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How does Plane Crash??… Now exposed Search Serco patent fraud and you will see that Killery has the technology to take planes down, thus JFK Jr etc went down. The Serco case also mentions betting on false flag attack body counts. Potus under attack  Fire at Trump Tower today… Anon Fights Back…

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Serco Patient Remotely Controlling and Crashing Planes

TRUMP calls for Closing Border

Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election

2 soldiers killed in helicopter crash at Fort Campbell

~ Galactic human ~

Between military crashes, a fire at Trump Tower, and states warring against border security, it looks like evil is winning. But, according to Q and prophecy, evildoers will be stopped. Thanks for watching and praying!! Q mentions the fact that there’s a lot of resistance especially going mainstream now, and it’s all for a LARP, LARP for those who are not informed on it is a code for live action role player, or basically saying Q is fake, which we all know better don’t we? 

UPDATE: 2 person killed, 3 injured in the fire. Sorry for the inaccuracy

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Public interest shift.” The white helmets are funded by Soros, they are the propaganda arm of the “free Syrian army”, they work in conjunction with Al nusra, you can find all the video of them staging photos, they also game media embed with them that are working for western media outlets. Propaganda, pure and simple

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many).

“Q” wrote “Where is CC right now”, & “What does he hope to gain by going there?”. Who is “CC”? Chelsea Clinton?? Chris Christie (mentioned recently by Q) ??? Chelsea Clinton?? Chris Christie (mentioned recently by Q) ???

Ray Chandler is Rachel lol. Also: CNN Fake news is trying to obfuscate. Joseph Shmitz would have been investigating pizzagate on the dark web. Q infers that it was related to the backpage scandal. WTH would HRC’s emails be doing on the dark web?

Q-Anon – Eric Holder Relevant SOON – 4/7/2018 Eric Holder, California. Has spent years covering for who? Refuses to hand over any documents needed for investigations. What is he hiding?


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