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Expose them ALL – Watch them Run & Hide, until Suicide, Their Money is no good – they cannot buy another Truth.These people are sick beyond your wildest dreams, hangem all  am Praying for the poor innocent children’s of the world.

~Galactic Human~

#Qanon dropping evidence of Q’s legitimacy…What say you @JackPosobiec ? Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? correlate the time it went down with Q’s post re: Deep State communicating via Xbox Live chatrooms…the evidence is in plain sight; if you continue to deny…

.then we really have grounds to question whether you are the LARP that you say #Qanon is…how much more proof is needed that Q is legit? let me guess, the LARPS that post for Q must have hacked into Xbox live and took it offline to make it look legit….right…

#Qanon shows the Xbox Live outage map…”nothing to see here”…drops equate to Deep State reaction/action to Q’s drops yesterday…This is clearly indicative of the time Q posted the post re Xbox comms by JC-BO-CS-LL-McCabe-NO-SY…no doubt..6 pm it spiked

#Qanon 1908 referring back to the Edward Snowden drops from a few months ago…this is obviously about to be relevant since Q is bringing it up again…many thought Snowden may be working for Russia, but when he went public, he was in Hong Kong; he could’ve flown straight…to Ecuador from HK, but he went through Russia…CIA helped ES get out of Hong Kong; Snowden was CIA before he was NSA and he was placed in the NSA by the CIA to wreak havoc on NSA spy programs such as Prism, etc…he was used to make it appear NSA was abusing privacy… …when it was really the CIA abusing…CIA originally intended for Snowden to end up in Russia.

#Qanon restates “we have it all”…Q told us in April NSA and Mil Intel had all the deep state coms obtained from gmail drafts, xbox chats, etc…

#Qanon asks the question, what happens in the event the signers of the Carter Page FISA warrant are all corrupt? what happens when all the intel and crim investigative agencies like CIA and FBI and DOJ are corrupt at top? Per the US constitution, the Executive power… …is vested in the President – Article II, Sec. I, US Const. Also, Supreme Court decision of Myers v. United States, 272 U.S. 52 (1926) gives the President the exclusive power to remove exec branch officials w/o approval of senate or other legislative body.

@potus has the authority to act when Executive Branch senior admin is in violation of Constitution and are committing treason…Military Steps in and essentially takes control of intel gathering, protection of President (specifically marines), etc. See #Qanon prior post..Military Intel has effectively replaced CIA per President’s executive authority due to corruption and treason…@Potus protected by the Marines and Secret Service…military tribunals will be activated due to deep state treason and US office holders violation of oath

…throughout different countries for the Deep State to communicate on…there is a connection here or a link between the two..

THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL DROP. Pay attention. New #QAnon 1884. Q lists which channels of the DS operations have been closed and which are pending.


Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. Sarah Sanders said the WH may also revoke security clearances of other former & current high-ranking law enforcement & intelligence officials — Clapper, Rice, etc


New #QAnon 1887.Q explains how Hussein put Muslim alliances before America in every way, from interference in military ops, to hiring w/in the admin based on Muslim faith. Hussein admin knew about UBL’s son. He’s a C_A asset.

New #QAnon 1888.Computer Specialist who deleted Clinton Emails may have asked Reddit for tips. You ALL get to go to JAIL.

New #QAnon 1889. New Texts Reveal Steele Anxious Over Comey Testimony, Hopes “Firewalls Will Hold”

New #QAnon 1893. Jeff Zucker is in the line of fire. Was his heart condition just an excuse for his leave from CNN?

New #QAnon 1894.Normal? & 1896.Q instructs us to focus on the bottom charm on her necklace.
Anon posts this pic, and Q clarifies that the charm referenced is below his hand. Q leads anons to search for matches to the charm necklace.Anderson Cooper’s brother, Carter, ‘committed suicide’ in 1988 at the age of 23, by falling from the ledge of Gloria’s apartment, while she watched.Is Carter another ‘charm’ on her necklace?


Remember that old photo of Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper?Tanit! That was the connection we were missing before:

New #QAnon 1898.Anon posts a pic of the charm necklace. Q responds with instructions to compare the Vanderbilt pool with the #PodestaArt paintings of children in an empty pool wearing red shoes.

New #QAnon 1899.Q advises anons to cross reference 2015/2016 pics of Podesta’s travel to Rome.New #QAnon 1900.Anon posts a pic of the indoor Vanderbilt pool and asks, ‘This?’ Q replies, ‘1 of 2’.Anon posts a side by side pic of the Vanderbilt pool with a related piece of #PodestaArt, asking ‘This?’ Q replies, ‘Confirmed. What do you notice?’Found this in regards to the one pool pic in Qs drop”killer pool parties”

Comments from anons in response to Q’s question about what they notice in the photo of the indoor pool. Q is again instructing anons to find the connection between the pool photo, the #PodestaArt, Podesta’s travel to Rome & the charm necklace. 


In a Wikileaks email on 6/9/14, Tony Podesta discussed a trip to Rome/ Vatican. Interesting. Though the Vanderbilts claimed the Biltmore home was their own, it was actually constructed and owned by the Payseur family, and leased by the Vanderbilts.

Access closed, access pending means all passages for cabal are closed and closing, no place to run. About to go to jail or their choice…suicide by their own hands.

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK 🤮 Jail is too good for them.

Q ANON: “WHAT NO-AGENCY LEAKED THE DATA?”Red shoes = Red Circle, Red Circle = satanic mass and it has been reported that they make one off designer shoes for the elite and celebrities from the childrens skin…. who reportedly commited suicide recently?? A shoe designer and look at the shoes they made, yes these people are pure evil……

As I said in my closing comment, the choice to know really is yours and we are beginning to see this manifest itself with every day and every week that goes by. People today have a chance/choice to see the corruption for themselves and see the massive low level arrests, sealed and unsealed indictments, the firings and house cleaning at every level that is happening yet are choosing to ignore all of these events in order to cling onto their own paradigms. Very revealing.


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