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NASA lies about the SUN~100% scientific proof NASA use CGI to stupefy the masses

NASA knows that space is electrical, that the sun is electrical, that space is a fluid sea of electric charge… but they don’t TELL us, more like a light bulb. But we have been conditioned to believe the Lies from our schools that The energy of the sun originates from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in the Sun’s core (nucleosynthesis).. Wow my brain hurts.

~ Galactic human ~

100% scientific proof NASA use CGI to stupefy the masses. Real science is fighting back with vengeance. NASA lies on a daily basis, draining billions of taxpayers money then stupefy you with CGI and control the minds of the nonbelievers.

Nuclear fusion is impossible on a flat earth sun, that in its self should raise questions.

Wake up call. Time to rethink everything we’ve been taught about our sun and standard model. There is more evidence for the ELECTRIC SUN over the Nuke Furnace MYTH. ~links below
Top 5 Reasons for ELECTRIC Sun- https://youtu.be/vxSjvsu7Yfo
The Case Against the Nuclear Atom

Thunderbolts The Electric Sun

Flat Earth Proof!: Real observation contradicts official maps and data! This sunset off Phuket is solid proof of flat earth as the sun shrinks and follows the circular path it should on the flat earth model.


Huge Cloaked Sphere Harvesting Plasma From The Sun …👽👽👽…

This will be my Very last Post regarding Our SUN and various UFO anamolies taking place in and around the SUN, i am more shocked!! Why?   This is not how our SUN behaves or looks like, but more of a Cartoon-Pic /CGI Depicted by NASA and it’s stooges , Our Real SUN never burns like the one above !! People believe SHIT Since Nasa-Says-it-Does? the color-texture is all-together different…We only get lies from the liars who think they run the world, One Lie Leading to Another, But i had my Real EYES to see their LIES (‘real eyes realize real lies’)… Seriously Am shocked beyond My-Core.. Flat Earth is still giving me chills and  Then came the Atomic Hoax Shock giving me thrills, well if that was not enough then the Land Patent Scam from one my Visitor Mr. Bobby is giving me sleepless nights and frills. Now all the Object seen near the SUN seems fake too. I am Waiting for a Global-Reset, but it seems my Own consciousness is on a Reset-mode now.

~ Galactic Human ~

NASA’s Satellite SDO AIA171 imagery captured on May 25, 2017, shows a huge cloaked circular object tethered to the sun. A flow of plasma can be seen erupting from sun’s surface surrounding the dark object.

NASA’s scientists suggest the dark sphere is a rare solar activity called ‘prominence’ a feature containing cooler, denser plasma than the surrounding 2 million degrees Celsius corona.

However, according to UFOvni2012 who recorded the event, the dark sphere is another proof that alien spacecraft refueling by sucking up solar plasma.

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Sun Simulator is Real ~ Artificial SUN Finally goes PUBLIC in Germany

Talk about creating ” global warming” is that why people are seeing 2 Suns hmm Suspense

~ Galactic human ~

Germany isn’t exactly famous for its sunshine, so to help with the country’s commitment to investigating renewable energy, the German Space Center (DLR) has constructed the world’s largest artificial Sun. Making its public debut today in Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia, the three-storey “Synlight” electrically-powered sun lamp will be used for various research projects, including developing processes for producing hydrogen fuel using sunlight.

The Sun is one of the greatest potential energy sources available, but developing new technologies to exploit this potential can be hampered because our parent star is a very finicky worker. It refuses to work at night, dislikes cloudy days, doesn’t do as well at higher latitudes, and in some parts of the world it disappears entirely for months at a time.

To provide a more reliable and controllable substitute, scientists and engineers have built their own artificial Sun for laboratory work. Instead of using a giant ball of fusing gas 93 million miles away, DLR has built a huge device that works like a backwards parabolic reflector.

Ive been beating this drum for a coulpe years now and here it is finally in the news. RFB
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv0Xp… RFB PATENTED SUNLIGHT RFB(A YEAR AGO)
https://www.cnet.com/news/giant-butt-… SLEATH AIR CRAFT
https://www.theguardian.com/science/2… GERMANS RELEASE FAKE SUN
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Yes, the sun is White, and YES its white hot on your skin and yet it doesnt heat up the air as it usually did.  Boeing AND HARVARD HAVE GIVEN US disclosure aND MOST DO NOT NOTICE OR CARE IT WOULD SEEM.


Incredible UFO Disc Appears Near The Sun …👽👽👽…

This is probably one of the best UFO discs ever found while exploring the data from the Solar Observatory.

The huge disc which appears to have a hexagon shaped hole and possible a smaller craft attached to its hull.

About this object, it is not just its size and the way it phases in and out but the amount of detail the craft had once the data was processed.

Strange ‘Space Debris’ shows up on 2 Sun Spacecraft

show up on both of the instrument’s data feeds. Links below…

A possible cluster of space debris was picked up by two Sun monitoring spacecraft on March 19, 2017 about 10 hours apart.

These instruments orbit the sun with the earth, constantly surveying the solar disc.

There was also a NEO (asteroid) that passed between the Earth and Moon at a distance of 0.3LD, which is very close to the planet, maybe a part of the debris field observed by these spacecraft?

It’s difficult to conclude with absolute certainty as we only have one image every 12-15 minutes to review…however, these anomalies did show up on both of the instrument’s data feeds.

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Cigar-shaped UFO caught flying past our Sun …👽👽👽…

Cameras on board Soho’s satellite Lasco C2 have captured an image of a cigar-shaped UFO flying past our sun.

Interestingly this object was caught before near the sun, looks like the same object to me so that indicates it is a craft or probe of some kind and not an image artifact.

I have enhanced the object a little to bring out the shape but other than that it is the same, just better quality.

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Glowing Alien Vessel (SpaceCraft) shoots out of the Sun …👽👽👽…


The latest image from NASA’s SOHO satellite taken on March 4, 2017 shows a massive anomaly, possible an alien spacecraft, which shoots out of the sun.


At the moment the UFO detaches from the sun a burst of brightly material can be seen erupting from the sun’s surface, even it looks like the shield of the alien vessel is still glowing from the enormous heat before it shoots out into space.

Although NASA scientists probably will say that it was an outburst of the sun’s magnetic field called a coronal mass ejection this appearance is more likely a UFO that has used the sun for some reason.

Published on Mar 4, 2017

Amazing! UFO – a sphere the size of Earth flew up to our Sun – February 25, 2017


Date of sighting: February 25, 2017
Location of sighting: Sun

This UFO was found by UFOnearSun of Youtube and shows and Earth size craft near our sun. These photo are all taken by NASA and SOHO agencies, so they cannot be disputed. 

I will include a note in the comments below this post. SCW

Eyewitness states:
The size of the UFO – Sphere commensurate with the size of the planet Earth! Incredibly Huge UFO – Sphere and other UFO near the Sun – February 25, 2017

UFO / Nibiru ? NASA Satellite captures huge Giant glowing object anomaly (Nibiru) glow in space from January 31 to February 8, 2017 …👽👽👽…


From January 31 to February 8, 2017 NASA’s satellite Stereo Ahead HI1 captured a huge unknown glowing object which increased its brightness before it disappears.

In the following footage you can see the glow of the sun but since the glowing object flying towards the sun, we can rule out solar radiation or solar energetic particles.

The object may have been an alien craft?

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Massive Huge Cylindrical UFO Creates Solar Reaction? …👽👽👽…


The latest images released by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory show what appears to be a huge cylindrical UFO but this time the object appears to cause a massive reaction to the Sun.

I don’t think this is a glitch or pixel, the object is visible in several frames which is unusual and in my opinion is proof that massive unknown objects are either using the Sun as a gateway to other universes, or perhaps are using these stars for fuel, who knows.

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