( Freedom All the TIME )

MASS ARRESTS started quietly on SATURDAY NIGHT at 10 o’clock. The ARRESTS are going to be GOING ON from 72 to 96 hours.

PROBLEMS brewing between the PLEAIDIANS and the REPTILIANS. They are looking to drop the STOCK MARKET about 40 % today. The Galactics were attacking the Royal ISLANDS of PERU over there because that is a REPTILIAN stronghold. That went very well, they cracked open the mountain and they have the FRESH WATER that was a watering the REPTILIANS, now coming to the top of the ground and the people of PERU are now getting FRESH WATER out of the MOUNTAIN, instead of the REPTILIANS. Earthquakes in NEW ZEALAND, they do have underwater bases over between AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, NEW ZEALAND is absolutely FULL of MI6 Dark water underground BASES.


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