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Official Documentary TRUMP @War : Donald Trump At War: Battle of 2018 Mid Term Elections, A Nation Awakens

!! The TRUMP TRAIN Is !!ROCK’INNNNNNNNNN!!! He’s done more in the time in office than the OBO-HOMO did in 8 years!!I believe that in the supporters of Trump lies the spirit of George Washington and the Continental Army. A true call to all American Patriots, of every race, of every gender, of every state – a call to every single person who actually cares about this nation and the well being of its people. May it be heard by all. I Envy my American Friends you’ve got the best..Lucky U… Share this movie with everyone you know

~Galactic Human~

Trump @ War, a movie documentary by Steve Bannon, is an amazing and detailed accounting of the revolution between liberal and conservative ideologies that took place in the months leading up to the 2016 elections. Most people who followed mainstream liberal media outlets never saw the depth of the actual force and violence exacted against Trump supporters during demonstrations and rallies.

This film is a display of the no-holds-barred attacks against his supporters, and a truthful exposition of the efforts to diminish Trump’s message and stop him from winning the election in November of 2016. Bannon, former White House chief strategist, released this movie to chronicle Trump’s road to the White House. More importantly, Bannon says the movie shows why it’s critical for every American who voted for him in 2016 to support him in the midterms. Trump AT War, Trump @ War For more news, visit our site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternJournal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestJournalism


Q-SONG~ (dedicated to Q and all of the Anons) SUPER -Q- SONG

We are living in truly amazing times for sure. We have witnessed the deviance of our trusted officials and now we know. Only because we listened to someone who wasn’t one of them. Thank God for President Trump and the team of Patriotic individuals that are making this happen. I trust the plan and am 100% behind this Greatest President of all Time.. MAGA!! WWG1WGA INDEED!

~Galactic Human~

By J.T. Wilde and Casey Johnson

They call us deplorable
and we love the name
They have the bodies in the dirt
and need someone to blame

They got a penchant for greed
and the money to spare
They put the dollars in the coffers
and their lies in the air

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!

We are the patriots
We’ve got to (trust the plan)
Because (we have it all)
and their fate is in our hands

They had a reason to fool us
But we didn’t take the bait
they want to take us to hell
But we got guns at the gate

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!

They call it a conspiracy
Cuz it’s their one last lie
But we know who they are
And we got them in our sights

Our knowledge is power
They’re Running for the hills
if the law don’t gettem
Then (We the people) Will

(Where we go one we go all)
I won’t push you down
You won’t let me fall
One day for sure we will stand tall
Cuz where we go 1 we go all!


A #PatriotSong for @America
YouTube Lyric Video – “Stars & Stripes – https://youtu.be/ZottJ1EFBeE

The Enigma of Q & TULE – Fearless ….My Fav SONG’s ☆♥❥❥✿☆BEAUTIFUL ☆✿❥❥♥☆

A Warm Hello to all my Readers… Am taking a Q-uick Break may be just for a day or Two, i Will be back again as Our World is about to Change for Good & don’t want to miss-it either!!!….Its been a Long Wait…. I dedicate this two Amazing Song Named FEARLESS & The Enigma of Q-TRUMP  to KP Wishing u a warm H-B… and to all the Anons of the World!! … I would also say There’s a lot more to the Q-anon story, but you’d never believe me if I told you now. Think of it as a dream. A world without war, a world of tremendous abundance powered by non-linear technology, a cure for cancer & all Diseases, the restoration of civility, kindness & humor to the  long-suffering peoples of the earth…..Let’s Take Back OUR EARTH…..

As of today i.e August 7, 2018 more than 3922 notable resignations in all  have taken place since September 1, 2017.



~ Galactic Human ~

For those newer to #Qanon, here are earlier Q posts explaining the world power structure. Think Triangle. There’s something behind this at the top…

..you guessed it…at the top of the triangle are the spiritual forces of wickedness as stated in the Holy Books . Q alluded to this in the below post when Qanon quotes from Ephesians 6…the spiritual darkness is real…it controls the deep state.

Like i always DO…I ENDUP  this weeks  update  …with another  Amazing SONG .. First on the list is TULE – Fearless pt. II (feat. Chris Linton)  the tune is just  breath taking Really powerful, the video is really killing it..Brilliant & the next our Fav QANON the Engima… Both of this songs  are very close to ma heart.. both are  amazing songs  ❤PEACE -Ma-Brothers ❤ .. ….Amazing Tune Feels like being-in  ♡♡ heaven♡♡ .. :-):-)  ❤️…  :-)♥  SUPERB  ❤❤❤ ☼✿♫ ‿ ☆•°*”˜˜”*°•☆ ◔‿◕ ♫✿☼

                            `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.• ( Amazing  SONG !!! ) `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•

 TRULY Music  is the greatest DRUG in the world ..Peace Love and Music Brothers!:-)

❤”TULE – Fearless “❤


“The Enigma of Q #Qanon”

This isn’t just music…This is art…♫♫♫♫♫♫

We are almost on a ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░ Finish Line ░▒▓█▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄



 “Now is the time to unite the Soul and the world.” — Rumi –


【ツ】………. Will  see ya  Soon ………..❥…  WE ARE FREE TO BE!!! FREEDOM ALL THE TIME..

Freedom, Light, health and prosperity to all at all times…✌☮




`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥♥ Miracles of Light on your way ♥

TRUMP the GREATEST ~ CABAL and Queen Submit to (Trump) doesn’t bow to Cabal figureheads

America earned its independence and standing in the world. American President TRUMP do not bow to foreign rulers… Not even The Queen! Gone are the days of BOW and HOW…WoW the LION Roars….Cue the liberal outrage, but real Americans don’t care. Trump was right to just shake the Queen’s hand. 

~ Galactic human ~

I get emails from Trump haters constantly. They tell me that our President is just the flip side of the same globalist coin we would have gotten with Hillary Clinton. But I don’t buy it. And I wonder, is it not even acceptable to highlight and report about the good things President Trump has done? We have been lied to and betrayed for so long that I wonder, are many Americans suffering from some hybrid version of Stockholm syndrome? I take my case to the President himself. Here’s my SGTreport BITCHUTE channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/sgt-

MAGA’s The World’s best President ~ TRUMP Got American Hostages Released from North Korea for FREE

He is the WORLD’s Best President … The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be…I have not seen any other person doing like what the Great MAGA just did that to against North Korea…. So many of our soldiers from INDIA Lying and dying in Porkistan.. None Cares & Dares…TRUMP said ” I PAID NOTHING AND OBAMA PAID $1.8 BILLION FOR HOSTAGES TRUMP SLAMS OBAMA LIKE A BOSS” –Q#POTUS#MAGA’s the Best

~ Galactic Human ~

Lets Raise Our *(((Vibration)))* ~Earth and Humanity Now longs for Freedom…♫•*¨*•♫…

This isn’t just music…This is art… Man what-a-Start & What-a-Breathtaking Music♩ ♪ ♫♫♪!! Oh cave of darkness where we’ve had to hide, but which we now leave and enter a transformed world flooded with the light of understanding …Lets Raise our (((Vibration))) For Freedom.. Nay.. Freedom occurs when we delight in the law of God. Find your delight in him and you are free…

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” ?

~ Galactic Human ~

Video brought tears to my eyes making me realize how Beautiful this planet is and all we do as a human race is take it for granted, we do the exact opposite of what we should be doing in unity to love everything, be on the same level of the magnetic field spectrum even love the things that you think are bad, such as when you get mad which is truly a blessing to utilize in doing good things.. not to do whats wrong..

Most people have truly been brainwashed by this type of materialistic civilization & what society thinks is right or wrong, social media is one of the biggest factors encouraging this behavior and way of thinking. Technology is advancing but that doesn’t mean it’s helping so much for us as a human race or society to advance in positive ways, we must use technology as an advantage to invent better things for Civilization to help people unfold then dissolve that corrupt entrapped box of thinking to the point where we are so far beyond it that we don’t even want to look back and keep accelerating forward & that will help preserve nature and prosper in ways unimaginable to adapt to our new way of thinking & living.

So far we are failing as a human race, we have phones and the internet but we do not connect like we should be, it is turning most people ignorant, lazy etc.. when we should be accelerating our consciousness as a whole.. we must not let our creation from mankind surpass mankinds nature or way of thinking, it needs to be equal. Who else agree’s with me?

Trump Chosen and Appointed by God to End The Luciferian Reign on Earth

I Pay my Respect to the Greatest President of the United States (Mr.TRUMP)…. on  jan 20th 2017 the Curse was Broken for Humanity…Now we enter the Age of Peace …Go Anon# Go Potus# GO-Q….. Go-maga..

You can also watch yet Another VDO of TRUMP giving his Signature +Q+ Move.. along with one of Al Wilson’s 1968  Song “The Snake,” and Comparing it to the NWO Deep State – ISIS and the MS13 Gangs that enter illegally on to the US  …

USA Congress  bill to return the USD to the gold-standard (USN)

H. R. 5404 BILL

~Galactic Human ~

It’s an amazing time to be alive. God has chosen Donald Trump to open the gates for the earth’s righteous to set things straight and get things right. We have proven that we can get together in the spirit and join forces against the evil on this world.

Trumps Q hand Signature, we’re stopping them! Q has been talking with other Anons on the Qresearch boards and Its clear as daylight that he is making those sign to let us know to TRUST The Plan … We are Q Division and you have no idea of what is Coming….

Donald Trump reads sinister poem about snake biting its host – and dedicates it to global ILLUMINATI/NWO hijackers on his rally in Tucson, Arizona 3-19-2016

Mr Trump read the lyrics of Al Wilson’s 1968 song “The Snake,” in which a woman takes an ill snake into her home only for it to bite her once it has recovered.

ALL AMERICANS & The WHOLE WORLD NEED TO SEE THIS – According To Joe & Anti NWO Music Video

Hmm this VDO seems 🔴⚪🔴REDPILLING🔴⚪🔴 experience, also watch the second vdo from Anti NWO Music Video  Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud – End Of Days… Awesome-Awakening…Can’t stop listening Brilliant Lyrics!!!  Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

~ Galactic Human ~

On this video we use the communist island of Cuba and an ex-KGB agent to describe the effects of socialism / communism. This is an eye opener to for the generations of American who have been injected with disinformation throughout the many years schooling in a pro social environment. Please share this video with all friends and family. I truly believe all Americans need to watch this. Please subscribe to my second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCea9…

[Anti NWO Music Video] Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud – End Of Days

Q ANON: New Latest News – Trump Inspects Wall, Speech to Marines! Q = 17th Letter!

I did post a Vdo on POTUS pointing the Q Sign, and i say again Its Rather STUPID for anyone to Say POTUS does not Know Q?… The fact of the matter is He-is-Q and part of the Team Q-Anon.. Without him nothing will work… He is the Engine on Which Q Runs… Don’t Forget Q came onto the scene only after TRUMP got Elected….Watch below -Q- signature move VDO

~ Galactic Human ~

TRUMP Showing his Q-Signature Move

Wow !! President Trump so awesome 😎. No need to waiver as to who Q just might be. I, .. once again, stand in amazement of our great president. 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA

President Trump = 17 = Q, He’s not showing us that He’s Q, more like he’s Validating Q… You still can say he’s Q in one sense though…we all are! “Where we go one, we go all.”

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO OPENING STATEMENT – on President Donald J. Trump holds a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, PA. Watch our all day live stream coverage beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time. 3/10/2018

Q-Anon 4th March 2018 Update ~ “We Are Everywhere” Q Anon Storm, BOOM!

The more I see posts from the annons and Q-the more I see what is going on in the governments of the world and what we can do about it… am re-posting the P-TRUMP great speech , which i had posted months back but Q has referred the same VDO on his INTEL board..Q said listen carefully (great trump speech, 5min) , So here we go

~ Galactic Human ~

What, if anything, is happening with the Trump administration and his crackdown of Deep State corruption? This is a brief bits & pieces of some of what we can expect for March 2018. Sources: http://qanonposts.com

Q ANON: New Latest Posts – “We Are Everywhere”

We need to cut the satanic globalist off at the knees by pressing Trump to let the Treasury print our money backed by tangible goods/metals. Make the Rothschild dollars worthless, the confiscate all of the stolen assets back including all real property from these elite thieves.

After more than a week of silence Qanon has uploaded a number of posts on both the Great Awakening and Qresearch boards on 8chan. If you are looking for an explanation as to what these posts may mean, you are on the wrong channel. Many other channels choose to give you their guesses as to what Q is trying to tell us……..but none can prove their guesses are correct!

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