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Trump yard sign thieves get INSTANT Karma: Shocked Sliced and Chased off!


Published on Nov 4, 2016

The most hilarious ways that Donald Trump supporters are fighting back against having their yard signs stolen and robbed from out in from of their homes by liberal thieves and morons. Hillary clinton for prison! trump!!!


Check out these idiots trying to steal political property. To bad They only get electrocuted it could be way worse they could be in jail or in the ground. Thank goodness they got off with a light sentence of only a little shock. The reactions are Priceless you’ve got to see this. Hillary for prison 2016 Trump 2016

Dear Mainstream Media : You’ve betrayed your profession, sacrificed its once sacred principles, and stabbed the American people in the back.


Published on Oct 20, 2016

You fucking suck balls.

The outspoken conservative, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars speaks for Americans everywhere with his epic slap down of the mainstream media. You’ll want to stand up and cheer after you watch this!

***Language warning***
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Trump Goes Ape S*** On Hillary At Religious Dinner! WOW! Unbelievable!


WoW what a Man… I have never laughed So much… TRUMP Rocks….

~ Galactic Human ~

Published on Oct 20, 2016

Trump hates Hillary so much that he can’t even pull back at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner! Never seen anything like this! Look at the faces of the people around him, including Maria in the background. They are stunned!!! Brutal!! And where is Bill Clinton! Have no idea who would have written that for Trump, but it was brutal and REALLY funny!!!


Video: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Speak at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City, Thurs. Oct. 20, 2016


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address the Alfred E Smith dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel

The dinner, which is named for four-term New York Governor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Alfred Smith, benefits Catholic charities.

FULL Event: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ROAST each other at Alfred E Smith dinner (10/20/16)

Highlight Created from our Live Stream:-

LIVE: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Speech at Alfred E Smith dinner – 71st Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner (10/20/16)

Watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner -Watch the dinner here live starting at 7:00 EST.

The Alfred E Smith charity dinner is an election year tradition for decades. It typically provides a welcome break from the heated tone of the campaign trail with candidates delivering humorous speeches that poke fun at their opponents and themselves.

Watch live stream video and later full replay of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s speeches at the Al Smith Dinnar in New York City on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria. Live coverage starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT via the embedded video below. Thereafter the full replay video and transcript will be posted as soon as available.

The paradox of value – Akshita Agarwal


Published on Aug 29, 2016

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-paradox…

Imagine you’re on a game show and you can choose between two prizes: a diamond … or a bottle of water. It’s an easy choice – the diamonds are more valuable. But if given the same choice when you were dehydrated in the desert, after wandering for days, would you choose differently? Why? Aren’t diamonds still more valuable? Akshita Agarwal explains the paradox of value.

Lesson by Akshita Agarwal, animation by Qa’ed Mai.

The Simple Solution to Traffic ? A simple solution to road congestion


Published on Aug 31, 2016

The way we can make traffic disappear.

When we’re stuck in traffic, it feels like everybody else is at fault. But the video below, by CGP Grey, explains how we’re all in it together and equally to blame – thanks to slow human reflexes.

According to the video, we create our own traffic jams by not driving at the same distance between the car in front and behind at all times.


If one car slows down, the rest follow suit and a backlog of cars catch up to one another and create “phantom intersections” – long after the interruption was over.

The solution? Perfectly coordinated driving. But this is only possible if we remove human drivers and replace them with self-driving cars, removing the need for traffic lights and getting us to our destination faster.

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OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem …♥♥♥…

osho on god

Do you really believe that God does not exist?

“I do not believe that God does not exist, I know for sure he does not exist. And ‘thank God’ that he does not exist – because the existence of God would have created so many problems, difficulties, that life would have been almost impossible.

“You may not have looked at it from the angle from which I am going to talk to you – perhaps nobody has ever tried to look at it from this angle. The Christians say that God created the world. In fact, the hypothesis of God is needed for the creation. The world is there; somebody must have created it. Whoever created it, that creator is God. But do you see the implication? If the world was created, then there can be no evolution.” Osho


Uploaded on Aug 11, 2006

OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem

God created the world — really? Please allow the question: “Who created God”? Interesting perhaps? —

“Creation means: finished! — the full stop has arrived. On the sixth day, the full stop; and after that there is no possibility of evolution
Evolution implies that creation is not complete, hence the possibility of evolving. Charles Darwin is saying that the creation is an ongoing process, that existence is always imperfect, that it is never going to be perfect; only then can it go on evolving, reaching new peaks, new dimensions, opening new doors, new possibilities.” —

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What Happened Before History? Human Origins

human origins

Published on Jun 23, 2016

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Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.

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I’m Good ~ The Response from the Guy is Absolutely SPECTACULAR…༺♥༻…༺♥༻…

joycamp takes

I think these guys are pretty funny. They’re also hip to all sorts of hidden truths, which is probably why they aren’t more famous. The Vdo below is possessed of a brilliantly creative message, Thought provoking, entertaining, sophisticated and always sardonically funny. The guy has Nailed it so Right!

~ Galactic human ~


Published on Jun 11, 2016

How are you doing?

Take a ride with Joy Camp into the meta-psychological state of the awakening in a setting that is all too familiar yet equally mind-blowing. Enjoy!

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I’m Good | JoyCamp

British Reporter/Comedian Flips Out, Delivers ‘Real’ News …♥♥♥…

jonatham pie

Wow.. i had a good laugh, no-doubt it was Hilarious! , Though a Bit fake!!!!!!! But the news he gave was correct and bloody awesome, in the words of George Orwell Quote ” Telling the truth in an age of deceit is a revolutionary act.” and i hope it inspires all of the News- Reporters  to say the TRUTH.. This dude should be making  news world-wide what say u??, Jonathan Pie at his Best… Also check his Facebook page below for more…

Jonathan Pie

~ Galactic human ~

jonatham pie real news

Published on Oct 9, 2015

A great Jonathan Pie video, heads up it is satire.

Just came across this and thought it was not only funny and worth a share but bang on the nail as far as the current madness is concerned , it’s a rant that I think most of us can identify with and Jonathan Pie delivers it with passion.

True and simple, I like him. The most compelling thing is: he wasn’t fired.


A friend emailed me this clip, I posted it so I could embed it in some forum posts.

ADDED: Jonathan Pie’s YouTube channel was just shared with me. I added it to the description. At the time of posting this I had never heard of Jonathan Pie.

Published on Sep 27, 2015

Jonathan Pie, British news journalist ,calls Prime Minister David Cameron a “Pig F****r” during a recording of a news report.To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

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F*ck That: An Honest Guided Meditation for inner Peace …♥♥♥…

fuck that medi

Sometimes we need to just strip away all the bullshit and be honest. That’s exactly what this video does. But a word of warning, if you are easily offended and don’t like swear words then do not watch! ok, this is absolutely fantastic, Sorry but I could not do that meditation. I laugh all the time The BEST meditation video to DATE on this planet. ✌ 💙

~ Galactic human ~

breathe in out

Published on Jul 6, 2015

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?…♥♥♥…


Periodically, in the vast spans of time that have preceded us, our planet’s living beings have been purged by planetary catastrophes and mass extinctions have all happened before.

Scientists count just five mass extinctions in an unimaginably long expanse of 450 million years and it is quite possible we may well be entering a sixth extinction.

Now, imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result.

In the video below Mind Warehouse will tell you what is going to happen after we are gone if we know that in the past it has taken life ten to thirty million years to recover after such an extinction.

Published on May 24, 2016

Today we are presenting you a video on an unusual topic. Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet.

The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.

#Mind Warehouse

How to Survive a Grenade Blast


Published on Apr 6, 2016

99.999% of the world’s population will never need to know how to survive the blast from a grenade, but that shouldn’t stop you from being armed with this knowledge just in case the proverbial shizznit ever hits the fizzan. YouTuber Mark Rober teamed up with ‘The Backyard Scientist’ to put together this video that shows whether you’re more likely to survive a grenade blast by diving away and shielding yourself or jumping into a pool (or any body of water).

Get ready to learn some almost completely useless knowledge but knowledge that will make you feel more equipped to handle a terrorist attack:

So while it’s (a) EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that you’ll ever come in contact with live grenades tossed your direction and (b) in the unlikely scenario that you do come in contact with live grenades there’s also a body of water for you to jump into…If that ever happens now you at least know your best course of action.

Just some helpful science if you ever find yourself face to face with a grenade 🙂

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CHECK OUT THE BACKYARD SCIENTIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl0BH…

Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear- http://www.aimed-research.com/

Really good paper on why jumping into the pool is a much worse idea than the pool deck: http://www.scuba-doc.com/uwblast.html

Here’s What Native Americans Have To Say About Christopher Columbus…♥♥♥…


Published on Nov 24, 2015

If there was one thing that I learned in school that embedded itself into my memory bank, it was that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

For people who know the truth, the words “Christopher Columbus” mean something totally different.

“He’s the first terrorist in America.”

Yes, Christopher Columbus was a talented mariner, but more importantly, he was a mass murderer, rapist and a father of slave trade. Columbus sought gold and the sheer magnitude of gold on the Native American’s land set into motion a relentless wave of murder, rape, pillaging, and slavery that would forever alter the course of human history.

“They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”-Christopher Columbus

How can a man continue to be given credit for discovering a land where people were already living?


Today we call the original settlers of America, “Native Americans,” which also means, natives of America, so why are kids still being taught that Columbus discovered America? Why is there still a holiday intended to celebrate a man who raped, stole, and murdered to gain the title of “hero”?

We invited Native Americans to respond to “Christopher Columbus.” These are their responses.

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

Heights by Keen Collective


Richard Turere: My Invention That Made Peace With Lions…♥♥♥…


Not only does Richard’s invention protect his father’s cattle from lions, it is now used across Kenya to protect livestock from lions, hyenas, and other predators, and scare elephants away from cropland. (Photo by Paula Kahumbu)


“At the age of 6 to 9, I was responsible for my fathers cows,” says Richard Turere, now 13, and having just spoken in front of about 1500 people at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. “And these lions were very annoying, because they were killing my father’s cows.”

Taking his responsibility seriously, Richard set out to find a solution. First, he tried fires, but the fires seemed to make it easier for the lions. Next he tried setting up a scarecrow. It worked for the first night, he said, “but lions are very clever.”

Luckily aside from learning the countless traditional whistle commands a Maasai herder can use to control his cows, Richard Turere also had a hobby of taking apart electronics (such as his mother’s new radio) so still had a few tricks to try.

Noticing the lions would stay away when he walked around with a flashlight, he had a new idea: moving lights. With a few simple wires and bulbs, he rigged up a series of flashing lights, and went to bed. Soon there were 7 households in his community using his “lion lights.”

design anti lion

Richard’s diagram shows everything from solar panels harvesting energy, to a cow being protected by the lights. (Drawing by Richard Turere, Photo by Paula Kahumbu)

Published on Mar 27, 2015

In the Masai community where 13-year-old Richard Turere lives, cattle are all-important. But lion attacks were growing more frequent. In this short, inspiring talk, the young inventor shares the solar-powered solution he designed to safely scare the lions away.

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