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Iran Next!! Iran  is actually outside the kill box. Just like NK was outside the kill box. Some hints on CIA-Breakup

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Hostage release, we have the sub? March madness. Public will know soon. Yesss

Internet Bill of Rights | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government, JFK is the one who said he was going to “break the CIA up into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” The CIA did not like that. Remember just because trump fires someone, doesn’t necessarily mean he don’t get along with them, trump is known to hire certain people for certain missions, once the missions complete, they move on. Most of them know this prior.

Backup Channel HooliganShadow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7J…

Many keep saying that Pompeo is a “CIA” man and shouldn’t have been given SOS position.He is not a CIA man. He was put in there by Trump to find out what has been going on. He would know more about HRC and Obama’s activities now and will be feeding that to Trump…BOOM!

NEW Q-Anon 3/15/2018 MARCH MADNESS Trust Kansas!!! Internet Bill of Rights (IMPORTANT) NEW COOL TOOL

New Q Drops 3/15/18 Bring the rain, trust the plan, TRUST KANSAS Plus today’s headlines on the bridge collapse in Miami, the school walkouts, radical Islam, Jeff Sessions’ big mistake (or was it) and more. Thanks for watching and praying!


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