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Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 04th August 2018 – We have the SERVER!! What Does Panic Look Like? We Are Seeing This Now #FBI releases new info on HRC investigation!

If it weren’t for the biased media, everyone would be the right guy. . . WWG1WGA 👀”The Great Awakening”👀 it’s Happening as we speak…WoW what a Plan You use the same Narrative of Russia and Use it as a Threat to the coming Election and Go for the VOTER-ID cards… He is actually Clamping Down on Election Fraud? Demo-Rats are Doomed… 2020 TRUMP will sweep the Election Big time… The Hunter Demo-Rats are now the HUNTED… BOOM..Believe he’s setting the stage. From Darkness to Light everything is getting exposed…

Q holds a lot close to the chest, They wouldnt show their cards unless it was time. goosebumps.


~ Galactic Human ~

#QAnon: How do you utilize the Russia Russia narrative to knock out decades old election corruption? Why are D’s opposed to cleaning up voter rolls? Why are D’s opposed to voters having ID to safeguard our elections? Why oppose basic ‘common sense’ methods?  Corruption. #Q

#QAnon again makes reference to “common sense”:  “Why oppose basic ‘common sense’ methods that are currently deployed World Wide? Logical thinking. Corruption. #Q”



#QAnon didn’t post before rally, because a threat had been received. The USSS acted appropriately to not allow #Q signs into the rally so that if anything happened, #TheEnemyofThePeople would have less of a blame target (Q). reddit.com/r/greatawakeni…

Some anons thought Kate @1st5d was a threat from #QAnon’s #1804 response: “..connection? Logical thinking. Re: VIP access.” But in #1805, #Q said that was:

“Incorrect decoding. Not the person.” “Message sent We know.” #Q

She was part of the plot to take him down. See latest Q post. Luckily she didn’t get her hug. 08-03-2018 02:36 Incorrect decoding. Not the person. Think connection. Threat 1 Threat 2 1 = past (newspaper) 2 = future (rally) 1=2 Post noted (VIP access). Message sent. We know. Q

#QAnon drops [Sample 5], or, past 5 hours, of the MSM hit pieces on #Q and his supporters.

#Qanon posted this list of reporters who are known to Wikileaks have colluded with Hillary and the Dems during the 2016 Presidential election.

#QAnon reminds: Who owns the Washington Post? Amazon? What ABC agency is heavily tied to Amazon?

The deal, handled in secret, was first reported by FCW in March 2013:

$600 million to Bezos’ company, Amazon, for cloud services in March 2013, Then with $250 million in tow, Bezos buys the Washington Post the following October. #QAnon

Are the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report still classified? 🤡 #QAnon

Classified 28 pages of 9/11 report are the ‘smoking gun’ which link al-Qaeda attack with top levels of the Saudi Government, says former chairman of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence


Then this happened. #QAnon

We have the server[S]. Q

These people are stupid! Why would they be able to deny the government searching history outside of of their delineated timeframes? HRC worked for the government. Email is government property. Now I know why Q said, “No deals.”

You may want to keep this man in your prayers. (Don’t ask for details and please don’t message me… just pray)

#Qanon posted 2 diagrams from the DOJ Inspector General’s report showing the way FBI personnel interacted with reporters under James Comey.

This is diagram 1

This is the second diagram #Qanon posted.  It seems the higher the rank in the FBI, the more frequent the individual was in contact with reporters. #QAnon calls up Attachments G & H from IG report showing”charts that reflect the volume of communications that (IG) identified between FBI employees & media representatives in April/May and October 2016″

This diagram shows the FBI’s chain of command for the Hillary email investigation (Midyear exam, MYE)

Note: #Qanon highlighted Kevin Clinesmith, Tashina Gauhar & Sally Moyer in red.


#Qanon posted this with a link to the DOJ Inspector General’s report.

Why are the FBI and DOJ are being systematically cleaned out?

Link: justice.gov/file/1071991/d…

#QAnon notes we are up to 45,468 sealed indictments entered 10/30/17 thru 7/31/18, averaging 5,052 per month. Normal used to be 1,077 per year.

The anons noticed that Eric Trump tweeted about the animosity Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post have toward the Trump family. #Qanon responded. 

An anon noticed that in a Jim Jordan tweet, Rod Rosenstein said he is doing what his oath of office requires him to do.  #Qanon reposted the FBI oath of office crumb from July 25th and hinted that the statements made by Rosenstein and Wray may demonstrate that they’re on the same page.

Yesterday, FBI director Chris Wray joined the heads of other intelligence agencies as they addressed the security of the nation’s elections.  #Qanon


Turns out our hero from the rally may have been more foe than friend. Also Q says we have the server(s) Bad news for the bad hombres.

Truth and Art TV Patriot news update- also Trump Storm, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates. Recorded late Friday evening August 3, 2018, The focus here is on how the MSM (especially Jeff Bezos) is in an exaggerated attack mode. Try to see why and consider the great position we are in now. 

FBI releases new info on HRC investigation!

Wow Trump trolls the MSM big-time, apparently there were many more reporters than usual at this rally, after trying to frame we the people, real people who are Trump/ Q supporters, as lunatics, did they arrive for a big story, possibly an Ack-tiv Shute-er (mispelled for A.I. bots) only to find most Q merchandise had been removed by Secret Service beforehand? Trump= 5D chessmaster.



Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 03rd August 2018 –The 3 times the Deep State tried to assassinate Trump # Something BIG is about to drop. Trump Trolls MsM# The Anti-Q Planned War is Now “All activated past 24hrs” Q

Remember There may be More Beautiful Times, But this one is OURs…its Q-Anons Time..Period…Pray for the Presidents Well being another Assassination plot foiled,  This time a lady named  Kate Mazzochetti helped-in pointing out the Gunman… But as you can see ( Mazzochetti ) also means to Kill…I guess she may be  a Plant and Ops..Hope she is not !! But Keep your eyes open on her Patriots……..

Shame on the Media , they dont even report it.. MSM a threat to Humanity with Fake-News

Watch Sean hannity interview Mark Kevin and you know what Sean hannity said @ mark 7:34 well he said Quote ” Mark You know when i say TIC-TOCK SOMETHING BIG Is COMING, that will Blow this all out of the water”

:::: Read ::::

Kate Mazzochetti, QAnon Follower, Says She Foiled Trump Assassination

QAnon Is Even Blowing Conservative Media’s Minds

~ Galactic Human ~

Well, the #QAnon phenomenon has gone main stream #FakeNews. #Q has never written the word “pizza” (except to say MSM “are pushing the pizzagate..angle”), yet purposely ignorant #EnemyofThePeople (eg, NPR 8/2/18) tell the world QAnon is about HRC’s kids in Comet’s basement.

So, #QAnon has made reference to 4am Secure Drops to explain why we hear essentially ALL MSM outlets say EXACTLY the same thing each day. Remember President Trump’s thrilling inauguration speech? They ALL characterized it with the SAME word: “dark”…”Dark to LIGHT” #Q

So I was asked to tell more about #QAnon’s reveal on the “4am secure media drop”.

So, before analyzing the Q drops of the day here, first, here’s what (little) I know about #Q’s drops regarding 4am MSM drops.

On Jan 19, 2018, #QAnon suggested that the #FakeNewsMedia got its [4am]. talking points propaganda sent to private email addresses through paid contractors, but that a Judgement Day was coming in the context of “Dark to LIGHT”. #Q

#QAnon that day had put [4am] drops in a ”kill box aimed at counter narrative going out to MSM contractors [like clockwork]. He mentioned 2 days later on Jan 21 (570) the pure evil behind these [4am] narrative intercepts are part of a greater master plan to take America down.


#QAnon then on Jan 27 mentions a [Mr Contractor] in the ‘kill box’, and, by name, recites John Perry Barlows’ ‘Freedom of the Press’ site…….. “SecureDrop”. He suggests that [Whistleblowers] are not safe there because its run by Clowns In America. #Q

“SecureDrop”. He suggests that [Whistleblowers] are not safe there because its run by Clowns In America. #Q

On February 7, 2018, John Perry Barlow dies of heart attack. #QAnon responds that day (677) to anons posting on it by repeating his statement,”Heart attacks can be deadly. #Q

On Feb 11, 2018 #QAnon suggests his mention of Barlow/heart-attack/murder a week or so before Barlow’s death by heart attack was no coincidence. “Learn. What if Snowden….” #Q

Four days later on Feb 15, 2018, #QAnon thanks @Snowden, for “showing the world how Clowns pass the narrative to journalists @ 4am. Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop. John Perry Barlow.”  With that Feb 15 drop (760), #QAnon includes a pic entitled “Clown_Comm_Narrative.png”. #Q

#QAnon keeps referring to @Snowden in connection with Secure Drop/Freedom of Press Foundation were Barlow was on the Board of Directors. #Q


Since #QAnon had outed Secure Drop as the method for the 4am secure media drops, he has since outed the method as DC journalists disposing of their burner phones each week and passing out the numbers through private twitter accounts. #Q

At the higher level #QAnon’s very next drop, in this same context, reveals #Q’s awareness of Hussein, HRC’s, & Loretta Lynch’s (not-so) private e-mail addresses. Not so clever as they think.

#QAnon refers to Media Matters paid fake MAGA supporters, infiltrating intel & MSM for neg dissemination, and a Twitter bot attack from fake accts. FB/Twitter/etc create massive amounts of fake user accts for Stock Price inflation. All activated past 24hrs. Full. Enjoy. #Q

#QAnon recalls  FakeNews

#QAnon Kate Mazzochetti (@1st5d) is the heroic “Mystery Woman” who reported armed man hearing voices telling him to assassinate President Trump & his family..She has VIP access at the rally! #Q

#QAnon thanks us for our participation and efforts in this astonishing information project, “the biggest intel drop in history”. #Q

#Q confirms USSS was taking #QAnon signs at door of tonight’s rally because there’d been a threat against @POTUS. USSS’s taking all Q items so if such happened media couldn’t blame movement. He kept pointing to MSM as vultures, playing ’em like fiddles reddit.com/r/greatawakeni…

#QAnon confirms: Now we know why #Q didn’t post before rally.


“Something BIG is about to drop. #Q”(1802)

Wow Trump trolls the MSM big-time, apparently there were many more reporters than usual at this rally, after trying to frame we the people, real people who are Trump/ Q supporters, as lunatics, did they arrive for a big story, possibly an Ack-tiv Shute-er (mispelled for A.I. bots) only to find most Q merchandise had been removed by Secret Service beforehand? Trump= 5D chessmaster.

Q is now mainstream. “Handle with care” says Q. Tactics are coming and are already in motion. Be prepared.

Latest Qanon Posts 8-3-18 Pt2 : Q Followers To Be Part Of FF! A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ 

“Message sent. We know. Q” WWGQWGA!!! Pray for our leaders and our CHILDREN around the world !! 

Did you know Q told us the Deep State tried 3 times to assassinate Trump?

Today, I will walk you through these 3 attempts recorded in Q board.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 02nd August 2018 –What is Q ? Mockingbird Overdrive! #FakeNews # Q has “Gone Mainstream” Threats/Scare Tactics Been Deployed # Pedo’s BEWARE!!!

Bow my friends to the Greatest president of all times….MSM will implode & explode , Hollywood falling, Just like you said would happen -Q-.. God bless you all! I am so grateful for Q Q-Anon & POTUS & World wide Anons…..

Anons were trained and prepared for this happening! Remember your training, endure the shills, no surrender, no retreat! Help newfags help other Anons breaking under the pressure!

The mainstream war has just begun, stay strong!! We Anons will WIN

:::: Check ::::

Trump Calls For Sessions To Put An End To The Russia Investigation

~ Galactic Human ~

#QAnon: Once @Jack now lifted the “Qanon” ban it went to trending at #17! Q asks whether, to demonstrate impact, Twitter were told to release the ban by MSM? Is concurrence of the ban, the unban, the rally presence of Q, the media smear hype coincidence? Enjoy the show. #Q

#QAnon lists [sample 3] of MSM’s #Q hits. After last night’s Tampa rally with all the #Qanon gear, they all whine “conspiracy theory…crazy fringe movement” in unison from their 4am Secure #MockingBirdMedia Drop. All for a Conspiracy? #Q

You are now mainstream.Handle w/ care.The Great Awakening. WWG1WGA!

#QAnon:  “You are now mainstream. Handle w/ care.” #Q

#WhoIsQ? The David Martkoso of the @DailyMail  for asking the question.??

A reporter asked WH @PressSec about #QAnon. #Q told us that @POTUS, <10 (& only 3 non-military) can answer about Q.

Q- Conspiracy

—Washington Post—

‘We are Q’: A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump’s ‘MAGA’ tour






#QAnon completing the #1788 [sample 3] list from this morning’s 4am Secure #EnemyofThePeople drop:




#QAnon responds to an anon inquring about the extent of the #Q news feed, a worldwide reach of 300-350 million eyes on, and 52-58 million people tracking Q’s drops!

#QAnon responds to anon asking whether #1787 deletions were a warning to Steyer: The ‘common sense’ reference in #1776 was Common Sense Media, JIM Steyer’s child advocacy group. “Think email.” Jim & Tom Steyer & Podestas. #Q

How did #Q know an article was going to drop about this? Use ‘Common Sense’. Coincidence?


Virginia Foster Care is a Pipeline to Adopt Children as “Sex Toys” Child Trafficking Reported in Kentucky as “One of The Most Corrupt States in the Country”

#QAnon describes this as Game Theory. We become mainstream when we are now the news. We are mainstream when a WH pool reporter asks about us. We are mainstream when waves of coordinated attacks come against us. Hooray!#Q

#QAnon shares more hit pieces. Pre-planning has Game Theory advantages knowing that #EnemyofThePeople media coordinate their attacks like parrots in unison (or lemmings). #Q

And CNN the King od Fake News……………. Suckssssssss

@FoxNews zoomed in on several #QAnon signs at the magnificent Tampa rally. Would it blow their controlled opposition cover and their ratings drop like @CNN if they were all like Sheph Smith & Juan Williams? #Q

#QAnon asks is it a coincidence when you are a threat to the (#EnemyofThePeople ) MSM/Old Guard that threats/scare tactics are deployed? “Fear not #Q”

Juan Williams mention “these #Qanon people” in an arrgant, dismissive manner after #Q asked “Why isn’t FOX NEWS part of the MSM coordinated blitz attack?” Hmm….

#QAnon shares a Napoleonic quote in regard to the MSM “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.” #Q

This looks like very good news. #QAnon’s got the [20] redacted pages of the FISA warrant [targeted] for Public disclosure. This will be impossible to defend: ILLEGAL! #Q Q reiterates FISA-related drops w/[RR] as key player in FISA warrant (in [20] redacted pgs) & snowball effect of his removal (e.g., Sessions unrecuse? New #3/AAG?) POTUS can appoint new “acting” AAG for up to 210 days fm Senate-confirmed pool in Exec Branch. Will it be Wray?

Q Clock TICK..TOCK……Tick Tock……..

World Wide300-350 Million Watching 52-58 Million Tracking…Q

QAnons ON FIRE ~ Podesta Emails & NEW IMPROVED MEGA Memes., Q ANON DROPS! GEOTUS ON FIRE! “THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!” Q CARDS…MEGA-MEMES “TICK-TOCK!” The elite Pedo’s are more nervous than Deputy Barney Fife chasing a bank robber. Sarah Ruth Ashcroft was raped at 13 by Tom Hanks with her father’s permission and selling her to him for $$ The truth finds a way around their coverup media apparatchiks.

Sarah Sanders Responds to “Q Anon” Question- BRILLIANT!!!Q is now mainstream. “Handle with care” says Q. I wonder what happened to all those doubters? All of the Liberal MSM is unanimously aligned against Q and the Trump Storm. Do you need to know anything else? 

Q has gone main stream. Exposure about to explode. 20 redacted pages will topple the deep state = Illegal

Q Goes Mainstream! Reporter Asks the Question – Qanon Posts Aug 1

Qanon is a Conspiracy says MSM!A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ 

Maybe Q meant “Phishing is fun”….logically thinking….Fox News is getting direct feed from WH?Isn’t it wonderful to read these fools writings about Q,, Q community knows the truth and it is eating the slime right out of them, pretty soon they will disappear and Q community will rejoice

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 01st August 2018 – 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN! The World is about to change #Angry crowd gather yells “CNN sucks!” during Jim Acosta’s live shot

Message to the American people REMEMBER 1776 – Another turning point for America is upon you all. Do not waste your most sacred right – VOTE – The Republican!!…Double Jeopardy. You can’t legally charge someone for the same crimes twice. Enjoy the movie 🍿 RR exonerated Manafort 8 years ago for the same thing? Lol. its EPIC.. This has to be a fake case against him? Right?? “Disinformation is necessary “Q”

“The world is about to change”

~ Galactic Human ~

It seemed apropos that for post #1776, #Qanon posted a picture of the President’s pen, a quote from a great American patriot and the number 1776 written by President Trump.

Great post for drop #1776…signed right below @realDonaldTrump’s signature! Wondering which EO this one is!

The President is at a rally in Tampa, Florida yestarday tonight  #Qanon posted these images from outside the rally and a link to a YouTube video.

To the person holding the “Q” cut out: Please post your pic/vid as POTUS specifically pointed at you moments ago. We will scrub the web to find the source no matter where posted. WE ARE Q. Q

President Trump: “I’ve probably been in Washington D.C… seventeen times.” He then repeats “seventeen times.” Q is 17th letter of the alphabet. Coincidence?

As the President was looking at the crowd he pointed to someone holding a Q.  #Qanon wants the person to post their picture or video so Q can repost it.

LQQK at all the Q’s! What do you make of that @Acosta? #WhoisQ? Angry crowd gather yells “CNN sucks!” during Jim Acosta’s live shot at Trump rally

#QAnon gives a very encouraging statement: “The World is about to change.” #Q

Federal prosecutors said to be investigating lobbyist Tony Podesta after special counsel referral

#QAnon congratulates anons celebrating the 3000th thread on the boards and so gives a “gift” of news of federal prosecutors investigating former lobbyist Tony Podesta, former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn., and Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig! #Q


Q says Gift? Where does the #1776 pen point? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ALSO: Q Post #172726 TAKE OUT 2’s you get #1776!

Lest there be any doubt whatsover about #QAnon’s 1776’th drop on July 31, 2018, then the President repeating in his speech
“17, 17, 17, 7, 17
6, 6″

we have this, on July 31, 2018:

I knew it seemed weird when he said the number 17 SO many times. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

The letter Q is the 17th letter of the Alphabet 😉 17x4x7=476 he said this for 1776

It’s happening! FINALLY, Wall Street Journal, publishes what #QAnon’s been telling us: “C_IA’s escaped criticism for using only thinly sourced info frm British intel to snooker FBI. Most damaging is the possibility that the C_IA violated agreements with Britain” #Q

What Are the FBI and CIA Hiding?

This article by the WSJ is massive! It’s like the writer (who’s name happens to be Baker…anons will like that) deciphered Qanon posts re what Brennan and Strzok were doing in London in 2016. This is big.

#QAnon [UK] in killbox. “John Brennan’s C_IA might have directed activity in Britain,” against longstanding agreements that US’d not do intel ops there…..& “led the bureau down a rabbit hole.” #Q


#QAnon An anon shares thoughts on damning, authoratative WSJ piece by a former FBI special agent, #Q shares one on Brennan’s UK ops w Comey’s collusion using Dem-bought oppo as “justification for gov spying on a political opponent & other Americans.”

What Are You Up To Rod?A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ Trump said he’d never been to DC but only 17 times before he was elected president, he turned to his wife and exclaimed! He repeated that statement 3 times!! I was like cheering all around my house my little dog started to bark and jump around with me!! GLORIOUS!! He was talking to US!!! #WWG1WGA

TomSt_yer & JohnP_desta, Remember that all those pedos who are involved in child advocacy organizations do not have the childrens’ best interest at heart. We know now that these people do not love children in the normal sense of the word. They are sick and depraved creatures/non-humans/satan’s offspring. These creatures cannot be redeemed. They must be obliterated.

Truth and Art TV Patriot news update also Trump Storm, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates. Recorded Tuesday July 31, 2018

More confirmations Q is with POTUS, Mueller refers someone for investigation, but its not who you’d wxpect, and Rod has himself in another conundrum, note there were 3 addiltional posts Q requested on the last to remove the previous 3 due to sensitive nature. hopefully people listened.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 31st July 2018 – All For A Conspiracy? Tracking?, Unsealed indictment,,Under Attack! “Dark to light”Sins of the CABAL PEDOs Exposed # Pedophilia Is Rampant

The Letter Q Heard Around The World…Amen to all the Q-Anons! Thank you so so very much for all your hard work and all the hours spent digging for the truth. Seems like the most virulent Trump haters are Pedophiles and or Traffickers and these are not attractive people for the most part.TICK TOCK!! Be afraid, very afraid for justice will find you!! TICK TOCK! What is with darkness will be revealed by the Light! TICK TOCK! Ur SINs getting Exposed (DarkToLight)

Also Check QAnon: The Ballad of Q …Awesome Enjoy

~ Galactic Human ~

#QAnon Remember when Google used to be objective, apolitical, uncontaminated, trustworthy? At least #Q has a good sense of humor!

Getting mighty popular! “They are pushing the pizzagate / accusing actors of pedophilia angle.
they’re skeeeeeerrrrd”



What happens when CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov due to sanctuary status (illegal)? Light fires.

Justice Dept. sues California over ‘sanctuary’ laws that aid those in U.S. illegally

The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable

#QAnon When California is in serious debt & loses priority aid from federal gov due to illegal “sanctuary” state status, fires are lit to declare state of emergency & request billions from rest of us.

California lawmakers upset that wildfire money is left out of White House’s disaster aid request.They admit it.. Dew Weapons Time to cut off every single sanctuary city in the country. 

#QAnon gives credit to us for the rise of the QAnon phenomenon referencing all the media given,”Feel proud Autists, Anons, and Patriots. You did this! You are taking back control. You have the power. Stay the course. #Q”

HOLY SHIT. They literally set their people on fire for MONEY.
Justice Dept. sues California…

#QAnon: #EnemyOfThePeople MSM is obviously coordinated, not independent, making coordinated attacks on @POTUS, & on #Q. Who/what else is under attack by MSM? Faith? Family? Righteousness? Work? What do they know? Why won’t they ask obvious question? #WhoIsQ, Mr. President?

#QAnon “You cannot fool a massive group of dedicated gold star researchers.. This communications structure was designed for a very specific reason vs MSM #EnemyofThePeople telling us only what they want us to believe. #Q

Joshua Adam Schulte Charged With The Unauthorized Disclosure Of Classified Information


#QAnon “As alleged, Schulte betrayed our nation & violated his victims. Schulte took an oath to protect this country, but blatantly endangered it by the transmitting Classified Info & thousands of child porn images.” #Vault7

WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents

Track last. JA offline cause. Q

Project Safe Childhood

Australian bishop convicted of sex abuse cover-up resigns

After decades of silence, nuns talk about abuse by priests

Those you are taught to TRUST the most…..Dark to LIGHT.Q 

May there be no rest for the wicked. Hang em all high. Expose the darkness to the light!Man, I can’t help but think about how devastating some of this will be particularly devastating


Nicholas Rasmussen – McCain Institute

Nicholas Rasmussen (IMPORTANT name to remember) Former Director of NCTC. #QAnon No Name/ Brennan/ Clapper/ Comey/ Rice/ Hussein met in WH to thwart @realDonaldTrump using “UK”. New C_IA Dir Haspel (prior London station chief 2014-17) have proof?

WH visitor logs: NO NAME/BRENNAN/COMEY/HUSSEIN (dates?)
Replaced by:


#QAnon responds to an anon on the man in black with shiv outside Avenatti’s office. “Who supplied the FEED?” #Q They have info on Saudi Arabia & Clinton Foundation paying MA. They have it all w universal access. [Spook] in killbox.


In case you missed it, Avenatti was freaking out today: And here’s the narrative they want to feed you. The **** they’ve rolled between their filthy hands and presented for you to consume:

Avenatti Targeted in Person by QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Gina Haspel must atone for her past to become CIA director


A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ California is trillions in debt there setting fires themselves and want the money from the federal government. Q wants us to think 😂 I think Q is correct.

Truth and Art TV Patriot news update also Trump Storm, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates. Recorded Monday July 30, 2018

Watching in Los Angeles That letter you read the other day, about why people in other countries are rooting for America to succeed, made me cry. I think you could read that AGAIN on one of your slow Q days. Thank you.

Hannity: THE MEMO IS RELEASED!!! The WALLS Are ENDING In The Deep State

Q is showing how Gina Haspel now the head of the CIA had been stationed in the UK seemingly right in the area of all the FISA scandal, what does she know?

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 30th July 2018 –Who is the REAL Michael Avenatti? Missile Fired at Trump – MSM says Helicopter#Something BIG happening real time “Buckle up”

Who’s the Fu** Michael Avenatti ?? Hmm what abt his links .. Stormy – Avenatti – Saudi Arabia!!! Connection to Q #118 and 9/11 …The plan is to let them dig their own grave..DarkToLight is my vote – covers it all. Also There’s something genius about how the president and Nunez are going about things he standing in front of John Deere equipment which is symbolic for middle-class America.

The Awakening is exponential, and world wide….the best option for TRAITORS is to RUN….WWG1WGA QGENERATION Godspeed Patriots

::::: Check :::::


~ Galactic Human ~

Listen VERY carefully

POTUS legal in review (Huber). Something BIG is about to drop Q

So POTUS wants to declassify stuff, but he also doesn’t want to jeopardize Huber’s ongoing investigation, so he’s conferring with Huber beforehand, to make sure the most important redactions stay in place (for now).


Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub). The World is Here. Recognize. This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine. Peace through strength. Q

Buckle up!

Michael Avenatti was racing teammates with this Saudi prince. The prince’s father is Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, the former head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency. In 2002, Turki was sued for his alleged role in financing the 9/11 terror attacks.

Here’s another mindfuck. Look at his son’s current racing team. Two bin Ladens: http://www.saudi-falcons.com/the-team/

One is Faisal bin Laden. He is one of Osama’s family members who was flown out of the US on a private jet immediately following 9/11: https://www.wanttoknow.info/010920globe

Now refer to Q post 118: What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11? Who authorized the departure? Why is this relevant? Was anyone else permitted to leave? Repeat. Was anyone else permitted to leave? Was it a private plane? What can private planes carry v commercial? What airport did they arrive/depart from? What was carried on a private plane to Iran? Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11? Coincidence? How does SA connect to the Bin Laden family?

This one is definitely you, unless there are more Michael Avenatti’s, we know there are different Michael Cohen’s because you released three different financial figures from them “accurate reporting”

Did you ever respond to the Canadian Michael Cohen Mr. @MichaelAvenatti ?

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti getting paid by Perkins Coie #Qanon

Direct message to Stormy Daniel’s lawyer here, especially since they’re right outside his office:

Also probable instructions for anons to look at the domain (including past archives of the domain).

Foundation. Bottom to top. Layers. FISA = Foundation. Start. People are more aware of current events. Establish link. Think criminal/illegal act(s) to prevent/overturn Presidential election of POTUS.Q

Is #Q pointing us to re read Q520?

Offices of MA. Work on Sunday? Who is supplying feed? Who is financing? Q

Is that Brennan in a wig? He is a spook, he’d have disguises. Who is financing. Was the $7.8 million worth it? OR is it as an ANON points out  John Edward Alite AKA: Johnny Alletto -FBI informant. Associate of Gambino crime family & John A. Gotti in 80s, 90s, early 2000s, he fled in 2003 after learning he had been targeted for murder. Former Mafia Hit man. Porn Star connoisseur.

Yes … it is same guy pictured with Cohen leaving the building and it looks like same with Joe schmo Scabro. I read somewhere MA screwed the pooch originally and went after wrong Cohen could this be him?

Woah. June 10th, the day the missile was fired, Yeah, BOOM!!!! Should we check Comey’s for June 10th?

 Q says Buckle up, shows Michael Avenatti’s office and later goes on to show how Avenatti and Brenner had proven foreknowledge of the attempt on POTUS in AF1 on the way back from Singapore. 

Missile was intercepted by an F-16, That helicopter from the media is an insult to our intelligence. That helicopter is doing well without its rotor blades.

New Q Bombshells Paint Disturbing Picture- Signal Pain Coming, Truth and Art TV Patriot news update also Trump Storm, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates. Recorded Sunday July 29, 2018

“Who is supplying feed? Who is financing?”

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ Who is  Michael Avenatti?

The FISA revelations ties the mainstream media directly to acts of TREASON.

He Tried to warn Us, He really did. He woke Up the Sheep. Bill Cooper Rest In Peace Brother.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 29th July 2018 –”Welcome to the no borders, pro-pedo, destroy ICE, socialist movement – Antifa (arm of Democratic Party). Dark to LIGHT. “THIS IS NOT A GAME.” It All Starts With FISA

This is an AMAZING tool called “Q” to educate citizens of the very EXTREME efforts & Dedication President Trump has been putting forward to eradicate Human Traffickers!! POTUS should send a very strong message, and put this POS behind bars Now…Democrats(Demon-RATS) are fighting to abolish ICE & Border Security, because their flow of drug/human trafficking has been halted under Trump. The liberals who have been most vocal about keeping children with families, are most concerned about keeping children going to pedophiles like them.

TIME TO WAKE UP! i hate to break it to you, but the Vatican & CABAL Deep State has spent billions covering up sick pedophile child abusers, rapists .. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK just like Q said… NAY Such sick, vile, evil creatures in this world…Boot em to HELL…

~ Galactic human ~

This photo came out a while ago, as part of a Mike Cernovich protest, but did ya catch it? Welcome to the no borders, pro pedo, destroy ICE, socialist movement – Antifa (arm of Democratic Party). Dark to LIGHT.  #qanon

Follow the family. sec.gov/news/pressrele… Think texts between PS/MH. Think past settlements.
They have infiltrated every senior critical position. The Circle. Q

Who is Melissa Hodgman? Company? Title? Date of promotion? Focus on the date. What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know? Think HRC emails, Weiner laptop, etc. Dates? Q


From Post 1746

When MSM openly calls for, promotes and suggests assassination of the President and no other news condemns it, it’s not paranoia, it’s facts in your face.

I hope you have a good weekend, Q. I’ll be praying for you and the Trump team, and we’ll all still be here when you decide to drop again.


Truth and Art TV Patriot news update also Trump STORM, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates. Will President Trump reveal the Q anon relationship to his plan very soon? Or will the big drop be something else? I could be wrong but I have a hunch about this. 

Trying to normalize pedos again! That behavior will never be accepted! Anyone supporting that banner should be tracked with ankle bracelets!Antifa is the new Nazi Party with George Soros as Hitler. In the end God wins stay strong WWG1WGA

Q addresses the whole “nothing is happening/ not fast enough” thoughts people have been expressing. These things take more time than the everyday person would like, but rest assured things are happening.

The freshest Qanon posts, bread crumbs and drops, also news and reviews of the Qanon phenomenon. This is a more in depth look at Q’s post 1742 regarding Peter Strzok’s unfortunate wife and her role in the SEC investigation into Facebook’s data leak. The SEC’s probe is one of several simultaneous investigations, along with the DOJ, FTC and FBI, into Facebook’s handling of user data. Where there is hope for the future, there is power for today.

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

Are they just ‘putting it out there’ then again, (like first pedo/pizzagate) no charges are brought upon anyone, which then puts out the message that paedophilia is something people can ‘get away with’…(Maybe this is why no-one is suing)? It’s just so hard to trust in these times.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 28th July 2018 – MZ your hands are dirty!FB Now Twitter In Trouble! “The choice to know will ultimately be yours.” Strzok Round 2 Coming! “Public Awareness Forces Hand”Pedophilia Rampant Evil In the storm?

Things heating-up folks,  Army general in command of missile defense in pacific north west was relieved of duty today, Anyway I smell revolution in the air and not just the US but all over the World, What a glorious time it will be when the cabal gets flushed ..When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to the evil-doers…So be it..The END-is-Near..WWG1WGA +Q+GENERATION god speed patriots

Our Children Need’s JUSTICE and its COMING-on-HARD! PEDO’s Beware new sheriff in town

4th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Change of Command Ceremony

~ Galactic human ~

MZ your hands are dirty! And Q is Cleaning it up for you………..

Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365. Literally. [F9 algorithm] Are they recording/safe-housing? Metadata collection? Building 8. DARPA. [CHINA-CHINA-CHINA] Q

Received From an Anon on FACEBOOK

Who recently pulled out of FB? Artificial support. What events recently occurred in China re: FB?

China Said to Quickly Withdraw Approval for New Facebook Venture

CHINA! They pulled out! And this is SO FUNNY to me because lil’ Zuckie was planning on running to China and escaping, after MONTHS of selling off stock with all his insider pals, and funneling the profits from his own sales into his CZI shell company!

Trump ducks media, cites bad weather despite clear skies as he leaves for Iowa

here is nothing more precious than our children. Evil has no boundaries, The choice to know will ultimately be yours. These people are SICK!

Evil Has No Boundaries

CBS honcho Les Moonves will be accused of sexual misconduct in latest Ronan Farrow bombshell

You might see the total and utter collapse of Viacom in the next six months – and that would be a good thing! And like Q says, we are with all who want to speak up. It’s why I wrote this guide to help any potential whistleblowers to stay safe, last night:

Latest Q drops. July 27th
Reposting: Reagan National Airport: Bob reading in the left, and at the back, to the right, Don Jr and SS Agents.

What are the odds? Q

Trump Jr. and Mueller pass each other at airport but don’t notice

Device test. # Device test E. # Device Test X. #Device test C. SPOTTED — ROBERT MUELLER and DONALD TRUMP JR. both waiting for their flights this morning at the 35X gate at DCA. And yes, there is a photo. Picture of the two waiting at America’s worst gate…

(C = 3) + (E = 5) +( X = X) = 35X

There is Air Force, Navy, and army depots all over the area. Might dig deeper – seems that Q indicated the responsible party was dismissed quickly – look for a high rank dismissal around June 10-13th…

What a show. “Moves and counter moves.” A show which can only be appreciated by those following the STORM.

Q higlights of Strzok testimony. Mueller at airport. 50 M.I.A bodies from Korea and Trump. Says thank you to Kim. Matthew drops in for a chat. Pooped. Goodnight.

A review of today’s Qanon posts and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ Note: I am not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. So I would appreciate any help you can give to getting this message out.

“NO MSM investigations? Biggest threat to the American people!”

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 27th July 2018 – Sarah Silverman’s Secrets #MZ and @Jack, your hands are dirty and more! Let’s go! F-16s Intercept Specialized Weapons Package. CLAS-5. NO MSM investigations? Q Solves Rosenstein Drama of Past Weeks

QTRUMP God Bless u and God Bless humanity. We’re in the storm folks. Future proves past. The swamp is being drained. Patriots rejoice

~ Galactic Human ~

I’d like to begin with an older post by #Qanon that outlines his mission and our role. Q asks questions to get us to think and research. The first purpose is for us to discover the truth.

The second purpose of #Qanon’s mission is to gather and assemble the information we find and then distribute it to people in our sphere of influence.  My role is to give you the information I’ve found. Your role is to help share it with people you know.

An anon posted an old crumb from #Qanon reminding us since both have ties to the Uranium One scandal, if Rosenstein is dirty, Robert Mueller is dirty. If Rosenstein is clean then Mueller must be clean. Were they really black hats, or were they just forced to do bad things by #TheCabal? Was Trump now offering them a chance at redemption?

It’s nearly 50 pages chronicling all of Mueller’s bad deeds.
Now read Q’s latest:

New #QAnon 1712.

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immortality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. Because of these the wrath of God is coming. Col 3:5 Your evil has no place in this world.

New #QAnon 1713.
Anon states “proven shop”, as in the photo of Sarah Silverman in post 1712 was photoshopped. #Q replies that the face is never the author, and that direct comms from THEM come in many different forms.
When does a bird sing?Q Keep your promise This is not a game. Q
#Qanon asked: When does a bird sing?
According to Maya Angelou, it sings when it’s caged (under arrest)
The blue Ferris wheel in the background places the location near Hyde Park. The clothing indicates winter. Probably December during Winter Wonderland.  Note the group of people in the yellow circle. One of them bears a strong resemblance to Lisa Page. We don’t know the others but I would guess Peter Strzok & Andy McCabe may have accompanied her. Did McCain join them?
#Qanon reposted the testimony quotes from Peter Strzok, confirming to us that we’re on the right track and to him that it’s time to let Congress and the public know the details of #Spygate.
#QAlert 7/27/18 1728 Anon “Where did the missle go? Blown up in sky?”
#Q responds: F-16s intercept. Q
Specific reason for the reminder. Everything stated has a purpose. Q
@JohnBrennan’s tweet THE DAY BEFORE this happened?
We got determined to crack this code. The explanation in this video seems legit. Could be wrong though. WWG1WGA
A review of today’s latest Qanon posts and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ Note: I am not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. So I would appreciate any help you can give to getting this message out.
Assassination attempt fail of President Trump Q Post 1474 FOX M1 STOLEN TAKEDOWN Air Force One Targeted by Deep State UK/Chinese Ops Q ANON KDN-0000 AF1 F-16s Intercept Specialized Weapons Package. CLAS-5. #Qanon Where did the missle go? Blown up in sky? Kill Destruct Neutralized BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.
Thanks for stopping by my friends! Lot’s of big stories to watch as the STORM rolls on!
Diamond and Silk started a prayer chain. Everyday at 11:21 AM. Pray for our President, his cabinet and their families. Pray for the evil to be exposed and save the children, please.
“Direct comms come in many different forms.”
Meaning of “CoC” = CHAIN OF COMMAND makes a lot more sense. Let me know your takes/interpretations on some of the other drops. Ignore the blind and be thankful for your sight.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 25th July 2018 – Trump’s Declaration of War Against #TheCabal! “No Flags/No Logs/No Records” Silence Is Golden”- Q Returns, Honks At Patriots,”Something BIG is about to DROP.”

WoW  Q’s Back! The Federal Reserves is not answering to Congress nor to US CITIZEN. It’s PRIVATE banks. It’s not Constitutional. (Pssst It’s illegal) It was never ratified by 27 states like it should have 2/3 of the US states. BIG BOOM Trump Taking over Federal Reserve…The elite bloodlines are a curse on the world. Greed brings pain.Their days are numbered.

The fake news media is going insane!!!They’re totally going to downplay Q! Which proves they fear the TRUTH!nothing but the TRUTH!!! They can’t stand they’ve lost control! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”- wizard of Oz..THEIR END TIME IS HERE….

Q posts can be found here: qanon.pub

~ Galactic Human ~

#QAnon came back with two new posts late at night, and normally, I would just add them to the previous post, but because of their content, I wanted to give them a whole dedicated article, because man-oh-man… with Q confirming what he just did, things just went to a whole new level.

You have more than you know.

Here are some anon responses to #Q post 1682.

#Qanon Page 1 of letter

#Qanon posted the latest his piece by Huffington Post noting that they’re desperate to discredit the movement.


Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary? Logical thinking. [20] Q

Huber works for Sessions & he has the server. He knows where the bodies are buried. POTUS is keeping the server in the forefront of public discussion b/c it will be relevant soon. While #Q has been silent #FakeNews has been desperately propping up the D’s and DS. They’re failing.

In the past, #QAnon went dark for 10 days and more recently for 20 days.
Is there a 30-day window of silence in the future?Also – consider using CONFIRMED posts and graphics and avoid putting too much stock in unconfirmed theories.

Why did the FISA court hand over the application for the warrant on Carter [Page] when FOIA doesn’t apply to FISA?

That’s Real News 4/3/18 Judge Napolitano Is Huber Really Under Cover Special Counsel?

The FOIA request for the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page that was released last week was heavily redacted. It was redacted because they can’t release any information on an ongoing criminal investigation- think Huber. @POTUS will DECLAS

#Qanon referenced section 5.2 of the Executive Order. Here’s the text of that section. #QAnon also suggested that the Carter Page FISA application was released in redacted form because some of the information contained in it pertains to ongoing investigations and/or potential Grand Jury matters under the direction of John Huber. 

Previously, #Qanon posed a list of link to articles attempting to debunk the movement. This is a list of more recent articles.

#Qanon posted an NBC News tweet about Apple’s decision to remove the Q Drops app from their store.


The Daily Beast is obsessed with #Qanon. Nearly every week they publish an article attempting to throw shade on the tin-foil-hat-wearing kooks who follow Q.

There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

Something BIG is about to DROP. Q

#QClock combined by Anon with today’s posts regarding POTUS speech in Kansas signaling Q.

We saw you!God bless Patriots! reddit.com/r/greatawakeni…

4 10 20 / 3 2 1 is false on the clock. It never happened. Attached is the latest Q Clock blank, to include today’s postings by Q. Find the 4s, 10s, and 20s. Dig it yourselves. There’s no 3-2-1.
Ty Clock Anons for checking into this! Put these together and Q is telling us they obtained info on Trump illegally through the Five Eyes (FVEY).  The FVEY intelligence that formally launched the FBI Investigation was not shared through the official channel, rather through unofficial channels.

President Trump poised to take control of the Federal Reserve.


On April 19th, #Qanon hosted a short question and answer session. One of the questions answered was about the Federal Reserve. An anon posted this response. #Qanon reposted the above proof and added a link to another article supporting the President’s plans to reform the Federal Reserve.

Truth and Art TV Patriot news update, Q Anon and Great Awakening updates.

What a nice day to see so many confirmations and examples of “future proves past” fulfilled by Q huh? As I mentioned in today’s podcast. The RELATIONSHIP between the Q group and the Trump administration can no longer be denied. This is only making the mainstream media that much more nervous and frankly I believe that is the point. “moves and counter-moves” Amazing stuff!

WOW, after [20]days **Not 17** of silence, (which is Golden) Q has returned with some hot heat for everyone especially the MSM and R naysayers. That popcorn. Keep it ready anons and patriots WW! Something BIG is about to DROP.

THINK HUBER…. Perhaps the redactions haven’t been removed because it’s keeping everyone that Huber is about to nab uninformed about what’s going on. ??? Who has THE SERVER? Think the server that hold ALL DATA EVER. Who? NSA.

Q-TRUMP ~ Trump’s brilliant chess combination in Helsinki #”POTUS tweets about the server today#Shall we play a game? Dark to LIGHT.. What About the BALL ◯

WoW….Why the Lights Suddenly Went Out on Donald Trump: An Investigation!!!! What can i Say Q-TRUMP is giving hints follow the Term DARKNESS-TO-LIGHT…DiD You see That Q-TRUMP…. giving Hints from Darkness to LIGHT… WoW… Only the Awakened can SEE…Watch the VDO below… So Is @POTUS still in control? We haven’t seen a post from Q. #QPost 64 gave the answer back in November and I think they signaled it today.”Should the lights go out, please know that we are in control.” And What About the Ball from PUTIN to TRUMP?? Q did say Keep an EYE on the BALL? Din He !!

~ Buckle ur Seatbelts …  It’s Q -U.S.A. and Russia against the world!! 🙂 UNSTOPPABLE!!~

~ Galactic Human ~

POTUS tweets about the server today. How many times in the last month has he tweeted about this?Think he’s just bored? Think nothing is happening?

The master troll knows very well that the server unlocks his enemy’s worst nightmare. And we know who has the server.

LIGHTs off when @POTUS says intel agencies? Dark to light mentioned 5x

Why the Lights Suddenly Went Out on Donald Trump: An Investigation

Dark to LIGHT. Shall we play a game? Dark to LIGHT. Attacks will only get worse. Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT> Dark to LIGHT. TRUTH. We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH. Dark to LIGHT.

Checkout the Q Clock sync with Darkness to Light… BOOMMM

Q1675 Riddle: Do ‘reflections’ violate NAT SEC rules?… Do ‘reflections’ violate NAT SEC rules?.. Where must one be located in order to obtain a reflection on the back of a phone of that image? Image provided here has been distorted (stretched)…. Think mirror… Look there or [here] or there truth is behind you.

Now, an interesting application of rule 0 would be to list all their accusations and use them as a starting point to analyze them. For example, they insisted Putin had some dirt on Trump. So? Rule 0: Putin has some dirt on them. Pretty cool right? Now you can take this working hypothesis and check, if down the line, it’s not in contradiction with events. If it’s not, it’s likely to be true. Then, if you remove the hypothesis and cannot explain events rationally, no matter how hard you and other smart people try, then you know the hypothesis is as true as not being able to find a rational explanation to the events it induces. So, when you get here, what you do is take the hypothesis as a working hypothesis, call it a strong hypothesis and you go further in your analysis to gather some other data that would reinforce the likelihood of the strong hypothesis being 100% true.


We know about the Contortionist and how he weakly dealt with Crimea, we know about the Witch and how she arranged the sale of 20% of our Uranium to Russia. Let’s remove the hypothesis Putin had some dirt on them and analyze. Is there a rational explanation for their treasonous behavior? I can’t find any. Money? Ghadafi had plenty of money and was ready to play ball, just as he played ball with Sarkozy but instead, she came, he saw, he died. It’s not just about money. There has to be another power forcing the transaction. If we go further and notice Putin is ex KGB link, that, according to their own Comey, the Witch’s private server was probably hacked link1 link2 and that nobody knows the truth about the Contortionist’s birth certificate link, we have gathered data re-inforcing the likelihood of Putin having dirt on the Contortionist and the Witch. And we even have an idea about the dirt itself…

Now, you remember Trump was among the first to openly ask about the Contortionist’s birth certificate right? Read Q’s board: the Witch’s server and U1 is everywhere. Now you understand why they don’t want a one on one between Trump and Putin. Now you understand why they are going completely crazy. If this dirt, that brought Putin Crimea, 20% of our uranium and SAP tech, is shared with Trump, it’s game over for them. Game over.

Now the interesting question would be: why would Putin give this information to Trump?

This is the equation Trump needed to resolve before he met with Putin. He had to meet with Putin with enough good cards in is hands to force Putin to want to give this information and even more in order to get something valuable in return.

The Deep State is Going Down, Thanks to Trump-Putin in Helsinki , The handing over the ball from Putin to Trump represents a “transfer of data”. Putin said (at 38:00), “Speaking of the football, actually. Mr. President I’ll give this ball to you. And now the ball is in your court.” In other words, it implies the data has been given to DJT, and the ball is now in his court to present it to the world.

QANON = YES WE HAVE THE MISSING SERVER = Imran Awan Life Insurance Policy HERE’S HOW & WHY 7/4/18 C9 …

Q ANON: “Thank you USSS.”Patriotism still under attack and mainstream media should be jailed !!for abandonedment of our potus

DEEP STATE PANIC!!! KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL…Q..There is some crazy stuff a foot . The deep state are pooping their pants ! 

Q-TRUMP ~ POTUS has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink in.

From now on i will be Calling POTUS as “Q-TRUMP”… as no-doubt he is the -Q- card, who’s holding the LIGHT and exposing the DARK….As the Corrupt MSM continues lying with more Fake-news… POTUS with his TRUMP card “Q” is decimating the Evil Cabal down to its very core…I guess the Whole CABAL has finally meet-its-Match … Q-ANON is No-More-a-ANON its Q-TRUMP…We are now in the Middle of something HISTORIC.. This VDO from serialbrain2 has outdone himself with a master decode of the Apple picture inside of the Air Force One once again proving POTUS is with Q team +Nay+ he is Q-TRUMP and a couple of extra digs on to the Deep state within this coded message

~ Galactic Human ~

Q1675. Controversial post. I gave you in my previous post the solution to the riddle. I have seen many other attempts which I respect because I have found some of the ideas to be very interesting and clever but I must defend the truth: I have not seen any other solution addressing all the following issues at the same time in one condensed, meaningful and backed with known open source facts (not conjectures) explanation:

Why Air Force One, why a reflection, why Apple, why Saudi Arabia (Q1681), why the truth is behind you, why Independence Day, why a mug holder.

The solution I presented addressed all these issues at once. And today, for the purpose of sharing how the reasoning is hierarchized, I will address the “Twitter phone” component: it is a piece of the puzzle elegantly joining the others because Prince Al Waleed is a major Tweeter shareholder. Do you see it? Just the information Tweeter+Apple could have been triangulated and lead to Prince Al Waleed and resolve Saudi Arabia in Q1681 but it would have been a weaker link than getting to him through the mug. Why? Because the probability of one being a shareholder in Apple and Tweeter (including just one dollar) is higher than a triple random emphasis on “mug”: Q, Prince Al Waleed and Al Jazeera. Using the couple Tweeter phone – Apple logo was a hint to activate our intuition but not to use it in the reasoning because the mug clue would have then lost its relevance. Look how Q subtly dismisses the Tweeter phone in the reasoning:

Q1677 Who would have thought the ‘Twitter’ phone could be so useful.

This is pure delectation for the mind…

The mug route was therefore the route Q preferred, otherwise, he would have limited the riddle to the triangulation of Apple and Tweeter to get to the Prince. Which he did not. The reason is the mug brings the idea of the detention, makes the riddle self sufficient and does not require us to conjecture that Q wanted us to include it in our reasoning. This detention component is crucial because if it is removed, we don’t get to the DC politicians being freed and therefore don’t get to Q1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

I would like to also give some help to those who struggle with me taking the musical note direction to understand 123.47. I said it in the comment section but will also share it here: using musical frequencies for ciphered messages is actually an old, robust, tested and common practice. It is still used today and the subject of current advanced academic and industrial research.

Here are some links for those who would like to go further:

Can you find the cryptic message hidden in this Beethoven sonata?

Magic numbers: composers and their clandestine codes

With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies

Tone code: A novel method for covert communications based on musical components

A Novel Method of Hiding Message Using Musical Notes


Q1226 Learn our comms. Q

I am walking you through all these details so you know the thought process Q is expecting from us and how I discipline and constrain myself when solving his riddles. These are the tools through which you assess the quality of a solution. You first need to verify all the claims are backed with verifiable information, then you need to verify all the clues are used in a flawless manner to render the hidden message.

Now, I would like to show you something else. It’s fascinating.

Notice I have posted my solution of the riddle on Thursday July 5th at 15:18 Eastern. At 18:00 Eastern, Trump hosted the MAGA rally at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Montana.

Donald Trump – President’s Public Schedule

Reporting about the rally, Mockingbird media mocks Trump and claims that in the middle of his speech, he suddenly went “nonsensical” talking about musical instruments, Elton John etc…:

Check the VDO below :

Here is the transcript of what Trump said:

Then, the next day, this happens and makes all the headlines:

Pause. Do you see it? Do you realize what just happened?

I will show you. When you activate the option “show images”, here is a screenshot of my previous post, with the solution of the riddle:

Now let’s put Trump’s “nonsensical” speech next to the screenshot and analyze. This is what we get:

What do you think? Mockingbird media is actually right, this part of Trump’s speech is “nonsensical” but only for those who are not part of the conversation. Do you see he is talking to us?! Trump is having a Covefefe moment and is talking to us live on national TV! You tell me, what are the odds a few hours after a post by a guy named SerialBrain2 talking about Trump, musical notes (B2), pictures of a keyboard and guitar scale, Trump randomly picks each of these items in the same minute and, at the end, repeats “brain”… serially? Coincidence? If you think it is, then what is your explanation? How can it make sense?

You know, when I saw this. I said to myself: I can’t write about this. I’ll just keep it to myself, just like I kept to myself some other things… Then, I remembered this:

Q920 How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

It dawned on me there would be actually a day when things will be disclosed clearly. So? The stage has to be set. Progressively. Q linked to our sub: it meant he was reading us. He may be in the comment section sometimes, who knows? We were all happy and surprised. What if that was just a first step? If we are to get to Q920, other things need to be happening in between and we should not be surprised Trump talks to us, directly like he did at that rally.

When I got here, I said to myself: ok let’s give it 24 hours, if Q does not react, I will post about all this.

Then, the next day, Trump doubled down! With the Elton John CD he asked Pompeo to give to Kim Jong Un! 4 He was bringing North Korea to the musical note equation, just like I linked the North Korean ICBM test that occurred the day of the B2 glitch. It was like he was saying to us: hey guys I spoke about the musical notes, the guitar, the organ and the brain at the rally, now I give you North Korea.


Now, you know I always have the icing for the cake. Do you want it? Here: why do you think Trump said organ instead of piano? When you look at the picture in my post, even though they are both keyboards and are similar, the first instrument that naturally comes to mind when you see a keyboard would be piano and not organ right? Well, here is the reason: according to this The Guardian article, the most iconic and greatest of all organs is the Hammond. And guess what: they have a model called the B2! link.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 4TH July 2018 –Divide they try. Fail they will! Pictures Prove #QANON w/ President Trump#Everything has meaning

Here’s wishing All My American Friends Happy Birthday America! Celebrating ur independence, celebrating ur freedom!Freedom, Liberty, Unity. Enjoy your Day of Freedom!

~ Galactic Human ~

Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

Trolling, United, Who do you see, and more! Happy Forth Patriots!

#Qanon said the #AwanScandal involves matters of National Security. That means evidence has to be presented so as not to compromise sensitive information, sources or methods. Q posted a link to a DOJ page describing how classified information must be handled in such cases. 

This tweet initially upset many anons because it looked like Imran Awan had negotiated some kind of plea deal. Q came in to reassure us that his case will not be handled in the typical fashion.Of course, Imran sang like bird in the meantime, so his whole testimony is now on the record.But no, this will be handled at a much higher court…Like a Military Tribunal court, with him as a foreign enemy combatant.This article by The Goldwater is just unbelievable, and a must read, but I’ll try to pull some highlights below because this article is just massive in and of itself.

Imran Awan Cuts Deal with DOJ: The Chess Theory?

If you’re interested in learning how classified information is handled in court, this is a good read.

2054. Synopsis Of Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA)

I have to wonder if that name will be popping up again in the future. At the very least, let’s hope Weinsheimer is one of Trump’s guys. In response, #Qanon posted this image… which led to a heated discussion on the board.  Airforce 1. Q is showing us the inside of AF1.

An anon posted this. (GEOTUS = God Emperor of the United States) WHO do you see? WHO? UN? Look at kinder logo. Kindergarten next to Bath house, both operate 24×7?. Only signs in English?


SFALO. Soccer and Art suppliers? 24 hour school next to bath house with “WHO” logo? Children soccer team in caves trapped? SFALO? YOUTH SOCCER PROMOTIONS? Child shipping? Price Edward connection?

#Qanon posted this pic.  (There has been no confirmation on the board yet about its relevance.) #Qanon posted this and asked, “Who do you see?” Anon lined up some dates for us:And yes, it looks like it was taken at the first class lounge in SFO:

#NewQ 7/4/2018 Photo with the mystery person is not too far away from the photo from #Qdrop #869. Added arrows to show camera direction, Kowloon area of Hong Kong. Is it possible Snowden is going bald or in disguise?

#Qanon posted this. It’s part of a drop from November 9, 2017, and serves as a reminder that on occasion, disinformation is necessary.  Disinformation is used to confuse, distract and yes, irritate the enemies of Q and POTUS.

#NewQ 7/4/2018 Western Pacific Kindergarten is in the district Snowden was holed up in – Sham Sui Po.#NewQ 7/4/2018 Confirmed Location match. 

Q ANON: A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Q.PEACE and Much Love to POTUS and Q, American Heros. Much Love to all the Patriots fighting the good Fight. 

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/CjZGaGgH/qanon-p…

Q ANON: Pictures Prove #QANON w/ President Trump.Of course Trump uses the tweets to troll the left. He acts like he believes their disinformation and is the victim of their machinations to keep them thinking they are winning. 

Q talks about the Awan case and tells us they would not disclose server details in a bank fraud case, also pics from inside AF1, as well as another top DOJ lawyer resignations.

Q posts 1676 – 1681 The mysterious Apple logo Review of SA and why it matters Disinformation is necessary! Finishing up with a prayer of thanksgiving for Patriot sacrifices.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 29th June 2018 – Who is Qanon .. Mr. TRUMP #”Power to the People.””Info shared highly sensitive.”

Q is rated in top 25 most popular internet people in Time Magazine along with President Donald J. Trump and hip-hop artist Kanye West. But i Still believe, Q is No 1.. as he is placed on the 19, but am sure He should be would be 1 soon…Go Patriots! Go Trump! Go Q! Go USA!

::::: Check:::::

Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan poised for plea deal, after months of mysterious delays

Facebook Investors Consider Coup of CEO Mark Zuckerberg

~ Galactic Human ~

Donald Trump’s presidency has returned power to the people. We finally have a man in the White House who hears us. That Trump would dare to take power from the elites in the media, in academia, in Hollywood, and in DC and give to us must surely irritate them. #Qanon

Time Magazine did just that, naming #Qanon one of the top 25 most influential people on the Internet. For Q, it’s only the beginning.Power to the people.


WWG1WGA! Where did the Storm derive from? Some things leave lasting impressions. Listen carefully.
The President first made a statement about the storm on October 5th, 2017, while in the presence of military leaders and their families.
#Qanon first began posting about the storm and the #GreatAwakening on October 28th, 1017.  This post from October 31st reveals a lot about #Qanon’s mission.
#Qanon closed his post with “Fireworks.” What kind of fireworks should we expect?
#Qanon posted a link to an article about an investigation into Netflix and a film they’ve streamed that some say contains child pornography. It’s no secret that the left has been trying to normalize pedophilia. 
Who just joined the Board of Netflix? Who pushed? What is coming? Q
Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations? Openly giving interviews or in background shots? Symbolism will be their downfall. Q

Are you awake yet? What do they fear most? Public Awakening. Are you awake??? ARE YOU AWAKE???

We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question. What are they waiting for? They can end this at any time simply by asking POTUS, right? We may have to ‘force’ this one. Q

Q-ANON Update – WHO IS Qanon? – Why Don’t They Ask The POTUS?

There is a message in the video that is a reading from a cabal article written in Amerika. The anon listed the link just prior to Q’s response. I was simply reading the article the anon posted. I had hoped people would understand the article as evidence the cabal is threatened. The last thing I ever want to do is cast doubt on Trump’s strategy. Please re-listen to the video (if you misunderstand the Amerika article to be my opinion) to hear I am reading the anons link. The reading is proof President Trump and the Q movement is over the target.

Latest Q posts plus links to the Capital Gazette shooting. What links the mass-shooters together? Why are they blaming Trump? Where do we fit in? QAnon- The Greatest Awakening


Q ANON: “Info shared highly sensitive.” PS 🇺🇸🇺🇸HAPPY 4th🇺🇸🇺🇸 Blessed to be alive to witness THE GREAT AWAKING🇺🇸🇺🇸

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