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The MIND-Alan Watts ~ This Vdo was created in dedication to all those who suffer from anxiety and depression …♥♥♥…

I remember this simple OSHO’s Quote Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!  Seems So easy to listen but mind you,  its the most difficult thing to do –Right i felt  uncomfortable feelings, self-doubt, restlessness – the things I drank to avoid. I found most difficult in my life – uncomfortable feelings, self-doubt, restlessness, filled the empty spaces in my mind,  I still found very troubling sitting there… And then Suddenly it came !!!  WOW what a Peace-it-was.. It felt like being a River No Matter How Full the River was,  it Still wanted to Grow.

~ Galactic Human ~

Everyone will be able to relate this. We all worry about things, it’s perfectly natural but do we worry too much? Our minds are constantly busy with thoughts and worries and the only way to really stop worrying and thinking so much is to learn how to silence your mind:

Take a few moments to try this simple experiment:

Close your eyes for a minute or so and just listen to whatever sounds are going on around you. Be “a rock with ears,” hearing sounds the way a video camera would, without any preference for one sound over another or story about what the sounds mean or where they come from.

If you become aware of any internal chatter, just do your best to refocus on the sounds outside your head instead…

How was that? Does the world seem a bit different than it did a few moments ago? Do you feel more peaceful or relaxed?

One of the things that most people are striving for in one way or another is a quiet mind. Books, audios, and courses abound promising to teach techniques for achieving inner peace, reduced stress, less worry, and peace of mind. Yet, curiously, many of these programs seem to add to the number of shoulds, ought tos, musts, and have tos that fill our already-noisy brains.

The distinction I have found most useful in relation to all of these ideas came from the theosopher Syd Banks, who pointed out that there is a profound difference between the act of “meditating” and the state of “meditation.”

Meditating is an activity that at its best guides people into a state of meditation — the inner stillness I am referring to as “a quiet mind.” However, if you’ve ever struggled to maintain a meditation practice (or as I’ve done, made yourself laugh at the irony of getting mad at the people who are “disturbing your meditation”), you probably know that it’s all too easy to get caught up in the activity at the cost of the state.

My favorite illustration of this distinction came from a friend who was speaking at a major corporation about research that showed most people experienced their greatest moments of quiet insight in the shower. After the talk, which was extremely well-received, one of the heads of the company came up to them and asked: “How long should I get my people to shower each day?”

Chances are that some of the most profound experiences of stillness, inner quiet, and peace of mind you have experienced in your life occurred far away from the meditation pillow. Walking in nature, sipping a cappuccino, looking out over the ocean, and communing with a cat have all been known to induce a quiet mind, yet the simple secret behind all these activities is this:

The nature of your mind is quiet; the nature of your being is well.

So the fastest way to a quiet mind is not a particular practice, whether spiritual or secular; it is simply to realize the nature of mind itself.

Of course, if your mind is spinning away at a million miles an hour right now, trying to sort out the world, your life, and everyone in it, that’s probably not so much a comforting insight as an annoying one.

“Oh, I see, all I have to do is realize the nature of mind? Why didn’t anyone just say so? I could’ve saved myself years of practice, not to mention thousands of dollars on books, medication, and courses…”

But stick with me a few moments longer. If the nature of your mind is quiet, then there’s nothing you need to do in order to “quiet” it. Just let it be, and it will return to quiet all by itself. That’s different from trying to “stop thinking” or even “watching your thoughts.” It’s simply allowing enough space in your life (and in your head) for the “thought dust” to settle, and then resting in the peace that naturally arises into that space.

Can meditation, exercise, walks in nature, long showers, and communing with cats help? Sometimes. But if you notice that you’re spending more time trying to do self-care than time feeling cared for in yourself, why not just take a few moments out right now to enjoy the experience of being alive?

Worst case, you’ll feel a little bit better and enjoy yourself a little bit more; best case, you’ll drop straight into the natural quiet of your mind and drink deeply from the well of your being.

With all my love,


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Sources : TragedyandHope, TheHuffingtonPost

Audio Courtesy of Alan Watts.org


F*ck That: An Honest Guided Meditation for inner Peace …♥♥♥…

fuck that medi

Sometimes we need to just strip away all the bullshit and be honest. That’s exactly what this video does. But a word of warning, if you are easily offended and don’t like swear words then do not watch! ok, this is absolutely fantastic, Sorry but I could not do that meditation. I laugh all the time The BEST meditation video to DATE on this planet. ✌ 💙

~ Galactic human ~

breathe in out

Published on Jul 6, 2015

A Pleiadian Meditation: Thy Will Be Done {Instant Frequency Tune-Up} …♥♥♥…

pladien medi

Its a Oldie Goldie Meditation…Does anyone know more about the Pleiadian language spoken in the beginning? It is important to know meaning of words before we say them as intention and spoken words are powerfull.

~ Galactic human ~

Uploaded on Feb 10, 2011

A meditation to assist in connecting with your Higher Heart and Higher Self. 5th + Dimensional Frequencies Encoded in the Sacred Tonal Language.

Australian Native, Christine Day, channeled the work “Frequencies of Brilliance” and “Amanae” and these are 5th+ D Pleiadian energies.

Cannabis and yoga are perfect together : Enhance Your Life With Ganja Yoga….♥♥♥…


WoW.. Call this Ganja Yoga , HOT Or POT Yoga, or rather YOGANJA… i would say YOGA has been a NIROGA for the whole World…. I would like to thank Lord Shiva for Bringing this to  3rd Dimensional world-of-ours….Well i din do this ever!!… but who knows, someday might  🙂 and beware am not advocating it’s use in anyway ?? And am sure the music in the first VDO is from RYAN FARISH… the combination of YOGA+GANJA+RYAN Music,  sounds Explosively addictive 🙂 What Say U!!!

~ Galactic Human ~


Combining cannabis with yoga may very well be the next big thing. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where marijuana is medicinally legal or better yet, recreationally legal, you absolutely need to try ganja yoga.
Ganja yoga teachers encourage students to smoke cannabis prior to participating in their yoga classes. These classes are on the sudden up-spring in places like San Francisco and Toronto, quite simply, because people are loving them.
ganja yogaone
Yoga is intended to sync the body and mind through breath work and stretching of the body. Marijuana has the capabilities to deeply relax one’s self by quieting chatter of the mind. Both cannabis and yoga have been linked to the expansion of spiritual awareness, solely on their own, but together they create an effortless channel to mindfulness.
Classes begin with a smoking session where participants smoke the healing herb as one, which is then followed by a tranquil yoga session.
Naturally, when something new arises, controversy is almost always in the audience. Some yogis feel that yoga shouldn’t be combined with cannabis because yoga is designed to “master self” without outside assistance. However, a number of people disagree with this argument.

Those Who practice ganja yoga say that their relaxation is increased, because their brain activity is decreased. For yoga students with physical ailments, they say combining marijuana with yoga is the only way they can exercise because cannabis eliminates the pain that would otherwise prevent them from exercising at all.

After smoking marijuana, your body goes through a series of changes. The heart slows down, the breathing rate changes, the brain waves alter and the mind becomes calm and still.
Published on Aug 11, 2015

Cannabis and yoga (known as Ganja Yoga) are perfect together. The cannabis helps you unwind and relax, and the yoga gets your body moving and your energy flowing. Now we want to hear from you. How does cannabis enhances your life? Tell us at: http://greenflowermedia.com/oncannabis. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week!

This video is proudly sponsored by Bloom Farms – http://www.getbloomfarms.com. Their Highlighter Vape Pen is perfect for helping you relax, be creative, and have a little more fun.

Check out more Green Flower Media:

As someone who has experienced this life changing combination, I can tell you that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. I tried ganja yoga in a class setting as well as on my own. When I tried it in on my own, what I discovered was incredible.
My body naturally guided itself into poses, and I didn’t have to think about what to do next. My breathing was deep and steady, and my focus was impeccable. I was truly able to go with the flow that my mind and body so desperately craved.
With cannabis awareness on the rise, people from all over the world may soon be able to experience this truly, remarkable duo.
Ganja Yoga Classes are  Healing and Awakening experiences designed to open and expand your perspectives on life, allowing you to recognize your Divine Spiritual Nature and your Creative Powers to Create the Life You Desire.”-Jess Jones, Ganja Yoga Instructor

Joe Rogan – Why You Should USE Sensory Deprivation Chamber…♥♥♥…

joe isolation tank exp

Sensory deprivation tanks are also known as samadhitank. they seem to be amazing tools to explore the depths of your own consciousness. Detaching from the physical senses for a time allows the mind to expand and offer an altered perception on your life that can be informative and healing.

That would be my Next STEP to High Meditational experience…

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Mar 29, 2014

“The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

The tank is filled with water the water is heated to the same tempersture as your body and theres eight hundred pounds of salt in the water, so you just float there and relax, and because  the water is the same temperature as your body you dont really feel it after a while.

It’s like layers of an onion, when you first start doing the isolation tank you can only get a couple layers of the onion in, a couple skins loose, you cant really go to the core its too hard, its too hard to completely let go of who you are, but as you get beter at it, and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you get better at

actually letting go, really letting go, letting go from letting go, letting go from the feeling of letting go, letting go from that point, ok I’ve let go, no you havent let go more, and then you become gone, you disappear, while your disappearing this is what happens; you start thinking I cant believe I’m disappearing  then your back again you got to start from square one, you got to let go and let go and let go and you got to get to the point where you literally completely relax.

Your body it gives you amazing energy, the tension release you have from a couple of hours in the tank is incredible you feel lighter, you feel like more oxygen is in your body, you feel like more vibrant and its just because you have somehow or another calmed the tension, its incredible!”

Joe Rogan speaks about his first experience in a sensory deprivation chamber. Please visit The Joe Rogan Experience http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

This site helps you find a find a floatation tank center near you: http://sh.st/qB4jW

Music: Strobe by Deadmau5
Buy the album here: http://sh.st/qB4jW

Audio Clip:
The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #40

Images used under the Creative Commons-licensed content agreement at Flickr.com


Calling The Others…♥♥♥…

calling others thru medi

WoW.. guys i just loved the Visual… i downloaded this into ma IPAD and did a Quick meditational  Session and loved it.. Just putin ur Headphone’s and see the Visual and relax… Altough i have used many Good Ones before like The Fractal Meditation System From Brainwave also Flower of Life with Binaural beats

But my all time Fav was and Still IS LightSOURCE with Hemi-Sync Sacred Geometry.. Its one of the Best i have ever used… Absolute Classic nonetheless

~ Galactic human ~

Simon Haiduk is a visual artist specializing in spiritual and esoteric themes. Calling The Others was designed to explore the relationship of sound and light that activate metaphysical aspects of our being, as well as to honor and represent our connection to Earth and the energy of spirit that connects us all.

Visuals by: simonhaiduk.com | Music by: anilah.bandcamp.com

A companion video to the song “Calling The Others” by Anilah. Including motion graphics and artwork by Simon Haiduk, as well as an art feature by David Heskin.  
These artists often create with an emphasis on exploring the relationship of sound and light to activate metaphysical aspects of our being, as well as an attempt to represent our connection to Earth and the energy of spirit that connects us all.

artists websites:


Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)…. Awesome MUSCIAL Note…..….♥♥♥…

my awakening mind

Mind Blowing… What a Musical Note…. a Brillant peace of ART….Am in TEARS…. My Goodness… I can See GOD……….What a Bliss i have felt using this in ma Meditational Bliss… it’s Pure Divine.. what is even more beautiful is that this piece is made by a Awesome human being.. We are all visitors to this time, this place – we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return Back home…

I have gone thru lots of Heart break and Pain in this life… This is so Soothing i can’t stop Crying… Awesomeness…What a Relief this had to ma SOUL was Mind Blowing and Euphoric… Love you Brian ENo For making this Gem…. God Bless

I Am Going Back Home

~ Galactic human ~

Published on May 30, 2013

Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent), original version not remixed, just extended to an hour long for more listening pleasure. Enjoy

The Destruction of our Life Support Resonance (Shumann’s Resonance)

schumanns reso

WoW..  isochronic tones of Schumann Resonance or 7.83 Hz. Often it is referred as “Earth’s pulse” Th Frequency is Amazing.. i use the one made by Brainwave.. Its amazing.. Research that have been done with experienced meditators (Zen meditators) show that it is a significant frequency. Its benefits are: Stress minimization, Healing acceleration, Muscle rejuvenation, Learning skills enhancement, Mental well-being.  

I have also included aBrain Wave Binaural – Schumann Resonance Very powerful ( Use headphones)

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Feb 3, 2015

This clip is from the fabulous documentary “Resonance – Beings of Frequency”. It can be seen for free at: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/resona…

The concept of “frequencies” is not taught in our public institutions. If they were, the entire wireless communications system would start coming down.

Schumann Resonance 783hz Earth Frequency – Brainwave Entrainment

Awaken Your Spirit (EXTREMELY Powerful) Complete Chakra Activation ….♥♥♥…

chakra activation

WoW.. i love this.. not that powerful but the music is soothing for the mind…..

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Apr 27, 2014

What you are about to experience is EXTREMELY powerful! The visuals and soundscape will activate/awaken all of your Chakras, starting at the Root, awakening the Kundlaini energy, the Serpent, the Goddess, and rise through your body/soul through each Chakra until it reaches your Crown Chakra and rises above you to connect with the universe that you are part of. Along this journey you will experience the darkest aspects of your subconscious self, and the lightest aspects of your subconscious self, as you are drawn deep, beyond your subconscious, into your self towards your very soul! Nothing you experience in this video is preconceived, planned, etc.. I am just the vehicle for the production, I did not “create” anything you see. I suppose you can say the “Universe” created the images specifically for you. You will see what only you will see. Everyone who experiences this will see what is there for them to see, what awaits inside of them only.

When Kundalini Shakti is conceived as a goddess, when it rises to the head, it unites itself with the Supreme Being (Lord Shiva). Then the aspirant becomes engrossed in deep meditation and infinite bliss. According to the Yogis, there are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Pingalâ and Idâ, and a hollow canal called Sushumnâ running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal is what the Yogis call the “Lotus of the Kundalini”. They describe it as triangular in form in which, in the symbolical language of the Yogis, there is a power called the Kundalini, coiled up. When that Kundalini awakes, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, as it were, layer after layer of the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi.

When it reaches the brain, the Yogi is perfectly detached from the body and mind; the soul finds itself free. We know that the spinal cord is composed in a peculiar manner. If we take the figure eight horizontally (∞) there are two parts which are connected in the middle. Suppose you add eight after eight, piled one on top of the other, that will represent the spinal cord. The left is the Ida, the right Pingala, and that hollow canal which runs through the centre of the spinal cord is the Sushumna. Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fibre issues downwards, and the canal runs up even within that fibre, only much finer. The canal is closed at the lower end, which is situated near what is called the sacral plexus, which, according to modern physiology, is triangular in form. The different plexuses that have their centres in the spinal canal can very well stand for the different “lotuses” of the Yogi.

Paramahansa Yogananda in his book God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita


At the command of the yogi in deep meditation, this creative force turns inward and flows back to its source in the thousand-petaled lotus, revealing the resplendent inner world of the divine forces and consciousness of the soul and Spirit. Yoga refers to this power flowing from the coccyx to Spirit as the awakened kundalini.

Kundalini is now widely known outside of the Hindu religion and many cultures globally have created their own ways to awaken the kundalini energy within people. Without explanation, an increasingly large percentage of people are
experiencing kundalini energy awakenings spontaneously which means, it is not vital to follow a distinct set of instructions or rules in order to awaken the energy.

Kundalini can also awaken spontaneously, for no obvious reason or triggered by

intense personal experiences such as accidents, near death experiences,

childbirth, emotional trauma, extreme mental stress, and so on. Some sources

attribute spontaneous awakenings to the “grace of God”, or possibly to spiritual

practice in past lives…

The seven Chakras:
1: Muladhara or Root Chakra
2: Svadisthana or Sacral Chakra
3: Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra
4: Anahata or Heart Chakra
5: Vishuddha or Throat Chakra
6: Ajna or The Brow (Third Eye) Chakra
7: Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

“Inside us lies a wealth, worth not to some the journey. Thought greater than the

wealth, be the journey itself.” Cody B.

Relax, let your body heal… Full Length Meditation, Balancing and Tuning Digital

downloads now available at iTunes!!!

CD and Digital downloads available at Taos Winds Reverbnation Store

CD and Digital downloads available at Amazon:

Spiritual Awakening! A Heartwarming Touching Awakening Experience of Jade Lake ….♥♥♥…

awakening to being spritual

Ok.. this Vdo is just an experience of this Guy on his Awakening Journey .. rather how he felt!!…Hmm for me Awakening is a process, the beginning of the journey, but not necessarily the final culmination… But what he said at Point mark 11:28.. werein he refers to Global Warming.. the guy seem to naive and needs further research on what he is saying….Global warming will not kill a bunch of people.. Rather the coming  next ICE age, that u need to be Afraid off.. some parts of US are still in ice…What is being said abt Global Warming is a Global Scam….

Which pose a Question? What Type of Awakening Did he Just had….. Was it One with spiritual Aspect Or Did he awaken -to-conspiracy levelbeing foisted on humanity …. on a personal level despite the baggage that comes with the term.

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Jan 26, 2014

Spiritual Awakening! A Heartwarming Touching Experience
Meditation Course – http://tinyurl.com/spottydogg-silva-life

20 FREE Mindpower Gifts – http://tinyurl.com/spottydogg-20-free

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when one has become aware and has awakened or who is going through the stages of an awakening. They will become more aware of themselves on a much deeper and higher level and what is real. The person going through the awakening will suddenly have a deeper awareness of what is going on around them and of themselves and they will be more aware of their life experiences and the lessons they have learnt from these experiences and the reasons why. The person will start to feel more at one with themselves and everything around them and they may feel more contented and at peace with their surroundings, themselves and with other people.

The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with.

An awakening can strip a person of previous beliefs, feelings and life views causing them to see the world and themselves in a whole new light. Well being a positive experience towards the end of the awakening, at first the awakening can be quite disruptive, shocking and upsetting to a person and their life because it forces them to take a deeper a look at themselves, face their fears, re-live any bad experiences and memories and forces them to see things in a way that they previously never thought. The awakening can be very confusing and so powerful that the person may question themselves and even their sanity due to the symptoms that occur during the awakening.

These kinds of changes can be quite unsettling at first and may take many months or even years of soul searching before the person starts to feel more at one and have feelings of serenity. A spiritual awakening can be spontaneous or caused by a profound spiritual experience or an event in a person’s life, a loss or a near death experience. The spiritual awakening process sparks the activation of awareness and once someone have completed their spiritual awakening and they go and look back on their life before the awakening began they may see how much they were just existing in robot mode, a spiritual awakening brings them out of this robot mode and in to awareness mode which wakes them up and they start to exist with a new and positive lease of life.

When a person begins their spiritual awakening they will go through different stages of the awakening before they get to the last stage which will be completion of the spiritual awakening. Because everyone is different and reacts differently to a spiritual awakening the time frame of each stage of the awakening will vary from one person to the next. A spiritual awakening can take days or even years till the awakening process is completed.!

By Jade Lake

Ian Crossland

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