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The BOSS TRUMP Rocks… He delivered  his Sweet-Chin-Music to Twitter…. It has now paved way for WE THE PEOPLE to fuc*** TWEET-Out , as its time to sue them for shadow-banning and censoring us. The Hunter is now the HUNTED…Grt Work MAGA.. My respect to the Greatest President Ever…..

Regarding North Korea i checked out Trumps Tweet History and its there (Kim Jung Un) he changed to (Kim Jong Un) after about 1hr 15 min check below


President Donald J. Trump Proclaims Memorial Day, May 28, 2018, as a Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace

Mongoose: Deutche Bank Crashing, Preamble toGlobal Financial Reset?

~ Galactic Human ~

Did you see @Potus’s ‘Departure statement’ today? “We’re cleaning everything up” What did #QAnon say about 7 times???  Oh and #FutureProvesPast BOOM!

Literal 5:5 confirmation from @POTUS today! #QAnon and Q+ mention 5:5 about 6 times.
Oh, and #FutureProvesPast… again.

VIDEO of @Potus’s ‘Departure statement’ today?”We’re cleaning everything up” What did #QAnon say about 7 times???

#LQQK @realDonaldTrump changes hit Twitter header!  Literal 5:5 confirmation. 45 5:5  #QAnon and Q+ mention 5:5 about 6 times.  Oh, and #FutureProvesPast… again.

My Guess if you ADD all the No’s on the HAT it comes to 27? If more news coming on 27th May and you can also see TRUMPS tweet regarding North Korea….& dont forget 5:5 Mark regarding Hillary VDO leak soon

And you all heard about the Judge who ruled against Trump, saying he wasn’t allowed to block people on Twitter, due to it being a violation of their 1st amendment rights?

US District Judge in New York Southern District Naomi Reice Buchwald gave her ruling on a petition filed by a group of seven followers who alleged that president Trump unlawfully barred them from viewing his feed.


Yeah, anon thinks a Q stringer predicted that, and he makes a very compelling case:

WoW.. this was NEON Revolt Find ….And this is great news for us, because it means Twitter can be regulated now, because it’s a “public forum.” We can also sue them for shadowbanning and censoring us. Time to pay up, @Jack! Hahaha!

WTF is that ?? Mr. President is that  Kim Jong-Un OR Kim JUng-Un… Spell mistake on Purpose.. BOOM.. Check what happens when you follow the Mighty PEN…..it wasn’t the Executive Order, But letter to KIM-JONG-UN… CNN will face the BLADE now.…..slowly moving towards GRAVEYARD… RIP.. CNN

I check out TRUMP Tweet history and he did Change the name from Kim JUng-Un TO Kim Jong-Un … WoW

It seems TRUMP is freeing Kim JUng-Un

No American soldiers have died for freedom since 1776. Since then they all died for lies on behalf of corporations, bankers and tyrants. Thank you, in prayer for our nation. Thankful for our military, God be with them.

The news media are paid CIA,FBI one world order satanists and they will bring us down if we don’t arrest them and execute them one by one and set an example about spying on usa …” We The People “………..100% behind Potus and family and Friends = 

Plane crash… the deepstate’s chosen method of dispatching a “threat” It’s the message and open people’s minds up. Giving people a direction. PC is destroying us, like Trump said.

Pineal gland is your third eye. Connection to our higher power, Look up walnut sauce and adrenachrome. The Deplorable McAllister gal covers it here. It’s evil stuff.how was it extracted from children’s brains? By murdering them?


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