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Q-ANON~ MASSIVE-INTEL UPDATE 14th May 2018 ~Pain coming “Big Week Ahead”Prince exposes “Insurance File” Enjoy the SHOW

Whoa!!! What a drop!!! Thank you Q for taking time to talk to We The People… I am sure something regarding those Pedos is around the corner…Q has been spot-on with his prediction so many times, for this time around “Smallville” actress Allison Mack’s arrest (April 20th) that she was naming names to get a plea deal.It wasn’t until April 23rd that news outlets reported she was cooperating as part of a plea deal. How did #Qanon know before anyone else? Anyway it seems Times-Up for em NO-Deals…. Once again Thank-you Q

I +M+With-U = Q

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Bachmann Letter Responding to Ellison

Huma’s Ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows

~ Galactic human ~

#Qanon posted this collection of tweets and past drops about Erik Prince. If you put these crumbs together, they paint a picture of future prosecution.I believe Prince was a double agent inside the agency, sent there to get info to people who needed it.

#Qanon asked the anons to find the 2 NYPD cops who were murdered mid year in 2017, suggeting they may have been killed because they knew what was in the “insurance file” on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. I located one NYPD detective whose death may be connected to the “insurance file.”


An anon responded to #Qanon  There were 17 days between Mack’s arrest and Schneiderman’s resignation. Coincidence?

Q reported the night of Mack’s arrest (April 20th) that she was naming names to get a plea deal.
It wasn’t until April 23rd that news outlets reported she was cooperating as part of a plea deal.
How did #Qanon know before anyone else?

More needing to clean up the judges state and federal. Welcome back Huma? Whats that? More controlled opp to Q.We will know them by their fruit”………..That’s exactly why they’re freaking out! I called out AJ and JC in a few comment sections on other channels yesterday morning after “the freak out”. 

Discussion of the latest Q Anon posts and research into what is being talked about. Nxicvm has a connection to schneiderman

Where has Rudy been for a year? I think he was the keeper of evil deeds….who would the NYPD give this information to. The guy who brought down the mob . This in part is Rudy’s plan….think about the sheer number of documents. # herecomesthepain

Q-ANON UPDATE 5/14/2018 A Message From President TRUMP on Q-Anon Board – This is bigger than any one person or entity.

Pain Coming – Rudy Knows Where the Bodies are Buried, D5 = max avalanch, can be started by a snow ball under the right conditions


Q-ANON~ MASSIVE-INTEL UPDATE 12th May 2018 ~ #QAnon called out Alex Jones AGAIN / Q Community Civil War Heats Up, FBI Spies in Trump Campaign?

To all Patriots around the World don’t be easily misguided… STAY-THE-COURSE…I say this Cause Remember Q gave us back hope, Q offered us help for a true chance at peace.. SAW results on North Korea Peace Deal and  Now IRAN next!!…Q we will not stop loving U.. it’s the least we can do for U… WWg1Wga…Let the Class Action Law Suit Come now….Anons—FIGHT AGAINST EVIL WITH ALL YOU GOT! And let come what may, ignore all those that are getting into our way….. Thank-you Q

I +M+With-U = Q

Also Check VDO (From Trump’s tweets, referencing Q’s 74th post on /patriotsfight/):


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Facebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Saving Text and Call Logs of Users

~Galactic human ~

Full credit to Neon Revolt who posted it

May 10th Video on Donald Trumps Twitter shows a Q74 on a fire truck. Coincidence? No. Once again POTUS confirms Q.

In Post 1354, #Q says “LOOP. Q” Loop Capital?

Truth not sensationalism! Corsi didn’t decode anything on his own correctly! Everyone has missed it about the Q post on profiting from our movement Q was showing pallets of Apple IPhones then talked about making profit from Q This was because Q was refering to the Q app on the iPhone’s and was never about Corsi

AJ’s LAWYER said he was a performance artist!!!!!!! Q is just pointing to that. What makes a good movie? Great actors.Q did not call out Jones and Corsi until immediately after the rants about Trump , saying he sold out to the deep state. That was a very dangerous, unpatriotic move against the movement. Q then attacked after that. Trump hits back twice as hard. Please look at who was really divisive here. Anyone siding with Jones and Corsi after those rants can’t see what really happened here. Would hate to see you try and defend those two

I completely believe that Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, and Rodger Stone are all controlled opposition. They do give out great information but it’s the information that the elite want out. They do not talk about a lot of the cover-up that’s going on with NASA, they won’t talk about Flat Earth, they won’t talk about SpaceX they won’t talk about the moon Landing was faked!! so yeah they’re controlled. And then come on with Alex and his little tizzy fit, that was disgraceful! I pray I am wrong, but facts are facts!

COVERING DROPS 1341 – 1350 join us. we are trying a new way of streaming. covering many topics from q – to include many deep staters called out – also, information on sealed indictments and how the courts have had no leaks. many of the deep state are concerned, they will be brought into the light.

Q-ANON~ MASSIVE-INTEL UPDATE 11th May 2018 ~ BUILDING 8 “Explore further.” “What you are about to learn” Patriots are in CONTROL – Use Logic

Americans and the rest of the World begin to Awaken from a Deep Sleep COMA. With the media melting down and both journalists and TV personalities being investigated and arrested, Americans and the rest of the World are finally waking up to the fact that their homeland media is loaded with propaganda,The HUNTERS have become the HUNTED. 


Clinton Foundation gets another $5.5m from NZ taxpayers

That SpaceX explosion blew up one of Facebook’s most ambitious projects

Rosatom head to visit IRAN

Trump and Kim will meet in Singapore. Here’s why

Iran Confirms Zarif-Kerry Meeting in New York

ISIS leaders CAPTURED: Five ‘most wanted’ commanders taken prisoner in Iraq

~Galactic human ~


Brilliant Anon decodes this post.

Wow crazy posts tonite. Great news all around. Trump and team eradicated CIA and others other Bad actors from North Korea. I think they could handle meeting in Singapore

that building Marina Sands in Singapore is owned by Sheldon Adelson. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump sends someone else.IT LOOKS LIKE THAT BUILDING MAY HAVE A HELIOPORT ON THE TOP? Q says, “Trust but verify”. Sometimes the truth is elusive, but often its simple and transparent. Use discernment

The picture of the building (hotel) is in Singapore. Trump is meeting Kim Jung Un in Singapore. Hillary went to NZ in order to dig up information on certain citizens. Who? Nobody knows at this time. Will she get the info she wants? We’ll see.

Castle lock is a chess move. The King is now protected. Next could be Check mate! Corsi doesn’t even talk about Q, he spends most of his time talking bullshit with whoever he has on his stream. It’s a joke. President Trump needs to remove ALL security clearances from these people!!!!

FVEY is Five Eyes…. an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. McCain will have to claim medical insanity. The tumor was/is in the rationale or critical thinking lobe of the brain. There are too many direct ties, signatures, deals, witness, financial, video and photo evidence against McCain for denial or claim of innocence, as well as too much evidence to claim ignorance. Death or medical insanity are his only options if the coup fails. If the coup wins, McCain will receive a miraculous cure.

Q sheds light on many things such as iran connections to previous administration officials, this includes mccain, and kerry. the five most wanted leaders of isis captured and how they may be connected. q also engages fake and false claims and con artists in the anon community. q eludes to all of us staying together. singapore as possible meeting spot for kim jung un and potus. investigation of mcmaster father’s death. mentions about soros. q mentions that what we are about to learn should not only scare you but intensify your resolve to take back control [freedom]. deep state identified – previous administration officials who keep their security clearance.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 8th May 2018 ~ ass Exodus In DC & Corporate CEOs-WHY? Think LOGICALLY! “WHO IS DR. CORSI:? MOSSAD?

QAnon has become exceedingly rapid in deployment of the drops of data sets. The intel is coming far too fast and the research is so time consuming that to do daily Q articles is rather out of the question. That said these are some of the posts as visual aids. Some call them decodes… Q’s got a new Tripcode NOW.. and the term EXODUS!..My the Great (Resignation) Migration of human looking animals Coming Soon!!!….i stopped posting Dr. Corsi Vdo’s a long time ago …Man i was spot-on, as he is a Mossad agent.. That was Quick?? Like Q said  We all need to move on and trust ourselves. Question EVERYTHING???

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~Galactic Human ~

Corsi, A Rockefeller, Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. #MISINFO Everywhere! #QAnon Chapter 5 in his book goes into great detail about Jerome Corsi, who Mel outs as a Mossad agent:

One anon drew up this for us:

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. Mass exodus and resigning is good and all, but i want justice. I dont wanna sound brutal but this requires public execution to detour others…

State Department CIA control to be taken out next. State Department and CIA are connected, the are the same! Globalist operation.State Dept and C_A = CIA “next” for clean-up! Must have a “rule of law” abiding State Department and FBI before additional “high profile” arrests can occur. Intelligence agencies need the removal / firings of “black hats” ; Once agencies are “clean” then indictments and tribunals can occur! Lets add “black hat” Judges such as 9th circuit.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Use LOGIC.” Follow Q, not Corsi. Corsi and AJ have been actively turning people away from Q towards themselves. It’s a slow take down mass exodus rats jumping ship. “New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned Monday night” Might be an important resignation.

Corsi and Mossad and because Q is not doing Zionists bidding Corsi is off the Q band wagon.Cor$i appears to be trying to grab the steering wheel of the Q movement. His Twitter storm the other day is what convinced me.

Q has told you time and time again to trust the plan. You don’t need to know the plan, when it’s time it will be revealed to you. If plan is revealed to you then it is reveal to deep state. You have more than you know, use it.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 4th May 2018 ~ Massive Firings at FBI!! New Phase JUSTICE. JK Traitor, New Board, Your Fired! The Swamp Is Being Drained!

It is happening. The sooner the FBI and DOJ are cleaned out the sooner the big fish will be brought to justice. Killary was right about one thing !!! They are all going to HANG !!!The Swamp Is Being Drained! Also check an Additional VDO i posted Titled JFK Burial Site – Q Anon What Does It Mean? It looks like Q—More likely the Q is a tribute to JFK Jr. But we can only hope!!

~ Galactic Human ~

#Q’s Post image- The Cannon. Here is where it comes from.

ON 4/29 #Q says “The next phase will being JUSTICE”. Look @POTUStweet with “Justice” and the file name of @realDonaldTrump tweet. #

Cross against House/Senate resignations/final term announcements + CEO departures.

New Q: Cannon Fire! Massive firings at the FBI. Judge cries foul! A federal judge hearing arguments on an indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort brought into question the scope of Mueller’s investigation.

Isn’t that a violation of the Logan Act?? I thought private citizens weren’t allowed to conduct foreign policy??JK: His behavior is “unusual” because it is punished by law (i.e. Treason). However, since JK is a S&B “brother”, he may have an exception (e.g. like Hellary has).

IMAGE ANALYSIS OF AIRPLANE PICS DROPPED BY Q soros and apple connections q switches trip codes future comms q drops screen cap of potus tweet fbi firings and power moves q points out many have been fired and not resigned at the highest level of government. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan.

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. Lisa Page Testimony recieved”: means that she doesn’t need to be a cooperating witness, WE have her texts and e testimony. Access to historical record, will be the future’s guarantee. NSA today admitted to triple ing 2017 data collection… Some one should be worried.

JFK Burial Site – Q Anon What Does It Mean?

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 2nd May 2018 ~Picture Puzzle…. AppIe EXP0SED!! #Obama #Iranian #Army #Crushed! #QAnon #EagerLion18 ! #Uranium1 #Clinton Deep State Attacks Again

Things abt IRAN and middle east heating-up….Little prick Obama allways lookin for Trouble with his Silent COUP…The shot is of Apple’s flagship store in IFC the International Finance Centre building in Hong Kong’s CBD. The IFC also houses the Hong Kong Stock Exchange controlled by China. …I never liked Apple… it is one of the most greedy companies on earth, selling overpriced garbage..boycott Apple people….

And what abt the JetBlue Plane does that indicate #Pizzagate…

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Pentagon cracks down on Chinese tech companies amid spying concerns

~ Galactic Human ~

Quick followup to last night’s post about the planes: An #Anon noticed a Warlock callsign flying out of Lexington: I’m also sure you’ve all heard about the C-130 crash that happened a short while later:

Are all of these Military crashes a Coincidence? Who owns the Quartz chip technology? Mueller connected to planes falling out of the sky?

#Q drops another photo. Apple? All pics together. Well we know #Q has an Iphone 10. 

Definitely Apple.

is it a JetBlue flight into SJC (San Jose) mostly  likely, could also be SFO or OAK.Look at the center fin in related pic. Same fin as Q drop? JETBLUE?Apple HQ located in Cupertino (near San Jose, CA). In the sick Jet Blue promo @SpikeLee can share his #pizza with a friend. What kind of friends does Spike have?

So… is someone, or something from Apple on that plane? (And no, it’s not Tim Cook. He’s prohibited from flying commercial, due to his contract). That’s the apple store in Hong Kong.And these are shipping pallets, on a truck. Trump then tweets this out:

Did someone’s get caught smuggling , right after Trump went to China , Obama was there and we all know Obama and Hillary love to smuggle all kinds of things !!!Pentagon just banned Chinese made phones from US military bases due to espionage and spyware on the phones attributed to the Chinese government. Could be related? Look up the Clinton foundation website and look at the project EDGE the cloud thing they’ve been working on and also Maxine Waters was on video saying Obama had his on data saving thing I’m not good on this area but it might be alo connected

Deep state is blowing up the planes to get back at the military for taking down the pedo racket.apple HQ cali.. planes cargo boxes full of cash pallets. apple HQ china additional, Apple is bad news. Probably caught with some illegal activities w China. 

CANADA’S RED PILL – May 2nd 2018 : Covering #Qposts from April 28th and 29th and tying it into #World #Events. Time stamps tell the whole synopsis!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT !!

The boxes are how the bombs got here in (the sum off all fears) movie,  OR that container looks very empty… lots of room for human trafficking maybe. could this be part of the reason trump wanted apple back in the USA?

INEXCUSABLE PROOF THAT Q ANON IS EITHER WHITEHOUSE STAFF OF DIRECTLY IN CONTACT WITH HIGH RANKING MEMBERS. This proves that Netanyahu, the White House and Q are collaborating to take down Iran and Syria in one coup. How is that different to the Global Elite they’re supposed to be fighting. Do they really expect us to accept that childish power point presentation as proof to invade yet another country? Do they really think we’re that stupid? 

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 29 & 30th April 2018 ~ You are all Patriots # Hard Part Almost Over, Next Phase “JUSTICE”!”ASSETS IN PLACE””SUMM OF ALL FEARS”

I think the Military is bringing Obama “home”, against his will, of course!  R=Renegade=Obama All is very well, indeed!!! GO TRUMP GO! “BOOM”!!! Also Q says be careful who you are watching, and following and try to see if they are doing it for money only or may try to steer people off the correct track.Stay strong and together! Citizens of the world must unite! … But Anyway Q followers, be sure to say thank-Q many times a day…Thank-u ALL Q’S…!!! I THANK-u ALL Q’Patriots


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James Comey — I don’t trust him.

Here comes the boom @USMC #Marines brace while an entrance is breached during exercise #EagerLion18 in #Jordan

Welcome to Jordan Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

~ Galactic Human ~

Flynn, the master spook, knows who’s guilty (where the bodies are  buried.)Trump’s team knew Flynn was a target before he joined their team. He was always the biggest threat to the deep state.They knew it.
He knew it.

Traitor McNoName knows the end draws nigh for him. #QAnon comes back with this drop about an hour later, sort of picking up where we left off last night…

Taken from Neon Revolt Site

We know US and Jordanian Marines ran a joint-operation last night, taking out a [Renegade]-funded base. Now, it appears the location of that base has come to light:

Iranian operators hanging out in Syria. According to Q, this is the “satellite” Iranian facility involved in manufacturing nuclear arms. These were the people Obama was funneling money to, through his little Iron Eagle shell company.

The other new bit of intel in these drops is that while Iron Eagle was used to cover up these “ransom” payments Obama made, Uranium1 was used to cover up the fact that Russia was providing the nuclear materials for sale to these nations! (Although there are some other possibilities, admittedly, which we’ll take a look at in a moment – but this is my reading of it).

Which, of course, implies that HILLARY had been colluding with the Russians the whole time, literally risking nuclear war and the destruction of our entire nation! #LOCKHERUP!!!

Go refer back to some answers on post 199, if you need help on the details:

LATEST QANON POSTS WITH RESEARCH AND OPINIONS.Eden believer chlorine powder from Germany found in Syria, there is a theory that McCain’s dentist runs “Smiles” charity in Syria and that is the vehicle for smuggling? Balil Erodgan owns a fleet of ships also involved in smuggling arms/money/oil.

I had mixed feelings about Q+’s final words…’the hard part is coming to an end’ and then how the Anons will receive a scary but safe message someday in the future and a big thank you

Truth and Art TV GREAT AWAKENING update with Q anon drops from the evening of Sunday 4-29-18 Welcome to the Great Awakening which is for ALL of humankind. There IS no skin color, race, culture or even religion in this great awakening. Where we go one we go all! New to Q anon and the Trump Storm that is happening below the radar of CIA’s mainstream media?


Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many). These seemingly innocuous Q-posts seem to open and reveal the big-picture? Arrests were (are) waiting for nukes to be secured? Deep-state deployed nukes around the world to blackmail. Deep-state threatened to use those nukes if arrested? This week Q thinks they’ve secured all deep-state nukes? How can he be sure? (more…) So far, there appear to have been deep-state nukes in NK, Iran. Is Syria really about chems or nukes? Armenia? Jordan? Pakistan? How did 45 secure Iran so quickly? Some really tough and credible allegations against Israel? Who nuke-armed Britain and France? Why? Who nuke-armed Israel? Why? Millstone indeed? Light unto the nations? Passing technologies of war to China, Russia? Is that “light?” 

latest video in the qanon posts. also discuss likely meaning and encoded messages. Eager Lion 18 ,was decoded by Anons. Anagram as per previous Q drops of: Iron Eagle R. R= 18 so they say….

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 27th April 2018 ~ “Question everything.””Cooperating Witness or Fired” “Timetables shift. [NEXT WEEK].”

The Greatest International Spy Story ever! The Trap is set, they all fall for it!!!! Check Mate soon!!!!Q = psychological operation for the Elites…he’s waiting. And so are #WeThePeople! Take that Noble Prize from Fake Obama and Let Nobel-Prize be for Trump @POTUS#QArmy #Maga #

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New Text Msgs Reveal FBI Agent was Friends with Judge in Flynn Case

Trump considered Mueller for FBI director before he was named special counsel: report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Had Been On White House Shortlist To Run FBI

~ Galactic Human ~

An anon posted an article about the latest texts which prove that agent Strzok was buddies with Rudy Contreras, the original judge in the Michael Flynn case.It looks like Flynn was setup.

Why would Flynn plead  guilty to someth ing untrue?Define testimony.Define ‘on record’.Who knows where the bodies are buried?Flynn is safe.Expand your thinking.Q

What was  Completed and released today?Re: Flynn?“Done in 30.”Expand.Q

Lets get that Nobel Prize from Fake Oabama and Give to MAGA TRUMP

Over the past two weeks or so things seem to be heating up. A lot more bombs being dropped from Q ahead of the (public) drop of the IG report.

WE DIVE INTO THE LATEST ON QANON AND TRY TO SOLVE THE RIDDLE SET BEFORE US.Mueller wasn’t being considered for FBI director. He wasn’t even eligible for the position. Why was Trump talking to him then?

Lots of information on the resignations, the conspiracy, the investigations and bringing in rudy to sort things out. the information in today’s drops was massive, we are working on a special report to do a deep dive on this set of drops, so stay tuned.

Q lays out the whole plan. Mueller in on it whether forced to or not, Flynn set them up as well. Considering the size and scope and how long all of this has been going on and what they are up against, this is actually happening extremely fast. I heard someone say we live in a microwave society, we want everything now.

I think Paul Ryan getting rid of the Jesuit House Chaplain (in news today) is part of setting the stage for the “terrible May” that Q has told us the Jesuit Pope is going to have. It is my understanding that Jesuits play a major role in the nefarious Deep State and Global Elite. Laser pointer = distraction.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Timetables shift. [NEXT WEEK].”Session traitors all FBI top 3 floors

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 26th April 2018 ~ Follow the STARS…GOOD PEOPLE ARE ACTING – WE NEED TO BE LOUD..”some calling for immediate arrests”MOAB Still Incomming, Renegade, Evergreen

Someone rightly said Your legacy is in your hands. Don’t be a coward. Shine a light on the Truth and never walk in the shadows again. It seems Kayne West had a Change of Heart… I will say Kayne Welcome to the LIGHT and remember You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free… Let’s fight the great fight….

:::: Check ::::

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess

~ Galactic Human ~

So yeah, this isn’t just a musician with a dark aesthetic, and powerful connections. This is a guy involved with human trafficking and human sacrifice and Satanic rituals – and he’s putting it out on display. Neon Revolt

Define Evergreen.?????????

As soon as Trump found out, he responded to make sure Kanye knew he was on it , Bout an hour later, Trump told him that his protection was on the way. Make no mistake.

This whole thing was initiated here.Trump planned this. Kanye has an axe to grind, this is his revenge.I’m guessing  against JayZ and his wife.

Q-ANON UPDATE 2/27/2018 GOOD PEOPLE ARE ACTING – WE NEED TO BE LOUD #RELEASETHETEXTS WE HAVE A VOICE..These criminals need to be arrested and be punished for their crimes

Evergreen is secret service name for hilldabeast R = renegade is Obama’s secret service name..Q SAYS HE AND HIS TEAM HAVE ALL THE TEXTS…Q has everything. He cannot use that information until WE – the anons – make it public. Look closely for clues and go off and search and make it public. Share videos use hashtags # #wwg1wga #maga etc….

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “It’s everywhere.” NK is a huge story that the MSM is mostly ignoring. MOAB would stand for Mother Of All Bombshells. NK is not a bombshell. The MOAB is the texts between HRC (Ever Green) and Huissien (R) to 187 the POTUS.

Plumber=MS-13? When Q says things like are you ready for tomorrow he is smoking them out. Getting them to make a mistake. The chess they are playing truly is 5 steps ahead. And, to get it wrong is means more people die. Evergreen= because she was a pine in the a** lol

Jeff session – and how to play 4-d chess q mentions finding pics on jl and hrc john legend and hillary clinton texts released to congress on peter strzok and lisa page q mentions info on abbreviation of r=renegade they are buying crisis – national crisis secret comms used on varying technologies plans made on internet for dark reasons q mentions many changes happening in the world obama emailed hillary we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 25th April 2018 ~ “THE W0RLD IS WATCHING.” READY FOR TOMORROW? MOAB? 187 “are you a slave”?

Q knows “Now faith is substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” The only way to kill a weed is to rip it out by the roots, cutting some just allows it to grow back. Spraying it harms the good, allowing evil people to go unpunished means that good people invariably will feel the blame, frustration and anger of the public. They ALL must be removed from office and the public eye. No more political dynasties, no more nepotism, no more illegal or dead voters on election rolls… Now let the change of FREEDOM begin….

::::: Check :::::

Senate confirms Trump’s pick for NSA, Cyber Command

Reparations, income handouts, guaranteed jobs: Dems tilt hard left with new pet projects

In meeting Mueller, Giuliani quickly gets to core of representing Trump

After Toronto attack, online misogynists praise suspect as ‘new saint’

~Galactic Human ~

With all the traitors in the intelligence community, people are nervous about personnel changes. Intel is important and #Qanon wants us to know we trust Nakasone. He’s a #MAGA white hat.

There’s a reason why Admiral Rogers is retiring. Is it so that he can testify as a civilian?
Or is there another reason?  Qanon says “Trust the plan.”

Kanye Posted MAGA Hat …….. People are asking Sarah Carter when the missing text messages between FBI Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are going to be given to Congress….Her answer: Soon.

Make no mistake the CIA trolls these ppl and uses mind control. Or it may be 100% CIA psyop.Bernie Sanders let his own political party punk him. He most definitely couldn’t deal with North Korea, China, and Russia.I don’t thing POTUS will need to pardon Gen. Flynn. The charges will be dropped and guilty plea withdrawn due to fruit of poison tree…he was set up. Flynn did not lie.

They’re clearing referring to the unreleased text messages, “They tried to delete the proof. Nothing is deleted. No Such Agency” No Such Agency = NSA, which means the NSA retrieved those deleted text messages…. POV=point of view

Wow ready for tomorrow? “are you a slave”? IRL means “in real life”, not Ireland , To stop ANTIFA we must stop Soros..And by stop, I mean, the noose or the guillotine..not picky. Antifa flag is a close replica of long gone socialist movement from Germany i believe.

Info on the toronto rtder van attacker q reveals thoughts on macron information on france and world wide leverage q states the world is watching in response to an anon post treason and corruption mentioned many resignations speaker of the house resigning you have more than you know where we go one we go all wwg1wga have faith calling world wide to the events ha

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 24th April 2018 ~ The Red Cross, Double-Cross # “Learn the TRUTH.”UBL Exchange, Armenia is Free

It seems Q Site Got Hacked and Post from 24th Feb 2018 onwards got deleted ???? Massive Update was going on the Q-Board all deleted Now!!…..Also Q Exposed ALgore ,  and the global warming agenda which served several purposes including as a vehicle for the moving of funds worldwide.”Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that.” and Q is Doing that for Humanity…. God Bless “Q” Please stay safe .. We need you!

UPDATE : All Q Post Online again 🙂

::::: Check :::::


Red Cross Spent 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses

UN Board Of Auditors

Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue

IMF Executive Board Discusses the Role of SDR

Amid Protests, Armenia’s Prime Minister And Former President Will Resign

~ Galactic human ~


Q-ANON 4/24/2018 ROCK BEATS SCISSORS – This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.

Q anon what party is truly the racists? more HUMA mb talk. Iron eagle was the bombing campaign in Germany. From my understanding, it was thought as spreading freedom or freeing the people trapped. At least that’s how it was sold to congress after push back on sending our sons and fathers to die for another’s freedom. History channel did a docu a few years back interviewing WW2



Cathy O’Brien claims to have been “owned”,(think pet), by Robert Byrd in addition to being molested by HRC.Q is correct. I know my history. The democrats are racial pimps. Those black leaders do not have my best interest at heart. They want my vote and tax money, but not my right to think freely. Pres Trump has done more for me already than Mr. Obama did in 8 years.

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: I am so happy for Armenia, they are finally FREE! So exciting to see their military joining the fight with the people for FREEDOM!!! MAKING THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN!!!!!! There is NO WAY the DEMs are going to be able to lie or explain their way out of this, it is crystal clear they were illegally spying on the Trump team for political reasons only. This is YUGE!!!!


Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 21st April 2018 ~ Huma, Haiti, Hello Maggie, MOAB , What will next week hold?

WoW…Q’s the Light revealing One and All, i have also included a VDO from Ben Carson from 2016 were-in, when Luke Rudkowski ask him “Which actions by Hillary Clinton do you think are the most satanic?” Carson responded by saying “Her willingness to kill innocent babies.” He’s referencing her being pro-abortion right? Or is he? he’d say abortion if thats what he meant, he’s choosing his words wisely , all thanks to Jennifer Hammons who posted it

::::: Check:::::

Saudi Arabia: Heavy gunfire reported outside Riyadh palace


Ben Carson Says Hillary Clinton Kills Babies

~ Galactic human ~

Q-Anon Update – The Satanic Plan to Overthrow AMERICA – 4/22/2018 From NXIVM to the Muslim Brotherhood complete with Treason, Murder and Satanic Sacrifices ALLISON MACK SINGING LIKE A CANARY –


So CNN won’t name names because these are unconfirmed accusations. But they routinely report fake accusations against Trump & his admin. Seems legit.MOAB has been suggested to be the nuclear bomb that triggered the Haiti earthquake. Evidence of this would certainly change people’s perspective and be huge.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “What will next week hold?”Q drops are revealing. The web they’ve woven is becoming crystal clear. Isn’t the young girl’s name Maggie, with her pet name being Wendy? Our POTUS, and team, are brilliant. Dems do fall for the bait everytime. Sad; they don’t even recognize the difference between bait and Shinola. MOAB? Can’t wait. Love that red map! Lord, please, let this entire Nation wake up! These horrible people and their actions must stop. Godspeed.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “America for sale.”Bama’s alleged Mom was fake ( as determined by British Intelligence MANY years ago, doing DNA tests of glasses that Bama and his surrogate Mom used . Bama was Indonesian in full or part , and his adopted name is Barry Soetero… his alleged father of Kenya is fake .. Bama’s real dad was most likely Mohammad Subu ( now dead ) who started the Islamic cult of Subud, which has the largest following in Indonesia

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many).

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 20th April 2018 ~Pizzagate Breaks Wide-Open, Who’s Wendy, Barack? “Wendy” Nixon Digs. WE GOT YOUR NUMBER, #BHO. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #Pizzagate #Pedogate

The Brilliance of Q is that he’s made all of us #QAnon’s w/o having to bear the brunt of fame His #BreadCrumbs created an Army of Truth #WeThePeople now have a unified vision & Q’s guidance has fostered our strength #InternetBillsOfRights is a MUST FIGHT the MSM & DeepState. In what kind if world are we living?! Sick-Satanic #PizzaGate is going viral worldwide (Elites Are Terrified) This is being covered up everywhere! Do not let them cover this up. Make sure you share this to everyone you know! #PizzaGate ..there’s lot of things Q is exposing which we never knew .. think again!! why did POTUS passed all those Human Trafficking bills…

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President Trump Signs 3 HISTORIC Human Trafficking Bills

Senate Passed Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill That Compromises Sex Workers, Is Now On Its Way to Trump 

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

~Galactic Human~

The horrible abuse of children is the worst part of this, and I’ve lost sleep over it. I’ve always known there are evil, sick people like this in the world, but I’m having a hard time believing there are this many. People that we expect to be role models for our children are actually brutalizing them?

This is what has gotten me invested in this Q thing because I can’t turn away from these children. It breaks my heart and makes me cry. But your report is always straight forward, sensitive, and with enough of a sense of humor to make it easier to cope. So thank you for that, Bruce. I’m so thankful for President Trump for putting a stop to this.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “The world is watching.” So Maggie is his personal MK ultra slave to do personal presidential favors? Is Nixon a breeder for MK ultra? In regards to “pet names” Cathy O’Brien was RR’s kitten. DC’s prey in his hunting games, GHWB’s listener in his reptilian transformation as his taste was more for her young daughter. Byrd was her owner, GF seasoned her at a very young age…just to name a few.

Tock LLC is a company that invented this restraint software. Maybe this software has other purposes? Maybe they have access to it now? obama pic with West, makes it more like TOCK llc, in Chicago. Obamas Chicago ties.TOCK (LLC), way for pedo’s to disguise the way they “order” children from a menu, these people are sick!

Apr 20 Late Night Dr Jerome Corsi Decodes Latest QANON Posts #1203 thru #1216. No wonder our country went into the toilet!!! These pedos were running it. The Satanist part of it all is just an excuse for the pedos to act on their illness. They’ve been enjoying themselves in the name of Lucifer. How can they possibly think they could get away with this forever? This is the worst stuff, next to serial killers.



Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 19th April 2018 ~ Rudy “insurance File” NYC Ties Heads Roll, Nancy Pelosi’s deal with North Korea They Will Loose Everything, NP in NK

OH WOW!!! All of this brings me pure ELATION!!! I keep saying and I’ll say it again…Trump-is-a-genius.. April Showers to be over and May Flowers to BOOM.. BLOOM… And Oh Nancy-Pelosi!! Take your meds!! Bad news is in & lying democrats are not happy!!She’s in a fantasy world.  Owned herself that she went to North-Korea WTF…

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Congress criminal referral

Pelosi admits travel to North Korea

Sessions investigating ‘slush fund’ used by left-wing groups

Man linked to 9/11 attacks on US captured in Syria: Pentagon

~ Galactic Human ~

It has always amazed me how the FBI could search thru 650,000 emails in days but can’t turn over doc s to Congressional committees in reasonable amount of time, They will “loose” everything? To quote Q: “spelling matters”.

I think Pelosi FORGOT that her trip was SECRET. OOPS !! Secret no more.Giuliani owns the NYPD he took over before becoming mayor by take away control from PBA president Phil Caruso on Sept 17 1992. the NYPD is In my opinion the single best Spy/ Detective agency in the world. the deep state tried to put a snitch jacket on Trump but he knew in advance it was coming and prepared. he is still two steps ahead of the game.

Q-Anon Question and Answers – Global Currency Change Coming – Someone Connected to 9/11 Captured in Syria – Midterm Elections are Safe ZACH ON ALEX JONES SHOW With almost NO ALEX JONES 4/18/2018 THE CULMINATION OF EVERYTHING SINCE THE KENNEDY ASSINATION AND 9/11, THIS IS THE FINAL CONFLICT…

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – Q&A w/ Q! A great question for Q is the comment you made about Going back to a Gold Standard! (Although Standards tend to be corrupted overtime). But as you mentioned, its a step in the right direction. Ultimately I want Free Markets & Competing currencies, including Cryptos. 

Nancy Pelosi’s deal with North Korea, plus updates on the investigation and Q’s explanation for the recent addition of Rudy Giuliani to the Trump legal team. Also, today’s headlines, why it matters and how to pray.

Rudy on board with Trump, 911 arrest? Pelosi offered rockets by NK? Too much.

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