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DAIRY IS F**KING SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

scary milk

Published on Dec 27, 2015

Dairy is scary. Please share this video with anyone and everyone who still thinks dairy is just fine!

If dairy milk was actually produced in a morale, humane and fair standard of which the Animals can still enjoy a mostly “natural” life and share their production with us in a way that does not amount to cruelty, illness and mass extortion then i would be all for it.

Unfortunately this video made me realize that there is NO reasonable dairy practice and it will really make me rethink my options in terms of milk.
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What Will Happen When The Dollar Collapse In 19 Feb 2016


Published on Dec 23, 2015

What Will Happen When The Dollar Collapse In 19 Feb 2016

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth,our work,our food,our government,even our relationships are affected by money.

No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one. All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to.

Published on Jan 9, 2016

“As predicted August 6th, 2015 “The Panic Of 2016” has arrived, despite equities down gold prices have risen & “the civilian death toll in the Saudi war in Yemen continues to escalate with more than double the number killed in December than November”.

Original release: January 7th, 2016.

Filmed & edited by: Ryan Lennox.


Who Owns the ZIKA VIRUS…Busted! Rockefeller Foundation Funds, Owns and Patents the Zika Virus!..Zika Shrunken Head Pandemic & Rio Olympics

bloody rockfeller stink zika

If i get a chance to be Born again!! Lookin at the present shit that we live-in.. i would prefer to be born off-plant then on Earth.. As we have psychotic-morons targeting harmless innocent babies.. Meow..

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, The PEW Charitable Trusts, and Government agencies in the United States, England, Malaysia, and others were all involved in the development and promotion of the GM mosquitoes.” Gates  is a very devilish smart-ass he is more like evil kenevil . Anyone who doesn’t believe he knowingly funded this apocalyptic nightmare (and many more) is lying to themselves. If you look at his face now, u can realise how his own Bad karma’s are effecting him too…nevertheless He along with the insane-people running this insane-planet are Pure-psychotic-maniac’s…including the late and new Rockefeller ..We need to join and strike as a whole nation of Earth And  shut them down  forever…

~ Galactichuman~

Zika virus (ATCC® VR-84)


Only naked jungle savages with bones in their noses can shrink heads, right? Wrong. There’s a new bio-engineered virus that can do it, too.


Want your baby to grow up with a shrunken head and look like this? Watch out for the head shrinking Zika virus! Z-EEK!-A

If you’re planning to go to the Rio Olympics, better get in line for the COMING SOON Bill Gates vaccine.


One way or another, the eugenicists want to scare the pants off you so you’ll line up and get stabbed with their sterilize-and-depopulate vaccines.

ZIKA is an elitist acronym for the bio-engineered virus. ” Zapping Inferior Klueless Arsholes”.

Health bosses claim first cases of the mysterious head shrinking Zika virus have been detected in Britain.

Public Health England has confirmed at least three people have fallen ill with the zika virus that has hit up to up to 1.3 million people in Brazil. But while the symptoms are mild, experts (????) believe it can cause microcephaly or abnormally small heads in newborns.

zika baby


The number of Brazilian children born with the deformity since October has reached 4,000 – in 2014 the number was just 150. Do you buy those stats???

The disease is carried by mosquitoes and so far, is only transmitted by bites from the insect. And because of the weather at this time of year, it is unlikely there will be a large outbreak in the UK.

Experts (???) have mapped out ways they fear the pathogen could turn into a worldwide epidemic. They say people could travel to other countries with the bug in their blood and affect mosquitoes in their home country, causing a transmission cycle. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Transmission cycle!

Medical journal The Lancet has published a report called ‘Anticipating the international spread of Zika virus from Brazil’. It says: “Travellers have now introduced Zika virus into at least 13 additional countries, where susceptible Aedes mosquitoes have become infected and perpetuated local transmission cycles.”

“In Brazil, we identified airports within 50 km of areas conducive to year-round zika virus transmission. “We mapped the final destinations of international travellers departing from these airports from September, 2014, to August, 2015, using worldwide flight itinerary data from the International Air Transport Association.”

The report adds: “Zika virus has the potential to rapidly spread across Latin America and the Caribbean.”


There is no vaccine or antiviral therapy available for zika….YET.

“The summer Olympic Games in Brazil in August, 2016, heighten the need for awareness of this emerging virus,” the report concludes. Uh huh.

Women in some of the affected countries have been warned not to get pregnant for at least TWO YEARS. What????

“The greatest thing is that I will not be a pregnant woman at the Olympics,” said Ms. Montaño, who is hoping to compete in Rio. “Having my daughter there is really, really important to me, but I’ll need to consider if she’ll be a spectator at home or at the Games themselves.”

The Aedes species of mosquito that spreads the virushas travelled to countries across Africa, Southeast Asia and the Americas, say the reports.

Scientists (???) reveal the real health risks of a fly landing on your food…. blah, blah blah.

Published on 27 Jan 2016

The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil could be linked to the release into the wild of genetically modified mosquitoes in recent field trials in Brazil funded by the Bill and Gates Foundation, it has emerged.



The Zika virus, which has been detected in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil, is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. A generically modified version has been developed by a British biotech company called Oxitec.

The results of a trial in Brazil published this summer involved genetically engineered mosquitoes that allegedly fight the spread of dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus.

But scientists have warned the study had too few controls in place to ensure that the mosquitoes released into the wild did not end up spreading dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus.

In short, these genetically modified mosquitoes could be the cause of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil and other parts of South and Central America.

“If these mosquitoes are completely safe, then why the hush-hush?” says Gurmit Singh, chair of the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development in Malaysia, another country slated for an Oxitec field trial.


Oxford Insect Technologies, a British biotech company, has developed the insect with funds from the Bill and Gates foundation. It conducted the first outdoor trials with transgenic Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman in autumn 2009.





Is Zika Virus the Next Tool For Forced Sterilization, Vaccination and Depopulation?

zica scam

Brazil’s baby defects outbreak could be caused by new vaccine, activists say

Health activists are suspecting the sudden outbreak of cases of microcephaly, a birth defect that causes abnormally small heads in newborns, isn’t caused by the Zika virus, but by the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis) vaccine that pregnant women in Brazil started to be given last year.

zika david

The Zika virus has been around for at least 70 years, and hasn’t caused any long-term ill effects—and yet the outbreak of microcephaly cases in Brazil coincides with the start of the new vaccination programme, designed to slow the progress of pertussis, or whooping cough.

Pregnant women started to be given the vaccine at the beginning of 2015, and cases of microcephaly have been reported since last October—10 months later. By December, 2,400 cases had been reported, and the Brazilian government declared a state of emergency.

The virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, has been linked to microcephaly because it was found in a baby who had died after contracting the condition. The virus was also found in the amniotic fluid of two mothers whose babies were born with microcephaly.

But activists argue the virus can’t have suddenly started to cause microcephaly when it hasn’t done so for 70 years. In addition to the time coincidence, they say the version of the Tdap vaccine introduced to Brazil was never properly tested, and contains chemicals and preservatives that can affect neurological development.



By Bernie Suarez

There is a new pathogen getting lots of attention from the mass media and the rest of the control system, and those awakened to the globalist plans may want to pay very close attention. It isn’t quite the Ebola-style scare, but it brings with it a much more focused and sinister agenda, and it’s already underway in 2016. It’s called the Zika virus scare.

In perfect timing with the current attempted rise of the new world order we’ve been witnessing over the past several months, the Zika virus scare agenda is focused on fulfilling the global elite’s depopulation agenda as we’ll see in a minute. But first let’s consider some of the history of the depopulation agenda itself.

The global elite have been clear about their goals of depopulation. Depopulation is deeply embedded into all the global plans of the new world order. It’s all part of the Malthusian belief or theory that the earth only has limited resources and, therefore, it is up to humanity (or its ruling elite) to limit its growth. The ruling elite have been selling this ideology for decades.

In 1958, author of Brave New World Aldous Huxley appeared on a national TV interview with Mike Wallace about his gloomy view of humanity. In his interview he admits at the time that humanity is being manipulated and destroyed by many forces. Huxley almost sounds like a prophet or a wise messenger for humanity with his unique smart-sounding, slow-speaking technique. But it doesn’t take a wizard to listen in to the first 3 minutes to see that Huxley’s TV appearance ultimately is about selling the Malthusian dogma of scarcity and the need for depopulation as a solution. Huxley cleverly ties “less freedom” with “overpopulation” due to scarcity of resources thus painting “depopulation” with the same virtuous brush you would paint things like “freedom”, “liberty” or “justice” with.

Depopulation is also clearly outlined in the Georgia Guidestones, a monument (by the way) whose history is fully protected by the establishment media and Wikipedia. In case you didn’t know, the identity of the person who actually paid for the monument to this day is concealed. Wikipedia states:

In June 1979, an unknown person or persons under the pseudonym R. C. Christian hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the structure.

Wikipedia also states:

The structure is sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge”

So let’s get this straight. It’s an American “Stonehenge” of historic proportion, it was built in modern times, yet mysteriously no one knows who paid for it?? Let that sink in for a minute.

I bring up the Georgia Guidestones because not only is it a listing of ten commandments for the new world order, but the first two commandments have clear implications of the goals of depopulation. The first two commandments state:

1- Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2- Guide reproduction wisely— improving fitness and diversity.

Clearly the Luciferian elites who paid for these stones believe the Malthusian theory of population, and they feel population needs to be controlled. The second commandment demonstrates that controlling population is clearly something they feel needs to be done by controlling fertility and reproduction. Despite this outrage, there isn’t any criticism of this idea in Wikipedia or any establishment platform. Instead these ideas are seemingly accepted.

There is no greater control of humanity than taking control of someone’s body and their reproductive rights; and with the globalists going for it all in 2016, no one should be surprised that an effect that wasn’t traditionally there before is being attached to a virus that has been around potentially hundreds if not thousands of years.

Enter the coming Zika virus scare of 2016. The virus was first described in 1952 as a virus that causes mild symptoms that pose no real threat to humanity; that has been the story … until now that is. The establishment medical authorities are now saying that Zika virus is directly responsible for over 3000 cases of in utero (in the womb) cases of microcephaly in Brazil alone. Microcephaly is when a newborn is born with a small-sized head and it is often associated with other brain abnormalities.

This is where the story gets a little stranger. And this is where independent researchers are beginning to ask questions that could potentially expose the entire Zika virus scare as a nefarious staged agenda to stop or even force women to become sterilized in the name of stopping this “epidemic”.

Questions researchers are asking are questions like – why is the virus now being linked to microcephaly when it never was before? And, why is this explosion of microcephaly coinciding with regions of the earth (Brazil, Mexico) that have a high incidence of a disease known as phenylketonuria, which is a genetic disease where the patient has a missing enzyme that doesn’t allow them to break down an amino acid called phenylalanine. This is significant because phenylketonuria is well known to cause microcephaly not Zika virus. This is significant if not disturbing because we are being told that Brazilian medical authorities are claiming the link between the virus and microcephaly without any real scientific and medical evidence to rule out other much more common causes of microcephaly.

We should be asking questions like what if the microcephaly is being caused by something other than the Zika virus which has always been a mild virus? And, how can a virus change its infectious behavior suddenly without any other cause to explain the change? And, what if the vaccines the pregnant women are being given are chemically causing the microcephaly? How about, where is the direct evidence claimed by medical authorities that the virus is the cause?

The fact is that viruses generally don’t suddenly cause things they never caused before. And more than ever we should be vigilant and knowledgeable about these things because whether you are ready or not, the mainstream media hype and scare has already begun. The latest CNN psyop Zika virus commercial attempts to link microcephaly to Zika virus without any actual facts or science. Strikingly, the “solution” is presented as “delay getting pregnant”! And according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the Zika virus (like ISIS) is coming to your town soon, so you better be ready.

With the Olympics planned in Brazil this year, we should at least be paying attention to see how the establishment tries to spin this in terms of a global pandemic that must be dealt with by forced sterilization, forced vaccination or both. Either way it will likely be something out of the Aldous Huxley or Bill Gates new world order playbook to promote depopulation.

If nothing else, it’s about time we stop thinking that these global crises that all fit in perfectly with the new world order plans are by coincidence. And it’s time to take notice of how all the huge crises that are presented by the mass media, all seem to fit into the new world order plans in a very neat and increasingly perfect way. In light of the overall picture, we would be foolish to ignore these patterns.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)


Does The CIA Control The Media?

cia media control
Published on Jan 26, 2016

In the late 1940’s, the CIA employed thousands of individuals to infiltrate the media and spread false propaganda. Could this still be going on today?

cia media

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World War III – The New Axis of Evil


The alliances and proxies of the Syrian Front explained.

The concept that humanity is teetering on the edge of third world war is no longer the domain of the lunatic fringe.


Those of you who have been paying attention know that in reality, the war is already underway. In this video we’re going examine the profiles of the key players and the alliances they’ve formed, expose their motives, and present evidence of crimes that they’ve already committed.

The Map of Alliances

Russia, China, and Iran have all explicitly sided with the Syrian government. Russia is providingair support, advanced anti-aircraft missile systems, heavy weapons and training.

Iran, for its part, has troops on the ground.

For the time being, China is more preoccupied with the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea, and has not flexed its muscles in Syria as of yet. However, they should always be considered a wildcard variable.

The current Iraqi government is also a wildcard. In 2015 they began to indicate where their loyalties lay in several meaningful ways. For example they told the U.S. government that new ground operations were not welcome, while at the same time announcing that they intend to look to Russia for military assistance.

The list of countries pushing for regime change in Syria is a bit longer: The United States, France, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. If seeing these characters in bed together strikes you as strange, looking at their motives will clarify things considerably.

A Matrix of Motives

There isn’t just one motive for this bloodbath. Rather there is a matrix of motives which intersect in some rather odd places.

Of course money had to play a role.

In 2009, Qatar put forth a proposal to build a natural gas pipeline which would have passed through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, to Turkey and into Europe. The president of Syria, however rejected this proposal. Instead, in 2011 he forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward cutting Qatar and Saudi Arabia out of the loop completely.

It was around this time that jihadists began flooding into the region intent on ousting Assad. The West presented these groups as freedom fighters.

Sectarian Geopolitics

The vast majority of these militants (ISIS included) are Sunni jihadists, which is significant, because Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan are all Sunni as well.

And Saudi Arabia in particular has a long history of spreading their preferred strain of sunni extremism (Wahhabism) by investing heavily in building mosques, madrasas, schools, and Sunni cultural centers across the Muslim world. Now they have ISIS pushing it by the barrel of a gun (ISIS adheres to the Wahhabi form of Sunni Islam).

ISIS is not merely some dark aberration. Wahhabism as a philosophy calls for its adherents to take the reigns of power by force, and to impose sharia law. Wahhabism also encourages its followers to persecute Shia muslims, which they consider apostates. And of course apostasy is punishable by death.

Iran is Shia. The current government in Iraq is Shia, and has strong ties with Iran. The pipeline deal which Assad accepted would strengthen this Shia block, and its regional influence. The Sunnis don’t like this, in fact they’ve even coined a term to describe it: The Shia Crescent.

Israel also doesn’t like this “Shia Crescent”, at all, and they have decided to work with the Sunnis to form a parallel block to counter balance Iran’s influence.

That’s why Israel has launched numerous airstrikes against the Syrian government over the years (see here, here, and here), and has provided medical care, logistical support and safe passage to known jihadists.

In 2013 Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, told The Jerusalem Post that “The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,” he said.

This was the case, he said, even if the other “bad guys” were affiliated to al-Qaida.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Evidence of Criminal Activity

Now at this point if you were to ask any of these governments directly why they are arming and funding jihadists in Syria they would would claim that they are only supporting the “moderate rebels”, specifically the FSA. However, FSA commanders have gone on record to say that they cooperate with, and conduct joint operations with Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria), and ISIS and Al-Nusra have officially formed alliances, , and it is well established that the FSA command has been dominated by Islamic extremists for years.

Furthermore, a think tank that was founded by Tony Blair, released a report in 2015 whichconcluded that it was pointless to attempt to make a distinction between moderate rebels and jihadists, since the majority of these groups share ISIS’s core belief system, and would impose sharia law if they came into power.

In this context, the support being given to these groups can only be interpreted as material support for terrorism, which is a crime.

Now the U.S. government has been arming, funding and training these extremist both covertly and overtly since 2011. However this support would have been impossible without the assistance of the regional members of the anti-Assad axis.

For years Jordan has allowed the CIA to run training camps for militant groups and has granted those militants safe passage into Syria.

Qatar has also provided training grounds. In 2014 PBS visited one of these training camps and interviewed some of the trainees. One of the fighters told the reporters that they were being trained “how to finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush.”

Finishing off wounded soldiers is a clear violation of the Geneva conventions. It’s a warcrime. This is a hallmark of a terrorist organization, not moderate freedom fighters.

Turkey, has been the primary route for material and personnel headed in and out of jihadist territory for many years. A blatant example of this was 400 tons of weapons that were looted from Gaddafi’s armories, shipped to Turkey and then moved into Syria in 2012. At this stage they weren’t even trying to hide it, even though it was already clear that jihadists were receiving the lion’s share of the weapons.

Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar also have assisted in the transfer of heavy weapons directly to Al-Nusra by flying hundreds of cargo flights into Syria.

And then there’s the infamous Toyota trucks which ISIS drives. U.S. counter-terrorism officials made a show of investigating where they were getting these trucks, but it would have been much simpler if they had just called up the U.S. State Department. According to the PRI, the U.S. State Department has been supplying Toyota Hiluxes (the exact model being used by ISIS) to the FSA for years.

“Specific equipment like the Toyota Hiluxes are what we refer to as force enablers for the moderate opposition forces on the ground,” he adds. Shahbander says the US-supplied pickups will be delivering troops and supplies into battle. Some of the fleet will even become battlefield weapons.
“You can absolutely expect for many of those trucks to be mounted with crew-served machine guns or other type of equipment, military equipment, that the opposition forces have access to. I mean, that’s one of the reasons why the Toyota Hilux is such an important force multiplier, because it could be used both for humanitarian purposes and for operational purposes as well.”

Knowing the real chain of alliances between these groups it makes perfect sense that ISIS would end up behind the wheel.

And let’s not forget about the oil. At this stage ISIS has reached a point where it no longer needs direct sponsorship. The organization earns an estimated $1 million to $2 million dollars a day through oil sales. The U.S. was aware of this but did nothing to stop it. They didn’t even condemn the country which was facilitating the sale of this oil.

Russia, on the other hand, began targeting oil convoys headed into Turkey in November of 2015. Shortly thereafter Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 that supposedly violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. In response Russia released satellite evidence that they claim shows how Turkey is smuggling oil from ISIS. The U.S. government dismissed this evidence, but didn’t counter it with any evidence of their own.

So where is the oil going? We’re supposed to just put that little detail out of our minds.

They knew, but they did nothing. Why?

Right, and I suppose we didn’t call out Turkey for buying the oil because we didn’t want to hurt Erdogan’s feelings.

Recipe for Disaster

Clearly it is not in the interest of the anti-Assad axis to eliminate ISIS. The United States and France are keen to make a show of airstrikes and special forces, but what they really want is the ability to operate in Syria militarily. This is the only way they’ll have any chance of influencing the outcome.

Trouble is, Russia is dug in. Unlike the United States and France, they have permission to operate in the country, and this has allowed them to set up bases, and a strong anti-aircraft defense grid which at any point could be used to enforce a no-fly zone.

Washington is in a weak position. It can’t really win from this angle, so they’ll have to find a way to put Russia off balance and retake the momentum.

It’s important to remember the real stakes in this conflict. The West is in a state of decline. Their influence is waning. If the U.S. and their allies fail to remove Assad from power what they will be faced with is more than just a strong Shia crescent. If they fail, they risk being edged out of the entire region, and replaced by Russia. This would give Russia an enormous amount of leverage in global energy markets, and this of course has serious implications for the petrodollar. For Washington this is an unacceptable outcome, so expect the unexpected.

Original Source

The Truth May Scare You (I, Pet Goat 2 Analysis)

pet goat analysis

Published on Mar 10, 2015

An analysis on the controversial movie I, Pet Goat II. http://www.facebook.com/NoMoreHeroRonin

“I, Pet Goat II” is a computer animated video that is loaded with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has no dialogue, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning behind the viral sensation “I, Pet Goat II”.

Produced by the Canadian production crew Heliofant, I, Pet Goat II is a short animated movie that quickly went viral across the internet. Praised for its visual feats and its interesting imagery, the video however left many puzzled about the meaning of its symbolism. Politics, conspiracies and false flag operations are mixed with esoteric spirituality and occult symbolism in one big mesmerizing mind bender. Here’s the video Analysis.

Published on Jun 5, 2015

Main softwares used: Maya, Vray, FumeFX, RealFlow
Download the wallpapers on our site.


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Original Video:

Original video can also be viewed here:

Published on May 13, 2015

After many folks pointed out the connection between the strange short film I, Pet Goat II and the link to CERN, I decided to run this myself. I found that it took me to three locations that are all significant in some way to the idea of singularity, transhumanism, and the image and mark of the beast. I also discuss strange deaths associated to CERN, as well as a close look at D-Wave and their adiabatic Quantum Computers and how it will probably be the beast system prophesied in Revelation 13.

I, Pet Goat, Google earth Search Takes You To Cern! Ahhhhhh!

US CERN Connection

Lea, An Angel in my House

Death to CERN scientists

Published on Jan 13, 2016

I have only seen a couple of videos, mostly enterthe5t4rz’s videos on I Pet Goat II. This is a fresh look, and I apologize if something, or everything I said has been said before. This is a fresh look at it from my perspective as a Christian.


Jeb Bush EXPOSED: Rigged Elections 2016 NWO GLOBAL Collapse Imminent (Redsilverj) – https://youtu.be/XTuuPx0hFYM


Babylonian Calendar Wheel Picture in video: [img]http://i.imgur.com/COprrRl.jpg[/img]

Abram (Abraham) & the 12 pagan gods in the book of Jasher – https://youtu.be/VDILLuSfsLc

Ex-satanic high priest exposes symbols speaker Stephen Dollins full length – https://youtu.be/wwpShz7zayA?t=1h12m30s (cued up to star of david)


Enterthe5t4rz I Pet Goat II Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

I Pet Goat II Playlist (includes the original video) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…


Michael Tsarion Occult History The Order of the Black Sun

michael tsarion

Published on Aug 19, 2014

‘In Program One, of the “Origins & Oracles” series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before. Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being. In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.’


Click through to unslaved.com to watch free presentations and make a donation.


2016 X-Files exposes elite’s genocidal plan from global banking collapse to alien deception


Published on Jan 25, 2016

From the January 24, 2015 broadcast of the 2016 X Files premiere.

Sunday night’s premiere of the long-awaited 10th season mini-series marks the first of six installments, combining the alien conspiracy.

According to SGT.Report; the 2016 X-Files exposes elite’s genocidal plan from global banking collapse to alien deception.

The next video is recorded from the January 24, 2015 broadcast of the 2016 X Files premiere.

The truth is out there?

For REAL News & Information 24/7:

Troy-Smith:Report~ MILAB CHILD TRAFFICKING REPORT 24/25Jan 41Dead .. Arrest Alert…

troy report

Published on Jan 25, 2016

These are the lowest numbers we have seen in awhile. I obtain info from several different sources- directly from people’s DNA, the Hall of Justice, the Hall of Research, the Hall of Charts, the Temple of Mother God, the Temple of Father God, and from my Guides. Also from Agartha and the Galactics, who have been assisting us, and they are the ones who have been arresting the invaders. There are 56 species of Humans and about 10 types are doing the arrests.

Published on Jan 23, 2016

All those that are 100% Reptilian have been arrested including the new attorney general. A total of 63 ships were brought in to help the dark side. Heaven says there is a specific number of things that need to be done before the arrests of the people who have either raped and/or murdered. God Bless Your Hearts

Tory Smith

Planet X: Scientists Find Evidence for 9th Planet In Our Solar System, Good evidence planet X is real, Jan 2016

planet x

Date of discovery: January 2016
Location of planet: ?
News source: http://news.yahoo.com/scientists-good-evidence-9th-planet-solar-system-171654347.html Planet X is real, we all knew that already. NASA evidence points to it. Today scientists declared they believe a hidden 9th planet to exist in our solar system. Some people believe the planet is teaming with alien life and is responsible for reading humans on this planet. But the concern is, why did they create humanity? Some worry that humans will be harvested like cattle when Planet X comes back around. Me…I think they will just have a closer eye on their experiment and continue to be observers.

News states:
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Scientists reported Wednesday they finally have “good evidence” for Planet X, a true ninth planet on the fringes of our solar system. The gas giant is thought to be almost as big as Neptune and orbiting billions of miles beyond Neptune’s path — distant enough to take 10,000 to 20,000 years to circle the sun. This Planet 9, as the two California Institute of Technology researchers call it, hasn’t been spotted yet. They base their findings on mathematical and computer modeling, and anticipate its discovery via telescope within five years or less. The two reported on their research Wednesday in the Astronomical Journal because they want people to help them look for it. “We could have stayed quiet and quietly spent the next five years searching the skies ourselves and hoping to find it. But I would rather somebody find it sooner, than me find it later,” astronomer Mike Brown told The Associated Press. “I want to see it. I want to see what it looks like. I want to understand where it is, and I think this will help.” Once it’s detected, Brown insists there will be no Pluto-style planetary debate. Brown ought to know; he’s the so-called Pluto killer who helped lead the charge against Pluto’s planetary status in 2006. (It’s now officially considered a dwarf planet.) More at source. 

Published on Jan 20, 2016

A planet larger than Earth could be hiding in the cold, dark depths of the solar system. The presence of the planet, which would lie far beyond Pluto, is betrayed by the curious orbits of a handful of distant icy worlds.

As described Wednesday in the Astronomical Journal, the gravitational signature of a large, lurking planet is written into the peculiar orbits of these farflung worlds. Called extreme Kuiper Belt Objects, the misbehaving bodies trace odd circles around the sun that have puzzled scientists for years.

It’s tantalizing evidence that a ninth large planet might live in the solar system, though the world hasn’t been detected yet.

“If there’s going to be another planet in the solar system, I think this is it,” says Greg Laughlin of the University of California, Santa Cruz. “It would be quite extraordinary if we had one. Fingers crossed. It would be amazing.”

The team calculated that the planet, if it’s there, would be about 10 times as massive as Earth, or roughly three times larger. That makes it a super-Earth or mini-Neptune—a type of planet the galaxy is incredibly efficient at assembling, but which has been conspicuously absent from our own neighborhood.



Benjamin Fulford – January 19th 2016: The revolution continues with shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more

benjamin update jan 19 2016

There is a systematic effort underway to remove all fraud from the world’s financial system. This campaign is now getting to the point where some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government, are about to go bankrupt. This is all part of a hybrid war involving finance, super-computers, special forces operations, news, propaganda, pin-point assassinations and more.


Perhaps the most dramatic, and under-reported, new aspect of this ongoing struggle has been the freeze on global shipping. To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning.

Another major dimension to this hybrid war has been the attack on the oil cartel and control of the petro-dollar. It is this attack, and not oversupply, that is the real reason for oil prices plunging to the $20 per barrel level, and in the case of bitumen, the lowest grade Canadian oil, $8 a barrel level. What is happening is that China is insisting on paying with Yuan for its oil. Furthermore, now that sanctions against Iran have ended, Iran, which has some of the lowest production costs in the world, will be flooding the market with an extra million barrels of oil per day. China is helping both Iran and Russia deal with low oil prices by sending them Chinese goods at cheap prices in exchange for their oil. India is also avoiding the petrodollar when it buys Iranian and Russian oil.

This campaign will continue until Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Countries and the big Khazarian banks go under, according to Pentagon white hats. The first Khazarian megabank domino that is expect to fall is Citibank, a Saudi owned bank which is sitting on about $58 billion in losses linked to low oil prices. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve Board has told companies to stop marking the value of their oil and energy portfolios to market. What that means is that they are being told to lie about how much they are worth. The Bank of Japan tried the same thing with real estate prices after Japan’s bubble burst but, they learned that pretending reality does not exist does not make it go away.

Furthermore, the Pentagon and agency white hats are seriously contemplating confiscating the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia and GCC nations like Qatar, Pentagon sources say. The Qatari run Al Jazeera network has been forced to shut down its North American operations as part of this campaign, the sources say.

This week Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt with the backing of Russia, Pakistan, the pentagon and others to seek a way to find peace and stability in the region. China and the BRICS alliance will be offering massive infrastructure development in tandem with Russian control of oil prices and Middle Eastern security, Pentagon and Chinese sources say. Here is what the Chinese official Xinhua news agency has to say about the visit:


On the military front, Jordan has now joined the Russian Middle East bandwagon and allowed Russia to set up a command headquarters facility in their country. In addition, Turkish overseas bases in Qatar and Somalia are now being attacked by a multi-nation force.

There is also a lot of activity on the gold front. While Russia will take over oil pricing, China will now manage gold, multiple sources agree. The recent attacks on foreigner occupied hotels in Mali and now last week in Burkina Fasso were aimed at taking over control of gold mines there.

There is also a major conflict brewing in Indonesia as the new government there moves to take over the cabal controlled Freeport McMoRan mine in Papua. Indonesia wants to control the gold mine to provide China with collateral for $35 billion in infrastructure development, Indonesian sources say. However, the mine owners are simultaneously saying the mine is only worth $16 billion even as they plan to invest $18 billion in developing it further. See this for yourself in the Reuters article at this link;


The recent bombing in Indonesia was linked to the company’s effort to keep its mine out of Indonesian control. The mine actually has 16,000 tons of gold, the Indonesian sources say. Furthermore, Pentagon sources have long said it is also the location of a secret Nazi/Khazarian submarine base that was involved in the 311 attack against Japan. The White Dragon Society is offering to help secure Chinese, Pentagon and Japanese military forces to help the Indonesians free the mine from cabal control. CIA sources, meanwhile, say they believe the mine has been used to launder gold stolen from the global collateral accounts, which, if true, is also a good reason to take it out of Khazarian control.

Apart from gold and oil, the other aspect of the ongoing war against the Khazarian mafia is the attack on their drug money. On that front, top US general Joseph Dunford last week promoted his assistant, Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, as the head of the Southern command to take over the battle against the Bush linked drug cartels in Latin America. The pope is helping there by making sure South American drug money no longer goes to the Khazarian mafia.

The loss of money from oil, stolen gold and drugs means the Khazarian mafia is running out of ammunition quickly.

The Chinese devaluation of the Yuan and its instructions to banks to stay away from US dollars is helping finish the Khazarians off. The Khazarians are being forced to unwind their derivatives contracts at huge losses. The market rigging by Khazarian bank supercomputers is also now no longer working. One sign of this was that recently that the bank AIs increased the amount of a fraud known as quote stuffing fivefold recently but failed to stop stock markets from plunging. Quote stuffing is like having a bunch of insiders bid high at an auction with no real intent to buy in order to fool a real buyer into buying at a high price. It is just one of the many frauds the Khazarian banks are carrying out with their supercomputers.


Now the Chinese led AIIB has officially opened for business with most European countries on board. The Europeans have reciprocated by inviting China to join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This means a massive infrastructure boom linking Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa is about to begin. When the American branch of the Khazarian mafia finally surrenders, it is a good bet it will not be long before people and freight can ride a super-fast train from New York to London via Alaska and China. The Chinese and BRICS CIPS alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT international payments system is now also up and running.

The Europeans also showed they were no longer following US Khazarian commands on the political front either. Victoria Nuland, head of Eurasian policy for the Khazarian controlled US State Department, was forced to fly to Russia last week were she was told, in no uncertain terms, that she would have to go along with the French, Russian and German brokered Minsk accords. Failing that, the new right wing Polish government has reached a secret agreement with Russia to split the Ukraine with the old Polish part going back to Poland and the old Russian part going back to Russia. The Khazarian Nazis would be left with a small rump pariah state in between. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/01/17/poland-will-begin-dividing-ukraine/

In another significant European development, Greece last week signed a military agreement with fellow Orthodox Chrisitian nation Russia. Austria, for its part, has re-imposed border controls in defiance of the European Union. The British, for meanwhile, having already abandoned the US Khazarian mob by agreeing to join the AIIB, are now seriously considering getting out of the failing Khazarian EU project.

It was in this situation that Barack Obama, Presidential spokesperson UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation, made his state of the union speech last week. The speech started at exactly 911. During the speech, whenever Obama was lying, for example when he was talking about Syria or the economy, his eyes were blinking at a furious pace. It turns out he is not such a good liar after all. Another point, for those who missed it, was that when Obama referred to the United States as the most powerful nation on earth, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refused to stand up.

They know who destroyed the Republic of the United States of America and they will be ready to stand and salute when the US of A has a real president.

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Published on Mar 29, 2012

This video describes the global agenda set for humanity by ‘people’ behind the scenes/curtains of the world. This tells you how both alien races; Pleiadians and Reptilians and how they are involved with this agenda. Many aspects of this conspiracy theory are covered by this video.

The Pleiadians and Reptoids are both MASTERS of deception, akin to the Biblical satan. Damn good information… But here are the truths that NASA and/or the Government is keeping secret and why… 

 One of the very advanced ET races monitoring Earth are infact Egyptian/African-type or Ethiopian in appearance, the hieroglyphics on the pyamids explains it. Mars is riddled with Egyptian type artifacts as well as pyamids and structures.
The Tall Whites and “white conehead” extraterrestrials work along side the Reptilian races and they go about their business conquering and pillaging the planets and it’s people. The Reptilians would be considered tremendously high in intelligence and they are equally aggressive in nature, the Tall Whites (pale-skinned blue eyed Nordic) are also very intelligent, however, very cynical and condescending in character and their modus operandi is “Service to Self”.

There was once peace on Earth until “they” arrived in our solar-system and war ensued.  The Egyptians or the African-type race attempted to defend themselves with the use of atomic weapon technology but were obviously no match.  It’s kinda similar to when the so-called “Pilgrims” conquered and destroyed the Native American Indian population and culture, but on a planetary scale. So ever since there has been an overt and covert foot-hold on the dark-skinned race (African/Egyptian) and now they are simply made to look like a backwards grass-eating race but, in the big picture, it’s the exact opposite.
But it’s not about “race.” Actually, the original Kings and Queens of Earth just happened to be people of color and the tall whites and reptoids wanted the planet for themselves. The “race” issue is just another divisive weapon used for “supremacy” and separation.
For fairly obvious reasons, the “Powers that Suck” are gonna keep all this secret.  Some sort of “RETURN” is slated to take place and the “elites” are fully aware of it and are in flux right this moment (multiple ET’s are assisting the efforts to bring the Solar System back to Peace and Balance).  It’s totally Biblical whether you believe the Bible or not.
This is all bull shit and nonsense? Nope… the “elites” know, but YOU are completely unaware and thats the way they wanna keep it for as long as possible.

PS. The highly intelligent Reptoid race uses the Caucasoid race as “host” because their bodies are easier to invade due to minimal or lack of MELANIN, which is abundant in skin of color.  It explains why Caucasians are “abducted” more than any other race on the Planet, yet they are the minority (Adolf Hitler is a prime example of a “host”).
Although the road appears rocky, the day of peace and goodness for ALL people is close at hand.  I guarantee it.

Edit: There are multiple species of white/pale-skinned extraterrestrials who are fighting AGAINST the purely evil Reptilian/ Tall White/ Conehead rulership.  Whether you believe this or not makes little difference.

Harald Kautz Vella How to Beat the Control Game


Published on Dec 16, 2015

This is a no-excuses conversation about the social engineering of the twentieth century with Harald Kautz Vella, how it led to our planet being terraformed almost without our knowledge and what we can do about it. It’s not as hard as you think. The side effects of global medical experimentation are devastating and fatal unless we act… Morgellon’s Syndrome and the use of Black Goo, both of which are being understood deeply and handled.

Harald Kautz-Vella is a chemist, activist and author living in Germany. In this collaboration, he has shared much of his scientific but very understandable analysis of chemtrails and how they affect cellular life on earth. He has researched Morgellon’s Syndrome extensively and has been present at ocurrences of an absolute cure for the same. Herein, he discusses this as well as the esoteric nature of the crimes against 20th century humanity which, as we shall see, can be easily traced back to John Dee. Harald also discusses the function and phenomenon of sentient oil, of which he has a deep knowledge, as well as its antidote. Humanity’s most powerful weapon is that which has been under brutal siege: The Imagination.


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