OUT.. So here i SHOUT Nass- holes on International Scam Station ASTRO-NOT you are busted & Rusted

~ Galactic Human ~

WoW this is so funny, they actually want people to believe they are in space? after watching this no one should believe them at all. did u see the superbowl jersey one? like how would they have those ? its so dumb. ppl are blind if they cant tell all that shit is fake

Top 10 NASA Tricks Exposed! ISS Busted Lying, Proof NASA Not IN SPACE!! MUST SEE! UNLOCK REALITY with INameless Network: To support our Channel plz Visit our Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/INamelessNetwork


Comments on: "Top 10 NASA Tricks Exposed! ISS Busted Lying, Proof NASA Not IN SPACE!! MUST SEE!" (4)

  1. saucernut2 said:

    Hey thanks for the eye opener! Everything we know is a lie, and this is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg. There is so much more hidden, that we need to find. We can start with the Vatican’s Basement’s(Dungeon), Old Pope Fran has so many hidden artifacts and lie’s going back Millenniums, he is the Black Pope & Jesuit to boot!


  2. Jojuan Cedergreen said:

    I am late coming into this ‘NASA Hoax’ idea and haven’t read much on the subject, but one thought keeps running through my head, “What possibly could be NASA’s motivation for such a global deception?” If true, this is maintained at unbelievable cost. I also couldn’t help thinking that videos – such as the one posted above purporting to expose the hoax – can also be ‘doctored’ to appear something other than truthful. So I ask the same question with a twist, “What could Mission Galactic Freedom (et al) hope to gain by posting ‘doctored’ videos IF IN FACT they are doctored?” I’m so skeptical anymore, I suspect everyone of promoting nefarious agendas and tend to ask uncomfortable questions. Don’t take it personally, please. Just seeking a better understanding. Hoping someone will reply.


    • Prove its a doctored Tapes?? Well even NASA could not 🙂 its more easier for NASA to debunk any of the VDO’s They CANT.. Cause its the TRUTH…. What i gain ?? I gain nothing… am also Learning as am Blogging… But i would say this the power of control of the Cabal will vain out…. Flat earth exposes all, it’s a checkmate for all the lies we have been told… Now i dont believe any nor any news wil effect me… and so many like me sync in, and the negative energy fades out and the control system collapses


  3. Jojuan Cedergreen said:

    So, let me add one last thing. As incredulous as I was at first, I am now totally convinced of the hoax of 9/11, given the mounting expert testimonies (military included), research, and evidence collected to date that expose the lies, despite aggressive suppression of the truth….as is happening now in the Las Vegas investigation. In these cases, it’s easy to see who is benefiting from such hoaxes. The so-called shootings at Sandyhook Elementary belong in the same category. The truth awaits those who look for it.


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