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He is the WORLD’s Best President … The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be…I have not seen any other person doing like what the Great MAGA just did that to against North Korea…. So many of our soldiers from INDIA Lying and dying in Porkistan.. None Cares & Dares…TRUMP said ” I PAID NOTHING AND OBAMA PAID $1.8 BILLION FOR HOSTAGES TRUMP SLAMS OBAMA LIKE A BOSS” –Q#POTUS#MAGA’s the Best

~ Galactic Human ~


Comments on: "MAGA’s The World’s best President ~ TRUMP Got American Hostages Released from North Korea for FREE" (1)

  1. North Korea is not an enemy, but rather a country still free from an entity that took control of the Fabled USA very long ago.
    N.K. refuses to bow down and be controlled economically by the Banking Cartel and it’s biggest enforcer… The USA…
    Iraq and Afghanistan were more recent acquisitions. Japan and Germany were mercilessly attacked and provoked by The USA at the behest of The Banking Cartel in that ‘USA Instigated’ war…


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