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“SerialBrain2 Decodes – Trump’s tweet on Stormy reveals the network that tried to assassinate him. – Read by the War Drummer” is locked

God Bless You SB2 amazing Decodes once again, Thank you for your brilliant deciphering & encouragement, as you provide a glimpse into the complexity of the Deep-State takedown by our beloved POTUS & White Hats/Q/Q+,  am just baffled that some human is smart enough to be so clever and steps ahead and further baffled that it’s Trump and his, crew. WWG1WGA,

~Galactic human ~

Horseface. 🙂

The Maestro’s tweet about Stormy is another jewel. After going through all the interesting graphic implications a fertile imagination may gather from Trump’s tweet, it is fun to notice how the Fake News media hyped up this Stormy Daniels story hoping to weaken Trump and how they had to quietly come back from another empty hunt. Again, let’s enjoy the Trump Effect in all its splendor:

Then, you have 3 strange things: first, Trump writes Danials instead of Daniels. Then, 14 mn later, he launches a tweet storm about Glenn Simpson pleading the fifth, Bruce Ohr still working at the DOJ, his beautiful wife Nelly used as a pawn and asks the fatidic question about Sessions location. Then, just for fun, he writes Glen instead of Glenn.

Can you solve this? Do you see the connection between horseface, misspelled Danials and Glen, Bruce Ohr and the House hearings?

The reason why the Maestro drops one N in Glenn is because he wants you to realize that this tweet is connected to the tweet about Stormy. Why? Because N=14 and the time difference between these 2 tweets is none other than 14 mn. Pretty cool right?

Now let’s go back to “Horseface” and analyze why the Maestro traded an E for an A in Daniels. The first clue comes from answering the question: why did Trump strangely put the tweet about Glenn Simpson and the one about manufacturing jobs in the same thread? The answer is because he wants us to focus on the number 8 which appears as 8X in the manufacturing tweet, and also in the timestamp difference with the next tweet (+8 mn) and, of course as the capitalized initial of Horseface, H=8. This insistence on the number 8 is a clue. Now do you remember what I told you about the alphabet wheel?

If you turn it by 26 increments, all the letters remain the same, there is no shift for any given letter and this is true for any multiple of 26. Think of it as a clock, if you turn the handles by 12 increments or multiples of 12, it’s like they did not move. So? If you turn the alphabet wheel by 60 increments, it would be like you turned it into 8 increments, because 60=(2X26)+8. Those who are familiar with congruent numbers in arithmetic or the mod function in Excel know this very well. So this number 8 the Maestro is insisting on also means 60. Next step? What is the connection between Stormy and 60? Yes: her appearance on 60 minutes. And the most prominent thing that people noticed during this interview was her dilated pupils causing everybody to wonder if she was high:

Let’s recap: Horseface, drugs. Type “horse drugs” in Google, first page, you get this article and learn that another name for heroin is horse. Bingo! Now you know what the Maestro really means and why he added “face” to “horse”. The 60 minute incident is just a confirmation of what Stormy is really into…

Folks, I want you to stop for a minute and appreciate the beauty of all this. Do you see how these tweets are written to lead you to what is really being said? From Horseface, we deduced heroin and the path was through 60 Minutes!

But there is more. And this is where it gets really amazing. Now that we have made a connection between Stormy and heroin, let’s type “stormy daniels heroin” in Google to see if there is some open source material about this. I found a surprising connection: the word “heroin” takes an E along the way, becomes “heroine” and appears in an interesting article, that I will tell you to read in due course, dated Aug 28 2018, the very day Bruce Ohr is facing a grilling by Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill link and entitled Stormy Daniels on becoming unlikely heroine of ‘The Resistance’. Coincidence? The Resistance? Does this ring a bell? Do you remember Q1557 and Q1559? Look:

As you can see, the IG report uncovered the existence of the anti-Trump “Viva Le Resistance” network at the DOJ and its presence in the Mueller probe. Q1559 confirms Lisa Page was part of the network and that James Comey was involved or at least aware. Do you see this DECLAS in Q1559? This is the nuclear bomb. In Q1557, Devin Nunes asks the right question: “can anyone tell me who the DOJ lawyer is that speaks French via text in the IG report?”. What is Nunes hinting at? The answer is in the third line in Q1559: Viv[a] vs Viv[e]. Q puts the A and the E in brackets to show that “Viva Le Resistance” is in fact not correct and the right French spelling is “Vive La Resistance”. The A was traded for the E. And yes… now you know why the Maestro wrote Stormy Danials in his tweet instead of Daniels and did not correct it…

Now you are equipped to read the Aug 28 2018 Stormy NY Post article) I put on hold earlier and understand why it was released the very same day Bruce Ohr appeared before Congress. This article was in fact published to threaten Ohr, tell him to shut up and pick the right side. Look and read very carefully:

Notice the threats and how the article subtly outlines the Stormy and campaign finance violations angles of attack while relativizing the Russia probe. Also notice Rebecca Roiphe’s initials: was it Rosenstein saying there was an ongoing investigation on the Trump campaign’s finances or is it just a coincidence?

So far, Horseface and drugs brought in Bruce Ohr and Viva Le Resistance through heroin. Let’s go further? Are you familiar with Ketamine? It’s a drug often used on horses. As you can see, we are still in Stormy’s territory… Here is an example:

A short for Ketamine is Keta link. Do you see it? Stormy Danials and Q1559 Viv[a] vs Viv[e]? If you trade the A with the E, KETA becomes KATE. And who is Kate?You got it! Peter Stzrok is pulled in with his famous soda…

Everybody is here. Playing with A and E, the Maestro’s Stormy tweet has sucked in the whole Viva Le Resistance network along with James Comey, Bruce Ohr, his beautiful wife Nelly, Lisa Page, her lover Peter, and Glenn Simpson.

Now what is this Viva Le resistance network about? And why did they invert the letters A and E? Bad French or secret code? Trump tweeting Danials instead of Daniels is a hint there is something going on. Look how Q also insists in several drops on this inversion/substitution:

Is it a coincidence A and E are respectively the first and the last letter of “ASSASSINATE”? How about the value of VIVA LE RESISTANCE being 184, which is also the value for UNLAWFUL KILLING? Was this network conspiring to assassinate POTUS or is all this just a coincidence? Q gave us the answer. Right here:

Q586 What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family? What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?

Wow. I’m sure many forgot about this drop… When Q posted it on January 22 2018 at 22:47, he posted this 3 mn later:

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q

He gave us right there, with this play on A and E, the clue that these texts discussing the possibility of assassinating POTUS or members of his family were being exchanged within the Viva Le Resistance network hidden in the DOJ. When Q made this EXPLOSIVE revelation, the black hats immediately went nuts and Q, because he monitors their comms, posted this, 15 mn later:

Q588 Chatter just SPIKED. Q

1 mn later, the site was under attack:

Q589 Site being attacked. Q

And after additional security measures were taken, Q gave us the magnitude of what he had just revealed to us at 23:26:

Q592 Archive. Last post triggered sniffer. Eyes on. Q

I believe these epic 39 minutes will be later discussed in history books. Do you realize the implications of this drop? Foreign allies conspiring with a network hidden within the US DOJ to assassinate POTUS and members of his family?! Let that sink in.

Now, the natural question would be: is this network neutralized? The answer is in the first 30 seconds of Trump’s speech after he is introduced by VP Pence at the Signing Ceremony for H.R. 5515. Listen from 5:30 to 6:12

Did you catch it? A relaxed Trump gives the common military command “At Ease” to his audience. Initials for At Ease? A and E. Coincidence? No. Trump is letting you know he is now At Ease. Why? Because this event occurred on Monday Aug 13 2018 and it was his first major official appearance after Strzok was fired on Friday link. After Comey, McCabe, Baker, Priestap, Page and others were neutralized, the firing of Peter Strzok was the final nail in the coffin for the Viva Le Resistance network.

Now that you know what was really at stake and that even foreign governments were directly involved, take a moment to walk through the DOJ cemetery in Q2381. You will soon realize the amount of work and skills that were required to achieve this dismantlement so silently and smoothly that even the most faithful Q follower probably did not see it…

Q713 Seals are wonderful creatures. Heard they work fast at capturing their prey. Q


SerialBrain2 Decodes – Trump’s secret communication with Q about Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. – Read by the War Drummer

Even though the real vote was 50-48 = 5+0+4+8=17=Q… Boom

~Galactic Human~

October 2nd 2018, 5:20 PM, the Maestro tweets this:In this 47 second video, Trump informs us it is the 103rd time the Stock Market hits another record high. Then, he mocks the Fake News media that will be quick to nitpick in case the number turns out to be 102 or something similar.

Then, he finishes the video saying, “I think, it’s around…”. Why is Trump this vague? His advisers could have given him the exact number before his speech right? Well, you know the Maestro by now. This has a meaning. Of course he did it on purpose! By giving the numbers 103, then 102, then saying “it’s around…” and tweeting: “This is really an incredible time for our Nation”, he is hinting we should find and analyze a connection between time and numbers around 102 and 103.

With that in mind, let’s look at the Q board. We discover the last post Q made before Trump’s tweet is Q2317. Q cryptically says:

And this post was made at 3:31 PM EST (as you already know https://qanon.pub/ is off by 1H). This is exactly 109 minutes before Trump’s tweet. Now you know why the Maestro was vague about 103: the real number he wanted us to look at was 109. Pretty cool right? Keep that number somewhere in the back of your head, we’ll get back to it after we gather more clues to narrow the context.

So we now know Trump’s tweet is related to Q2317. You want a confirmation? Look at the length of the video: 47 seconds. Here is the 47 in Q2317. But then, where is the 53 in Trump’s tweet? I’ll show you. As usual, we need to analyze the capital letters. But before we do, do you see this random dash between Nation and WE? This is Trump hinting we should make a subtraction between the first 2 capital letters T, N and the WE. TN=34 and WE=28, therefore TN-WE=6. Add this 6 to the 47 we got from the length of the video and here is your 53. The Maestro coded in his tweet Q’s cryptic 53-47 using the length of the video and the dash.

We are now in a situation that will allow us to know more about Q2317. If we keep analyzing the Maestro’s tweet, this 53-47 Q gave us is soon going to make more sense. Let’s gather all the pieces of the puzzle.

Next capital letters: RESPECTED AGAIN=127. Now this is pure beauty.

This answers the natural question: why didn’t Trump tweet this video exactly 103 minutes after Q2317? He could have made the riddle simpler and make that 109 more obvious. The reason is because he wants to confirm the TN-WE grouping we did earlier. By analyzing T,N,W,E in one step and RESPECTED AGAIN=127 in another, the timestamp of the tweet is confirmed: 5:20PM can be written 17:20 and here is your 127 permutation.

Now what does the Maestro really mean with RESPECTED AGAIN=127? Looking at the news, the context is pretty obvious: since 53 and 47 add up to 100, 53-47 looks like a Senate vote result, which is what everybody has been worrying about these last few days. With that in mind, notice 127 is also the value for THAT’S A WRAP.

Now it’s time to go back to the 109 I told you to keep in the back of your head. Since we have narrowed the context, we retain 109 is also the value for FLAKE’S CLOUD and TOTAL FAKER.

Do you see it? The puzzle is now coming together. We can now ask the legitimate question: why did Trump turn on his right, probably looking at his staff, and say about 103: “it’s not a bad number, right?”? Then he repeats the number a second time before generously distributing his usual extra hot pepper ice cream biscuits to the Fake News media. This insistence from the Maestro is because 103 is relevant: it is the value for COUNTING.

We can now go back to the beginning of the riddle and analyze why Q posted Q2317 at 3:31 PM EST and not at another time. This is because 331= THEY GET SCARED AND THEN GO INTO DENIAL.

Last question: why is 53-47 located at Q2317? This is to show who will win the vote. I have already explained in previous posts that 23 is the Trump and Q dynamics and we have 17=Q. Saying 53-47 at post#2317 is Q’s way to say: 53-47 for our team.

We have now gathered all the pieces of the puzzle

53-47 in Q2317 posted on October 2nd 2018
53-47 coded in Trump’s tweet

We can now assemble them and extract what Trump and Q are telling us.


Summarized and illustrated in

As confirmed in Q2296, we initially had the votes but the swamp decided to fight back. They found a way to delay the confirmation process by activating Ana Maria Archila, a Soros operative link, a total faker who, in complicity with the Fake News MSM confronted Jeff Flake for the world to see. Their scheme worked: Flake got scared, went into denial and by asking for a week FBI investigation, he put a cloud over the confirmation process. But we went back to lobbying and as of October 2nd, we have secured a 53-47 for the final vote and are still counting. As things are going, it’s a wrap. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, his honor will be restored and he will be respected again.

Q2295 You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. OLD GUARD >>> POWER TO THE PEOPLE RED OCTOBER. Q

Edit/Update: typos – Decode confirmed. After Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Q posted this:

Q2354 God bless, Patriot.
Celebrate – this means so much.
Closer than anticipated but a win nonetheless.
Red-State D’s who voted ‘no’ are in trouble.

For those who claim that Q was wrong because the vote result turned out to be 50-48 and not 53-47, they now understand why Trump took the time to distribute his extra hot pepper ice cream biscuits to those who would nitpick on his 103… 🙂

Vincent Fusca aka JFK Jr. aka ‘Q’ was VIP at the Trump rally tonight.DJT pointed directly at him. He was in a replica of his father’s fedora hat

Vincent Fusca aka JFK Jr. was VIP at the Trump rally tonight. DJT pointed directly at him. He was in a replica of his father’s fedora hat which also happens to be called a Kavanagh 😦Yes he’s still alive & please don’t try and tell me otherwise. I don’t wanna hear it.

JFK Jr. is alive. This is a pic of him and his wife at the rally in Pittsburgh about 6 months ago. She’s alive too. 

This is him at the good Pittsburgh rally wearing replicas of his father’s old glasses. “Truth in plain sight.”“You have have more than you know.” 

Guess his name’s meaning is just a coincidence huh

Here are a few #Qanon messages talking about JFK KR. & Trumps relationship. They were best friends.

@POTUS_Schedule tweeted this image a few weeks ago. Man o man it looked like JFK Jr. 1 anon did a photo analysis.

interesting …

Just two photos laid on top of one another of “Vincent Fusca” and JFK Jr. look like identical matches to me.

here is at another rally holding a sign that has a written message “Ruby” and “Cute or Cut” What’s the significance of Ruby? His cat was named Ruby. Or maybe Jack Ruby? Or an explanation of Ruby-Cute in pic 4 

Don’t forget the profit Kim Clement who predicted the return of JFK Jr. love this. I’ll add to this thread as I go. 

#JFKJr is ALIVE & WELL!!! Carolyn, his wife, & her sister Lauren=also Alive!!! Pinned tweet=thread w/proof/pics/facts!!Staged death, to fight deep state, that killed his father & uncle! His PLAN

When some1 doesnt believe this has been planned over 20 yrs, show them this! MORE=pin’d twt=thread=100s clues/proofs! Q=17th letter Only “17” at #JFKJr’s funeral >>> LOL!!!!!!! The Kennedy’s have MORE than that at their cat’s b-day party!!!!!!!!- LOL!!!

Compare the two ties…they look exactly the same to me!!!

Did JFK JR. stage his death in order for a plan to unfold perfectly and unite the WORLD from the corruption and enslavement we find ourselves in today?

You can support today’s AWESOME guest/Anon/Patriot/LW (Ryan Reeves) Here: http://specimenking.myctfocbd.com/ GRAB YOUR POPCORN – GRAB A BEVERAGE – WWG1WGA – WE STAND TOGETHER

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 24th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Rod Rosenstein had resigned#Are you all ready for the “Sky is falling week”? DECLAS of FISA = [RR] self-incrimination..THE RATS ARE PANICKING.”all [FISA] signers will be [currently] under investigation”Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker

Let us know when you realize that TheStorm and is about to take place here on American soil & the political landscape will be forever changed , Let us know when you realize that the USMilitary asked DonaldTrump to run for President in 2014 to protect your country & your Freedoms. Let us know when you realize that DonaldTrump is playing 4DChess to eradicate the DeepState & their co-conspirators.  will become known as the greatest military op of all time. Let us know when you realize that President Trump prevented WorldWarIII the day he was elected and saved our world from powerful evil elitists who want you DEAD so they cannot be challenged by a growing population.Let us know when you realize that Trump will go down as the greatest President in US history – accomplishing what JohnFKennedy died trying to do. Prepare for ‘Sky is falling’ week.



DEEP STATE in coup attempt to take @potus down. he is the only prez who has kept his promises! please, vote them out!

~Galactic Human~

President Trump has decided, apparently, to meet a firestorm with one of his own, one that, I submit, is long overdue.

WWG1WGA dedication to Q and the Anon’s

The tip of the iceberg. But the iceberg is cracking. “Fruit of the poisonous tree,” anyone?

Are you all ready for the “Sky is falling week”? #qanon just posted and said it’s coming and to be ready. The bottom is about to bust open and Justice is about to come pouring forth; Rosenstein self incrimination will be clear once FISA declassified. @potus not going to..

#QAnon’d told us 9/10/18 that “all [FISA] signers will be [currently] under investigation”. Now on 9/23 he posts “all [FISA] signers are currently under Grand Jury investigation.

[RR] in charge of DECLAS.> Rosenstein is in charge of the declassification because Sessions is still recused from all Russian-related matters

Rr was in charge of declassifying it so it went straight to Horrowitz for conflict of interest final review. With Horrowitz charged with final review, RR won’t be able to slow process down and Mueller and left won’t be able to interfere and endanger sources and methods.

If the DOJ and FBI renege on the deal; meaning if the IG report does not expose the institutional corruption; then all agreements are null and void. President Trump wants this done prior to the election!

#qanon saying UK and Australia begging @potus not to declass and release FISA Because of damage it will cause to diplomatic ties. They must learn a lesson and experience consequences for their actions against the @potus. Apparently RR tried to sign and approve even more…

The UK and Australia must be allied to the duly elected President, not the prior administration. Acting against the President is an act of WAR. Coordinating a coup with domestic enemies is WAR.

Using MI6 agents (Steele) and leftist politicians (A. Downer) to subvert the electoral process is an act of WAR. A true “ally” does not interfere in our elections.

Huber will have ability and power to bring criminal actions all across USA and has empaneled grand jury in Utah. He is not limited to prosecuting DS crimes from cabal friendly DC. Hence, 50k + indictments are sealed and most of those are “USA versus (criminal defendant)


Huber’s doing a great job, you just won’t hear about it.

Former Defense Intelligence Officer Arrested for Attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China

The NYT article has stunning revelations, including the existence of McCabe memos in the hands of an unknown number of media outlets. Rosenstein is said to have been behind the 25A push based on chaos in the WH. He also allegedly offered to wear a wire when meeting with POTUS in the WH because no one asked to see his phone. If not him, Rosenstein wanted those interviewing for the FBI DIR position to wear a wire. Rosenstein sat in on the interviews.


“Panic” [RR] was 1 of the recipients of 4 Dem Gang of 8 letter fired out on the 9/18 after Trump’s announcing declass, saying they’d received assurances that declass was never going to happen.

Declassify and Release The FISA  QAnon Graphics Decode

[RR] problems!! Sources say [RR] currently on his way to the White House expecting to be fired!!2018 Will be GLORIOUS!!

Is the ‘Tiger’ tweet a reference to a Military Operation? Looks like a big win could happen!! Very exciting!!

It will all work out!!! It will also All come out!!! Thank you, President Trump!! Unnecessary caps – MT (Military Tribunals?)

#QAnon It’s not Dan Coats they want an explanation from & it’s not Christopher Wray. They were demanding Rod Rosenstein explain himself. Despite the assurances HE GAVE THEM this declassification is happening.MCCABE MEMOS [NYT [RR] ARTICLE][PROVE] THE RATS ARE PANICKING. Q

FISA applications but was prevented from doing so in a forceable manner. All who signed and approved FISA warrants are under grand jury investigation. McCabe memo given to Ny Times re “RR going to wear wire with @potus” shows they are all panicking and the rats are scurrying

Conspirators want [RR] to be seen as not credible before the #SpyGate docs come out saying Rosenstein wanted to secretly record the @POTUS and then try to use the 25th Amendment to impeach him.

TRUST GRASSLEY says Q. Even though it looks like he’s catering to the lefts requests to continue to back up the Kavanaugh vote, there’s more to it. Timing is everything. MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s, Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS. Operation Mockingbird

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker… effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits,Christine Blasey Ford, who claims without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics.


Please Watch Short Video of Lady who attended FEINSTEIN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY! Turn the tables!

The greatest part of being alive now is that we are citizen journalist. We are more in touch we each other then ever before. We are all fighting for the same freedoms

Q reiterates how the rats of the deep state, who have no honor or loyalty, are panicking and turning on each other. Devin Nunes suspects McCabe leaked the NYT op-ed hoping POTUS will fire Rod Nosenstein, but Q and Trump team are well aware and will not fall for it, and there is no need, Rod will be removed once the Declas FISA application is revealed. Also i discuss the many problems with soon to be Justice Kavanaughs accuser, so many.

Reports first thing this morning was that Rod Rosenstein had resigned, and after much speculation and back and forth, ultimately he has himself and interview with POTUS on Thursday, Bob goodlatte had made a speech today talking about the political hack job attempt on soon-to-be Justice Cavanaugh, showing how all four of the alleged victims Witnesses tonight any memory of such a party, and the second allegation was not even following up and the New York Times, because per their own statement it was not credibly backed up, also they didn’t even mention Michael avenatti and his claimants as well.

This is the awesome-ist thing to happen in my lifetime! They gonna run out of popcorn Please pray for holy angels to always surround, protect and guide Trump, his family, and those who try to help him MAGA. And let’s pray for honest elections. Ask for paper ballots if you can get them!

As the deep state panic continues, Qanon says we should prepare for hysterical headlines. The Sky is Falling

Q Anon | Prepare for ‘Sky Is Falling’ next week?I made a reference to the fact that the new accuser of Judge Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez, was named a Soros Senior Fellow by the Open Society Institute and a professor at Northeastern. These statements have proven to be referencing a different Deborah Ramirez than the one who is accusing Judge Kavanaugh. Apologies, stay tuned. God bless.

SerialBrain2 Decodes – So you want to know why Trump tweeted -TREASON – I will tell you – Read by WD

We could fill a library with the crimes these deep state Cabal have committed. TREASON to the umteenth power!!!OMG, SB2! Don’t know how he makes the connections, but it’s awesome, I can’t even find words for it!What really makes me laugh is realizing how difficult it is for us non genius types to actually force ourselves to purposely read one thing and say another. For Trump to purposely mispronounce “anonymous” like a tongue twister took some brain power and skill.

I am in awe!!This shows how intelligent POTUS really is –NAY TRUMP-is-a-GENIOUS– , Mighty TRUMP-YODA  is way ahead of the DUMB-DEEP-STATE

Now i know why its called ‘Q’ cause TRUMPs I-Q is phenomenal

~Galactic Human~


In any other time, a president openly wondering if someone in his administration was committing the most heinous crime a person can commit against their own country would be earth-shattering news, leading to hearings and controversy for months.

But in the time when Donald Trump is president, such a statement is no more or less worrisome than anything else the president has said in the last weeks or months.

Wednesday September 5th, the New York Times’s Opinion desk publishes an Op-Ed by an anonymous person claiming to be a “senior official in the Trump administration”. In a diatribe where we can sense Trump truly got his goat, he claims to be a patriot in coded sentences like “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” while trying to magically invert reality by misreporting Trump’s undeniable successes in foreign policy.

The next day, at a rally in Montana, Trump addresses the issue and Mockingbird media, as usual, mocks him, claiming he could not pronounce the word “anonymous”. Watch: video below And of course, as you can see in the following image, this new opportunity to mock Trump is not missed by anyone in their Fake News network:

But if you look closer, you realize their jokes on Trump never really last long because they have to deal with their own contradictions. Look at this Mail Online article.  From one paragraph to the next, they claim 2 different things about what Trump really said: “amanomanous” and “an ominous”. So which is it? Please Mail Online, clarify because “ominous” is actually a word and is perfectly used in context here… They also claim Trump was “furious”. Did you sense that from the video?

Now the question should be does Trump have a tongue problem with the pronunciation of the word “anonymous”? All those who mocked him infer it is the case. But there is one problem, watch what happened the day before: video below We all heard it, Trump said not once, not twice, but three times “anonymous” and pronounced it perfectly with no hesitation.

So what is going on here? Why did Trump trigger scrutiny twice at the rally after having clearly shown he had no problem with pronouncing this word 24 hours before? I told you. When it’s odd, analyze.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself: SB2, did you change your coffee brand? We thought you were going to tell us why Trump tweeted “TREASON?”. Yes, I know, bear with me, would you believe me if I told you it’s related?

The essential thing to notice in Trump’s rendition of “anonymous” at the rally is his purposeful confusion between the letter M and the letter N. Like music notes overlapping, it is the switching and combination of the M and the N in “anonymous” that gives him this strange and surprising result after elocution. Like a chord. Musicians understand what I am saying here. At this point, those who are familiar with my writings and who have paid attention, immediately made the link: I compared Trump to a music Maestro in my post preceding the NY Times op-ed: Learn about Trump’s brilliant moves on trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico. Now stop here for a minute and think. Do you see it? Those who are new to my deciphering posts probably think I am speaking Japanese here. But I am sure many of you saw it: change the M in MAESTRO to N, rearrange the anagram and you get TREASON! Coincidence? Remember, the substitution between and M and N is not arbitrary, it comes from Trump’s pronunciation at the rally AND the reference to music, chord and MAESTRO. The links are therefore solid and confirmed…

Now let’s go deeper.

Let’s build the Trump/Q timeline around the tweet. Correcting and adjusting the 8chan timestamps to the Trump’s EST timestamps, we get the following 4 steps:

Step 1: at 17:33, Q post 2093 in which he makes a reference to HRC panicking and links to the 26 minute mark of a video where Sen- Lindsey Graham questions Brett Kavanaugh about the difference between Military Law and Criminal Law.

Step 2: at 18:15, Trump tweets “TREASON?”

Step 3: 4 minutes later, at 18:19, Q posts 2094 and links to that Trump tweet.

Step 4: at 18:33, Q posts 2095 where he announces we are about to learn things that may scare us. He also posts a screenshot of Q802 where he defined patriot and traitor.

Okay… As you can see, we have a 60 minute riddle. Interesting…

Now we need to “read” this. We need to understand the sequence of events and the links. As usual, I will share with you my thought process. Take a closer look at that [26:00] in Step 1. What does the number 26 refer to? What does immediately come to mind when you see 26? Yes, the alphabet. 26 letters. And Q linked this 26 to time, the minute mark of where he wanted us to start watching in the Supreme Court hearing video. So Q linked time to the alphabet. But then in step 2, the Trump rally pronunciation incident linked the alphabet to substitution. So? Do you see it? To understand what “TREASON?” means, we need to perform letter substitutions based on timestamps.

The simplest letter substitution (beside identity) is when you change one letter with the one that immediately precedes it in the alphabet. It is a -1 shift. That is the example Trump is hinting at when he changed the N to an M. In doing so, all the letters of the alphabet are translated by -1 and B becomes A, C becomes B, D becomes C and so on until Z becomes Y. And what does A become? We go full circle in the alphabet and A becomes Z.

As you can see, in the example above, we skipped by -1. If we skipped by -2, what would C be? Yes, A. What would M be? Yes, K. And so on.

A cool way to visualize this process and avoid errors is to draw 2 concentric circles and turn the inner circle in increments. Look, here are 2 examples where the skip is negative and we are therefore turning the inner circle counterclockwise, verify how the words were coded/decoded and train:

And here is an example where we are turning the inner circle clockwise:

Take the time to well understand what I have just explained and train using other words and skip values to code/decode. If you want to go further, you may also explore my previous decodes using the Caesar Cipher and Vigenere technique.

With these concentric circles, I have just showed you what Q meant here:

Q477 Timestamp. Decipher. Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers. Relevant. Future proves past. Q

Q is teaching us here that the timestamps are used to determine the skip number.

Let’s apply what we have just learned to the “TREASON?” riddle. We see that Q posted Q2094 4 minutes after Trump tweeted “TREASON?”. Q gave you the skip number right there: it is the difference between Trump’s tweet timestamp and Q’s post timestamp. Now how do we determine if we have to turn the inner circle clockwise or counterclockwise? Do you see this + after Q in Q2094? That’s why it’s there. Every time Q has signed Q+ in his board, it means we have to decipher turning the wheel clockwise. When he signs Q, it means we have to turn the inner circle counter clockwise. And here is another mystery unveiled… 😉

Let’s turn the inner circle 4 times clockwise and “TREASON?” becomes “XVIEWSR?”.

Now let’s analyze XVIEWSR. We see the word VIEW, let’s separate it from the other letters: XVIEWSR=VIEW+XSR. Now what it this XSR? Gematria? Yes, XSR=61. And we already know 61 is the gematria of Q Anon (you remember? Where Trump told us Q was about to post soon by showing a Make our Farmers Great Again hat? Yes, FARMER=61). So the tweet “TREASON?” becomes “Q Anon VIEW?”. Hahaha! Do you see it? These 4 steps are in fact a conversation between Trump and Q!

In Step 1 / Q2093, Q links to the conversation between Senator Graham and Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh and hints it’s about HRC, the EO and the application of Military Law.

Then, in Step2, Trump asks to Q: “Is this Treason? Q Anon, how do you view this? What’s your point of view?”

Step 3, Q acknowledges he has received the question and confirms he understands his view is required by linking to the tweet at the exact timestamp allowing to decode it with a +4 skip.

Step 4, 14=N minutes later, Q confirms the MAESTRO to TREASON code, justifies his point of view to Trump by posting a screenshot of Q802 where he defines a Patriot and a Traitor. Now who has paid attention and can answer to the question: what is Q’s point of view? Does he confirm there is treason? The answer is yes. Q answered to Trump’s question “TREASON?” with a simple “TREASON”. Why? Because of [26:00] in Q2093: if you turn the wheel in 26 increments, you are back to a zero position, no letter has changed, TREASON becomes TREASON and it’s like Q, with a nod of the head, answers to Trump’s question: TREASON.

Ready for more? Gematria for TREASON? Yes, TREASON=92. Atomic number for Uranium? Yes, 92 link. Now you know why Q said HRC panic in Q2093 and how Trump coded Uranium. It’s all about Uranium One. Trump got the URANIUM from TREASON but where did he get the ONE? Yes, from changing N=14 to M=13 (here is the 1) when “mispronouncing” anonymous in Montana and changing MAESTRO=91 to TREASON=92!

Now did you wonder why in Q2095 Q posted an image of Q802 and not the original post? Because this gets him to give to the picture a file name and embed an additional message. Let’s analyze it. File name: DWuttxKVwAARaSd = 212. Same gematria of “DO YOU DOUBT ME NOW?”. Black Hats, you heard that? That was for you. If you still doubt Q after this conversation he had with POTUS on his board and after considering all the components that were gathered to bring it to life, then there is nothing more to say to you. But if you don’t, then go to the next question: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Coincidence? THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!

We can now draw the following picture summarizing the solving of the riddle:

Translation: Q2093 and Kavanaugh’s answers to Graham’s questions are indications the Uranium One issue is not to be handled by Criminal Law but by Military Law and we subtly get it from no less than a Supreme Court Nominee. This is the real reason why HRC tried everything she could to stop Kavanaugh, it didn’t have to do with his conservative views in general but about her: she wanted to avoid this legal interpretation from entering the Supreme Court and probably ruin her last resort chances. I am not sure a Military Tribunal would spend much time philosophizing on what “is” is…

Icing on the cake? Trump and Q have crafted this amazing and powerful riddle and made sure it lasted exactly 60 minutes. Do you know why? Because of this: video below Trump says: “I will give you a very very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 minutes together”. Well, we just did.


Edit: typos.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 3rd SEPTEMBER 2018 –Now 51,701 Sealed Indictments! Secret Military Tribunals#Facebook is Lifelog (DARPA) Google SPY#[Spec Ops 6] Pre Event Last Night

Just look up Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil. Apparently it was used for the official movie trailer to Thor: Ragnarök….Who else is excited? Helicopter picture is labeled ST6 = Seal Team 6!! 😀 Can’t wait to find out what ST6 did! Dont forget what HRC did say “If he wins we all hang” that was the most truthful thing she had ever said.,and guess what ? it’s happening .. Check the ever increasing Sealed-Indictments untill August 2018.. my guess is it will reach 80k soon….


Sealed Indictments till August 2018

~Galactic human~

#QAnon It must be hard to communicate when the Cabal’s phones are known to be compromised, & with satellites providing the FiveEyes comms down, and with difficulty to be candid in public. But “every moment together is a moment you should not waste.”

Stares, hugs and passing info? Jury still out on this be it’s fun watching the Anons come up with theories.

#QAnon Did they really think they could comm from funeral freely in their “central SCIF”? We footing the bill for [12] hotel rooms around a maximal Secret Service perimeter for inside comms w windows blocked to view?

#Qanon posts “Ezra Cohen-Watnick; he’s a 31 year intelligence guy who was hired by @GenFlynn on the NSC; Nat Sec Dir McMaster got rid of him, and @Potus rehired him after McMaster was fired; He knows “where the bodies are buried”…@Potus ordered that he be rehired…

..as Assist. Nat Sec Advisor; Ezra is hawkish on Russia and China as relates to their commercial espionage; he is able to advise Sessions as to what he learned while working for @GenFlynn …this is why the deep state fears him…Ezra used to be an intel officer with DIA

#Qanon posts Ted Lieu’s tweet…Ted is an irrational leftist congressman…he’s a tool… Lieu’s call for the FBI to “stand strong” in their investigation into Pres Trump and Russia is ridiculous and pointless…If Stzok and Priestap are cooperating witnesses, it’s over

#Qanon connecting exiting Facebook execs to DARPA…interestingly enough, M Zuck hired a couple of executives away from DARPA a couple of years ago…FB, Goog are connected through DARPA…DARPA is the advanced research arm for national security in the US…”‘At least seven senior Facebook executives have announced their departures this year.’

Revisit QDrops #952 March 15, 2018 #2058 September 2, 2018


FB was created by DARPA and was originally called LifeLog…#Qanon posted about this…the big thing to take away from these posts is that DARPA created FB and Google to essentially create a system for monitoring individuals and controlling their lives…




Sergey Brins’ wife is Anne Wojcicki…look at her background and her “occupation”…personal genomics….she studies the genome of humans…#Qanon posted in march about both…23andme uses the DNA collected under guise of tracing your family history…nefarious use…

A little background on Sergey, hey may have KGB connections; father teaches at university of Maryland. mother works for NASA. dad attended 1977 Warsaw Conf and upon return to Moscow applied for exit Visa. At that time very hard to get. Most denied.His was approved, 1979.

Interesting background on Sergey…google’s true origina lies in CIA and NSA research as #Qanon posted, re grants for mass surveillance…no surprise…undoubtedly DARPA was involved in spying on @Potus and possibly used technology we are not yet aware of…Erick Scmidt

Q-Clocks from an Anon The flood is coming.

Played by ‘Operation Specialists’ [pre-event] last night.Q Magic Sword – In The Face Of Evil

“Symbolism will be their downfall.” Q The in Hilt/Cross Guard of the sword, I see the face of the devil and in the devil’s mouth is the all seeing eye. Am I the only one?

#QAlert 9/2/18 Q2065 Anon “Ya’ll notice the triangle and the all seeing eye in the middle of that sword in the “Magic Sword” youtube song right?!”

ST6. Seal team 6

QAlert 9/2/18 Q2064 Anon “why did I get extreme goosebumps while listening to this??”Q post photo ST6.jpeg

THIS VERSION IS FOR THE HUMANS!!! (please note the 2 hour time difference it takes to release an edited video!) Occultic Video Downed Just Minutes After Q Posted Link To It!!! Q gave us a link to a video, which I was able to capture a few moments of in the ‘Robo Voice’ video. The video used sigil magick, and probably audio subliminal programming. But, by the time I was able to make the human voice video, (this one right here), the video Q linked to was down! THE OCCULTIC VIDEO WAS NOT Q’S VIDEO!!! Q only linked to it, I believe to show us that these people are serious about their beliefs and we should take them seriously too! Also, Q gave us a nightvision photo of military helicopters which look like they are ready for flight. What is the meaning??? You contribute your thoughts.

Q reminding us of Facebook origins which are from DARPA, Lifelog, which was facebooks original name under DARPA, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which is a U.S. govt program meant to find out all of our daily activities. Also mentioned is Ezra Watnick-Cohen who was brought in by Gen. Flynn, how Cohen was ousted from Dni and emerges from the DOJ.

Q Post 2061; “Read between the lines”. NSA and CIA gave grants to companies like Google? Meaning that our tax dollars have paid for mass surveillance against us? Misuse of their own funds? Many things can be construed from this. Like the fact that if our tax dollars are funding Google and YT and FB, we have rights and they really are breaking the law by their censorship of any American citizen who is not a threat to National Security. . Just one thing I thought of……..Plus, how can our own National Security people be conducting mass surveillance on US citizens legally? Using the platforms that we communicate through? Very bad. So much evil to deal with…….Then Q connects this to “spygate”…..ugh……..

Of course, Same with FB..it used to be Life Log by CIA..ended same day FB launched. Coincidence?? We know Zuck is their puppet.

PART 1 … POTUS MEGA …MAKE EVERYTHING GREAT AGAIN !!! DS TAKEDOWN OF ALL TRAITORS 41 42 43 AND DON’T FORGET 44 AND MANY MANY MANY MORE … SHOWTIME … The link that changed the world : https://mega.nz/#F!rrp02Sgb!dl1Odq-8T…

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 1st SEPTEMBER 2018 –It has BEGUN in SEPTEMBER# POTUS declares Sept as National Preparedness Month#Who the FU** is Alice & her Wonderland #The DeepState is now blind, deaf, and DUMB! An EYE FOR AN EYE right?! Buckle-Up for Arrest by the Military

Thunder and lightning what an amazing STORM this might be…..The #DeepState is now blind, deaf, and DUMB!! An EYE FOR AN EYE right?! Mighty POTUS declared National Preparedness Month.. further it said Quote ” i do hereby proclaim September 2018 as National Preparedness Month. I encourage all Americans, including Federal, State, and local officials, to take action to be prepared for disaster or emergency by making and practicing their emergency response plans. Each step we take to become better prepared makes a real difference in how our families and communities will respond and persevere when faced with the unexpected.”Unquote…is Potus hinting some type of Marshal Law…I guess Military will take hold for the Arrest and Military Tribunals Coming for the Wicked.


Presidential Proclamation on National Preparedness Month, 2018

Cyber attack Map

~Galactic Human~

The Dismantling of CIA is going on all the communications have been shut down for good , but were do the Agents hide… Q exposes it thru the CIA’s own tweeter statement The Daily 202: Ex-CIA officers running for Congress as Democrats

CIA doing damage control…emphasizing only their operations officers are “spies” and the CIA employees many more employees in regular jobs…what they don’t tell you is that every employee of the CIA can and is used as a spy


#Qanon posts an interesting whitehouse proclamation where @Potus tells us to be ready during national Preparedness Month…this looks to me like it’s a heads up that we should be prepared for any type of disaster, including mass rioting, etc. Not a coincidence.

Presidential Proclamation on National Preparedness Month, 2018

#qanon post seems to be directed at Hussein and 12 others who met at a hotel (12 rooms paid for by American taxpayers) to discuss their treasonous plans. They set up a SCIF a sensitive compartmented information facility. Secret service detail was ordered to stay…..at max perimeter away…#qanon indicates NSA sees it all and remarks “nice color choice”. The windows were blocked to avoid anyone from seeing in. This is classic. Q trolling hussein


#QAnon @POTUS@SnowWhite7IAM nooo snow come back!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Starting in the late 1950s and lasting for several decades, the most common form of computing was based on mainframe computers. The first major blow to the dominance of mainframes came from the broad…


Here is a great explanation of a Snow White and 7 dwarfs theory..#QAnon @POTUS Evidence of CIA 7 dwarves computers from old chan board

Link to full graphic

Global network of Five Eyes surveillance bases

Worldwide SIGINT/Defense Cryptologic Platform

Approved SIGINT Partners (Notice United Arab Emirates is on the list…) UAE was ranked second, with around half the number of cyber attacks the US has registered against it, when checking norse’s cyber attack map recently.


“A little-known cyber security company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recruiting executives who have worked for Western intelligence services is turning over hundreds of millions of dollars a year, largely in contracts with the govt.”


OMG…it’s like a broken record….MSM just regurgitates the same crap…”Trump’s disapproval rating soars in latest poll!”…give me a break…#Qanon saying MSM trying to suggest to public Q and @potus are unpopular while Mueller enjoys huge support…#fakepoll #fakenews

Much of the public is still asleep, but that is changing, and once the major evidence is unloaded as to the horrific crimes and treason of the deep state, the majority of the public should be awake…this is why @Potus has spent a year via #Qanon waking patriots up #wwg1wga

Mueller’s team of 20 is dwindling…fast…how fitting…his cyber crime prosecutor left the team…why? because there’s nothing to prosecute as to @Potus…brilliant how @Potus is letting Mueller’s investigation self destruct…the dems are in for a world of hurt #qanon

I love the depiction of MSM newspapers who supported HRC versus Pres Trump…laughable…This all goes back to CIA’s Operation Mockingbird…CIA/Deep State has been co-opting the media since the 1950s, and basically they are now fully integrated…The media and Hwood…

..shape the narrative (or used to shape the narrative before social media and Pres Trump) of the public and the perception of the public…The MSM emphasizes overwhelming polls to suck the life out of patriots and discourage them…the majority of voters caught on to the msm…tactics and voted for @Potus due to his patriotism, independence, love of country, leadership, etc. yes, I said the majority of Americans voted for him because we know from #Qanon there was major voter fraud by the dems (illegals voting, rigged machines), evidence of which…

The dem lawmakers protect each other and protect the child and drug traffickers smuggling illegals, children and drugs into ports in NY and CA…it is unimaginable what is going on right now…#Qanon is saying patriots must vote…@potus and his admin will do their job by preventing illegals from voting and ensuring the voting machines are secure…I have a feeling we are going to see a different election in NY and CA this cycle…as long as patriots get out and vote, we could actually see both CA and NY swing back to the right #Qanon

Wow…#Qanon just reposted Judicial Watch discovery…there were never any hearings to consider whether the FISA application for Carter Page should be entered…MASSIVE constitutional violation…Mueller’s whole investigation absolutely has to be thrown out! #wwg1wga

The FISA federal judges that signed off on the FISA warrant were freakin compromised! this is huge! they never conducted a hearing! they should be impeached immediately! this is major…#qanon #wwg1wga…Mueller is done guys! Supreme Court will get involved at this point

GAME OVER for Mueller investigation…not only that, but there were crimes committed potentially by these Federal Court Judges…we could literally see US Marshalls hauling their butts off to prison for this…this is really big! #qanon #wwg1wga #BOOM #BOOM #BOOM #BOOM

Natalia admitted she was a Russian Agent who funneled info gained while in the US to Russia. Lynch denied knowledge of approving her visa to let her back into the IS during the end of the campaign. #qanon saying a paper trail exists showing lynch in fact approved her visa @potus himself said LYNCH approved her visa. This Russian agent who had been kicked out of the US in 2015 was let back in by Lynch to spring a trap on Pres Trump transition team and allow Hussein basis to get FISA warrant to spy on Pres Trump admin like @GenFlynn #qanon

Love his photo posted by #qanon…look who’s in the background…ole Jeff Sessions…

Well, #qanon had prior knowledge that HRC code name was “Alice” and referred to Saudi Arabia as wonderland in early q posts from November and December. Out comes new HRC emails where she’s referred to as Alice…the meaning being this is horrific…bloody wonderland This is finally coming out…it’s been a long time…#qanon puts the pieces together. Saudi Arabia is wonderland. HRC is Alice. The white rabbits are the children these animals raped in SA. It’s all about trafficking children for currency and raping them. Horrific. #wwg1wga

For above clear image check so below link


This is a must read chart which makes complete sense out of #qanon earlier posts about Alice and wonderland. @potus went to Saudis Arabia to root out corruption and reset the terms with SA established by hussein and HRC. Do u realize what those terms were? HRC and Hussein… …agreed to send children to the Saudi princes as currency…the deal was brokered through Tony Podesta’s international lobbying firm…remember the 3000 children rescued in SA early on in Pres Trump presidency?

Q Anon “Who is HRC’s MAD HATTER?” Qanon | Ex Presidents Meet In Secret Preparing Something BIG for National Preparedness Month

Q Anon “Alice & Wonderland” Remember when Obummer called ISIS a “JV Team?” Knowing what we know now, we truly have to thank God that Killary didn’t win.. (part of the “16-year plan”)… They never thought she would lose. We have it all. WWG1WGA

The floor is being pulled out from under the deep state. All of their surveillance equipment has been taken offline, now we find out there were never any FISA court hearings for Carter Page, Gen Flynn or Popadopolous. Bit time corruption. Also Q clues us in on who Alice in the previous “Alice in Wonderland” posts by Q

Q dropped one more link after the production of this video. Unbelievable that these CORRUPTED POS MSM fake polls are to be believed! Most Americans don’t believe a single lie they spew!!

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

As you well know by now dear reader, President Donald Trump has been the target of a dastardly deep state plan to topple him. Here’s what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together. It smells like conspiracy and treason. Because it is.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 16th August 2018 –Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? Let’s Go! @POTUS […]..Put on the Full Armor of God #They ALL get to go to JAIL & Symbolism will be their downfall…

Expose them ALL – Watch them Run & Hide, until Suicide, Their Money is no good – they cannot buy another Truth.These people are sick beyond your wildest dreams, hangem all  am Praying for the poor innocent children’s of the world.

~Galactic Human~

#Qanon dropping evidence of Q’s legitimacy…What say you @JackPosobiec ? Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? correlate the time it went down with Q’s post re: Deep State communicating via Xbox Live chatrooms…the evidence is in plain sight; if you continue to deny…

.then we really have grounds to question whether you are the LARP that you say #Qanon is…how much more proof is needed that Q is legit? let me guess, the LARPS that post for Q must have hacked into Xbox live and took it offline to make it look legit….right…

#Qanon shows the Xbox Live outage map…”nothing to see here”…drops equate to Deep State reaction/action to Q’s drops yesterday…This is clearly indicative of the time Q posted the post re Xbox comms by JC-BO-CS-LL-McCabe-NO-SY…no doubt..6 pm it spiked

#Qanon 1908 referring back to the Edward Snowden drops from a few months ago…this is obviously about to be relevant since Q is bringing it up again…many thought Snowden may be working for Russia, but when he went public, he was in Hong Kong; he could’ve flown straight…to Ecuador from HK, but he went through Russia…CIA helped ES get out of Hong Kong; Snowden was CIA before he was NSA and he was placed in the NSA by the CIA to wreak havoc on NSA spy programs such as Prism, etc…he was used to make it appear NSA was abusing privacy… …when it was really the CIA abusing…CIA originally intended for Snowden to end up in Russia.

#Qanon restates “we have it all”…Q told us in April NSA and Mil Intel had all the deep state coms obtained from gmail drafts, xbox chats, etc…

#Qanon asks the question, what happens in the event the signers of the Carter Page FISA warrant are all corrupt? what happens when all the intel and crim investigative agencies like CIA and FBI and DOJ are corrupt at top? Per the US constitution, the Executive power… …is vested in the President – Article II, Sec. I, US Const. Also, Supreme Court decision of Myers v. United States, 272 U.S. 52 (1926) gives the President the exclusive power to remove exec branch officials w/o approval of senate or other legislative body.

@potus has the authority to act when Executive Branch senior admin is in violation of Constitution and are committing treason…Military Steps in and essentially takes control of intel gathering, protection of President (specifically marines), etc. See #Qanon prior post..Military Intel has effectively replaced CIA per President’s executive authority due to corruption and treason…@Potus protected by the Marines and Secret Service…military tribunals will be activated due to deep state treason and US office holders violation of oath

…throughout different countries for the Deep State to communicate on…there is a connection here or a link between the two..

THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL DROP. Pay attention. New #QAnon 1884. Q lists which channels of the DS operations have been closed and which are pending.


Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. Sarah Sanders said the WH may also revoke security clearances of other former & current high-ranking law enforcement & intelligence officials — Clapper, Rice, etc


New #QAnon 1887.Q explains how Hussein put Muslim alliances before America in every way, from interference in military ops, to hiring w/in the admin based on Muslim faith. Hussein admin knew about UBL’s son. He’s a C_A asset.

New #QAnon 1888.Computer Specialist who deleted Clinton Emails may have asked Reddit for tips. You ALL get to go to JAIL.

New #QAnon 1889. New Texts Reveal Steele Anxious Over Comey Testimony, Hopes “Firewalls Will Hold”

New #QAnon 1893. Jeff Zucker is in the line of fire. Was his heart condition just an excuse for his leave from CNN?

New #QAnon 1894.Normal? & 1896.Q instructs us to focus on the bottom charm on her necklace.
Anon posts this pic, and Q clarifies that the charm referenced is below his hand. Q leads anons to search for matches to the charm necklace.Anderson Cooper’s brother, Carter, ‘committed suicide’ in 1988 at the age of 23, by falling from the ledge of Gloria’s apartment, while she watched.Is Carter another ‘charm’ on her necklace?


Remember that old photo of Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper?Tanit! That was the connection we were missing before:

New #QAnon 1898.Anon posts a pic of the charm necklace. Q responds with instructions to compare the Vanderbilt pool with the #PodestaArt paintings of children in an empty pool wearing red shoes.

New #QAnon 1899.Q advises anons to cross reference 2015/2016 pics of Podesta’s travel to Rome.New #QAnon 1900.Anon posts a pic of the indoor Vanderbilt pool and asks, ‘This?’ Q replies, ‘1 of 2’.Anon posts a side by side pic of the Vanderbilt pool with a related piece of #PodestaArt, asking ‘This?’ Q replies, ‘Confirmed. What do you notice?’Found this in regards to the one pool pic in Qs drop”killer pool parties”

Comments from anons in response to Q’s question about what they notice in the photo of the indoor pool. Q is again instructing anons to find the connection between the pool photo, the #PodestaArt, Podesta’s travel to Rome & the charm necklace. 


In a Wikileaks email on 6/9/14, Tony Podesta discussed a trip to Rome/ Vatican. Interesting. Though the Vanderbilts claimed the Biltmore home was their own, it was actually constructed and owned by the Payseur family, and leased by the Vanderbilts.

Access closed, access pending means all passages for cabal are closed and closing, no place to run. About to go to jail or their choice…suicide by their own hands.

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK 🤮 Jail is too good for them.

Q ANON: “WHAT NO-AGENCY LEAKED THE DATA?”Red shoes = Red Circle, Red Circle = satanic mass and it has been reported that they make one off designer shoes for the elite and celebrities from the childrens skin…. who reportedly commited suicide recently?? A shoe designer and look at the shoes they made, yes these people are pure evil……

As I said in my closing comment, the choice to know really is yours and we are beginning to see this manifest itself with every day and every week that goes by. People today have a chance/choice to see the corruption for themselves and see the massive low level arrests, sealed and unsealed indictments, the firings and house cleaning at every level that is happening yet are choosing to ignore all of these events in order to cling onto their own paradigms. Very revealing.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 15th August 2018 –House of GOD? Massive pedophile Ring , IT GOES A LOT DEEPER Actors will act, we are in control and more! Let’s […]The [[[[Hunters]]]] Become the Hunted!

Can see the unsealed indictments coming soon, just for fun why not Divert Fleeing BHO, HDRC, JK, VJ Flights to GITMO… just for Laughs & Giggles… Then send the MSM Lying News Friends to spend time with them – about three Years – to see How Much they never really mattered to BHO, HRC, VJ, JK…… Life is Good…..

Massive pedophile Ring getting busted, the reason why Mother Gaia & Humanity will never achieve Ascension unless & untill this Evil Grp is cut out from the face of Earth ..Always think why TRUMP passed the Human Trafficking & ‘FOSTA’ bill targeting online sex trafficking ? TRUTH is Real! lets make them go from “full blown panic mode” to ” locked the f*uck up in GITMO”, shall we???

::::: Check::::

Horrific Se** abuse of children memories thru drawing by childrens

children abuse drawing

join me on TelegramQ-intel

~Galactic Human~

#qanon posts the link to the news article about the catholic priests being exposed for molesting and raping more than 1000 children in Pennsylvania alone. Q questions why they call it a “house of God”. More like house from hell. Shocking folks what Q says next…#wwg1wga

Q1879 House of GOD? GOES A LOT DEEPER. Connected.Here’s how:
Rothschilds, after a $ battle, funded the Vatican along with un-named Parisian bankers. We believe that the Payseur’s were indeed one of those banker families.

Read the Book here :-



[Read very carefully]

“Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of …

… their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters.” The more you know…Q


Truly incredible article of the work operation Underground Railroad does amd did in Haiti. #qanon #wwg1wga it’s for the kids! There are others doing this work that have to keep their identify confidential.

“This is far from a ‘vigilante group’; leading the team is ex-Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard, perhaps America’s foremost human trafficking expert. “The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children  displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the ….. so-called humanitarians.”

Q is laying a foundation for the revelation of Clinton trafficking of children out of Haiti via Clinton Foundation and Red Cross. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the pedos caught by Tim Ballard in Haiti were with Clinton Foundation. Big reveal coming.

More on Q#400

Epstein Island theory posted by Anon. The Cabal’s Ketron Island Part 1, Notice the link to the under ground tunnel connecting the island to these corporations? Is this what is meant by Geo-T?

#Qanon dropping posts about child trafficking in Haiti. Operation Underground Railroad has an amazing documentary everyone needs to watch about their rescuing efforts throughout the world. This is big…light being shed on NGOs in Haiti..Q says the hunters are hunted #wwg1wga

US election 2016: What really happened with the Clintons in Haiti?

This article from bbc is from November 2016 and basically points out how much the Haitians hate The Clintons. Calls into questions what Clinton Foundation was really doing in Haiti

Notice the mention in the bbc article of “pay to play”. Clinton Foundation. Here it is in bbc article about CF in relation to what happened with funds in Haiti. Think of a post about “play dates” from yesterday.

Q firing another shot at NBC. There is connection between Haiti child trafficking Clinton Foundation and NBC. No doubt more to come on this.

#Qanon post about Alex Jones. I realize there are die hard Infowar fans who are great patriots, but I do think you have to keep an open mind about Alex Jones and what he’s about…Q posted quite a bit about him 2 months ago and his connections…worth investigating…responds to anon who references AJ’s website allegedly being hacked…why would hackers publish a useful and informative redirect page after hacking it? @Jordan_Sather_ had an interesting theory re AJ and msm taking down his youtube and social media sites…maybe a… designed distraction from #Qanon….Q makes point that “actors will act”. Q has referred to AJ as an actor before and cited to his custody battle with his ex wife and her allegations…#wwg1wga…A lot of patriots’ eyes were open when AJ went on a rant and said “F Trump”

The important point #Qanon is making in this post is that Q team focuses their attacks on NBC, not Alex Jones…whatever you may think about AJ, he has mobilized and motivated hundreds of thousands of patriots and he has been useful in the MAGA movement, whether act or not

Gmail draft emails to communicate with other deep state members and drafts kept in draft folder and never sent so NSA couldn’t collect. I think when there was a fire at Clinton Chappaquidic home, White hats obtained HRC server and discovered how they were communicating…

Deep State and MSM are panicking…all their attacks have been repelled…all their attempts to smear Pres Trump have backfired…It’s like #Qanon has their gameplan and is 10 steps ahead at all times….and that would be the truth! #wwg1wga…thank you US military!!

Those who scream loudest…antifa, talking heads, Hollywood, etc. q says find the connections between them all. Q lists series of dots which is likely the name of someone or a group. They are organized into affiliates to keep control of message and to spread fake news.

since they attacked pizzagate for the WL disclosures. It’s all true folks. Q speaking to the new people following Q and telling them wikileaks Podesta emails are authentic as q drops authentic and Mossad is not only group at top. Cia would be another and Muslim Brotherhood another. They all get their directives from the globalist billionaire elites who of course worship Satan.

Alex Jones in a Q post again, wow. also Q talks about how disgraceful the judges in New Mexico for ordering the release of the people at the compound who were setting up little children to be School shooters Kama also report out of Philadelphia shows Catholic priest sexually abused over a thousand kids and a few more different topics are covered today in Q’s post.

How bout that FISA WARRANT huh? Peter Strzok’s recent departure from the FBI is meaningless and is just part of the larger stage show as Strzok remains employed by the CIA

Investigative journalist Liz Crokin joins me to discuss the latest breaking news including the accusation that Bill Clinton raped a young boy who is now 26-years old, and the investigator who broke the story is now dead. Liz firmly believes that all of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place so that Hillary Clinton will be arrested before November 11th of this year.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 11th August 2018 – Q Anon Mocked by Mockingbird Media.# What Is NATO Up To? “Listen Very Carefully”- Revealing 2016 Video Helps Paint Big Picture#PizzaGate #Pedowood #SatanicRitualAbuse #ChildTrafficking.. “Now they all Lose”

EVIL DEEDS seem to trace back to the Clintons, Bushes or Ovomit. Bill Clinton was the heart of this telecom act of 1996. Under the guise of breaking up the phone co. monopoly and other monopolies, they laid the trap for consolidation of power in communications. The older I get the more aggravated and frustrated I become realizing how truly EVIL and SATANIC and CORRUPT these non-humans are…Liberal media is the no 1 threat to humanity time to Drop the Hammer Q….time to grab-ur-popcorns & enjoy the show…

…..Guys i hav deleted my whatsapp grp!! it exposed my no! anyway  join-in thru TELEGRAM now  ur privacy is secured Join-me on the channel as we explore the grt Q intel decodes & updates…..~Galactic Human~

#QAlert 8/11/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q’s posts for Saturday August 11, 2018. Julian Assange testify, The Antitrust Laws, New Telecommunications Act

#qanon drop earlier. 90% of media is controlled by 6 corporate giants listed in the chart posted by Q. The Sherman act is supposed to prevent monopolization of corporations but the FTC enforces it. Clearly the FTC hasn’t enforced the Sherman act against these corps #wwg1wga



The Sherman Act outlaws “every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”

“The FTC’s competition mission is to enforce the rules of the competitive marketplace — the antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices.” Reconcile.

@potus is going to bring antitrust actions against FB Google and Twitter but he needs to get through the 2018 midterms and strengthen the Repubs in the House and Senate. He is going to eventually splinter these media giants into thousands of pieces. The Dems own them. #qanon

These people are stupid!cohenmilsteinprocessserver.com📁
“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.“Discovery.

Do you believe in coincidences? we have the source…Q   These people are stupid! The documents below were posted on August 10, 2018 for the purpose of serving process upon WikiLeaks in Democratic National Committee v. The Russian Federation, et al., 1:18-cv-03501 (S.D.N.Y. filed Apr. 20, 2018).
#QAnon UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the Southern District of New York
These people are stupid!
(66 pages)

Senate intel commtee wants “closed door session” w/ Assange so they can attempt to discredit him and get out in front of his testimony and catch him on a procedural snafu and then perjure him…same thing they always do to try and destroy credibility of whistleblowers. #qanon

Here’s the link to the Bill Maher vid posted by Q.

Sometimes the TRUTH is right in front of you.
These people are SICK!
You people are a DISEASE.
We, THE PEOPLE, are the CURE.

Do you remember their names?
We do. Do you really believe you are still safe? Protected?
The World is WATCHING…Q

Interesting thread on Bill Maher by @IWillRedPillU.

I think NBC is talking about THESE tweets from Dwight….Interesting that would post this. Me things a bit of fear may be flowing through the industry

According to reports, Bill Maher is a member of Snctm, a ritualistic sex club. This is the kind of filth that Snctm is into, and Bill Maher is alleged to be a member of.

Bill Maher’s production company, Kid Love Productions, made the 1991 film Pizza Man in which he stars. The climax of the film is him killing Donald Trump. Sounds nuts, but it’s real.Ahhh the hypocrisy of Bill Maher is being exposed by @qanon. Look what he compared Michelle Bachman to…hmmm, betcha he won’t be fired like 

I first heard about Snctm a few weeks ago when a Hollywood Anon by the name of Renegade started dropping crumbs on 4chan about it. #Q posted a link to a tweet from the account s8n. Anons are digging into s8n’s social media accounts and taking screenshots. So disturbing. 

[BC set the stage]
Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way?


Wow. Imagine that. The plane hijacker is going to be alleged to have been a q follower. Look what was on side of plane “Q400”.

Stolen Plane Crashes After Airline Employee Takes Off From Seattle Airport , Airline Employee Was Possibly Suicidal

Analysis below key metric w/o chance for recovery – START A WAR.Think missile(s) accidentally fired. Against WHO? Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT. The SHARING of INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. Q Was the Q-400 used as a decoy to get F16s in the air? See what this Anon says.

#qanon said the deep state hacking the sub and shooting off a missile was intended to start a war with Russia or China. Probably Russia. Dems realize they can’t win back the house and they are screwed come mid terms so they tried to start a war. They would blame..Pres Trump and msm would be complicit night and day until Repubs lost house. Potus prevented war because of relationship he has built with Putin…he told Putin what deep state was doing and so war was averted. These people are sick. #qanon



I wasn’t aware of it but apparently Tuesday NATO “accidentally” fired a missile at Russia. Wow. These animals will stop at nothing to start a war. They KNOW they are going to lose the mid-terms, badly, and then it’s over for them. So, there are no coincidencesEstonia struggles to find missile accidentally fired by NATO jet policing Russian border…They do not want Kim or Putin sharing information with POTUS. Think of the Pelosi video where she admits being in NK.

Q posts “Iron Eagle” which has been posted several times before. May refer to the plot of the movie Iron Eagle or May be reference to Rothschilds whose symbol is eagle with Nazi bars. See next post for explanation

IRON EAGLE. Some Q post from the past. Future proves past.



#qanon posts again. The swamp on display. Q shows us how incestuous the media, global corporations and the democrats are. They all work for each other and cover each other’s butts.Welcome to THE SWAMP. Ex 1 GOOG State Dept [HRC]>>Eric Schmidt>>Lisa Shields

Welcome to THE SWAMP…..Bill Paxon.
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
John Dowd.

I try to check all the mentions and notifications but some days twitter cuts them off especially on q posts. I love reading other patriots’ comments as it helps me process this info. You all truly are brilliant people who love our country. Always feel free to DM me if…

Normal?[Not Updated]Not seeking re-election.[Senate]No Name – Republican [Departure Soon]
[House]{names below in pic}Xavier Becerra – Democrat Attorney General of CaliforniaNormal? Q


“Listen Very Carefully”- Revealing 2016 Video Helps Paint Big Picture, Truth and Art TV Patriot News and Great Awakening, Q anon and the Trump Storm news. Recorded Friday 8-10-18

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

Q Anon Mocked by Mockingbird Media. This episode we expose the mockingbird media’s 6 corporate overlords, antitrust issues, shill maher’s media anti-Q campaign, and the mysterious story of the seattle man who stole a plane.

Full monologue: Donald Trump roasts Hillary Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump roasted his rival Hillary Clinton during the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner. Trump joked about the “nasty woman” comment he made during the debate, Clinton’s experience, Wikileaks and emails. Trump was booed and heckled by the audience during his speech.

Q reminds us of a DJT speech where he says HRC took villages in Hai-ti. We know the Cli-ntons are despised by the people of Hai-ti, many videos on the subject, Q has a new trip code As well.

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