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Your Birth Certificate is Worth Billions Pay off your Debt!


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Your Birth Certificate Was Made Into a Bond…it’s Worth Billions!

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New Republic via a GCR ( Global Currency Re-Set ): “Human Angel” & “Snap” Intel Update for September 29, 2016

Wells Fargo Bank received the Federal Reserve Codes for Republic accessibility to funds tonight at 9:30pm EDT.

The world now awaits China to announce their gold holdings in Beijing sometime after 12:01am CST (midnight EDT).

This act will award the Chinese Yuan full access into the IMF’s basket of global reserve currencies known as SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), replacing the USD as the world’s most influential global currency.


This subtle press release will automatically invoke the gold standard imbedded in the UN’s Paris Agreement (because it is expected to simultaneously ratify) and begin our final release protocols for both the global currency reset / Republic’s revaluation of USN currency.




At 02:00am EDT all Reno sub group leaders are expected to gain 100% access to their newly revalued USN accounts for immediate disbursement. That includes the Admiral’s Group.

Shortly thereafter, Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing have been told to expect 800# release authorization which kick starts their 7,000 Privately Negotiated Exchange(PNE) off-site location.

Chosen Ones (CO) are expected to start flowing in for appointments anytime at or after 03:00am EDT. CO redemptions will go on for at least 6.2 days and maybe longer (make your appointments ASAP).

es the ZIM rates are really as high as predicted. It’s wise to start dealing with this new reality moving forward versus having no emotional momentum prior to your appointment. Meaning, start letting this whole insane concept finally be real. Like real, real. Really!

Remember to focus on love during your redemption appointment and you’ll be just fine. It’s ok to surrender constantly because the moment is bigger than your knowledge or ego. It’s ok to pray for guidance. It’s ok to detach from the numbers and allow complete strangers to walk you through every detail. It’s ok to receive this earthly gift as Heaven mana because that’s exactly what it is. And it’s ok to evolve into your human angel on the spot, or do so later at your own pace, in your own way, with your own greater good objectives.

Know you were created for this precise moment in history–there’s no other explanation for what’s happening now. So be fearless and boldly claim your divine task with heroic certainty, positive energy, deep humility and most of all unbridled joy.

Miracles can and do happen people. The RV was just yours:) Sobeit.

God is with us.



Psychologically the human brain can only process so much information at one time. Thus, to accomplish decades worth of structural macro geopolitical, geofinancial changes all in the same day, same hour even, is a wise strategy because it’s literally an inconceivable series of events to the casual observer.

Try learning calculus in a day and you’ll understand the GCR/RV roll out strategy instantly.

So yes we expect everything GCR/RV related to just “snap” into place today. And the changes to be so dramatic, so vast, so global that no one will know exactly what to make of it all… and just go about their business per usual because it’s “above their pay grade.”

China has yet to publicly release their gold holdings announcement which we were told would happened early on Thursday morning. This event qualifies China and its Renimbi for IMF SDR basket inclusion on October 1. Snap.

The Paris Agreement is expected to ratify at exactly the same time, as Russia turns in their documentation to the UN Secretary General. This puts into force/implements the gold standard legally and globally. Snap.

UN Operational rates then are public ally revalue per the Paris Agreement ratification which will then forces global markets to adjust all currency rates. This technically and openly reveals the RV. Snap.

The US Congress went ahead and passed a temporary spending bill last night in the wee hours. This was done in preparation of the coming RV on Thursday, as only after the RV can such a bill even be fulfilled because of Republic / USN implementation. Snap.

Will anyone even notice?
Will anyone really care?
Will anyone weep for joy?

A chosen few, maybe. But the vast majority of humanity will have no concept as to the scope or significance of what’s happening. It’s just too big. It’s just too too real. Which makes era transition just too uncomfortable to contemplate. So they ignore it. Brush aside massive global changes instead of researching their world, playing catch up.

Mediocrity and irrelevance is just such an easier house to live in–not much upkeep.

It’s as if human mental curiosity has been turned off due to the heavy and constant subconscious programming (media, entertainment, food, pharma, etc.)… and whenever real truth is presented, it appears as inconceivable noise, a conspiracy against the norm, a random irritant versus a truly meaningful enlightening moment.

Here’s a short animated video that speaks to what you are probably experiencing now as a currency holder, especially ZIM holders:

Such deep rooted psychological conditioning is so strong, so culturally ingrained by cabal minions over the centuries that they’ve literally managed to reconstitute our DNA.

This is the real reason why humanity desperately needs a reset. We’re in an invisible war for our cellular sovereignty.

Our real truth must be restored again so we can evolve as God desires us to, not as the cabal has orchestrated our genetics. As a species we are soooooooooooo much more than we’re being led to believe is even possible.


A LOAN is Actually A Deposit of Money By A Customer With Banker / Banker Admits in Court that Banks Actually Loan Nothing PART 2

bank lies and fraud

Ok i could see lot of Request for Re-posting the Link Below, but if i do change date.. the Old article will disappear.. so am Re-posting as Part 2 of More on How the BANKS fooled the World in-to Debts… also included  a VDO from Zeitgeist & Taj Tarik Bey…. Remember Only God can create something out of nothing ! Banks are illegal you don’t owe them nothing !

Guys Fight the Fraud banksters Tooth& Nail and Knock em out..fight for your right !

:::::Pls Check Part 1 of the same Article & others::::

A LOAN is Actually A Deposit of Money By A Customer With Banker / Banker Admits in Court that Banks Actually Loan Nothing

Money as Debt III – Evolution Beyond Money

Valerie LOPEZ, reveals Bank FRAUD on 97% of loans

Your mortgage documents are fake!

~ Galactic human ~

loan scam

Published on May 7, 2014

Judge in Court Case Admits Banks Never Loan Money
Stop Foreclosure

Published on Feb 13, 2013

This stunning news clip from New Zealand TV station ‘Seven Sharp’ confirms the revelations shared by ‘The Money Masters’ and other such pioneering thinkers and researchers who have long sought to bring forward the truth about how money works. The is as stunning as it is simple: whenever you apply for a loan or a mortgage THE BANK YOU APPLIED TO CREATES THE MONEY OUT OF NOTHING. It is not lent to you from the banks’ holdings, it is not borrowed from other accounts. It simply is entered into a bank account digitally and from that day forth you are contractually responsible for paying back the created money PLUS all the interest that accrues. This fiat currency is destroying the confidence, trust, and agreements that we hold with one another and with merchants on a daily basis by corrupting the medium of exchange that we all collectively agree to use.

Many will go on to expound the details of promissory notes, double entry bookkeeping and all sorts of other confusing details, but it is essential that this video or the source for it at Seven Sharp should be shared with every one you know. Please, take 5 minutes now to share this video and explain why it is so important that everyone knows that the banks are hoodwinking the people and it does not need to be this way any more. For more on how we can achieve a fair financial policy of interest-free currency, see the Writ of Mandamus article here

Published on Apr 4, 2013

Fight the Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud – We are a Mortgage, Note, Loan Securitization http://www.1RealEstateHomes.com, and Foreclosure Education company and we can and do offer educational and legal mortgage, securitization, foreclosure defense, and mortgage loan information and attorney drawn letters and forms that work to get you a Satisfaction of Mortgage with a Corrective Warranty Deed to your property in less than 90 days.

Honors to those responsible for uploading this video and Honors to a true Master and Adept; Taj Tarik Bey.  This video clearly demonstrates one of the reasons I love Taj Tarik Bey.  This is about the third time I’ve viewed it and there’s always a new realization each time. 

Part 2 VDO

Check Website : The Mortgage Myth

A LOAN is Actually A Deposit of Money By A Customer With Banker / Banker Admits in Court that Banks Actually Loan Nothing


WoW the BIG BANK SCAM are finally coming out in-the-Open, i remember going thru OPPT documents 2 years back were-in Heather said, that NO LOAN is ever Made??, its all a FRAUD, and U R The VALUE not the MONEY!! and then-on with a new concept abt i-Open Banking System Sayin ” You R The Bank / You R the Value” statement hav allways impacted me since there-on and has opened my Views to a Whole New World of SCAMs & that we as a PEOPLE have been FOOLEDD BIG TIME…… GH

Also Check My Earlier post : How the Banksters Steal Your Wealth Using the Modern Banking System

The  Great Banking Deception


~ Galactic human ~


A LOAN is Actually A Deposit of Money By A Customer With Banker
A LOAN is: Deposit Of Money By A Customer With Banker; Gimbel Bros. v. White, 10 N.Y.S.2d 666, 667, 256 App.Div. 439 Black’s Law Dictionary Fourth Edition (page 1085)
home loan
Did You Really get A Loan?
Did you really get a loan when you contracted to borrow money from the bank to pay for your home? Or was it just an exchange (your note for cash), but the bank called it a loan? Or did two loans occur?
u r asset
The banker says, repay the loan because the bank lent you money. We simply ask one question: Should the one who funded the loan be repaid the money? Whether they answer YES or NO, the bank must forgive the loan and zero out the debt. That is the one question that they do not want to answer because the borrower funded the loan as proven by the bank’s own bookkeeping entries.
Before an attorney can sue for foreclosure, he must show that the defending party (you) breached the agreement. The attorney needs a witness to give testimony that there is an agreement and that the agreement has been breached.
If Rich (as an example) testifies in court that there was a loan when he knew that there was only an exchange of equal value, Rich would be giving false testimony and would be called a false witness.
In a normal court foreclosure, the lender does not come to court to give testimony. The bank attorney uses the alleged promissory note with the alleged borrower’s signature as the witness in court to claim that there is an agreement, that there was a loan, that the lender fulfilled his agreement, and that the alleged borrower did not fulfill the agreement to repay the money. Instead of the attorney using Rich to give oral testimony, the attorney used the promissory note as the witness as the evidence to sue the alleged borrower.
There is a legal concept of form vs. substance. The form is the promissory note, which says that the lender lent money to the alleged borrower. The substance is the money trail – the bookkeeping entries. The substance shows that there were two loans exchanged – equal value for equal value. The borrower was required to repay his loan to the bank plus interest, but the bank never repaid the debt it owes to you. IOU was exchanged for IOU. The two newly created IOUs cancel each other.
Acts in reference to the issue of whether “greenbacks” could be used to pay state taxes. In Perry v. Washburn, 20 Cal.318 (1862), the California Supreme Court ruled that United States notes could not be used to pay state taxes, especially where a California statute required taxes to be paid in coin. In State Treasurer v. Collector Sangamon County, 28 Ill. 509, 512 (1862)
The Colorado Constitution Page 12 states only coin can be used to pay debts. §10. Powers denied individual states. (1) No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance or confederation; grant letters of marque or reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility.

In reference to the lawfulness of the “greenback” currency of the Union, this issue involved not one single case but a multiple of cases spanning some 15 years. Before delivering any opinion wherein a challenge to the constitutionality of the Legal Tender Acts was concerned, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered certain opinions in cases related to this issue. In Bronson v. Rodes, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 229 (1869), the Court held that a bond requiring payment in specie coin could not be discharged by paying “greenbacks.”


world bank fraud

 Banker Admits in Court that Banks Actually Loan Nothing

This is an actual court transcript – an interview with a banker, who is under oath, about a foreclosure. The banker was placed on the witness stand and sworn in. The plaintiff’s (borrower’s) attorney asked the banker the routine questions concerning the banker’s education and background. Then this conversation followed:

Attorney ( Lawyer ) in RED

Banker  in Blue

The attorney asked the banker, “What is court exhibit A?”
The banker responded by saying, “This is a promissory note.”

The attorney then asked, “Is there an agreement between Mr. Smith (borrower) and the defendant?”
The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “Do you believe the agreement includes a lender and a borrower?”
The banker responded by saying, “Yes, I am the lender and Mr. Smith is the borrower.”

The attorney asked, “What do you believe the agreement is?”
The banker quickly responded, saying, ” We have the borrower sign the note and we give the borrower a check.”

The attorney asked, “Does this agreement show the words borrower, lender, loan, interest, credit, or money within the agreement?”
The banker responded by saying, “Sure it does.”

The attorney asked, `”According to your knowledge, who was to loan what to whom according to the written agreement?”
The banker responded by saying, “The lender loaned the borrower a $50,000 check. The borrower got the money and the house and has not repaid the money.”

The attorney noted that the banker never said that the bank received the promissory note as a loan from the borrower to the bank. He asked, “Do you believe an ordinary person can use ordinary terms and understand this written agreement?”
The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “Do you believe you or your company legally own the promissory note and have the right to enforce payment from the borrower?”
The banker said, “Absolutely we own it and legally have the right to collect the money.”

The attorney asked, “Does the $50,000 note have actual cash value of $50,000? Actual cash value means the promissory note can be sold for $50,000 cash in the ordinary course of business.”
The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “According to your understanding of the alleged agreement, how much actual cash value must the bank loan to the borrower in order for the bank to legally fulfill the agreement and legally own the promissory note?”
The banker said, “$50,000.”

The attorney asked, “According to your belief, if the borrower signs the promissory note and the bank refuses to loan the borrower $50,000 actual cash value, would the bank or borrower own the promissory note?”
The banker said, “The borrower would own it if the bank did not loan the money. The bank gave the borrower a check and that is how the borrower financed the purchase of the house.”

The attorney asked, “Do you believe that the borrower agreed to provide the bank with $50,000 of actual cash value which was used to fund the $50,000 bank loan check back to the same borrower, and then agreed to pay the bank back $50,000 plus interest?”
The banker said, “No. If the borrower provided the $50,000 to fund the check, there was no money loaned by the bank so the bank could not charge interest on money it never loaned.”

The attorney asked, “If this happened, in your opinion would the bank legally own the promissory note and be able to force Mr. Smith to pay the bank interest and principal payments?”
The banker said, “I am not a lawyer so I cannot answer legal questions.” The attorney asked, “Is it bank policy that when a borrower receives a $50,000 bank loan, the bank receives $50,000 actual cash value from the borrower, that this gives value to a $50,000 bank loan check, and this check is returned to the borrower as a bank loan which the borrower must repay?”
The banker said, “I do not know the bookkeeping entries.”

The attorney said, “I am asking you if this is the policy.”
The banker responded, “I do not recall.”

The attorney again asked, “Do you believe the agreement between Mr. Smith and the bank is that Mr. Smith provides the bank with actual cash value of $50,000 which is used to fund a $50,000 bank loan check back to himself which he is then required to repay plus interest back to the same bank?”
The banker said, ” I am not a lawyer.”

The attorney said, “Did you not say earlier that an ordinary person can use ordinary terms and understand this written agreement?”
The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney handed the bank loan agreement marked “Exhibit B” to the banker. He said, “Is there anything in this agreement showing the borrower had knowledge or showing where the borrower gave the bank authorization or permission for the bank to receive $50,000 actual cash value from him and to use this to fund the $50,000 bank loan check which obligates him to give the bank back $50,000 plus interest?”
The banker said, “No.”

The lawyer asked, “If the borrower provided the bank with actual cash value of $50,000 which the bank used to fund the $50,000 check and returned the check back to the alleged borrower as a bank loan check, in your opinion, did the bank loan $50,000 to the borrower?”
The banker said, “No.”

The attorney asked, “If a bank customer provides actual cash value of $50,000 to the bank and the bank returns $50,000 actual cash value back to the same customer, is this a swap or exchange of $50,000 for $50,000.”
The banker replied, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “Did the agreement call for an exchange of $50,000 swapped for $50,000, or did it call for a $50,000 loan?”
The banker said, “A $50,000 loan.”

The attorney asked, “Is the bank to follow the Federal Reserve Bank policies and procedures when banks grant loans.”
The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “What are the standard bank bookkeeping entries for granting loans according to the Federal Reserve Bank policies and procedures?” The attorney handed the banker FED publication Modern Money Mechanics, marked “Exhibit C”.
The banker said, “The promissory note is recorded as a bank asset and a new matching deposit (liability) is created. Then we issue a check from the new deposit back to the borrower.”

The attorney asked, “Is this not a swap or exchange of $50,000 for $50,000?”
The banker said, “This is the standard way to do it.”

 The attorney said, “Answer the question. Is it a swap or exchange of $50,000 actual cash value for $50,000 actual cash value? If the note funded the check, must they not both have equal value?” The banker then pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

The attorney asked, “If the bank’s deposits (liabilities) increase, do the bank’s assets increase by an asset that has actual cash value?” The banker said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “Is there any exception?”
The banker said, “Not that I know of.”

The attorney asked, “If the bank records a new deposit and records an asset on the bank’s books having actual cash value, would the actual cash value always come from a customer of the bank or an investor or a lender to the bank?”
The banker thought for a moment and said, “Yes.”

The attorney asked, “Is it the bank policy to record the promissory note as a bank asset offset by a new liability?”
The banker said, “Yes.”

Check For More : http://2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com/profiles/blogs/banker-admits-in-court-that-banks-actually-loan-nothing


UFOs Near Sun On Feb 4, 2014,

ufo sun

Date of sighting: February 4, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

Myunhauzen74 of Youtube works hard to bring us new info on the UFO around the sun in SOHO/NASA photos every week and they never cease to amaze me. For instance the cube is caught near the surface of the sun and has a bright orange glow probably from the heat shield absorbing the suns energy. NASA has never commented on the UFOs seen because if they did so, it would draw the publics attention onto it, causing a lot to discussion and research into the topic. Thats not what NASA wants. Out of sight, out of mind, right? SCW

Myunhauzen74 UFO Site: http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.tw

LET´S MAKE EVERYTHING FREE – Free yourself with your imagination — it´s your power


LET´S MAKE EVERYTHING FREE – Free yourself with your imagination — it´s your power


The GERMAN Video version you find here:

OTHER LANGUAGES FIND HERE under the top line “help us”

Please read and sign The Free World Charter today at:

The Free World Charter is a set of principles that have the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate human poverty and greed, and advance progress exponentially.

Neither political nor religious, the ten short principles of the Charter could form the foundation of a new, advanced society that uses no money, is free, fair and sustainable. They are based solely on common sense, Nature and survival.

This is our world, and we can solve many of our problems today and have a better society, by following just a few simple rules of Nature.

Read and sign the Charter:

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🙂 Funkthatthing! Simply feels good 🙂

In Debt We Trust Documentary – English Documentary -How Money and Credit Control Your Life


Published on Apr 23, 2013

Debt is like a disease that can enable us from living a happy and normal life by taking control over our lives. Most of us don’t even know how we end up in the situation we are in. Buying every thing we own with credit has become our culture. But don’t let debt control your life any more. You can take over your life again. Imagine life with out debt!

IUV- Grounded


“Groundbreaking” Documentary About The Healing Power Of The Earth (2013)

This captivating documentary follows a National Geographic filmmaker who finds relief from pain and aches using the earth as a healing conduit source of free electrons. Helping his community in Alaska, he expands his circle of people who are eager to learn about the effects of grounding. Featuring David Suzuki, Clint Ober, Dr. Mercola, and other leaders, naturalists, and health visionaries.

Full length Documentary



RTS UPDATE : Universal Value Exchange


Universal Value Exchange


Many people have asked about the documents that Heather spoke about two months ago, specifically the documents that will outline the current financial system and how it works vs the “New” financial system (ie: the Universal Value Exchange System) and I Value.   Over the course of the past couple of months more and more information, intel, and absolute data has become available on this.  Each step of the process of has become very clear- to the point of extreme clarity- and as each piece of the puzzle makes itself visible the documents are edited and changed to reflect that information.

Several months ago the following patent was made visible- and we’re pretty sure it was back-dated to cover their asses.  Since then a huge amount of data has been released.  Here’s the thing:  Even with all the shenanigans that are constantly going on within the corporate governments, the world of finance, industries like big pharma and big oil, etc…. they HAVE to be transparent in some way, shape or form.  They MUST make it known and available to the public to know what they are doing.  Of course, they don’t actually want you to KNOW what they are doing, so these pieces of information and data are hidden in ways that are not apparent, with no fanfare or sign posts to direct you to the information, and the information is many times hidden behind elusive language and wording that is not easily understood. So finding the information takes a lot of digging in places like the UCC, the Patent offices, various government agencies, etc…. Not easy to say the least.  The other place that you can find them outing various information they need to make public is, believe it or not, Wikipedia!  They do an amazing job of hiding in plain sight pieces of the information puzzle in such a way that the vast majority of the public wouldn’t connect any dots at all.
…. unless you happen to know what dots to look for  ;>)

Today I am posting the patent that has been put forward by VISA (yes, the credit card company) for the “Universal Value Exchange”….. sounds familiar, eh?

……. I do love it when they make it absolutely transparent and blatantly show what it is that they are planning.   The “Universal Value Exchange”……  “Universal” is pretty damn straight up in your face and crystal clear.  The words that I LOVE though are “VALUE” and “EXCHANGE”… ’cause you know…. we’ve been talking about exchanging Value all year!!  I have to wonder if they’ve thought about just how much information they’ve released just with the name of their new system alone, eh?

Below is the original patent filing.  Under that is a blow up of the little tiny diagram they have in the document- and THIS is the most enlightening part of the whole document to me as I’m a very visually oriented person.  So, start with looking through the patent for the Universal Value Exchange, then we’ll take a good look at the diagram and I’ll illuminate some very important points in the diagram. ….

Link to original patent: http://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2012097108&recNum=85&maxRec=77092&office=&prevFilter=&sortOption=&queryString=solar&tab=PCT+Biblio


IUV Excjange
The diagram above here is taken directly from the Patent filed with the WIPO HERE .  For the sake of clarity and the fact that I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes to stuff like this, I’ve cleaned up the diagram- edited my own nice neat headings etc….  as you can see that the original doesn’t size up very well from the document. The next diagram – and all the ones that follow in this article, were created by myself to give a visual image of my opinions of what these represent and what is currently happening.

This diagram above is my representation of the Current Financial System and is based on the diagram in the patent for the UVE.  Take a close look between the two diagrams- of the Universal Value Exchange and of the Current Financial System.  The first thing I want to point out- as it’s the most major piece of the puzzle is that the UVE diagram has arrows from the man figure- one to the bank and one to the exchange (and we’ll get into more details of exactly what this “exchange” is in a bit) and the word written below that arrow is “Optional”.  Therein lies one of the major differences between the current system- which you notice doesn’t have anything “optional” anywhere- and the UVE system: If you are awake and aware, and if you KNOW the system, and if you KNOW your rights, and if you KNOW what to say and do, and if you can make your way through the bureaucracy…. they HAVE to allow you the choice.  To deal with the new system or not to deal with the new system…. that is the question.

The dotted line boxes around the Exchange and Bank squares are also an indication of change, because by using the dotted line, they are giving you a choice.

Looking and the diagram of the Current Financial System you can see that there are no options, no choices to be made….. you are dealing with a closed system.  The pieces that are in grey are the parts that they don’t tell you about, ie: that YOU are the Value, and that the controller of the Currently Financial System is STILL the Universal Value Exchange system!!!!  They just dropped out the upper box into the lower box in the middle of the UVE so that you’d think that it’s a “New” financial system!!  Same girl, Different party dress, to quote Heather, lol.

Here is my “interpretation” of the patents UVE diagram…. with the missing component drawn in, in grey:

They don’t tell you that YOU are the VALUE- which of course is the really big biggie- and they don’t tell you about where your value is going, ie: who the real “controllers” are, and where exactly they are located!!!

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious problem with both of these points.

Don’t you find the word “Merchant” and interesting choice of words? So if assigning your Value over to the banks and exchange traded funds (not that they actually tell you about them either) is an “Option”, does that mean that you can deal directly with the Universal Value Exchange Controller?

How about those guys really running the show way up there….. can you deal directly with them?
Can we skip over all the middlemen and the brokers and the bankers and the “Controllers” and just deal directly with User 1 01b?
Hmmmmmm.  Wait!  That sounds familiar!  Isn’t that called………
So for tonight, I will leave you with the homework of reading all this very interesting patent information on the “Universal Value Exchange”, and I will ask you to think about these two questions, and come up with the answer that resonates with YOU. Would you rather exchange your Value within THIS system:

…. Or would you rather exchange your value this way:
OH!  And by the way, you might find this definition interesting in light of everything we’ve been discussing for the past 9 months:

noun: merchant; plural noun: merchants
a person or company involved in wholesale trade, esp. one dealing with foreign countries or supplying merchandise to a particular trade.

…… VERY interesting word, don’t you think?

OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release UCC Eternal Essence Filing March 18, 2013


And So It Is Done

Below is the true, accurate, and complete vehicle of word of the Absolute Energy entered into all that IS
Click here for official document :

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