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I loved the Heading  ” Space is a Drug, And We All Smoked It”… Yup this is so right, we all have smoked -it and some are still HIGH… This made so much Sense…Flat Earth Exposes all Global LIES , people will not believe the earth is flat unless its on mainstream Deceptive media  and that’s never gonna happen, even if you show people convincing evidence they still won’t buy it, for em ignorance-is-bliss.Well i would end by saying this Quote ” One LIE is Enough to Question ALL ” TRUTHs”..And GLOBE-LIE exposes it all…..

~ Galactic Human ~

Flat Earth: Space is a drug, and we all smoked it… So where was this “trip” designed to take us…???


Comments on: "FLAT EARTH: Space is a Drug, And We All Smoked It…" (1)

  1. I know a few flat-earthers who actually admit that they know & understand, fully & quite well, that the Earth is round…

    And that they spew the diarrhetic fantasies that they spew bc, it’s funny!

    I have to admit, it is kinda funny…


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