( Freedom All the TIME )


Prescients come together for the New Cosmic phase of Hue-manity.

Stepchildren are embraced into the Galactic family.

Miseries end.

Celebrations begin.

The Light has won.



Oh Mother i was Waiting for the the perfect Pic to announce the Victory we got…..  And Well-i-Got the Above Two Majestic pics… The Cabal has Lost and gave up… We all are now Shortly-on-verge of seeing the Greatest-Show-on-Earth…..

Humanity has won its Final battle. Liberty now has a country, in the Words of Edward Fecteau Quote ” Humanity has won its suit and liberty will never more want an asylum” Unquote

Thank you all  for the HELP  the Known and the Unknown

It’s COMING…….. Hold ur Breath… & TRUST-ME you wont Regret-it this time for sure!!..There’s a blessing hidden in every trial in life, but you have to be willing to open your EYES & EARS to see them.

Revolution-Evolution saved Humanity ..

Here’s a Perfect Music for the Occasion

GH ( Galactic Human )


Comments on: "GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Celebrations begin… The Light has won…◯◯◯…." (1)

  1. saucernut2 said:

    Aye! We effing Won! That’s right, we Won the effing War!…….. Hip Hip …………. !

    Liked by 1 person

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