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Barry Eaton ~ The Afterlife Exists, What Really Happens When We Die

Their has been so many books regarding this subject, each one with its own uniqueness, But everyone in unision with a thing called the Light at the end of the Tunnel….. I have not read the authors Afterlife book, and it seems his second book named -No Good Byes-, was launched in 2015.. after going thru this conference Vdo’s it feels like i should.

~Galactic human ~

This video details the whole process of crossing into the next life, from the journey “home,” to adapting to new living conditions in the afterlife, and even delving into what kinds of activities will be available there, and how we can be prepared for our own personal journey.

What happens when someone dies? What does it feel like? What exactly is the light at the end of the tunnel? Is reincarnation real? And if so, do spirits have any influence over their lives to come? Based on his own amazing experiences communicating with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers these questions about the spirit world, and many, many more. Taking the reader on a journey through the realm of the spirit.


Insane spirit box session! CRYSTAL CLEAR SPIRIT RESPONSES!

  Well this was something new for  me, i have been following this two channels  may be for 3 months now… And i have no words to explain how Spirit could talk to us, anyway he uses something like a spirit box.. Spooky sounds you get when played…

~ Galactic Human ~

Multiple times thru out the day and late into the night, it felt like the spirits had been trying to get my attention at my house. Recorded Jan 2nd, 2017, 4am I’ve known Frank for about a month (he came home with me from the T.B. Ripy Mansion I believe), but I didn’t know who else resided in my home. Frank was wanting to tell me and man I’m glad I listened to him and did this session. at 5:00 in, I go to reverse mode, and things start getting crazy! In reverse mode, no clear words should come thru, because the entire signal is being reversed on a 2.5-second delay.

I was a huge nay-sayer on all the apps, especially the portal, for a long time. After doing my own research, and obtaining my own results, it became obvious to me that SPIRITS CAN ALTER SOUNDS in our world, including, but not limited to static.

My 1st full session with the Wonder Box Red. It blew me away. If you enjoy this, please. thumbs up and subscribe and check out my hundreds of videos prior to this one. Thank you so much for your love and support. http://www.huffparanormal.com

The After-Life Investigation ~ The Scole Experiments – Proof of Life After Death?

Weird Documentary, i never had any Ghostly experience, but i do believe its for real, one of my property does have it ? Well It seems my Staff do say so!!! , and many have experienced its some kind-off Wakeup-Ghost, it does not allow you to sleep in the night and is completely Harmless . On the Positive side it helps my staff to complete their Night Shift 🙂

~ Galactic Human ~

This documentary has it all. EVP’s, mediums, materialization of objects, so much insanity. Plus it comes with a ton of haters! I love it. I’m astounded that I hadn’t discovered it already.

If you enjoy this, then I think you’ll LOVE my research in the field!

Where Do You Go When You Die?….♥♥♥…


WoW…. I would say Guys… IGNORANCE is BLISS… I should have taken the BLUE PILL… Its very hard to be in this world yet not belong to it…. You would just go MAD…..The moment DEATH takes me in… I dont want to come back what May?… My Only FEAR of DEATH is Coming back REINCARNATED!!…Death is such a Mystery even now, As i was Going thru the Great OSHO’s Biography.. here’s what he has to say abt it…. and i Quote ” All the religious teachers I go to listen to talk about death; nobody talks about life. They are not interested in life, in fact; they want you all not to be interested in life. Their business depends on your interest in death. And about death, the most beautiful thing is that you can create any kind of fiction and nobody can argue against it. Neither you can prove it, nor can anybody disprove it. And if you are a believer, then of course all your scriptures are in support of the priest, the monk, the rabbi, and he can quote those scriptures.” Unquote….

Yes you go to hell… No You go to heaven..Ohh the topic is endless and you can create end no of Stories… is it not??. Just imagine the so called terrorist giving out his Lifes killing others , just because his Guru promised him saying he will get 72 virgin women when he die’s.” OR the same goes to Any Soldier fighting for his or her Country?? But the fact is  you can befool people by telling a series of lies. ..Am not debunking or criticising anyone.. But it’s a Fact and can neither be Proved otherwise…..

I have included 2 VDo’s 1st one is more of a  Humoristic Version the other one is more of a serious kind……

~ Galactic human ~

Whether you cling to a religious or scientific belief about what happens to you when you die, there are only five possibilities and one of them is true.

1. We go to a better place

Like heaven?

2. We go to a worse place

Like hell?

3. We go no place


4. We go to the same place


5. We go to a different dimension

Not worse or better


Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day your brain will shut down, your heart will stop beating, and your body will die. Depressing thought…or is it?

While most of us may think death is the ultimate end, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. And while we’re not prepared to call it conclusive, it does make you wonder whether death really is the grand finale. As yet, we just don’t understand how consciousness works.

There are multiple accounts of near-death experiences which seem to have taken place when the subject’s brain was about as active as a loaf of bread.

One of the classic components of a near-death experience is meeting dead relatives on the other side. If most of us were to give this much thought, we’d probably conclude that it was due to extremely vivid hallucinations. Reports about meeting dead relatives are mostly anecdotal and of limited scientific value, but they do raise the possibility that your long-dead great grandma is watching every time you shower.

Then there’s all those meticulously researched and documented cases of children apparently being able to recall their previous lives.

Quantum physics tells us that all possibilities in the universe happen simultaneously. It’s only when an “observer” chooses to look – that all of these possibilities collapse into a single one—the one that happened in our universe. If that’s true, then time, space, matter, and everything else should only exist because of our perception of them.That means things like “death” stop being solid facts and become merely a part of our perception.

Although we may appear to die in this universe, our life becomes “a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.” If that turns out to be true, then it would mean the multiverse doesn’t just allow us to return after death, it physically demands that we do.

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