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GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Primaries of foundations come to the fore …◯◯◯….


Primaries of foundations come to the fore.

Elements of Jupiter handiwork are preceived and applauded.

Energetic fountains move to the Hue-manity skies.

Fresh awareness is attained.




GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Participants in the Ascension become aware …◯◯◯….


Participants in the Ascension become aware.

Next levels are perceived and realized.

Novel modes of movement are unveiled.

Eclipses are accepted.


GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Egalitarian movements are viewed in Higher Dimensional ways …◯◯◯….


Egalitarian movements are viewed in Higher Dimensional ways.

Flowerings of humanity are observed in great numbers.

Collapses of old paradigms continue until completion.

Risings of the Inner Light are accepted.



Sheldan Nidle – July 24, 2018 ~ Arrests of the cabal’s upper echelon will require special handling,When that moment comes, be ready to assist your family, friends and community, for their world is likely to be turned upside down and topsy-turvy.

Selamat Ja! Many wonderful developments continue to unfold! The dark cabal remains as arrogant and uncompromising as ever. They are befuddled by your rapid upsurge in consciousness and the awakening of the general public. The Light quotient in your solar system is rising exponentially in ways they had not predicted or even thought possible. Their hold on society weakens every day as more people become aware of their unconscionable schemes. Long ago, the dark cabal lost the ability to fathom their forfeiture of power in controlling the narrative mindlessly adhered to by the masses. The cabal continues to believe, erroneously, that they will rise again, like the phoenix, from the ashes of their demise.

You exist in an expanding consciousness that wields its greater inherent flexibility to defeat the dark cabal and its arrogant and stubborn obstinacy. Our many allies have spent centuries quietly maneuvering themselves into the most advantageous positions of power around your world. For decades, they have been covertly planning their strategies to free humanity from debt slavery and restore Gaia to become a planet that flourishes in peace and liberty. We continue to ask for your patience. These stratagems cannot be rushed. It is vital for you to remember that you are dismantling a power structure that has reigned for over 13 millennia.

Our liaisons have given the cabal a number of specific ultimatums. You are to witness that these scenarios are carried out, and that the dark is finally to fail, using many of their own laws against them. Arrests of the cabal’s upper echelon will require special handling. They cannot be carried out by degrees, but must be done in one fell swoop. When that moment comes, be ready to assist your family, friends and community, for their world is likely to be turned upside down and topsy-turvy. Once the momentum of your new consciousness arrives, it will shift everything in its path.

We want you to be prepared to enjoy what is anticipated to manifest in short order. Brace yourselves for messages that may perhaps shock you, but in a very positive way. We have provided the Alliance with a new “computer” system, the Quantum Financial System, which will eliminate any way to steal or manipulate monies. It is designed to be the death of the central banking system, which is the means by which the cabal keeps you in debt slavery. You are meant to live in the Light, basking in the divine Truths given you freely by Heaven. In this new reality, we are to shepherd you back to your fully conscious selves. Together, we are to bring greater Light to every corner of this galaxy.

Greetings from the Ascended Masters. Happy Galactic New Year! This occasion is cause for celebration as you welcome in the energies of the Galactic New Year (July 26). At dawn on July 26, the star Sirius is visible above the Mayan Pyramid, Chichen Itza, and above Maui’s volcano, Mount Haleakala. As we begin a new cycle of energy, remember to welcome each dawn by setting an intention. Bear in mind that time is to be experienced and savored, and not used simply as a measured event. Let this new era ring with blessings of Joy for all!

In this time of new beginnings, be Joyous and grateful for all the wonderful events that are taking place around our globe. The major component of any reality is the power of the collective. A reality is formed by consciousness. This collective energy is “set” according to the primary beliefs you hold. Within it, you function on an individual, and a collective, basis. But it is the latter that is most crucial at this moment. Each unit within the collective is affected by the actions of every other unit, creating an interconnected physical whole: a shared and total awareness. Spiritual and physical consciousnesses are acutely interconnected. More and more people around the world are awakening to Truth. These communal interactions weave the tapestry of the given reality.

Your world is blessed to overflowing with divine Light. We watch in joyous awe as she changes with each increase in the intensity of this Light. Likewise, your own Light is strengthening and sharpening, its purity radiating from you like a prism. New shades and colors of Light abound. All this is inducing your reality to alter her grids and move in a whole new direction. You are leaving behind the 3rd dimension as your primary home and speeding headlong toward the 5th dimension. Hosanna in the Highest!

Today, we continued our ongoing discussion about what is unfolding all around you. Be patient, centered, and joyously focused upon your most deeply desired goals. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! So be it! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Predecessors of Light movements are risen above …◯◯◯….


Predecessors of Light movements are risen above.

Cleansing of the systems is accelerated.

Consequences are felt by all.

Furtiveness is abandoned.

Directness is accepted.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface …◯◯◯….


Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface.

Intrusive anharmonics are exposed, and dissolved.

Fragrances of Healing embrace the planet.

The Light abides.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Crescendos of Light enrich Gaia’s fields …◯◯◯….


Crescendos of Light enrich Gaia’s fields.

Light elements have coalesced to induce the next Leaps in consciousness.

Chaotic forces are tamed.



Sheldan Nidle – June 26, 2018 ~ An age of prosperity and harmony is forming. This, therefore, is a time of transition.

Sheldan Nidle – June 26, 2018

Dratzo! Let us begin. Much is being readied for a significant coming event. This ever-changing orb upon which we gaze is a world where the dark pursues its diabolical schemes with little success. We cannot emphasize enough that the demise of the cabal is closer than most of you might believe. The recently formed Alliance, in company with our earth allies, is at the ready to spring a carefully-set trap that will lead to arrests of some of the cabal’s upper-echelon personnel. The arrest plan is designed to keep the public informed as a way to limit chaos. As we have mentioned before, their “tried and true” ways of keeping the citizens of Earth in bondage no longer work. Because the dark appears unable to alter their modus operandi, their tricks to obstruct the Divine Plan continue to expose them for the scoundrels they are. Meanwhile, the masses are awakening. Globally, citizens are beginning to rise up, demanding transparency and Truth.

At present, the dark is being forced to give up vast sums of its earthly wealth. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse and avoid arousing the panic and outrage that would ensue if this fact were made public. The true wealth of your global societies will appear only when a global reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is nearing a point where it is to be revealed to the public. Once these announcements are made, they will also reveal a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of these events to happen. The Alliance is now in a position of power and is doing whatever is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The epochal moment is soon to arrive for all of us to bestow upon this planet, and its surface population, a most miraculous gift.

As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. It is essential for your cousins, the Agarthans, to be properly introduced to you. They propose to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different from that which you have been taught. We also intend to display the various technologies we wish to share with you. This agenda is merely the first part of our initial interaction with you.

You are basking in the energies of the recent powerful Summer Solstice, which holds many keys to what is to unfold. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you! Heaven assures us that countless necessary changes are being prepared to manifest, to allow the Light to emerge Victorious! This will constitute the opening salvo in the move to establish the new energies that are to propel you to the very brink of full consciousness. Many Beings of a highly spiritual nature have joined together on your world to create the conditions for first contact and all that is to follow. We are using our technological advantage to accelerate the plan and ensure that this pivotal opening move succeeds according to Heaven’s wishes.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters. Last week, we welcomed the new frequencies from the Great Central Sun scheduled for the summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere of the planet. The energies that accompany June’s Solstice are bringing an upgrade to your human and Light systems. The seeds planted at the Spring Equinox will now bloom. These new frequencies are a potent catalyst for change. Offer gratitude as you witness changes in yourself, and the people around you, in government and the financial industry, and in the planet herself.

The energies enveloping Gaia also encompass our entire Milky Way galaxy. The atmosphere of Venus is cooling. That of Mars is also experiencing climate change and is beginning to terra-form: small ponds of water are springing up on her surface. The red spot for which Jupiter is known has disappeared. Saturn’s rings are proving to be a more elaborately interwoven web of consciousness. Changes to our galaxy such as these are caused by a rise in consciousness. Collectively, we are ascending the frequency spiral to the 5th dimension.

Clearly, much is unfolding to birth an entirely new world for you. We encourage you, dear ones, to participate in this process. Recent steps taken toward transformation have reached the point where you are obliged to come together to help one another. Each of you possesses knowledge of how you are to morph into galactic humans. Share this with each other. Create a safe environment in which you can discuss these subjects freely and openly. It is one thing to hear this information issuing from a television set, but quite another to hear it with the Love and caring that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for the personal touch. It is our intention that this blessed transition to full consciousness be filled with the magic of the Divine! This is a sacred task that began nearly 13 millennia ago. Now we are doing whatever is required to bring Heaven back to each one of you.

Today, we continued to inform you about what is manifesting around your globe. An age of prosperity and harmony is forming. This, therefore, is a time of transition. Be patient and ever ready to work for the triumph of this new series of realities and prepare for a new spiritual age. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Humanity has become… Hue-Manity …◯◯◯….


Star Portals open for the Illumined.

Lanterns of glass are replaced with those of the Inner Lantern.

Masterfuls are embraced by the Masters.

Humanity has become… Hue-Manity.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Cantations of Light are heard …◯◯◯….


Human Evolutionaries are set aside, as only the Higher Vibrationals are allowed to evolve.

Gaia promotes from the Higher Vibrationals within.

Cantations of Light are heard.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Arms are now upstretched to the Light…◯◯◯….


Arms are now upstretched to the Light.

Galactic connections have completed the task.

Hue-manity is nearing the Unity completion.

Celebrations begin anew.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Selections of the candidates is complete…◯◯◯….

Fasten the belts!! did i heard this before? -Q- hmm…intriguing

~ Galactic Human ~


Selections of the candidates is complete.

Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.

Essentials are complete.

Fasten the belts.



Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 24, 2018 ~ STAND-UP HUMANITY its TIME

ALERT:. Kent doesn’t want People to get scarred. Galactics are on this.

KENT talks about 5 Nuclear SUBS that ISRAEL bought from Germany. 

Be AWARE that the CABAL are TRYING their one last TRICK. They had bought 5 Nuclear subs from Germany and ANGELA MERKEL has already went underground and she thinks WWIII is going to break out. Because ISRAEL will try to shoot the missiles at CHINA and BLAME it on North KOREA. Any Countries like, Thailand, Laos and VIETNAM, etc. You all NEED to be on ALERT and if those 5 SUBMARINES are over, these 5 SUBS, NEEDS to be SUNK. But is XI PING going to ACT, HE has not acted yet. They want the PEOPLE of EARTH to show that they are WORTHY for the GALACTICS helping them. [STAND-UP HUMANITY]

The INTEL tells US, they were either going to launch them last night or tonight. Until we completely wipe the CABAL, off the PLANET they going to KEEP doing things like this. WE have been fighting the CABAL for years, they take-out some of US, we take-out some of them, but NOW all the Governments have gotten TOGETHER and they are going-in and they are DOING MASS-ARRESTS !!! Kent talks about SERCO.

The 2 BIGGEST trouble areas is ISRAEL and KHARZARIANS that are in RUSSIA [KHARZARIAN MAFIA] those are the 2 biggest troublemakers that we have left in the World. UKRAINE is settled, North Korea is settled.In fact this is what the GALACTICS have done. They want the PEOPLE of EARTH to PROVE that they are worthy of the HELP that the GALACTICS are given them, pick-up your weapons and get RID of the TROUBLE-MAKERS ! This is the BIG PROBLEM !

The GALACTIC side is THE REPTILIANS are threatening the Pleiadian KING, WE will NOT STAND for that ! WE ARE GETTING READY, let’s just say that we are getting ready O.K. They would rather go down fighting than to give-up. The Reptilians DON’T LIKE US, they think at as that we [HUMANS] ARE NOTHING but CATTLE, we are NOTHING but FOOD to them. [Reptilian Cabal] MY family the PLEAIDIANS look at ALL mankind on the PLANET as BROTHERS and SISTERS and the REPTILIANS don’t like that. The REPTILIANS also have 2 ALIENS on their side that are fighting with the REPTILIANS. It is going to take time, understand there is a lot of REPTILIANS all over this planet. This is a FIGHT amongst the ALIENS this has nothing to do with top EARTH.

This has to do with my people, [Pleiadians] the INNER EARTH people.

EARTHQUAKES in HAWAII on the 19.5 Earth Grid, the magnetic pull always pulls on the 19.5 layline on every Planet. They have been spraying chemtrails midnight to 4 am. [I knew this before as I saw this myself in CANADA up in northern Ontario, years ago, midnight spraying while people are sleeping, my kids and I were sick for 3 weeks]

That takes us to about 16 minutes, you can watch the rest yourselves.

GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Nova Gaia foundations flow into view…◯◯◯….


Nova Gaia foundations flow into view.

Planetary elements are secured for Hue-manity.

Excessives are banished.

The Light Crystal Kingndom arises.



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