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D5 can also be broken down to 45. D5=45th president…In other words Trump is the avalanche.Trey Gowdy will be activated. GET RID OF THE MEDIA! REPLACE IT WITH TRUTHFUL N E W S …and SHOW the proof you have on these criminals on it. DONE

~Galactic Human~

The following post by #Qanon pertains to a meeting held at the White House today. Some of the details of that meeting can be found in this article.


After the meeting at the White House, #Qanon posted this.

#Qanon informed us that General John F. Kelly (JFK) is spearheading this operation. JFK = John F. Kelly?
White House Chief of Staff

Order of succession. @POTUS amended EO #23 see the updated one below. Rosenstein was confirmed by a vote of 94-6 (The swamp trusts him.) 


Rachel Brand is on Q’s May 4th list of people who were FIRED. Disinfo Necessary? This article has info on Rachel Brand and why she stepped down. The article is also quoted by #Qanon in this post.


#Qanon posted a link to the DOJ page for the Acting Associate Attorney General, Jesse Panuccio who is one possible replacement for Brand

After reminding us that FBI Director Wray reports to Rosenstein, #Qanon asked: Who do you TRUST? He asked nearly the same question In January: “Who can WE TRUST?” He also asked what position Trey Gowdy (TG) might be walking into.

D5 has been used 2x now. Post 1330. “The snowball has begun rolling – there is no stopping it now. D5.” Then again today. D5. [see graphic]

tweets, “The Wall Street Journal asks, “WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?” A very good question!”

So what will become of RR? retire recuse or be terminated, all coming to a head soon, [JFK] is also John Francis Kelly… The dead men killed in the plane crash in Mexico were 20 Nazarene ministers.

Brennan was Obama’s handler thru Obama’s administration. He was Never a citizen of the USA. Brennan is scared to death if being found out how he and the Bushes controlled the White House all these years to destroy the United States from within. God will expose their evil deeds

They’re in panic mode….enjoy the show! Morse Code: two dashes stands for “m,” and one dash stands for “t.” Rachel Brand – Global governance of Walmart???? executive vice president since feb 2018, But putting that w NK summit n RR firing.. And all the DOJ shifts. Very interesting w the Vaccincies reform act of 1998. 

I got a copyright strike on this for the music playing in the background in the General Kelley clip section I played, so please forgive the ad overlay. It is not me, it is the video owner and music owner who gets the proceeds….lol. I am going to leave it, because I think it is a good clip to see.


Comments on: "Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 22nd May 2018 ~ D5 Avalanche is Coming. RR recuse or forcefully terminated # A Flood is Coming/These People are Stupid “It failed.” General K – JFK, RR Problems" (1)

  1. Brian in Chicago said:

    Keep ’em coming. Sharing the Q analysis content is very welcome to people like me who don’t have the time to comb around for all the content.

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