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Hillary Clinton knew they were all in deep shit. That’s why she said ” if TRUMP gets elected “If that fucking bastard gets in, we all hang from nooses!” The deepstate knew that they would be exposed. Time to do a little spring cleaning.Remember. + = Soros ++ = Saudi Arabia +++ = Rothschilds…April showers … bring May flowers Perhaps Trump’s actions will bloom in May? Is that the take-down date?

BDT= Bangladeshi NYC Terror Attack.
DEFCON = Hawaii Missile Alert Warning

The window that blew out on Passenger plane today was in row 17 ~
17=Q on the southwest Airline and that flight was cancelled yesterday.

~Galactic Human~

Point of interest folks, Lift The Veil Live, are reporting from inside Syria that it’s looking like the gas-attack was a false flag as we all suspected! Let’s hope and pray that President Trump together with Putin were playing the warmongering French and British Governments like an Irish fiddle! Peace all!

If you know me, you know I don’t go in the “weeds” per say about double meanings, as they are never proved to be true. I am ok with others doing that, because I know people like to speculate. I only go with Q posts and am NOT trying to debunk anyone or any channel. I just want to show you what Q has said about this.

THIS COVERS ALL OF THE Q POSTS FOR 04-17-2018.this covers the potus tweets and also hinting at many big things are about to happen, information on a possible conspiracy and how false flags are going to be used to discredit what is about to happen. this covers everything ongoing from the news coverage of the anons, to the disturbing facts coming out on the the possible corruption on some elected officials. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan. this is a must watch if you haven’t had the chance to get caught up.

Are they trying to set up Q again? We know Q team is against terrorism and terrorists, first they deny Q exists, then try to discredit Q. Now they’ll say Q is real and a terrorist. Bs

4/17/2018 Q-Anon Update STRIKE PACKAGE – A FLOOD IS COMING – #TheGreatAwakening Spread the truth ZACH ON ALEX JONES SHOW Without too much ALEX JONES 4/14/2018 – DISINFORMATION IS NECESSARY… The Q Collective has taken down the AI ALOGRYTHM HASHTAGS SHOULD NOW WORK #TheGreatAwakening #Q-Anon



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