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Why You Should ‘Activate’ Your Nuts & Seeds

WoW… I must thank one of my Readers Ashley Johnson for the Article, Cause i was seriously not aware of Activation of nuts Until Now.. Thanks Again

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Nuts and seeds are full of nutrients, healthy fats, and fibre, and if they aren’t already a part of your diet, you should definitely consider adding them in. They make for easy, delicious, and satisfying snacks, and can add a huge punch of essential nutrients to otherwise lacking meals and smoothies.

Get The Most Out Of Your Nuts

If you are eating roasted nuts I urge you to consider switching to raw, dried nuts. Unfortunately, during the roasting process the natural oils in the nuts often become rancid and this can lead to various health concerns. Many companies use cheap oils to roast their nuts as well. To preserve the integrity of your nuts without sacrificing that delicious roasted flavour, you should buy them raw and roast them yourself, making sure to eat them as soon as possible (but waiting for them to cool down before doing so!)

Why Should Nuts & Seeds Be Activated?

To take full advantage of everything nuts have to offer, you must first soak them for several hours or overnight in a process known as activation.

Nuts and seeds contain something called Phytic Acid – the storage form of phorphorous in plants. It binds to minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and manganese in the digestive tract, rendering them unavailable to us. If we consume too many phytic acid containing foods on a regular basis, we run the risk of developing mineral deficiencies and potentially osteoporosis. If you eat a few nuts here and there this likely won’t affect you, but if you’re someone who eats handfuls a day, then you should consider activating your nuts.

Some animals have phytase in their bodies, the enzyme which breaks up phytic acid, but unfortunately we humans do not. Fortunately, we do have tools available to us to recreate this enzyme so that we can effectively obtain all the nutrients and minerals these nuts and seeds have to offer. Soaking, sprouting, and/or fermenting our nuts and seeds helps neutralize phytic acid.

Nuts And Seeds Also Contain Enzyme Inhibitors

Enzyme inhibitors occur naturally, preventing nuts and seeds from sprouting prematurely. In the wild, nuts and seeds can lay dormant for a long time while waiting for ideal germination conditions — warmth and moisture. The inhibitors clog up and essentially deactivate the active site of an enzyme, which is why unsprouted nuts can be difficult to digest.

How To Activate Your Nuts

If you eat a lot of nuts you can save time by activating your nuts and seeds in large batches, though you can of course do this daily if you prefer.

  • Pour 2 Cups of your favorite nuts or seeds into a large bowl (except for hemp and chia seeds, which are fine on their own).
  • Cover your nuts with filtered water and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. Make sure they are completely submerged with about 2 inches of water on the top.
  • Most nuts and seeds should be soaked between 7-12 hours, with the exceptions of cashews, which take between 3 and 5 (any longer and they get slimy), and almonds, which can take 12-14.
  • After soaking, strain off excess water and rinse.
  • If you have a dehydrator place nuts on dehydrator racks, if not you can use cookie sheets in an oven and slowly dry the nuts at 150 degrees F or 65 degrees C. The drying time will vary between nuts.
  • When they are completely dried out, store nuts and seeds in an airtight container in the fridge. Unless you plan on eating them that day, make sure they are completely dry, otherwise they will quickly spoil.


Much Love

Source: Collective Evolution

Hemp is Mother Nature’s gift to free humanity (which is why it’s so aggressively suppressed)


Hemp is Mother Nature’s gift to humanity, offering an abundance of medicine, healthy omega-3 oils, remarkable natural fibers, proteins and powerful medicines known as “cannabinoids.”


Yet the governments of the world (and the pharmaceutical giants that influence them) have suppressed hemp for generations, denying humanity access to this extraordinary plant that revolutionize agricultural freedom, economic abundance and natural medicine.


Hemp contains powerful molecules called CBDs (cannabidiols) that may render over a dozen Big Pharma painkillers obsolete. No wonder the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want medical marijuana to become legal!

In addition, CBDs also have the potential to treat cancer, seizures, chronic inflammation, back pain, epilepsy and a long list of other high-profit diseases that earn billions for the drug giants and the doctors they bribe to keep pushing more toxic pills.

In every police state medical regime, all the most powerful natural medicines that could set the people free are systematically suppressed, criminalized and censored. The objective is to make sure the people remain enslaved to the medical system, trapped in economic servitude and medical obedience to pharmaceuticals, vaccines, addictive painkillers and toxic cancer treatments that cause more cancer.

All by itself, hemp could revolutionize medicine, agriculture and materials science, setting humanity free from a century of insidious oppression by evil governments and the greed-driven industries that control it.

In this powerful podcast, I reveal remarkable details about CBDs, medical marijuana and why we need solid science to help support quality control and safety for the CBD industry.

Learn more at http://Cannabinoids.news and http://NaturalNews.com

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Rice Emotions Experiment


Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know?


His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

The rice experiment is another famous Emoto demonstration of the power of negative thinking (and conversely, the power of positive thinking). Dr. Emoto placed portions of cooked rice into two containers. On one container he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”.


He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by. After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten.

Check out my Pyramid Power experiment: https://youtu.be/EEzJ50UbDB0

This is the second time I have conducted this experiment. Both times I have had the same results, this time I recorded it. The only difference between these to jars is the energy directed at them.

The effects of consciousness on reality. Astounding!

DO NOT take my word for it. I didn’t! Do this experiment for yourself. As far as consciousness effecting reality experiments this is so easy (and cheap) to do. Rice, jam jar and label. If you doubt this in any way DO the experiment for yourself. Spend 15 — 20 seconds a day focusing ‘love’ energy at one and ‘hate’ at the other and see the results for yourself.

These experiments are based on the work of Dr Masaru Emoto’s who’s ideas appeared in the film: “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”. He is also the author of the best-selling books Messages from Water and The Hidden Messages in Water.

Find out more about mind power at http://www.johnvincentblog.com/MindPower



Happy Doctor’s Day~ Dr. Susan Raj had over 5 Yrs Of Saving AIDS Patients With MMS Drops (Miracle Mineral Solution)…❤❤❤…

Happy Doctors day

Hi… Here’s Wishing you all Doctors a Very happy Doctor’s Day..Doctor’s Day in India was established by the Government of India in 1991 to be recognized and celebrated every year on 1st of July as National Doctors day. Anyway leaving all the Bygones i have meet some of the best Doctors from india and am fortunate to have come across many wonderfull souls, like they say Quote ” Doctors on earth are like Gods in the heaven. ” Unquote A special day is observed to thank them for their humane services to mankind. and that day is Today and i would thank them for their dedication to excellence, each and every day.. Oh reminds me of ❤KP❤

Dr. Susan Raj has had over 5 years working with MMS and AIDS patients in India, and in this ground-breaking video interview below she tells her story straight from the heart of how she began using MMS in her practice, and the shocking positive results she has seen as countless lives have been saved.That reminds me of what Voltaire said “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” and she is helping cure many thru MMS Miracle Mineral Solution discovered by Jim Humble check website and video below

:::: Check :::::


~ Galactic human ~


As many professionals are now stepping forward to disclose their testimonies and the truth behind MMS, Dr. Raj was one of the first to come forward and share her experience with MMS and AIDS patients.  

She shares how she discovered MMS, and her incredible heart-based story of watching impossible AIDS/HIV cases turn around.  

Over 5 years she has been able to use MMS to simplify her practice to the point where helping aids patients is an easy part-time job, and she is able to focus on other more noble pursuits in life.

PS. This is a full length video interview, however we did have technical difficulties in some parts, this is the reason why her video is unavailable for most of the interview.

Master Mineral Solution – Why has this Product Become so Popular?


This amazingly powerful compound, commonly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS,  has been very prominant in the alternative medicinal arena for close to a decade. The reason it has stood the test of time is because it works – & works well!  The man who is responsible for its discovery & bringing it into the mainstream is Jim Humble.

 Who is this man Jim Humble?…

It all begun back in the mid 1990’s whilst Jim was on a mining expidition deep within the jungle’s of the South Americas. When one of his party was suddenly struck down by the Malaria parasite, Jim struck upon a amazing discovery – a revelation that has since altered the lives of many! Learn more…

What did Mr Humble discover?

Upon returning to the States, Jim began testing in earnest – & what he found was that the active component within his simple water purification formulation formula was absolutely deadly against the Malaria parasite – the very same parasite that is responsible for millions of deaths each & every year.   Needless to say, this warranted further investigation! Learn more…

As time progressed, it was becoming increasingly clear that the chlorine dioxide molecule was not only deadly against the malaria parasite, but also a wide range of fungi, bacteria & parasites – interestingly enough viruses as well!

Published on Feb 6, 2013

This video shows you how to make a basic glass of MMS (aka CD) and a MMS capsule. (You might want to make a capsule because MMS has an unpleasant taste when mixed into water and drank.) MMS is made when you combine a few drops of Sodium Chlorite + Citric Acid 50% Activator = Chlorine Dioxide. It is an oxidizer capable of killing pathogens, and has the ability to cure malaria, stomach flu, the common cold, and so much more. Chlorine dioxide (aka CD or CDS) is completely safe and is used to clean drinking water, meat and vegetables, all around the world. MMS also chelates heavy metals.

Over-Energy Correction Exercise Try This to Instantly Heal Anxiety and Stress…♥♥♥…

Tracy Latz marion jones

Stress and anxiety has become a normal part of most of our lives and sometimes some simple techniques and strategies can help you cope well with it. Tracy Latz is an Integrative Psychiatrist and a Multidimensional Healer who is known for coauthoring the Shift Your Life books with Marion Ross. Check out their site below the VDO’s. Now In this video she shows a quick way to give us an instant relief from stress, anxiety and even peaceful sleep.

~ Galactic Human ~

over energy

Dr. Tracy Latz with Shift Your Life demonstrates the OverEnergy Correction Exercise as described in the SHIFT books (“Shift: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life” and “Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation”) by Tracy Latz, M.D. and Marion Ross, Ph.D. The OverEnergy Correction Exercise helps to rapidly reduce stress, decrease anxiety, calm the mind for relaxation, improve sleep, and rebalance energy meridians in the body.

Keep your energies humming with the 3 thumps and protect yourself from negative energy with the zip up.
In this video Marion Ross and Tracy Latz give you techniques to assist you to feel strong, centered and protect your good energies from negative energy coming in from the outside.The electromagnetic energy flowing from your hand from your hand moves the energy in your central meridian.


Personal Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer – Cubii


WoW i loved the concept of Cubii- your personal trainer, Since Sitting is Killing, its like Pedal your way through meetings & good health right at your desk… amazing

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cubii workout

Published on Jun 20, 2014

Cubii is the world’s first under-desk elliptical trainer specifically designed for your workplace. It’s compact, affordable, and ergonomic, along with being sleek and modern.
You can learn more on our website (www.fitnesscubed.com) and pre-order your Cubii right now on Kickstarter (www.bit/ly.cubii)!

Please support us in bringing Cubii to life by sharing with friends and family!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyFitnessCubed
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitnessCubed
Website: www.fitnesscubed.com
Kickstarter: www.bit.ly/cubii

Published on Feb 22, 2016


Many of us are in a sitting rut at work, which we know isn’t a good thing. Cubii is an under-desk elliptical machine that helps you stay moving, even when you’re seated.

The design is minimal and lightweight. Unlike a standing desk, Cubii weighs only about 25 pounds and has a low profile that fits easily under a desk—no bumping your knees while pedaling.

It’s quiet, too. The noise it makes is similar to white, background noise, so it won’t interfere with phone calls or conversations. Adjust the resistance to suit your fitness level, then connect to the companion app to track your progress, check on calories burned, or sync your steps with a fitness tracker like FitBit.

Cubii can help burn a few extra calories and keep you moving throughout the day.

A Cancer Cure That Works….♥♥♥…


 They’ll want this method of diagnosis suppressed. Cancer is a deadly disease no-doubt, but it is also a wonderful revenue generation tool for multi-national conglomerates, a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only pharmaceutical companies, but hospitals, oncologists, cancer specialists, diagnostic facilities, and many other distinct entities that comprise a 200 billion dollar cancer industry worldwide. Also Remember Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic… However, i stress to readers i have no wish to denigrate doctors, or to denigrate anyone who devotes their life to helping fellow man. After all, it was Cicero who said, “In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.” Certainly, the medical profession, in its purest form, is a noble one. And doctors are clearly at the apex of the profession. And we stress that those who do (abuse their position) are very much in the minority. That said, the number of doctors who have brought their profession into disrepute, worldwide, is staggeringly high. Certainly far too many for so noble a profession, we would argue. in the words of T.C. Hale “The vast majority of curricula that are taught in medical schools in this country  were put together by organizations that were founded by, or are funded by, pharmaceutical companies.”

~ Galactic human ~

cancer profits

It’s all about making money.

If you don’t get sick, pharmacies, doctors, morgues and government can’t profit. We have been living in the matrix believing there is no cure for diseases. Here’s why.

In the early 1900’s the Rockefeller Dynasty (agents of the Rothschild Zionists) donated millions to build hospitals and train doctors to focus on pharmaceutical drug treatments while ignoring other natural forms of treatment.

Medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the USA after heart disease and cancer according to a study by Dr. Barbara Starfield published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

Published on Jun 9, 2015

David Icke: One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth – the Cancer Industry, plus Big Pharma, Bilderberg, Google, Wembley And Much Else

Tha pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS


“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are (in league with Big Pharma) and derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” – Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner).

Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever “just around the corner”, cancer continues to increase? The foundations you donate to are in league with Big Pharma.


Effective scientifically tested cancer treatments have been around for 80 years but they cannot be patented and therefore the pharmaceutical companies have disqualified and suppressed them because they can’t $$$$$$$$$ profit from them.

Here is a “how to” video for turning apricot seeds high in B17 (Laetrile)into a powder that kills cancer cells.

Cancer patients need to use both liquid laetrile or laetrile pills plus key supplements (discussed below) with the apricot seed powder!!


In a clinicSL setting, especially in Mexico, high levels of laetrile are provided in a liquid I.V. In these clinics the doctors also deal with the issues of damage to non-cancerous cells by toxic chemo/radiation and rebuilding the immune system.

In the United States, the corrupt Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has again started prosecuting natural medicine clinics that use liquid laetrile (B17).


Laetrile (i.e. amygdalin or Vitamin B17) therapy is one of the most popular and best known alternative cancer treatments. It is very simple to use and is very effective if used in high enough doses and if the product is of high quality and if it is combined with an effective cancer diet and key supplements (in other words, you need to do your homework to maximize its benefits).

Laetrile works by targeting and killing cancer cells and building the immune system to fend off future outbreaks of cancer. It uses two different methods for killing cancer cells. It involves a strict diet (as do all cancer treatments) and several supplements.


The FDA has made the purchase of laetrile supplements almost impossible to obtain, even though it is a perfectly natural and safe supplement. In order for a doctor to use laetrile supplements, they or their patient must “confess” to the FDA that the doctor is using laetrile in their practice. In other words, laetrile supplements are effectively illegal because no doctor wants to admit they are using laetrile.

Fortunately they are available over the Internet either as apricot kernels or pills and in some cases in liquid form.

Most people take laetrile in the form of apricot kernels. In the middle of a peach or apricot is a hard shell. If you break open the hard shell with a “nut cracker,” pliers or hammer, you will find a small seed/kernel in the middle that looks like an almond. However, it is much softer than an almond and certainly does not taste like an almond. It is this seed that is rich in natural laetrile.

If you search for “apricot kernels” (use the quotes) on Google you will be able to find a lot of vendors of apricot kernels, or you can purchase the apricot kernels we recommend HERE. Be advised, however, that apricot kernel sites cannot legally make any medical claims about laetrile being used to treat cancer.

Most experts will recommend a daily dose of apricot kernels from between 24 kernels a day up to 40 kernels a day, spread throughout the day. For a person in remission, 16 apricot kernals a day should be used as a minimum.

Other things rich in laetrile are millet grain and buckwheat grain. Breads made with these grains, however, generally do not contain a high percentage of millet or buckwheat or else they would be too hard.

Also, the seeds of berry plants, such as red raspberries and black raspberries are rich in laetrile. Red raspberries also have a second cancer killer in their seeds: Ellagic Acid, a phenolic. About four dozen foods have Ellagic Acid, but Red Raspberries have the highest concentration. Strawberries also have Ellagic Acid.

Ellagic Acid Vendor

This means that when you buy berry jelly, make sure you buy preserves that have the seeds. Basically, the seeds of any fruit, except citrus fruits, have laetrile. My wife eats apples from the bottom up, meaning she eats the seeds and always has. This is a good habit to get into – I picked up the habit years ago.

Of course, apricot kernels are the best source of laetrile. Those who do not yet have cancer might want to plant a few apricot or peach trees in their back yard for a long term source of laetrile. The kernels can be frozen while still in the shell.

The Dr. Philip Binzel list of foods that contain laetrile include: apricot kernels, peach kernels, grape seeds, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bean sprouts, lima beans and macadamia nuts (to name but a few).

The FDA claims that laetrile is toxic. This is an absolute lie. Read the first chapter of Alive and Well to see how absurd the FDA claim is. It is only toxic to cancer cells.

If you obtain laetrile pills, it is important to take them with natural water during a meal (i.e. with food).


When the laetrile compound molecule comes across a cancer cell, it is broken down into 2 molecules of glucose, 1 molecule of hydrogen cyanide and 1 molecule of benzaldehyde. In the early days of laetrile research it was assumed that the hydrogen cyanide molecule was the major cancer cell killing molecule, but now it is known that it is the benzaldehyde molecule that is by far the major reason the cancer cell is killed.

The reason laetrile therapy takes so long to work, in spite of the marvelous design of the laetrile molecule, is because if the laetrile molecule happens to chemically react with the enzyme of a non-cancerous cell (i.e. rhodanese), before it reacts with the enzyme of a cancerous cell (beta-glucosidase), the rhodanese will break apart the laetrile molecule in such a way that it can no longer kill a cancer cell. Thus you have to take enough laetrile molecules, over a long enough time, that enough laetrile molecules coincidentally (as far as we know) hits all of the cancer cells first.

The second way that laetrile therapy works is because of the laetrile diet. Like the metabolic diet, it is designed to build up the trypsin and chymotrypsin in the body, and let them work on the cancer cells. What they do is break down the enzymes surrounding the cancer cell so the white blood cells can identify and kill the cancer cell. More will be said about the cancer diet below.

One of the good side-effects of laetrile therapy is that more Vitamin B12 is made in the body. With this in mind, make sure you supplement laetrile therapy with Vitamin C. Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are, by themselves, a treatment for cancer.


The specific therapy that I discuss comes from the Binzel book: Alive and Well. There are other sources of a laetrile diet, but I would compare any other diet with the Binzel diet if you want to use another diet.

As with any cancer treatment, the place to start is with the “diet,” meaning the foods you can and cannot eat. The Binzel diet is very similar to the Raw Food diet. This is interesting because he was taught by Dr. Krebs himself, thus the laetrile diet probably dates back over 60 years.

It would probably be better to simply go on a Raw Food diet rather than a modified Raw Food diet (i.e. the Binzel diet). The reason is that the Binzel diet does not take into account many discoveries made about the cancer killing nutrients in vegetables and fruits. In other words, the Binzel diet does not discriminate between the best cancer killing fruits and vegetables versus the far less effective (for treating cancer) vegetables and fruits. Thus, the base diet of the Binzel plan should be the Raw Food diet.


The question then becomes, how do we enhance the Raw Food diet to take into account laetrile. There are several ways. First, give preference in the Raw Food diet to those fruits (i.e. seeds), grains and nuts (e.g. almonds and macadamia) that are rich in laetrile. Mix these items with the Raw Food diet items.

Second, make sure you get the nutrients that are necessary in order for laetrile to work – preferably from food and natural sources.

1) zinc (which is the transport mechanism for laetrile),

2) Vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day),

3) manganese,

4) magnesium,

5) selenium,

6) Vitamins B6, B9 and B12,

7) Vitamin A,

8) Vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)

If you are already taking a multi-vitamin (e.g. you are on the Bill Henderson Protocol), compare its ingredients with the above list and take extra supplements to make up any deficiency.

If you are not already taking a multivitamin, the recommended way to get all of these nutrients is the Essense Health Blend. It has all of the above items (plus the critical iodine). However, it does not have enough Vitamin C or Vitamin E (which you will have to supplement separately).

Software Of the Week : Vision & Eye Q For your Rebuilding of Vision…♥♥♥…

eye soft

Ok guys for Software of the week i would love to mention Two software that i normally used for Vision Enhancement, I had  computer vision syndrome (CVS) due to frequent use of computer it effected my Eyes!!Due to which i hav allways suffered from  computer eyestrain, frequent headaches & tired eyes. I was even close to getting Specs… But Both this Software has saved my Eyes and have Improved my vision naturally by Using the methods of Color therapy and art therapy and illusional images and various eye exercises for natural vision improvement.A number of programs are available for improving vision that promote vision correction though i prefer this Two 1} Vision & 2} EyeQ, using eyeq i have exceptionally improved my Reading skills.. Hmm I love em Both… Vision soft i use it almost Everyday it takes just 5 Minutes to go thru the exercises and BOOOM… u have Stronger Eyes everyday….. Without even going under Laser Or Glass for Correction… WoW..

Hi… ♥KP♥  i have seen you in Specs at times… i believe you can get rid of it too!!,  if u can try using  Vision Soft or any other you may Choose  for may be 3 Weeks and see the Difference.

~ Galactic Human ~

throw away specs


vision screen

Color therapy and art therapy has been applied with great success for thousands of years for the treatment of various mental, emotional and physical disorders. These therapies are branches of the Jewish Energy Medicine. Vision offers unique online services for color therapy and art therapy based on Scientific Studies

My Vision Software IPAD

:::My IPAD Vision Soft:::

5 Reasons for Having an Eye Examination

•You only have one pair of eyes. Once lost, your eyesight may never be replaced.
•Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt when there is something wrong.
•The eye examination can pick up early signs of potentially blinding eye conditions, such as glaucoma.
•The earlier a problem is detected the greater the chance of successful treatment.
•Good vision means a better quality of life.

vision exercise

Eyesight is one of our most valuable possessions. It allows us to see the people and things we love. It is a treasure that we need to protect.

Vision loss is one of the top 10 disabilities in adults 18 years and older. Early stages of eye disease often have no apparent symptoms. So, even if you think you can see well, a regular eye exam is necessary to protect your sight.

This application will help you test and protect your vision. It also offers a lot of fun content that you can enjoy in your spare time.

:::Link to Download:::




eyeQ™ exercises the brain, which improves mental processing much like physical exercise helps athletes improve their performance on the court or field. With consistent exercise and weight lifting, an athlete becomes physically stronger. Similarly, eyeQ™ helps people exercise their brain, enhancing all mental activities. As with an athlete, these skills diminish without practice, but never totally go away. Periodically doing a simple eyeQ™ session will keep you mentally fit and help you retain your enhanced processing skills.

eyeQ™ exercises the brain, which improves mental processing much like physical exercise helps athletes improve their performance on the court or field. With consistent exercise and weight lifting, an athlete becomes physically stronger. Similarly, eyeQ™ helps people exercise their brain, enhancing all mental activities. As with an athlete, these skills diminish without practice, but never totally go away. Periodically doing a simple eyeQ™ session will keep you mentally fit and help you retain your enhanced processing skills.

The eyeQ™ program was developed in Japan over the past 30 years by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura. Through extensive research and testing, he found that we can significantly increase our brain’s learning and processing ability through a series of high-speed imaging exercises which utilize both graphics and text.

The seven-minute imaging exercises in the eyeQ™ program strengthens the eyes and increases peripheral vision, allowing us to take in more material at once. The imaging engages more of the right side of the brain, which is the side associated with creativity. The high-speed imaging stimulates the neuro-pathways, strengthening the eye-brain connection and improving our thinking and reaction time.

Practicing eyeQ™ for just a few minutes every other day will provide you with a life changing experience! Not only will you read and understand new material faster, the way you learn and process information will be dramatically improved. Our methodology has been scientifically proven in numerous studies. All of the statistical data we have collected prove that eyeQ can literally change lives. More importantly, eyeQ™ has been sold more than any other reading product in America. We have over 1 million household users in the Unites States alone. The eyeQ™ program has been implemented in over 1,000 public, private and charter schools nationwide. Numerous universities and businesses have used our eyeQ™ program to increase student retention and improve productivity and job satisfaction among employees. We challenge you to find a more effective, affordable, and easy to use program for improving your reading and learning abilities.

:::Link to Website:::


Rick Simpson Has Cured Over 5000 Cancer Patients with This Recipe …♥♥♥…

Rick Simpson hemp oil

“Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is going to stand up against the use of hemp?”

Rick Simpson has dedicated his life to helping suffering patients (with all types of diseases and disabilities) with the use of natural hemp oil.

Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil Proves Effective In Curing Cancer


Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist who has been providing people with information about the healing powers of Hemp Oil medications for nearly a decade now. Rick cured himself of a metastatic skin cancer back in 2003, and has since then devoted his life to spreading the truth of hemp oil. He has met an absurd amount of opposition and lack of support from Canadian authorities, as well as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies for health, and UN offices. Despite that fact, Rick Simpson has successfully treated over 5,000 patients (free of charge), and believes that all forms of disease and conditions are treatable. He states that it is common to have all types of cancer and diseases cured with the use of high quality hemp oil as a treatment.


Rick has treated patients will all types of conditions including, but not limited to, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, glaucoma, asthma, burns, migraines, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, and mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors).

“Run From The Cure” Official Video Documentary

This documentary “Run From The Cure” was made by Christian Laurette in 2008 and shares Rick Simpson’s story. The movie features interviews with people who were cured by Rick’s oil, but were refused from testifying on Rick’s behalf in the Supreme Court of Canada in his 2007 trial. This video documentary does a great job explaining the medicinal benefits of hash oil.

“I want people to know how to heal themselves.”

Rick Simpson believes that the oral ingestion of hemp oil seeks out, and destroys cancer cells in the body. When used as a topical, hemp oil can control or even cure various skin conditions such as melanomas.
However, as with any ‘drug’, too much hemp oil may cause some side effects; the most notable three are hungry, happy, and sleepy. This is an extremely safe medication compared to the hundreds of drugs that are approved with little to no study, and provided to patients that experience horrible side effects including death. Nobody has ever died from cannabis in any form.


Rick Simpson’s Hash Oil Recipe

To make the Rick Simpson’s hash oil, start with one ounce of dried herb. One ounce will typically produce 3-4 grams of oil, although the amount of oil produced per ounce will vary strain to strain. A pound of dried material will yield about two ounces of high quality oil.

hemp uses

IMPORTANT: These instructions are directly summarized from Rick Simpson’s website. Be VERY careful when boiling solvent off [solvent-free option], the flames are extremely flammable. AVOID smoking, sparks, stove-tops, and red hot heating elements. Set up a fan to blow fumes away from the pot, and set up in a well-ventilated area for whole process.

1. Place the completely dry material in a plastic bucket.

2. Dampen the material with the solvent you are using. Many solvents can be used [solvent-free option]. You can use pure naphtha, ether, butane, 99% isopropyl alcohol, or even water. Two gallons of solvent is required to extract the THC from one pound, and 500 ml is enough for an ounce.

3. Crush the plant material using a stick of clean, untreated wood or any other similar device. Although the material will be damp, it will still be relatively easy to crush up because it is so dry.

4. Continue to crush the material with the stick, while adding solvent until the plant material is completely covered and soaked. Remain stirring the mixture for about three minutes. As you do this, the THC is dissolved off the material into the solvent.

5. Pour the solvent oil mixture off the plant material into another bucket. At this point you have stripped the material of about 80% of its THC.

6. Second wash: again add solvent to the mixture and work for another three minutes to extract the remaining THC.

7. Pour this solvent oil mix into the bucket containing the first mix that was previously poured out.

8. Discard the twice washed plant material.

9. Pour the solvent oil mixture through a coffee filter into a clean container.

10. Boil the solvent off: a rice cooker will boil the solvent off nicely, and will hold over a half gallon of solvent mixture. CAUTION: avoid stove-tops, red hot elements, sparks, cigarettes, and open flames as the fumes are extremely flammable.

11. Add solvent to rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on HIGH heat. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and set up a fan to carry the solvent fumes away. Continue to add mixture to cooker as solvent evaporates until you have added it all to the cooker.

12. As the level in the rice cooker decreases for the last time, add a few drops of water (about 10 drops of water for a pound of dry material). This will help to release the solvent residue, and protect the oil from too much heat.

13. When there is about one inch of solvent-water mixture in the rice cooker, put on your oven mitts and pick the unit up and swirl the contents until the solvent has finished boiling off.

14. When the solvent has been boiled off, turn the cooker to LOW heat. At no point should the oil ever reach over 290˚ F or 140˚ C.

15. Keep your oven mitts on and remove the pot containing the oil from the rice cooker. Gently pour the oil into a stainless steel container

16. Place the stainless steel container in a dehydrator, or put it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer. It may take a few hours but the water and volatile terpenes will be evaporated from the oil. When there is no longer any surface activity on the oil, it is ready for use.

17. Suck the oil up in a plastic syringe, or in any other container you see fit. A syringe will make the oil easy to dispense. When the oil cools completely it will have the consistency of thick grease.

hemp victory

At The Dawn Of A New Age In Medicine

Rick Simpson states that hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs, and that it is not uncommon for people to report the oil making them feel 20 to 30 years younger a short while after beginning treatment. In a message from Rick on his website, he proclaims, “Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is going to stand up against the use of hemp?”

We are at the dawn of a new age in medicine and a new day for mankind. Not only can hemp save the world, it can eliminate a great deal of human suffering and can even put an end to starvation. What are we waiting for?” – Rick Simpson


Source: Medical Jane via realfarmacy.com

Healing Product of the WEEK……. Super Sheild / CALENDULA……♥♥♥…

healing product

Like i said i would be sharing many of the things i have  personally used,  the products are way to Awesome & to describe the benefits would take days to write… the motto i stand for is …SHARING IS CARING:-), and i Care for my Fellow bethren’s:-)… 

mysuper calendula



Today’s Healing Product  of the Week is Super Shield probiotic.. i came across this Last year Thru one of ma Friend in the US… Pls Remember I am NOT selling anything, nor would I ever put an ad on here. This is a Blog to give support to others and help.I was only was wondering if this is a good prodbiotic, since ma Dad had a severe Stomach ulcer…But One thing i can say this Stuff is  amazing, i dont have any proof whatsoever that it does work , but I am aware of the Testimony i got from Many that this Does Work no matter what..

I would also Request you if you planning to buy one, pls do so from the below site , as When u order it from Blue Rock Holistics, it will be packed with some sort of coolant (dry ice???) Why?? Cause many times if you buy it from Some other third party vendor it will be without any Coolant and That concerns me, as the product consists of live bacteria, and cannot be stored at room temperature or it loses it potency as bacteria cannot survive very long at normal temperatures. They must be refrigerated!!! Cause Blue Rock when sends it,  it comes in a special package with an icepack in it. You know that care has been taken to get it home and in the consumer’s fridge quickly. Whithout a Doubt this has to be The best probiotic on the market.

You can chk this Website for more Details :


This is an  reported benefits Product





Ok Another Great healing Product is CALENDULA Ointment  otherwise ( Remember to Buy Ointment Not Cream ) … Wow this product is a Miracle to say the least… The smell is so Good.. They shld make a Deodrant of this One.. I would love to have this one 24/7….What i have seen is this is a Homeo Product..and this heals Cuts and Wounds very very fast almost incredibly Fast… In INDIA the makers of this product is BOMBAY Homeo lab.. they have been making this amazing product since ages… I Just Love it….

More Uses Given below :::::

Calendula ointment promotes healing of skin problems. A strong 10% extract of Calendula for fast relief of eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, dry patches, heat rashes and hives to speed healing and protect the skin from infection. Safe and effective for first aid or chronic conditions.

Naturally protective and healing and safe for regular use.

Gentler than iodine and other caustic cleansers which may cause further trauma and delay healing. Safe to apply to open wounds, dry rough skin, skin sores.

Calendula has been used in homeopathic hospitals as an antiseptic. Encourages the healing of acne by preventing the spreading of bacteria.

Calendula is useful for dry sunbaked skin. Calendula has been shown to speed healing of wind burned skin, sunburns, bruises, sunburn, diaper rash. Calendula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and damaged skin.

A natural lip balm to protect lips in summer or winter. First aid treatment for abrasions, rashes, insect bite irritations. For minors scrapes and cuts, use topical calendula. Calendula heals and soothes the skin and is anti-microbial. Does not sting. Safe to use on children and pets. Once a deeper wound is beginning to heal, you can apply the calendula spray to help speed the recovery.

Calendula is a top skin healer due to the fact that Marigold is high in antioxidants, such as lycopene, beta-carotenes, and lutein. Calendula is from the flower, Marigold (Calendula Officinalis).
Calendula has been used since medieval times to heal wounds faster and cleaner. In 1996, Brazilian scientists reported clinical success with Calendula for burns, skin lesions, sunburns, skin ulcers, varicose ulcers.



Healing Product of the WEEK……..Insulin plant / Apple Cider Vinegar……♥♥♥…

healing product


Like i said i would be sharing many of the things i have  personally used,  the products are way to Awesome & to describe the benefits would take days to write… the motto i stand for is …SHARING IS CARING:-), and i Care for my Fellow bethren’s:-)… 

my insulin plant


Today’s Healing Product  of the Week is INSULIN PLANT ( Costus igneus ).. i came across this plant thru one of my Relative  years back, This plant is a recent introduction to India from America as an herbal cure for diabetes , one leaf chewed every day does add to the benefits. But be aware not to Chew more as it may cause some side effects that i am not aware off.. But be alert in taking minimal Qty of Leaves??… But the effect the Plant had on many was amazing, i dont have any proof whatsoever that it does work , but I am aware of the Testimony i got from ma Friends and relatives that this Does Work no matter what..Consumption of the leaves are believed to lower blood glucose levels, and diabetics who consumed the leaves of this plant did report a fall in their blood glucose levels.

insulin plant

You can chk this Website for more Details : http://www.insulinplant.in/

This is an NCBI study of the reported benefits of this Plant with Documented Research


Also you can use a Powder thats available from Tamilnadu, now easily available in all Ayurvedic stores named Gudmarpala, a tip of this powder to the tongue  ‘It tricks your tongue into thinking something that’s sweet, is Sour…… Similar but exact opposite is Mberry It tricks your tongue into thinking something that’s sour, is sweet… Wow Mother nature is a MIRACLE….

my apple c


Ok Another Great healing Product is Apple Cider Vinegar otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color which has a cobweb-like appearance and can make the vinegar look slightly congealed. Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugars from apples. This turns them into acetic acid, the active ingredient in vinegar. It is also an ancient folk remedy, claimed to help with all sorts of health problems. Well My family is really benefited from this Amazing product, Specially my MOM…. it also lowers blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes. The main substance in vinegar, acetic acid, can kill bacteria and/or prevent them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels.


8 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar


Health Risk

A report regarding an Austrian patient, who had consumed excessive amounts of apple cider vinegar (up to 250 ml per day) for six years suggests that long-term, high dosage intake of apple cider vinegar can lower potassium levels in the body as well as reduce bone density (osteoporosis); it is theorized that excessive intake of vinegar can cause hypokalemia, hyperreninemia, and osteoporosis. Apple cider vinegar contains chromium which can alter insulin levels and it is therefore recommended that people who have diabetes should talk to their doctors before using ACV. ACV is highly acidic; in one recorded instance, a woman experienced esophageal burns after an ACV pill got caught in her throat.


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Dr. Hulda Clark Can Teach You How to Cure 4th Stage Cancer at Home in Two Weeks (So Why Isn’t the World Paying Keen Attention to This Towering Genius?)

cancer cure

From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 8, 2014

Dr Hulda Clark Can Teach You How to Cure 4th Stage Cancer at Home in Two Weeks . (So Why Isn’t the World Paying Keen Attention to This Towering Genius?) Feb. 8, 2014

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark was the greatest cancer researcher of all time. She died on September 3, 2009 at the age of 80. The lying shills who edited her Wicked Pedia page say that she died of cancer, but anyone who actually bothers to read her death certificate will see that she died of Anemia and Hypercalcemia, and not cancer. The oncology giants of Big Medicine hated her because she had accomplished with her simple electronic inventions and brilliant, towering mind what they and their billions of dollars squandered on Establishment ‘cancer research’ could not do: She discovered both the cause and cure for every form of cancer.


To make matters worse, she dared to explain to the public, through her books, the true etiology of cancer genesis and how to cure any type of cancer (at any stage of development) — at home — and how you could do it for next to nothing. This is the real reason why her name and discoveries are pilloried and ridiculed on the internet by Big Pharma shills and cheerleaders for Organized Medicine. They don’t want you studying her books or watching her videos because you might get the idea that she knows what she’s talking about and by following her protocols, cure yourself of cancer (and we can’t have that now, can we?).

Kirk White
I only recently discovered a number of Youtube video interviews of Dr. Clark by Kirk White, a devoted and amiable champion of Dr. Clark’s pioneering work. Incredibly, Kirk also died in 2009, but his enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever he could to help promote Dr. Clark’s research knew no bounds and his video interviews stand as a lasting tribute to his devotion; both to Hulda Clark and to the service of humanity. God Bless the soul of Kirk White, who did the right thing at the right time – to preserve forever these important conversations with Hulda Clark.

In the four videos seen here, the basic explanation of what causes cancer to take root and grow is explained; along with the steps needed to stop the cancer process from going forward. Cancer growth functions like a replication machine. Think of an automobile. A number of necessary elements, or subsystems, must be present and work together in synchrony in order to allow the car’s engine to run and propel the car down the street. If you remove just one of its critical elements, such as gasoline, spark, or compression, the car won’t run. Cancer works in a similar way. Remove even one of its necessary elements, and the cancering machinery stops. After you stop the cancer growth process, you then concentrate on ridding the body of its now, non-cancerous, non-growing tumors. It’s not that difficult to rid the body of its tumors once you turn off the cancer machinery. People find it hard to believe, but Hulda Clark proved that you can cure cancer completely in as little as two weeks.


The Syncrometer
Dr. Clark was able to unravel the mysteries of cancer etiology with a simple electronic sleuthing device that she and her son Geoff invented around 1990 coined the Syncrometer. She made her original Syncrometer circuit using an experiment’s hobby kit purchased at Radio Shack (seen in these videos). At the heart of the Syncrometer is a basic circuit common to all radios known as an oscillator. An oscillator produces a continuous stream of sine waves at a certain frequency depending on the resistance and capacitance (or “RC time constant”) of its timing circuit. If you change the resistance or capacitance of its timing circuit, you change the frequency of the oscillator. The frequency chosen for the Syncrometer was designed to be in the audio frequency range so you could hear the oscillator and its changes in frequency. By using two 3.5 inch square aluminum plates mounted to a plastic box as open “capacitors” (in her timing circuit), she could affect the frequency of the oscillations being produced. If two identical substances were placed on each of the Syncrometer’s test plates, the second finger probe feedback test signal would go into resonance when the first test plate was linked to the second test plate using a switch mounted on the Syncrometer plate box or using a floor switch that was plugged into the Syncrometer plate box. The change in sound heard in the second finger probe is the positive or “yes” indication that the two substances match. The “substance” you are searching for could be anything, living or non living; chemical or microbe. The Syncrometer can detect the presence of substances in the body at far lower levels than the best laboratory detection equipment used by the medical industry. The importance and significance of the Syncrometer’s discovery should have earned Hulda Clark and her son Geoff the Nobel Prize. Someday, its contribution to the benefit of humanity will be properly recognized and honored by future generations.

The Cancer Complex
The second video below explains the five items that loosely couple together to form a mutagenic combination that Hulda dubbed the “cancer complex.” While Dr. Clark has unearthed a tremendous volume of New Knowledge in cancer etiology, this stupendous discovery alone is the crown jewel in Dr. Clark’s 20 odd years of cancer investigation and research. Every single person who has cancer has the same cancer complex in their DNA, regardless of the name given to the cancer. If you eliminate even one member of the cancer complex, the entire complex falls apart and the cancer replication machinery stops. That means the cancer mutations stop and therefore the cancer growth itself stops. Without the cancer complex, there is no cancer. It’s important to learn the name of the five items that make up the cancer complex and where they come from so we can avoid exposing ourselves to these mutagen creators.

To competently understand and apply the unfamiliar and unexpected explanations given here, you must obtain and study Dr. Clark’s last and greatest opus, The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, published in 2007. This book will tell you everything you need to know (and do) in order to stop cancer cold and fully cure people of cancer in two weeks. Don’t wait until your loved ones are at death’s door before you start looking into this material. Someday, if enough people apply Hulda’s pioneering discoveries, cancer will be a thing of the past, much like scurvy, which for hundreds of years was a dreaded killer, became a non issue once humanity finally woke up to its cause and its simple cure.

…to be continued

Ken Adachi


Dr. Hulda Clark’s Instructions to Cancer Patients at Her Clinic (Video) Feb. 14, 2014

© Copyright 2014 Educate-Yourself.org  All Rights Reserved.

Part 1, Introduction to the Dr. Hulda Clark Protocol (555 views) Uploaded to Youtube on March 16 2011 (views recorded on Feb 5, 2014)

Part 2: The cancer causing complex (727 views)

Part 3 : Removing the cancer causing complex (547 views)

Part 4 Dental Cleanup (844 views)


Healing Product of the WEEK……..Therma Mend..♥♥♥…

healing product

Like i said i would be sharing many of the things i have  personally used,  the products are way to Awesome & to describe the benefits would take days to write… the motto i stand for is …SHARING IS CARING:-), and i Care for my Fellow bethren’s:-)… 


Yes you are Right Todays healing Product of the Week is THERMA MEND,Therma Mend is an extraordinary, natural Pain Relief Cream… you can feel the relief the moment you rub it in… it works for hours – Therma Mend is effective for sore muscles & joints, low back & shoulder pain, knee pain, arthritic joint pain, tired achy feet, achy elbows & hands.



i came accross this product more than 2 years back, All that what i can say-is its amazingly Awesome, their Product motto states  and i Quote ” Just put it on… the Pain is Gone!” yup not only gone but it never comes back again, My Mom has started successfuly using it, even my relatives, Man i had to give a lot of my stuff for free to many-of-em 😦 well they took it…creating a shortage of Stuff…. I was rather suprised when even Rumormills & nesara Blog mentioned this a few months back…. All i can say-is its very very effective since Therma Mend penetrates 7 layers deep, all the way to the bone. WoW….. Well i did use it some-Time and i love this specially since it SMELLS GOOD:-)

Therma Mend is manufactured at a State of the Art OTC Drug Manufacturing Facility that practices GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices – 21-CFR 210-211) and is regulated and inspected by FDA. Every batch of Therma Mend is tested by an independent, third party laboratory for its “active ingredients” before shipping.

Check-out all the REAL Testimony 

Website :http://www.kaloslife.com

Facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/ThermaMendKaloslife

Galactic Human


Healing Product of the WEEK….PUMA METHOD…NutrAMLA ♥♥♥…

healing product

Like i said i would be sharing many of the things i have  personally used,  the products are way to Awesome & to describe the benefits would take days to write… the motto i stand for is …SHARING IS CARING:-), and i Care for my Fellow bethren’s:-)… 


Here Goes a Short Note on My Life, i dont want to bore anyone at all, but its Very important for all TRAVEL SICKNESS PEOPLE:-)♥  this may be Life changing for you as it did for me………

I had one of the Worst cases of  Travel Sickness one can find, i had motion sickness (car sickness, sea sickness, air sickness) Motion sickness or kinetosis, also known as travel sickness, is a condition in which  motion is sensed by the vestibular system and hence the motion ... Therefore the effect is worse when looking down. I had this right from the Age of 9 , it became far Worst when i reached my Twenties , i could hardly talk when i travel, neither  could Drink nor Eat like normal human beings, Vomit was allways in ma mind and doin that i spent my Time:-), i would rather seek Death than Vomit, it was one of the Worst things of my life to say the least, I tried All the medi’s Allopathy & Non-Allopathy, Drugs u name it Antivert / Diphen / Travel-Ease /Gravol / Vomistop??  But it seemed My motion sickness got even worse,

I tried Ginger and Lemon therapy but it did not help either.. I had even taken emeset injection But my.. it din help at all??? I still remember in 2008 i was Travelling to one of my Client, in Nasik and had to communicte abt my Company, but i couldn’t say a Damn word, due to heavy Sickness which further resulted in Very High fever on the way back, Well i could hardly travel places…  I could hardly sit in the car for more than 2 Hrs  & then i would Vomit……… Travellin by Air was by Far my worst experiences. My father was vary abt how i would  lead Business if i cant Travel at all???

One day i said to Myself  Enough is Enough & decided  to get out of this Problem the sooner the better, and took help of the Internet as my only Weapon, and i did come accross PUMA Method, Well i tried Puma Method, but  it  couldn’t get rid of My Motion Sickness But i could Read Books and read my mails without any difficulty after Going thru his Amazing Exercises…Which at one time was a Difficulty for me…. WoW.. that was the beginning:-)

 Anyway Still searching for the Ultimate therapy was making me impatient, and i requested Shirdi Saibaba for his Help, and promised if  i do  get cured within a  Month or Two i will Travel Shirdi 9 Times a year….After making this Vow i almost forgot abt it  after a Few Days……….Then  I came across this Awesome Beautiful Lady named SAVITA, she visited my Industry for a Deal and we meet, Man I was Impressed she had a Very Good  Communication Skills and she could Finalise any deal within minutes thru her techniques, Since we both well groomed in marketing Skills we shared a lot of tips between us, i was damn impressed by the way she presented herself, and thats why at such an young age she was Chief of Marketing for her organistation, and earning huge bucks.. Well we chatted on, and i was rather suprised that she started visiting me often like 3 days a week, and we chatted on and become Very Good friends within a short span of time……:-).. Well One day she asked me a rather peculiar Question on why i am allways in my office and  dont use my skills to rope in more Clients, i did  explain to her my difficulty in travelling…. Well she said she might have a CURE that may work.. I got excited but knew it may not work like others….  You wont believe She went to her Place 25 Miles to return on the same day to Give me the NUTRAMLA.. and instructed me to have it for a week or Two and chew-on the Amla if and when  travelling, with further promise that this will CURE it Forever… Like they say ” SEEING IS BELIEVING” i wanted result, and RESULT i DID :-)

After a week , for Unknow reasons this lady stopped visiting me, and i Tried to call her up, but  she din pick-up any of my calls, but one day she did and was rather shocked by her anger, Well she questioned the  reason of my Calling her up??… and the next Question suprised me, She said ” Well V### i think you like me” is it!!!! Ans???. i replied  why She said So??  cause V### i think i like you:-) Oh man i was confused,  i only saw her as my good friend, but i could not say anything.. Well That was the last time i spoke to her, Finally i got Cured in 2009 The AMLA miracle Cured my travel Sickness forever, and i have been travelling day in and day out to amazing places meeting new people in every walk of my Life..:-)♥ 

I am so Thankful to SAVITA…… i wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart:-) and did try to contact her again, but her Mobs was Dead and it seemed she left her Job… she went into oblivion…Oh my Goodness

SAVITA I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. Your efforts made a difference in me and i Thank you from My heart, Please accept my sincere thanks.   It is a pleasure to have known you if it was only for 2 months. Thanks for helping Me  find the best solution for Travel Sickness. You came and Touched my Heart, i will be ever gratefull for ur deed, Your example is a wonderful lesson to me……… Thanks for being a MIRACLE for me…………..

All thanks to SHIRDI SAIBABA………..Well What can i say the Rest is HISTORY…..:-)..

puma method

Motion Sickness Prevention
  • Simple habituation exercises prevent motion sickness without the use of devices or drugs.
  • The exercises take only about 15 minutes a day to do and conditioning starts right away.
  • In as little as one week you can begin to enjoy activities that used to make you feel ill.
  • Best of all, your conditioning level is maintained as you enjoy all these new activities!

Free Personal Motion Sickness Consultation

It was through Dr. Puma’s 36 years in the aerospace industry that he developed the PUMA METHOD for Prevention of Motion Sickness.

The PUMA METHOD consists of a series of simple yet very effective warm-up and conditioning exercises.

These exercises raise your tolerance level to a variety of motion sickness producing activities such as reading in a moving vehicle, riding in a small boat or cruise ship, or flying in an airplane. This process is called habituation.



The PUMA METHOD is completely natural.

The exercises use your body’s own habituation mechanism to prevent motion sickness. You don’t need any drugs, so there are no negative side effects.

The benefits of the PUMA METHOD are available to anyone suffering from common motion sickness who is willing and able to follow the simple exercise instructions.

The PUMA METHOD exercises take only about 15 minutes per day.

Positive results, that is conditioning, may be seen in as little as one week.

Website : http://www.pumamethod.com/



By far the Best Quality of Amlas one can find…………..GH

V P FOOD, By considering importance of Amla for the health of human being as testified by the Ayurveda V P Foods Amla product has been started manufacturing in 2001, After long efforts & genuine research done by Ayurvedic personality we had started our nationwide V P FOODS Amla Products, Products are made in a manner to retain maximum nutritional, Ayurvedic, medicinal properties of Amla under the guidance of an expert who has 31 years World Wide experience of processing & preservation of fruits, vegetables & herbs.



One of the most imp thing i have noticed and also End no of Feedback i received from my dear ones Who took this, This Amla Cured Acidity within 10 minutes of taking it 🙂 

Amla Candy

This is a dehydrated Murabba like dry fruit.

It is soft, juicy with mouth watering taste that any one old and young can enjoy.

It is non sticky, convenient to eat and carry.

An healthy substitutes for toffee, chocolate and sugar candies.

Website : http://www.nutramla.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4&Itemid=9

Galactic Human


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