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Another busy day with Q. So let’s jump right into it. Today we revisit #XboxLive, FISA, Bill Maher “Red shoes,” big reveal on that mystery man in 🇨🇳, another wave of attacks on Q, U.K. has a problem and much more.

#QAlert 1906Xbox Live down: Problems with sign in continue after major outage”It reported a major uptick in issues over the morning, as people struggled to get back online.”

Xbox Live down: Problems with sign in continue after major outage

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

What happens if FISA fails or ‘signers’ cannot be trusted? Who signed the CP FISA? How do you keep something SECURE & SAFEGUARDED when those at the top of ABC depts are CORRUPT and being REMOVED?army.mil/inscom

#QAlert 1908 Ecuador = UIO  Maybe, China helped him out of US. He had to go to HKG to drop off info that China wanted.

#QAlert 1911 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0b7c69 No.2628837  Aug 16 2018 12:07:20 (EST)
It should be clear in this context ES = @Snowden It should be clear based on prev drop re: game comms why ES was included. Q

Lyin’ Comey, caught with his pants down by the NSA! Just a guess, but I think #QAnon has an extra level of disdain for Comey – judging by how he has addressed him both now, and before…this shows Comey was controlling several msm journalists and would essentially direct them when to publish fake news pieces…#Qanon is interpreting Comey’s December email and showing us how Comey was warning his deep state buds that the resist operation

Will you stand tall or cower? Resist OP will not provide enough public support for cover. Smile for the camera. Patriots in control. Q

Another wave of attacks? Same day as the targeted [coordinated] attack v. POTUS? Nothing to see here. Q

These people are SICK! Catholic priest HITS crying baby! Evil will answer for the atrocities they have inflicted on our children!!Man of God? See something. Say something. PEOPLE must unite to clean out these old institutions.Q

#Qanon posts and asks “what are shovels used for”…digging…or burying stuff…Q posts the photo of the guy from a month ago…here he is again with Tony Podesta wearing red shoes; Q posted this photo on the right from Hong Kong on June 26


It’s all coming together… Andrew Kauders worked for the Podesta Group…here’s a convo w John and Tony and Andrew from Wikileaks…I wonder what Johnny Boy was cooking for dinner that night? Look at the cult/club crew! @billmaher, Anthony Weiner, Tony Podesta and the “Red shoes” club. Remember the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal? Podesta Brothers are said to be linked to her disappearance. 


This is big guys. it is getting crazy..I would not be in the air unless absolutely necessary…four planes grounded in Chile, Peru, etc due to bomb threats…combine that with the O’Hare planes yesterday and the Regan Airport power being off…major drop tomorrow! BOOM

Guys and gals, I don’t get overly emotional very easy, but when I just saw #Qanon post the Maddie McCann connection with Tony Podesta, the tears started coming…that sweet little girl…I mean this is just massive! Why else would Q make this post! take a look below


Q now saying mistake in photo collage as to Maddie McCann photo. Not sure if he’s emphasizing this or not but how often does q Mistakenly post photos ?


#qanon asks why Podesta Group really close. it was a mechanism to hide brokering of child trafficking deals via Saudi Arabia and rest of world. Look at last page of consulting agreement. Hong Kong. See the connections?

#QAlert 8/16/18 Q1922 Anon “BBC’s hit piece on Q. 3min 55 sec”Badge of honor – military grade.  Q

Pentagon saying military parade moving to 2019. #qanon says timelines can change and watch the budget. May be moved back to January or Could be moved back a little further. May take more time to get the tribunals going

Q was talking to The UK in this post of the picture of Lisa Page in London right before crossfire hurricane. He was telling U.K. Theresa May to keep her promise not Lisa page and now may be implying May has not kept promise. Speculation

I’m 99.9% certain that is the pool in the basement at the Biltmore House (owned by the Vanderbilt’s; now Cecil’s as in William Cecil the de facto King of England that served as advisor to Queen Elizabeth… all tied into John Dee, Edward Kelly, alchemy, silicone, Crowley, etc.) in Asheville, NC. I’ve seen that pool. Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt married John F. A. Cecil (descendant of William Cecil, Lord Burghley).

Q shows in a number of ways that when Q posts they react. Whether it be Lamestream media or F a lse F l ag type of event they always seem to react.

Q takes us from Trump’s yanking of John Brennan’s security clearance, to the new leadership of Al Qaeda (UBL’s son, no less!) to the Vanderbilt Estate and creepy pictures of swimming pools, odd necklaces, and bizarre artwork. Plus the possible breach of a fire wall and the promise that they’re all going to jail.

Remember, there is a massive push to control the narrative. It is obvios the parade is just a way for the media to try and make Trump look like he’s satanic when in fact they are the one’s dealing with all that demonic stuff


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