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GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Humanity has become… Hue-Manity …◯◯◯….


Star Portals open for the Illumined.

Lanterns of glass are replaced with those of the Inner Lantern.

Masterfuls are embraced by the Masters.

Humanity has become… Hue-Manity.




GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Cantations of Light are heard …◯◯◯….


Human Evolutionaries are set aside, as only the Higher Vibrationals are allowed to evolve.

Gaia promotes from the Higher Vibrationals within.

Cantations of Light are heard.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Arms are now upstretched to the Light…◯◯◯….


Arms are now upstretched to the Light.

Galactic connections have completed the task.

Hue-manity is nearing the Unity completion.

Celebrations begin anew.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Selections of the candidates is complete…◯◯◯….

Fasten the belts!! did i heard this before? -Q- hmm…intriguing

~ Galactic Human ~


Selections of the candidates is complete.

Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.

Essentials are complete.

Fasten the belts.



Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 24, 2018 ~ STAND-UP HUMANITY its TIME

ALERT:. Kent doesn’t want People to get scarred. Galactics are on this.

KENT talks about 5 Nuclear SUBS that ISRAEL bought from Germany. 

Be AWARE that the CABAL are TRYING their one last TRICK. They had bought 5 Nuclear subs from Germany and ANGELA MERKEL has already went underground and she thinks WWIII is going to break out. Because ISRAEL will try to shoot the missiles at CHINA and BLAME it on North KOREA. Any Countries like, Thailand, Laos and VIETNAM, etc. You all NEED to be on ALERT and if those 5 SUBMARINES are over, these 5 SUBS, NEEDS to be SUNK. But is XI PING going to ACT, HE has not acted yet. They want the PEOPLE of EARTH to show that they are WORTHY for the GALACTICS helping them. [STAND-UP HUMANITY]

The INTEL tells US, they were either going to launch them last night or tonight. Until we completely wipe the CABAL, off the PLANET they going to KEEP doing things like this. WE have been fighting the CABAL for years, they take-out some of US, we take-out some of them, but NOW all the Governments have gotten TOGETHER and they are going-in and they are DOING MASS-ARRESTS !!! Kent talks about SERCO.

The 2 BIGGEST trouble areas is ISRAEL and KHARZARIANS that are in RUSSIA [KHARZARIAN MAFIA] those are the 2 biggest troublemakers that we have left in the World. UKRAINE is settled, North Korea is settled.In fact this is what the GALACTICS have done. They want the PEOPLE of EARTH to PROVE that they are worthy of the HELP that the GALACTICS are given them, pick-up your weapons and get RID of the TROUBLE-MAKERS ! This is the BIG PROBLEM !

The GALACTIC side is THE REPTILIANS are threatening the Pleiadian KING, WE will NOT STAND for that ! WE ARE GETTING READY, let’s just say that we are getting ready O.K. They would rather go down fighting than to give-up. The Reptilians DON’T LIKE US, they think at as that we [HUMANS] ARE NOTHING but CATTLE, we are NOTHING but FOOD to them. [Reptilian Cabal] MY family the PLEAIDIANS look at ALL mankind on the PLANET as BROTHERS and SISTERS and the REPTILIANS don’t like that. The REPTILIANS also have 2 ALIENS on their side that are fighting with the REPTILIANS. It is going to take time, understand there is a lot of REPTILIANS all over this planet. This is a FIGHT amongst the ALIENS this has nothing to do with top EARTH.

This has to do with my people, [Pleiadians] the INNER EARTH people.

EARTHQUAKES in HAWAII on the 19.5 Earth Grid, the magnetic pull always pulls on the 19.5 layline on every Planet. They have been spraying chemtrails midnight to 4 am. [I knew this before as I saw this myself in CANADA up in northern Ontario, years ago, midnight spraying while people are sleeping, my kids and I were sick for 3 weeks]

That takes us to about 16 minutes, you can watch the rest yourselves.

GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Nova Gaia foundations flow into view…◯◯◯….


Nova Gaia foundations flow into view.

Planetary elements are secured for Hue-manity.

Excessives are banished.

The Light Crystal Kingndom arises.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Sacramental flowerings Illuminate the masses…◯◯◯….


Sacramental flowerings Illuminate the masses.

Harmonics increase with enlightened perceptions.

Starting points renewed.




GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Cosmic collectives fully engage the process…◯◯◯….


Cosmic collectives fully engage the process.

Final steps are prepared.

Grandest of the grand Illuminations brought to bear.

Common High grounds are achieved.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Ruminations are over and the multitudes rejoice…◯◯◯….


Ruminations are over and the multitudes rejoice.

Concretions are broken as the Light bears.

Formations of Rainbow BEings come to the fore.

Priors are released and healed.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely…◯◯◯….


Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely.

Planetary surface is illuminated.

Escape pods are disabled, as humanity accepts.

Fortunes are returned.

Nova creations begin.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Elements of the Masters ingrain in all…◯◯◯….


Elements of the Masters ingrain in all.

Thoughts are abandoned as Higher Mind is embraced.

Clevers continue the deconstructions.

Highers are finishing the job.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Heavenlies shower the grey regions…◯◯◯….


Heavenlies shower the grey regions.

Variants of the dark are collected and Illuminated fully.

Canada guardians are unveiled.

Nether regions are no more.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity…◯◯◯….


Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity.

Elements of brilliance shine upon the Druid regions.

Spectres of the past are released.

The New Path is unveiled.



GAIAPORTAL UPDATE ~ Centers are stabilized for future developments…◯◯◯….


Centers are stabilized for future developments.

Elterns have illuminated the Path.

Gaia novenas come to the fore.

Elements transmute.



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