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Chances are that you are reading this article, because like most of us inside the Q Research Community you cannot stop obsessing over the meanings of posts and the [map]. Below Q Also points out that John Bolton is cleaning house, and posts picture of Trump and Pence surrounded by The Generals. #Q draws attention to Admiral Rogers

~ Galactic Human ~

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Message?” Admiral Rodgers hopefully will stay on board with President Trump , Maybe @Snowden has “the key” of “the bridge” or algoritms to prove FB shares and sales it’s customers data… “Future proves Past” Notice how Zuckerberg wasn’t sworn in under oath ? SCRIPTED. FAKE!!! Just remember, Mark Zuckerberg was not under oath. He knew what he was doing from the beginning. You think he cares about you and me? He only cares about how much money he is making.

Q-Anon Update 4/10/2018 Bolton Cleaning House – China opening up to Free Trade and the Rule of Law… The Great Awakening is going GLOBAL

These are just some smaller folders from the Q MEGA MEME DROP, that I thought had important information / verifications inside.

Doing a joint video of today’s Q drops with my brother Jay from the channel “Prison we live in” Q talks to Snowden? Whos a traitor?

Q Anon update early Wednesday morning April 11, 2018, Mattis is next to POTUS , and of course Admiral Mike Rogers next to Pence .“POTUS weekly address” “END” At the end of the weekly address Trump said “We will win and we will win soon.” Just a thought.


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