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Trust me, we will find out much about “Dr” Ford that the Dems don’t want anyone to find out. Why else were you so quick to allow the investigation. They are dumb.They can silence our movement on social platforms but they cannot stop us. Click below to help spread the #QAnon movement.


We Are One Q

Red October

“Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford – this name is nowhere to be found in the California registry



The Arch Of Baal Was Put Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testified To Congress

~Galactic Human~

Clearly the deep state is fighting back. #qanon posted and said we had the votes for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. They may have threatened Flake to get him to stall. Now of course the deep state trying to label Kavanaugh a conspiracy theorist re his comments…

that millions of dollars poured in from Clintons and their cronies to defeat his appointment. I think @potus anticipated this would happen and things are still on schedule. Watch for the presidential emergency broadcast. Deep state can’t stop this nomination.

#qanon saying twitter has green light to try and shut the right down. They will try t shut @potus twitter down and blame on rogue employee. Q wants us to be loud and drop the memes. Most importantly vote and register to vote! This scum must be defeated. Humanity is at stake!

QClock explains the 10 days of darkness.

#qanon posts what appears to be an operation command and posts a photo inside what appears to be AF1. Splash 1 may refer to missile attempt or a shot that was fired that missed as it did a while back when q talking about the Hawaii missile alert system. Not sure

enigmatic pic of an United Airlines 787 Dreamliner Business/First section w text suggesting a high target splash from Air Guard patrolling traffic (TFC) or perhaps destination TFC = Taormina Harbour Airport in Italy?

Anon comments/theories on Q’s latest drop!! #TrustThePlan #AllIsWell because #GodWins He is directing the show!! JUST ANOTHER (Seek & Destroy) DAY AT THE OFFICE FOR DEMONRATS

But here we sit and have another week to watch these stupid people destroy themselves! 😝 #ThesePeopleAreStupid! They have walked into a trap set up by themselves, @POTUS and QTeam. The Sky is Falling!

It appears the NSA hacked into A phone which took a photo of Feinstein in a car in China. Chinese flags appear to be on the polls. She is obviously compromised and knew her driver was a Chinese spy. NSA May have hacked into other


IMPORTANT Send the word about this message. “This will cost @TheDemocrats and the Trump re-election is now a sure thing.”.

Unfortunately Dr. Ford you as well need to be worried & your lawyers too. Why weren’t you told that these interviews could be held in Cali and in private? Look at this and who do we see? @HillaryClinton is who! It always seems to come back to you, @BillClinton or the @ClintonFdn.

#QAnon suggests Twitter, Google, & FaceBook’ll use the rogue employee excuse for deceive us about their censorship. Interestingly, a Google search returns no top results of Ford’s Google interns in her home (above, (3.)), whereas Bing does. Google (interns?)

That Look You Give When Lying At A Congressional Hearing!!

If anyone has any doubts that the Kavanaugh hearing was a hit job -they were organizing to block ANY Trump nomination. WHOISGUARD is a service that protects the anonymity of the person that purchased the domain name.Indicating they were SO SURE they were going to get Kavanaugh to quit!!!! 

During #QAnon’s 9/19 Q&A session, an anon requested that @realDonaldTrump tweet a misspelling using a “Q”. So, on 9/24, @POTUS does so, correcting it 13 minutes later. President Trump honored the anon ‘s request!

Q Anon | Dem’s Playbook: Impeach Kavanaugh, The Dem’s move is right out of the 1970’s do a google search of Dianne Feinstein and Jim Jones connection

Once again more circus antics at the SC nomination, but this time an unlikely person steps in to order the 7th fbi check on Kavanaugh.

Once again on soon to be Justice K getting blackballed on his nomination, but is it bait? Also i bring in my good friend Dr Steven to illuminate us on Ford-Blaseys background. An odd pic of an ariplane 1st class section, we need to get out and vote Red.


BOOM! First Kavanaugh Accuser Referred For Criminal Prosecution!

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