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QAnon 11th Feb 2018 Intel Drop ~ Recent resignations, plane crashes, Cages full

Pls go thru some Live stream-on with some great inputs new Q Intel Massive Intel Drops

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Thirty-six Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Transnational Criminal Organization Responsible for More than $530 Million in Losses from Cybercrimes

New Q Drop – Russia Plane Crash

~ Galactic Human~

Q-Anon references Russian Plane accident and Bangkok arrest signaling arrests in 7 countries, along with frustration for skepticism that people don’t believe there is movement. See Posts Below:

#32 on passenger list, Vyacheslav Ivanov, was Deputy Director General at Rosatom (Rusatom Overseas).. This appears to be a Clinton hit to prevent testifying in Uraniam1

You guys are missing reddit comments: rosatom CFO was on plane: Ivanov vyacheslay #32
#32 Ivanov, Vyacheslav was the CFO of Rusatom – Rusatom is U1
Christopher Steele and #15 passenger SERGOSHKO Alexander have the same birthday – June 24, 1964 Christoper Steele is an alias of Alexander Sergoshko info off REDDIT


Q-Anon Intel Drops 9th Feb 2018~ Suicide Week-End plus plane on a tarmac / Murder, and CEO’s OH MY #followthewhiterabbit : Strange Messages

LadyDragon also ties previous post with the new information that was given tonit by Q Met to say VIETNAM not Thailand 🙂

Haha refers to https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/958554711640158209 david rothschild it also has an extra ha so Q gets the last laugh ?

The plane is leaving, note the plane in the background waiting it’s turn to take off. The two airport strip pics are not the same place.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftLayer owned by IBM and is their Cloud Services Division. Softlayer was described as the biggest privately held cloud infrastructure provider (IaaS) in the world. The IP address was used by Clintonemail.com Imran Awan was not too far away from here either: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/12/wow-imran-awan-run-car-dealership-fronting-overseas-money-laundering-operation/

“Q” post. Maybe suicide weekend is a message meaning speak to us, because we found out the Clintons (cia) have set you up to be “suicided”. I feel like we are all a part of a Sopranos episode combined with Ludlum!

In this post Q references next week something made her and something to do with the Rothschild also a plane or two at No Bai International Airport in Vietnam.

The description of the couple found ‘hanging from a railing on the edge of their indoor swimming pool’ made me think of the Podesta art of the children in the pool with ropes

Many ” deletes ” are disappearing as planned. Fake their death and move either to private island or underground paradise establishments, reports say. I’m uncertain about anything the MSM reports. Truth is a rare commodity. Vet and cross check everything. Don’t believe many.

Q-Anon ANALYSIS 8th Feb 2018 – Rosenstein is Himmler’s Son? Cancer Cure Coverup with Dead Researchers

QAnon is back! Fresh crumbs and analysis from the most interesting intelligence drop in recorded human history. What an amazing time to be alive!! It seems Q is not updating on the Old site, so herewith given below the New updates on the Following site…



~ Galactic human ~

Q anon Update: Is Rod Rosenstein the son of NA-ZI Himmler? Is it weird HIS SISTER works in vaccinations?

Big stories from the Qanon posts today:

1. Cancer cures been covered up, NAZIs run our Health Developments, we kill anyone who gets close to the cure

2. Building in Shanghai has residue from an explosion (HRC, BO, GS)

3. Snowden is dirty. RIP John Perry Barlow (was he dirty?).

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President Trump, white knight patriots in the military and Q VS the deep state, Clinton-DNC-FBI-DOJ which have been exposed fortheir collusion and treachery. Which in turn has caused the media and the Traitors to double down on their crimes and the cover up. It has never been more clear that we ARE AT WAR with these monsters, and the revolution is NOW. Frank from the Quite Frankly podcast joins me to discuss.

Latest drops from Q, International Intrigue, POTUS closing in, DC scrambling and out of leverage, Shadow Govt in target. Postings here:

Qanon Update 8th Feb 2018 – U wanted arrests? Here U go! Roundtable with Antischool and Peacey ~ The TRUTH about Dossier Appears WORSE than even Imagined!

Conspiracy theorists (like myself) were right all along…but that doesn’t surprise us…it’s all coming to-light aint it.

~Galactic Human ~

America is going the way of the Roman Empire because of the actions and greed of a relatively small group of super corrupt people. MSM is bought and paid for and criminally involved also. America needs to wake up right now or it’s over.

The Rothschild, Soros, and so many more who really run the government need to be sent to Gitmo alongside Obama, all the Clintons clan, Podestas, upper echelon of the FBI, CIA, Mueller, so many more of the underlings who where playing gangsters and so many more who are trying to use us as test dummies or trying to kill us all with their vaccines. Too many to name, they’re all involved in the deep state one way or another.

Roundtable! Badass! Dustin, i bet 2 months ago you couldnt envision yourself having discourse with Peacey and Anti School! Awesome

Kissenger is deepest of deep states. I’m 62. He decreed that there be no more oil refineries built. And we have not had one in the US since the 1970s. Just before the gas crisis in 1979 fomented by jimmy carter and the ayatollah mess, henry Kissinger Gave opec the suggestion: Raise your prices

Last “Q” Drop ~ GITMO AIR / FISA MEMO Released.. FREEDOM DAY

it seems the memo is released…..Time for the Lawyers from each side to enter Fray… The hype was Huge the Release din had any teeth… Only time will tell…. We need arrest…No more TALK…..

~ Galactic Human ~

Seconds after FISA memo is released Trump stuns the world with game-changing announcement. The FISA memo was officially released, despite protests from Democrats and the FBI. Seconds later, President Donald Trump stunned the world with a game-changing announcement.

The memo in question details crimes committed by the former Obama administration and the Clinton campaign in digging up fake dirt on President Donald Trump so that they could illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on his presidential campaign.

Latest Q Breadcrumb drop all out war on the Cabal. Is Adam Schiff involved in murder or pedophilia or a closet gay? Maybe worse… What do the Executive Orders say about arresting Americans committing crimes involving Human Rights Abuses. Would this include certain crimes committed against the Haitian people or maybe the North Koreans. PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE: REVIEW OF Q-ANON POSTS Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/brucefigert

This update covers Q posts from January 29 through February 3rd, 2018. The theme of these posts is Freedom. My website: https://prayingmedic.com/

UPDATE on #QAnon‘s latest posts and what is happening since the memo was released. Report by: Dustin Nemo – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Gx…

GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Message from ÉirePort Alliance… 2-2-18…◯◯◯….


ÉirePort Alliance (formerly ÉirePort Group) has expanded in scope since the beginning of the GaiaPortal blog operations.

Recent upleveling of Planetary Consciousness frequency has enabled the formation of a wider Alliance formed among several Galactic entities that are working to free the planet called “Earth”, as well as other planets, in the so-called “Sol System”.

This multi-Galactic “ÉirePort Alliance” joins with the multi-dimensional “Earth Alliance” to finalize freedom protocols to be used during the next several weeks, months, years, and beyond.

Initial short-term protocols are now in full operation upon planet Earth.

Anticipate massive changes and please assist where called.

Thank you, ÉirePort Alliance

(please note that advertisements have been permanently removed from the GaiaPortal site)


“Q”-AnOn on Fire ~ Memo Drop Soon … FREEDOMDAY Coming

Well at first i couldn’t get the actual message of FREEDOM in any Q-post.. and Today is also National Freedom day, well u can check for some sites below for Great info and minds

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QAnon – Flynn, FISA, EO’s, FREEDOM Latest Q Posts 2/1/18

CBTS Stream

All Q posts and responses

~ Galactic Human ~

HUGE Drop tonight – January 31, 2018. And the contents are astonishing. Lots of links to events of the day, the SOTU and Trump’s Latest Executive Order. Putting Giant chunks into focus. See attached posts and anons which lead up to many.

Addition to late last night post. Marines on duty. POTUS safe, disclosures coming so fast one cannot keep up. Memo gets released and many Executive Orders in place to “Take Care of the Problem.” Adam Schiff hits the fan. Will shortly post here the Q drops:

POTUS Released the Memo after the speech, but during it he said he had already signed Keeping Gitmo open… put those two things together and it spells American Constitution is on it’s way back!!

All of you do realize that “day of days” is D-DAY (the most famous example of which is “June 6, 1944”), right? In other words, D-Day is military speak for, “This is the moment we launch our big offensive”.

9:42 Photo of [AS] with the Hollywood hotel “The Standard” logo. That hotel has been implicated in pedo trafficking and [AS] is connected. The manager of that hotel died yesterday in a mysterious helicopter crash in Newport Beach. Dead witnesses do not speak.

In this post it is alluded to that there may have been a big time cover-up between a certain Congressman that’s trying to cover up the memo. Wow !!!

“Q”-AnOn~Bands-of-Anons ~Release the MEMO/McCabe+Rosenstein GOOD RIDDANCE/Obama Brazen Plot to Frame Trump & Exonerate Hillary

There is NO justice in the JUST- US department. By its very nature the JUST-US department is corrupt and untruthful. The FBI and the DOJ are broken beyond repair.I can’t believe that the Bushes, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the Bush disaster, are not involved yet, And what about the corrupt world -Over…but I have a feeling they will be found out as well. Time to purchase some body-bags and some rope! Hillary said if he wins we’ll all hang by nooses” WELL, HE WON! 🤣

+++The Storm Has Arrived #QAnon is causing quite a Stir +++
What is a FISA MEMO??…….. Check VDO Below
Currently, Q’s newest intel drops can be found here:

~ Galactic Human ~

The public deserves to know about the massive crimes of our Government. President Trump dropped intel to the people via QAnon about the FISA memo that details the corruption.

This is an overview of the contents found in that memo.

It is being reported today that Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein will be leaving the FBI under different circumstances, good riddance, but they both need to be in jail

McCabe knows he’s not going to get away with his crimes. I think he’s going to try to flee, but he won’t be able to if Q posts correct. I think he’s quitting to get his affairs in order before he goes to military tribunal. He look like he’s walking to the gallows if you look at his facial clues. Rosenstein is such a weasel.

WOW…. I’m impressed!! Great interview! Thank you so much. From now on, I will follow you and Joe diGenova…super interview!! he laid out everything very concisely. cover just about all. thank you! very insightful gentleman.

“Q”-Anon More Updates ~ Q-Anon says “Judgment Day” near State of the Union Address January 30 2018

Another Day And….No Arrest For The Political Class  Just more lip service from the political pontificators. Its finally “Judgement day” Wake up!!!… They have a CODE that you and I don’t have …….This is f#%king Annoying!!! Lets do it and Take Them Down

“Buckle up, we’re going where we’ve never gone before”

::::: INTEL :::::



~ Galactic human~

Q-Anon says “Judgment Day” near State of the Union Address January 30 2018, plus Q talks about a huge dump of emails, texts, videos and pictures coming. He speaks about #releasethememo #memo and even cryptically implies that rogue FBI agents may have been targeting the life of President Trump or his family members.

Everything from the Saudi Prince being arrested and tweeting to Donald Trump… to the Salem Witch Trials.

God is in control and has chosen President Trump to due His work. Thank You Father and Thank you President Trump. God bless America.

If your Really watching, & Listening, That was a Great Presentation, & should Blow your Wig Off, eh! I just wish it All wasn’t True, but it is!

Today I discovered these letters sent out by the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Very interesting as there’s a LOT of big names involved…

I should mention, Chuck Grassley is the same guy who pushed the IG Empowerment Act of 2015 to give power to Horowitz so he could do his job.

“Q”-AnOn ~ Q Assures Dark Days Ending! #FS1649 FBI Slush Fund, Remember- the future proves the past.

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Carbon 60/Liver health connection

~ Galactic human ~

With Melania Trump banning the flu shot from the White House and Q Announcing “Where there was darkness, there will be LIGHT”, we have #HEALTHY revelations to look forward to this coming week. Today, Hannity tweeted #FormSubmission1649, referring to the FBI slush fund used for undisclosed projects. Q asks us to follow the Executive Order trail into what the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury, has achieved by paying attention to who is resigning across multiple business and political platforms. Additionally, we get into the Carbon 60/Liver health connection.

In this podcast series I am narrating the rebirth of the New America. This involves the annihilation of the corrupt deep state first which is what we are seeing. With the FISA secret memos set to release this week and with many globalist criminals on the run the Trump storm is now in full motion. Today I examine very carefully many of the Q Anon postings from the past few days leading up to this afternoon. Today’s podcast is very critical to understanding what is happening. Watch as we connect many of the dots so that Patriots everywhere can contribute to the picture being painted. Remember- the future proves the past.

These Q posts outline some statistical history about how Republicans and how Democrats who voted for African Americans and women rights to vote, also the statistics on the vote to abolish slavery, also post about Maxine Waters and how she can afford a 4.3 million dollar house but doesn’t live with her constituents in southern Los Angeles but rather a gated community that only has 6% African Americans, one would say that’s almost segregation


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A Declaration Of The Independence Of Cyberspace

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Qanon might be spokesperson of Trump. He speaks everything that Trump wouldn’t be able to say openly in front of cameras.

So the penny dropped – he drains the swamp from the least to the greatest SO THAT when the more infamous ‘swamp creatures’ are CAUGHT and finally stand in the dock, they won’t have the CORRUPTED judicial system (replete with ‘underling swamp creatures’) rubberstamping their RELEASE.

Wasn’t the Black Forest where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took place. Black Forrest is also in Colorado by NORAD in Colorado Springs, Dopey is also one of the seven dwarfs

Q-Anon Intel Drops Update ~ The clock is ticking / Freedom of the Press / NOBODY IS SAFE.

As you can see Spaceshot Too supports TRUMP and says He will be the Greatest President the world has ever seen. Man am glad,  i am way ahead of knowing the TRUTH.. Anyway Q-anon shared a webpage below…

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+++~ Galactic Human~+++

This is part 1 of a two-part video detailing the January 26th and January 27th post from Q, showing the trim at the top of my video makes it 10 times faster to upload don’t know if you guys really care about that let me know in the comment box below thank you

ANY citizen deemed to be an Enemy Combatant can be taken into custody, lose their Constitutional Right to Counsel and be tried in a Military tribunal. The EO can take out Every member and sponsor on the Council on Foreign Relations .

Catch and release (big fish) Where’s Obama and Hillary now

+++Q-Anon-INTEL Updates~ More Arrest ~ Kneading Bread, Skull & Bones Kerry , Internet Bill of Rights

Q’s reference of “The shot heard around the World” refers to Kennedy. That I believe was Kronkite who referred to his assasination that way.

PEDOPHILES, child traffickers, and porn scum, MUST COME FIRST! I believe that’s what Trump is focusing on. There have been a lot of arrests and he said “I’m putting the FULL WEIGHT of this administration into stopping this horrific problem; and it is horrific!”

Gen Mike Flynn was a set up, more arrest at gitmo Source: Trump news, truth Natasha Kindly subscribe to Top5 Conservatives http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSP3U…

What we are seeing is our own fbi law trying to destroy our President , and we sure as hell are not happy ,to see at least one of them go to jail would be a blessing

http://www.breitbart.com/big-governme… http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/…

There have been 7 attempts on Trump. Please pray for his safety! There was a hit for May that Trump warned her about. UK is going to work with Trump exposing deep state.

“Q”-Anon ~Former President Obama Going Down formally retained counsel

QAnon: Yestarday, former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama formally retained counsel (9/WW), If true, then there must be a sealed indictment. What court would it be filed in? Some very clever person found a lawfirm with the initials WW and in the website photo there was ironically 9 lawyers pictured …9/WW…Trying to lighten up for a change, the red pill I took is kicking my ass

Still I suggest that everyone stay vigilant. I will not rest until I see some real results on this stuff.

::::: Check Q-Anon:::::


John Kerry reportedly coaches Palestinians not to ‘yield’ to Trump in peace talks, spurring backlash

~ Galactic human ~

The breadcrumb is just this image, a Pen or a Fountain Pen. The image, or probably the paper, is flipped horizzontally, on that paper can be seen “The White House” and below “Whashington”.

Jail for John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama. I hope so much information comes out that all these globalists never recover ever in any country. People need their countries back, their freedom back, their destiny back.

I am SOOO SADDENED ABOUT THIS TOTAL WICKEDNESS! How has the Human Race DEGRADED ITSELF BELOW THE LEVEL OF ANIMALS! Oh Dear God my Father, Please bring them all Home to Heaven who have Suffered by the hands of these Decrepit Creatures of Darkness WHO HAVE NO SOUL!

Earlier today Q posted to Great Awakening that former President Obama retained coucil but is it verifiable? I have been unsuccessful in finding any info to confirm or deny this claim. Input would be appreciated and if you have resources to shed some light on this please let us know in the comment section.

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