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Galactic Human is my name…. Messages From Beyond space is my Game… Read the Messages on the Line… Cause they are Divine. One by One we will Evolve … So that One day We will Revolt..  Against the Cabalist Time to time like SUNSHINE As the REAL GOLDEN AGE is ON LINE…..




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  1. Greetings dear One. If your messages are Divine, then I must ask why you choose to use the word ‘massacre’? At a higher level, Divine Creator and the galactics know why things happen? The Denver event was a ‘watershed’ moment for those who are awakening to demonstrate their level of mastery for the coming new age. ‘Massacre’ is a dark cabal word that incites feelings of anger, revenge and retribution. We are about sending positive messages to help people LEARN from events like this, not to incite further any remaining dark energies. This would be a word that ‘Drake’ might use, to scare people into buying weapons to protect themselves.

    I might gently suggest you re-word that article, if this suggestion resonates with your Higher Self.

    Love, compassion, and forgiveness are the seeds for the new consciousness. The new Gaia will not be borne of negative energies. We are the examples.

    In peace, and in service to humanity, our planet, and our galactic/celestial families,


    • Hi Geoffrey…. Its an Honor to know that u went thru this Blog:-), And i am extremly sry if any of the post may have hurted u, I feel I owe you a personal apology, for my insensitive post, I have tremendous respect for you and your abilities and am a BIG fan of CVN:-). As far as the word , i will Re-edit the same without that Word…Best wishes for all the Good and wonderful things you do…

      i once again apologize for the mistake i made…… GH


    • Hi Geoffrey i have edited the word. as per say… Thanks again GH


  2. perhaps your only True friend said:

    Very sad to have to break your bubbles of trust in your spacefriends, but th ereality is they are not your friends or your family THEY ARE DEVILS, also known as “an angel of light” (never an angel of the Living God, Whose Name is Mercy!) These demons want to deceive you with pretty words but desire to spend all eternity with you in bondage, torturin gyour everlasting souls in real bodies after the Last Judgement when the True God return sfor His people. DO NOT BE DECEIVED! ASK THESE FRIENDS O FYOURS TO REPEAT AFTER YOU : “JESUS CHRIST IS TRUE GOD AND TRUE MAN AND LORD OF ALL!!!” if your space pals are so “ascended”, they should have no trouble at all with this simple test of who an dwhat they are. Demons will make every excuse NOT TO SAY IT because they cannot say it. These spacebuddie so fyours may very well become agitated from the mere request and argue about who “God” is. Satan is their leader and all like him practice lies, as Satan is known to be the father o flies, “a liar&aMURDERER fromd begng!


    • Ha ha LOL you can surly make me laugh:-)))))) Dude… I would rather call u a Jesus Freak, i guess u din even had the balls to let me know ur Real name, Anyway Dealing with hypocrisy is often a very difficult thing to manage. it is often easy to become enraged that such hypocrites like u can get away with their deceit. However, the most logical ways to “deal” with such behaviour would be to either ignore ur STUPID ASS message, For me Christianity wins its prosperity by cutting the throats of its fellow men. Look at ur history werein ur religion was spread thru out Humanity thru the Sword and Deceit , Christian missionaries come and offer life but only on condition that the u become Christians, abandoning the faith of their fathers and forefathers. Is it right?

      I guess this Healing is for ur Sick Mind my Friend, Follow it will do you some Good????? Don’t you just love it how your christian “god” predicts war, and the “pagan channels” predicts peace…

      I’m soooo with the pagans on this one…

      My focus, intent and prayer is this:

      I visualize a shift in our collective consciousness which leads us into an era of global co-operation; global respect, for our fellow humans on Earth, as well as for our environment; and a general feeling of divine Love and unity among all citizens of the Earth, human and non-human.
      I ask Source for an end to the prime directive policy of non-intervention on the part of the positive galactic and celestial forces – thus the balance, the Ma-at will be restored to the Earth.
      I ask Source for a direct intervention by the positive galactic and celestial forces, on any attempt made by any group of people, to start another world war. War of any kind is NOT a reality I am in any way shape or form, prepared to accept as a valid reality construct – and my voice, my request, has supreme validity, because it represents the wish of the majority of my sisters and brothers, and our collective wish is for the greatest Love and Light for everyone on Earth.
      I ask Source that the fear mongering of the christian “god” be stopped, and that the truth about how these archons manipulated the children of our Mother Gaia for millennia, be revealed in its entirety, on a massive global scale.
      I ask Source that the controllers be removed from this planet, and that humanity be given unlimited assistance to restructure our frail and depleted energy bodies, our kundalini (serpent power).
      I ask Source that humanity be given unlimited assistance to re-connect to the 144 Christ Grid, and to the Star Mind.
      I ask Source that humanity be given unlimited assistance through the positive transformational plans made by the members of the Great White Brotherhood; the Galactic Federations and the citizens of Telos, Shamballa and Agartha, to restore our surface society, and in so doing the entire Earth, to Her original state and purpose as a realm of Paradise.

      Om Shanti Om my friends.



    • http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/murderers.htm

      The Christian Heaven may have been a vain folly but the Christian Hell was real enough. For more than a thousand years sadists in the uniform of Christ terrorised and brutalised a continent and then exported that terror to the four corners of the globe.

      The Church, which, with a satanic twist of humour, claimed to be the instrument of ‘Christ’s loving kindness’ , taught a brutalised and impoverished people new meanings to the words pain and suffering…

      For those who dared to be different:
      Incarceration – starvation – psychological torment and terror – laceration – mutilation strangulation – suffocation – crushing – choking – burning – garrotting, slow and agonizing death.”


  3. Michael Matel said:

    what about Complete Collective ConnectedHumanRealizationInSelfTotality in mass, Light’s(information;nrg in form)OmnipresentVisionExpressing The Revealed UnderstandingThatHeals . We play different and yet we all know, the essence of that which goes beyond even the letters and sounds i and we choose to express,what religion we choose to follow or how we choose to see, one thing we all can agree. we all can claim I AM. herein lies the key, Love beyond bounderies,words or definition. these are merely the colors we choose to paint the vessels that hold the essence of that which we all know to be already. we are Alive and the spirit is within ,beyond and all around us.
    I truly thank you, dear friend, for creating this forum where i feel comfortable expressing my version of this same peace we all share , unique,individual aspects within the Whole E.xisting Spirit. By the way, in case anyone forgot, at the end of the script, we,re supposed to remember the words”It’s going to be o.k.!” so that we can pass the memory on to those in these sometimes stressful and confusing times. We are passing through this fast track highway to home quit nicely, it’s an amazing ride,to be alive, let’s enjoy it to.
    oh yeah…..we all know, ..just in case…….”It’s Going To Be O.K.”,remember?



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  6. Thanks for sharing my friend. Any material you need is yours with my permission.
    Great site you have my friend..will be checking it out! N68


  7. Hello
    I’m new to dinarland. I have invested in multiple currencies. I could really use your guidance and coaching.


  8. Susan Heckert said:

    It’s a relief to know there is finally a stand against Shadow Government/deep state.


  9. maria escalante said:

    Seems like there’s is a major ROACH problem that keeps removing me from your list..Thank you for all the updates Galactic human…Keep up the awesome work!


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