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This Mysterious Remedy Might Cure One Of The Deadliest Diseases ~ DNEWs


A tree in Africa contains compounds that kill mosquitoes and the malaria parasite they carry. Could this be the key to ending malaria?

Why Can’t We Get Rid Of Mosquitoes? – https://youtu.be/eg0CdYzpU2c
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African trees kill both malaria mosquitos and the parasite
“Traditional healers in West Africa have for many years used extracts from the bark of two trees in the citrus family (Rutaceae) to treat malaria, which is a widespread disease in the region and kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year.”

Malaria Parasites
“Malaria parasites are micro-organisms that belong to the genus Plasmodium. There are more than 100 species of Plasmodium, which can infect many animal species such as reptiles, birds, and various mammals. Four species of Plasmodium have long been recognized to infect humans in nature.”

Chickens Can Protect You From Malaria
“Malaria-transmitting mosquitoes avoid chickens, according to a new study that finds the deadly insects take a whiff of chickens and turn in the other direction.
Odors emitted by chickens and possibly other species could therefore provide protection for humans at risk of getting mosquito-transmitted diseases like malaria, reports the study, published in the Malaria Journal.”

Apocalyptic Bird Migration in Houston, Texas


1000’s of “SPOOKED” birds descend on interstate highway packed with cars.

A massive flock of disoriented birds land on a busy interstate during rush hour traffic in Houston, Texas on January 20, 2017.

Countless birds landed on the roadside risking the cars opposed to what had them spooked that was in the sky.

Birds were even hitting cars windshields as you will see in the videos.

why?? possibly tornado coming? over populated? random? this happens often in Texas if you google it. I seen a few videos of these birds in a Walmart parking lot? weird… I definitely would be creeped out but filming. lol

Black Snake Prophecy Happening NOW – Standing Rock~Stop the black Snake Dakota Access Pipeline


Ancient Native Prophecy of the Black Snake is happening at this very moment. This is number 8 of 9 Hopi & Lakota Prophecies. The first 7 have all come into fruition. It is of the utmost importance that you watch, share and get involved now for the future of our water and all of humanity is at stake right now.


Right now thousands of natives and others have come together to stop the black snake Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing over the Missouri river into the land of the Lakota Indians. According to prophecy if the black snake crosses the river into the land the waters will be poisoned and it will mark off the end of the world. They do not call themselves protestors but instead they are the water protectors. They are protecting your water and your future so you must not sit there, you must get involved. If you at all care about the future of your children and grandchildren.


Spiritual Medium Joseph Tittel describes in detail the prophecy along with the last prophecy to come true. Joseph explains the current situation along with signs that have appeared from spirit. Very powerful signs. Included is detailed information on how you can get involved.

You can start by sharing this video with everyone you know.
Do you stand for standing rock?

Thom talks about the Lakota Tribe’s standoff over the oil pipeline, and the tribe’s prophecy about the Black Snake that could end the world.

Find out more at: http://www.thomhartmann.com

Follow Thom on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thom_hartmann

KOLC-TV went on location to Cannon Ball North Dakota to report on the Dakota Access Pipeline rally that was being held on near the Standing Rock Sioux tribes lands. The person speaking is Jon Eagle Sr., tribal Historical Preservation Officer. Could not get his name when editing this peace for a lower thirds title placement, sorry. Will add when we do longer piece. This report came on August 17th 2016. It is a short piece taken from our footage. A longer report will come later.

Underwater Seaweed Farming ~ Sucking Superfood from the Ocean – Wild Japan – BBC


Farmers in Japan have come up with an clever way of extracting nutritious seaweed from the ocean floor.

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WAKE UP! Humanity is dying! …༺♥༻…༺♥༻…

One earth

This Vdo needs to be seen by everyone. the people of earth needs to wake-up. im so tired of what life has become. the world we are forced to be born into. i despise humanity but love the world. the world is such a beautiful place but the people who run it are ugly. It’s like Planet infected by humans also Reminds me of the Great Cree indian Quote ” Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find you cannot eat money”Unquote  so lets Wake-up and let Humanity Live again

~ Galactic human ~

same spark life

Published on Nov 15, 2015

Exposing the truth about our world. Don’t let humanity die.
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IMPORTANT! This video contains shocking footage not appropriate for sensitive persons.

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Music: Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception Soundtrack Cover)

Weird Sky Phenomenon over Moscow Region, Russia

sky phenomenon crown flash jump

A rare phenomenon appeared in the sky on July 4, 2016 over the Moscow region Zvenigorod Aline Abayeva in Russia. A local resident who was able to film the strange spectacle in the sky, a so-called Crown Flash, uploaded the video to VK.

Crown flash is a rare but observed phenomenon involving “The brightening of a thunderhead crown followed by the appearance of aurora-like streamers emanating into the clear atmosphere”.

The current hypothesis is that sunlight is reflecting off or refracting through tiny ice crystals above the crown of a cumulonimbus cloud.

These ice crystals are aligned by the strong electro-magnetic effects around the cloud, so the effect may appear as a tall streamer or pillar of light.

When the electro-magnetic field is disturbed by lightning flashes within the cloud, the ice crystals are re-orientated causing the light pattern to shift very rapidly and appear to ‘dance’ in a strikingly mechanical fashion.

The effect may also sometimes known as a “leaping sundog”. As with sundogs, the observer would have to be in a specific position to see the effect, which is not a self-generated light such as seen in a lightning strike, but rather a changing reflection/refraction of the sunlight.

This phenomenon is regarded as rare and not well documented.

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Viktor Schauberger The Secrets of Water & the Nature of Reality


Published on May 25, 2016

This video looks at Implosion physics and Victor Schauberger technology, the nature of reality and many other wise facts and issues.

For ten years John read about the work of Victor Schauberger and others. On the basis of this research he has created his own experiments to study how the vortex works.

From the intricacies of water and energy, to God, to the holographic nature of the three D world, and to the reality of other universes; John’s ability to synthesize his knowledge and make connections with the Greater Whole are a joy to behold.


Published on Mar 16, 2016

A fascinating exploration of the groundbreaking discoveries and mind-blowing uses of waters secret qualities. Understand why vortexing water may be so beneficial to your health. Free-energy produced by the Repulsine device. An excellent documentary on the genius of Viktor Schaubeger and his son, Walter Schauberger who spent their life researching and utilizing waters hidden qualities. Film created by Franz Fitzke and Schauberger’s grandson.

Japanese students hatch an egg outside of its shell

japanese hatch eggs

Published on Jun 8, 2016

Peebles said processes like this are rare, though they could have some uses.

Without the shell in the way, researchers “can more directly observe the development of the embryo. So you can put it under a microscope, or do time-lapse photography, to observe the developmental process,” he said. “And you can more easily take DNA or protein samples.”

An article posted on Snopes.com links to a 2014 paper in the Journal of Poultry Science describing how a “shell-less” method for growing chickens from embryos could lead to research in “transgenic chickens, embryo manipulations, tissue engineering, and basic studies in regenerative medicine.”

But, Peebles noted, this process is not the sort of thing one would use in commercial chicken breeding, or in raising chickens for food. And it’s not easy.

Namely, it’s tricky to create an artificial environment sophisticated enough to replace a natural egg shell, which Peebles said is part food source, part protection, and also serves as a kind of filter for an embryonic chicken.

“What they are doing in an artificial environment is providing a protective coating that is semi-permeable so that water can be lost and gases can be exchanged,” Peebles said.

Shells provide minerals including calcium, magnesium, and manganese for the developing chick. Technicians would have to find a way to supplement those.

Shells also provide protection from bacterial infection, so they’d need a “very sanitary, aseptic environment in the laboratory,” and in the material used to house the shell-less egg.

The material also needs to be porous. Natural egg shells have pores all over them that allow oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to exit. And as the embryo develops, it is digesting fat from the yolk and producing water, so the egg has to lose about 12 percent to 15 percent of its initial weight in water. That is common to all bird species, Peebles said, including penguins.

Researchers would also have to keep the shell-less egg warm, which they could do with an incubator, as shown in the video.

Of course, all this is easiest if one begins the process with a fertilized egg, Peebles said.

“If you can get closer to those conditions that nature provides,” he said, “then you will have more success.”


Isolated tribe man meets modern tribe man for the first time :- Emotional Video…♥♥♥…

tribe men meet white man

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux Stated; “If the Toulambis are actors, we should give them a César Award.”

The Toulambi
In the XXI century the team of Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux explorer and ethnographer had the privilege to contact in 1998, after many obstacles, with Los Toulambis a tribe that had never seen a white man, or had been involved with the outside world.

Toulambi 1976 contact: fact or fable – BY PETER KRANZ

EXTRACTS FROM BELGIAN filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux’s first contact with a tribal people known as the Toulamis have recently been posted on Youtube.

This claimed first contact was said to have been as recently as 1976 and the extracts can be seen here and here.

The footage is moving and poetic and appears to be authentic. More information about Dutilleux’s films can be found on his website here.

His film was first aired on French TV in the mid1990’s. Perhaps because it has not been widely shown to English-speaking audiences, it has aroused keen interest and many favourable comments since its recent Youtube posting.

Uploaded on Jun 23, 2015

http://HumansAreFree.com ~One Planet, One Specie, One Love~

Tribe on Papua New Guinea meets white man for the first time. Filmed in 1976.

One segment of a longer film:

Jaw Dropping photo of Purple Aurora BEAM Illuminating Steel Bridge!

blue beam project aurora ireland
Published on Mar 8, 2016

In this video you will see one of the most amazing photos of “Aurora Borealis” from the geomagnetic storm on March 6, 2016. It intruded earth’s atmosphere and actually latched onto a steel bridge in Northern Ireland. MADNESS!!!!!!!! Enjoy…😎

Credit: Spaceweather.com~Martin McKenna/Real Time Image Gallery
Photographer quote: “I was shocked by tonights aurora which caught me off guard, amazingly the aurora was visible with the naked eye over light pollution with huge beams over the famous Toome Bridge, what a show and what an outburst.!”

Terence McKenna – We Must Change Our Minds …♥♥♥…

change ur mind

Published on Apr 13, 2015

Terence McKenna talks about boundary dissolution, enviromental destruction, culture, politics and inner spiritual work from a joint Trialogue lecture with Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abrahm entitled ‘The Evolutionary Mind’.

Watch the playlist of all my Terence McKenna videos at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

For full McKenna talks go to http://www.youtube.com/user/TerenceMc… or check out The Psychedelic Salon Podcast http://PsychedelicSalon.org

Video footage from; Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul, Abby Martin’s Braking The Set, Between the Buried and Me – Astral Body, THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take, We Are From the Future, Mr. Nobody, The Lie We Live, Waking Universe.
Music is; DJ Shadow – Mongrel Meets His Maker.
Compiled by ☤ RevolutionLoveEvolve ☤

Why are there so many insects?

diversity of insect

Published on Mar 1, 2016

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-are-the…


If insects suddenly morphed into large beings and decided to wage war on us, there’s no doubt that humans would lose. There are an estimated 10 quintillion individual insects on earth, outnumbering humans by more than a billion to one. So what’s their secret to success? Murry Gans details the reasons behind insect abundance.

Lesson by Murry Gans, animation by Echo Bridge Pictures.

The Awakening of Gaia / GCR-RV INTEL …”Final Peace” its DONE..- Intel SITREP..…♥♥♥…


Oh WoW.. it seems Mans spiritual awakening is Happening.. nothing can STOP-it -now…scenarios for humanity’s future is Bright.. with this thought we move on for an amazing future for all of Humanity and GAIA.. like Eckhart Tolle   Said Quote ” “Above all, the only thing you have to heal is the present thought. Get that right and the whole picture will change into one of harmony and joy.” Unquote…

The Kingdom is within: This Energy/Power/Being is within–at the very core of–each of us. It is the core or foundation of our being.The power of the universe is available to every person who chooses to live in and through harmony creatively expressing the Divine. Now It’s time to  BURSTS in-to the Universe, and there’s no stopping Us now. Deep within our Soul is a door that opens into a world of wonder ~ Open the Door and Let the Magic begin ~❤~  

Pls go thru the ~VDO~ below!!!  its amazing & an Awakening….History turns to Legend, Legend turns to Myth. We are a humanity with amnesia, but pearls of wisdom are left by our ancestors for us to glean from and reconstruct the Truth. Thank you David for this. Graham Hancock brought me here and I’m glad that he did.

!!!~ A Must Watch Video.. Pls Watch-it & Share ~!!!

BE the Changes YOU wish to See on this Earth, on GAIA, our only home of which we are tenants.


•~•~❤~ Mother Earth~❤~ Humanity~❤~ •~•

~ Galactic human ~

gaia touch humanity

I am simply orchestrating all of the footage and soundtrack to compliment the message of the script that I created. And the owners of the footage/film are credited below.


The elements that make up our body came from the Earth. We are all connected

The natural equilibrium of the planet is being destroyed by the actions of our civilizations, which are all fundamentally based on materialism and profit. The damage the the people and the planet are being ignored by the population of these societies as they are distracted by their day to day lives.

We must change form a materialistic orientated society into a resource based society built on the foundation of love and understanding for all life. The value of life is not money, it is life itself.

each human a star

“Final Peace” – Intel SITREP

Anonymous Intel SITREP
Thursday – 11:11:00 – 2.25.16


Gradual events over the past days, weeks, months, years and decades have lead up to this day.

The “final peace” of the puzzle will be put in place today between 6-8AM CST
​ (Sunrise in Beijing is 6:54Pm or anytime between ​5-7PM EST). As all macro RV matters must be completed prior to the G20 Meetings beginning on March 1 per Galactic counsel.

This includes redeeming the bulk of private groups via off site bank location centers which begins with public 800 appointment numbers being released. Everything has long been made ready at the 5,500 redemption locations and call centers. All bank branches will be brought on-line after the G20 meetings.

Yesterday’s scheduled 6-8pm EST release was shut down due to severe weather conditions engulfing the entire midwest and east coast regions (40% of the US population was going to be negatively effected, as well as 30% of Canada (Ontario). So the PTB deferred the RV kick off to Thursday PM.

Be advised that this sudden weather pattern was artificially created by the Dark Nobility/Rothschild’s as yet another delay to keep the RV from happening prior to the G20 meetings back wall. Also, know that their last second “performance ping pull back” created a similar delay to disrupt RV/G20 timing.

Galactic negotiators calmly laid out new terms, and it went something like this: “Either complete the agreement you have already made or lose all your central banks, as well as activate the removal of your bloodline from the face of the earth. “ So in a moment of inspired enlightenment, the long-time dark nobles/cabal bankers signed off and allowed humanity forward.” Oh, thank you merciful dark ones. The Light will take it from here thank you very much.

Remember, either everyone or no one moves forward. God or not God … and all must decide to follow the mandate of Heaven or be excused from existence… this is to be done by free will per Universal Law… no exceptions, even for the darkest of dark hats.

It’s well known inside government/intelligence circles that there are many other discussions and announcements to be had/made during the G20 meetings that go far beyond the scope of a global financial reset.

Extra terrestrial disclosure will be a major topic of discussion: who, what, where, when and why will all be addressed (i.e. mass consciousness introduction). Also land mass is to be reset or remapped, such as ancient Babylon, plus the old Ottoman and Khazarian Empires. Both boundaries and governments will be returned to a harmonious frequency, which will greatly affect of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

NESARA will also be a big topic of discussion for world leaders. Exactly how to inform the mass populous of this new debt free and abundant resource reality. New technology release responsibilities, including science communication, manufacturing and press events, will also be handed out to different nations and leaders. Historical disclosures will also be handed to different nations and leaders, as its now time to find out what really happened on Pearl Harbor, 9/11, USA, Inc, New Republic, Crown Temple Bar Association, the IRS, Homeland Security & Patriot Act Fraud, Area 51, Genetic Alteration, Cloning, Black Military, Secrete Space Program, Middle East Peace, The Vatican, dark energy portals such as Syria, Haiti… etc..

The truth is all going to come out now… one, after the other, after the other, after the other… and this is why the cabal fought so hard from allowing any piece of this massive truth puzzle to be put into place… as they will ALL be fully exposed as humanity’s enslavers… many who you have placed your absolute faith and trust in across a variety of cultural industries… hence why they earned the name “cabal” which literally means secrete clique or faction.

Galactic advisers will be present, just as they have always been… and obviously now a little more accessible and open to all. Remember, the universal tether of bondage has been removed… so anything that serves humanity’s greatest good may now come into the light of day and on-line. Expect many positive changes rather rapidly now.

And for those skeptics reading this, please table your disbelief till after your redemption appointment. As once you experience the full weight of the blessing bestowed on you/humanity via finance, you’ll perhaps open your horizons to other macro changes planned and forthcoming in the coming days, weeks, months, years and decades.

As for currency rates, they’re escalating by the hour. Know that all participating banks must redeem all submitted currencies… so it may be wise to look at this redemption experience as if you were walking up ​on ​a dinner buffet with the best tasting food on the planet… and while you ​initially ​want to eat everything because you’re ravenously hungry (short-term​), you know that eating too much will pain your body (long-term​)​.

So maybe look at achieve a specific goal per see, one that creates optimal balance in your life versus getting ​the highest possible number or interest rate. ​That said, by all means put enough on your plate so that when you leave your appointment you feel full/content … and make sure you get a take home doggie bag for future generations:)

It should now be obvious to all paying attention that humanity and Earth (Urantia) are coming out of financial, physical, spiritual and energetic bondage/bankruptcy together and simultaneously… as this is what the Galactics referred to years ago as “the hard way” versus slowly integrating each phase of the great transition over a much longer period of time, known as “the easy way.” So be it.

FYI: Tetelestai translated from Latin means, “It is finished,” was written on debt bills to show payment. This is where we get the modern term “paid in full.”

So enjoy your blessing. Go slow. And remember, attaining divine consciousness is always more valuable than attaining digital credits… because what is truly occurring today and everyday thereafter is part of a continuous, larger spiritual transition versus just a singular, unprecedented banking transaction.

Aloha Ke
​Akua (God is Love in Hawaiian or ancient Lemurian)

* Oh yeah, the truth about two flood submerged continents, Atlantis (Atlantic Ocean) and Lemuria (Pacific Ocean) will be coming out as well:)


The Questions We Never Ask~ Thought Provoking Video …♥♥♥…

planet earth humans question

There has never been as many humans on the planet as there is now. We have perhaps never been more advanced in terms of technology as we are now. And we now have access to more information that ever before in the history of mankind.

So if we are so evolved why is there so much unnecessary illness, death and destruction all around our planet? We are simply not asking the right questions . . . That is the main issue that is being addressed by Spencer Cathcart in this video. (You can read the full transcript further below at the bottom of the article)

In 100 years time when people look back at how we lived today in 2016 what things will they say?

Will they wonder why people stood by as humans with money and power bombed other poorer humans for political and financial gain? Will they wonder how could we treat animals so poorly? Will they ask how could we let ourselves be so easily brainwashed into living a life which is unhealthy. unethical and served only the interests of huge money making corporations?

I fear that all these questions will be very valid in 100 years time. So my plea to you is after watching this video to share it far and wide. Be part of the change, And when your great great Grand kids ask where you were or what you were doing when all of this was happening, you can say you were at least trying to make a difference by being informed, informing others and trying to create positive change in the world.

earth human questions

Published on Feb 10, 2016

We may have many answers…but do we ask the right questions?
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My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is the first short film I have released since “The Lie We Live” in 2015. In this video I question our relationship with life on this planet.

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You can select the subtitles to watch through “Settings” in the right corner of my video.

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