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Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 17th May 2018 ~”Follow the Pen” Weiner Indicment Unsealed! Boom Time?PedoPope To Resign! Q Right Again! JAG Prosecutor Will Skewer NXIVM Traffickers!

WoW… Another stunning INTEL from “Q” coming to Fruition of the POPE Resigning ….We are awake Q… They believe we all are naive, that we are sheep to be slaughtered. They are mistaken. Our wrath is palpable. They will be hunted now, they will be the ones to slink back into the darkness from whence they came from. Bring the military tribunals!! .. Proper Judge in place, Richard Donahue LOCK THEM ALL UP.. This is an exciting time to be alive if all of this comes to fruition . The #Rothschilds, the #Rockefellers, the #clintons, the #podesta‘s, the #Obamas, #GeorgeSoros, Etc all must be sh*tting their pants now. Prepare for GITMO.. It is payback time in a stupendous way. This time in our lives is something that we will all remember forever. This is going to be a life-changing and more importantly a world changing event.

“Together You Are Invincible” Q is talking about a class action suit. Against Social media. It can bankrupt them… Thank-Q

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Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge


Trump administration to provide records on Obama-era gun-smuggling prob

Pope Francis hints he may retire

Pope Francis receives Chilean bishops over sex abuse scandal

~ Galactic Human ~

HOLY HELL IT’S HAPPENING. Read the name and date. “Attachment A” = Weiner’s Laptop??? Hey Hillary Guess What? We’ve Got It All! Anthony Weiner’s laptop which holds the HRC tape has just been submitted as evidence in the trial! #HRCTape #MAGA #Q #Qanon #CBTS

Q said the Pope will be having a bad May. I say good riddance! More proof of below


I’ve heard some say that the Q was photoshopped on the fire truck Q posted…NOPE #Qanon #Notalarp

Weiner is finally being dealt with.“The pen” post was published on 5/10. Meadows, Jordan and DeSantis wrote their letter to POTUS on 5/15. Letters match somehow in the document. Could this mean that the Congressmen have been in on the game of 4D chess with POTUS and Q all along? The freedom caucus began in 2015, didn’t they? Which is the same year the military had planned a coup against Hussein, scrapped it, and recruited POTUS to run. Which is another crumb leading me to believe that the freedom caucus is deeply involved in this movement.

Q says to follow the pen (Trumps) which apparently already wrote and Executive Order telling Sessions to release to congress the paperwork requested. Now we can see if Trust Sessions was real or disinfo. Q is not a cult, Q is not divisive period.

Exciting times! 1776 _2.0 Thank You to all of the “Patriots” all around the globe that are not even Americans yet deeply care about our trials & tribulations with corruption.

Weiner docs unsealed, no smoking gun, more trivia. Q asks, “Do you trust POTUS?” Yes! The real question is do you trust a “letter”? When stop asking and start telling we’ll see who can be trusted.


The Pope’s “Terrible May” predicted by Q is unfolding! Pope Francis announced his possible resignation in coming months and Leo Zagami, ex-Illuminati high degree Italian Mason says Francis is to be replaced by an African Pope. Meanwhile, the appointment of Richard Donoghue, ex-JAG lawyer from Fort Bragg, will be prosecuting the NXIVM case in Brooklyn, NY!


Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 24th April 2018 Part 2~ “State dinner.” M.O.A.B. / IRONEAGLE / Iran-Next

BOOM! Indictments unsealed:regarding Bundy Ranch & Uranium 1:HRC, LL, Comey, Grassley, and many others etc Q s all we got. But…. Whilst Q is happily revealing ww secrets ( and rightly so )… Potus and his Q team are creating even more secrets…. We’ll be back at square 1 by 2020! WWG1WGA MAGA

As i Was Reading Neon Revolt i came across this company named IRON Eagle Group…. Since the company seems to have disappeared also Neon pointed out that SEC was dragging this company into court because they failed to file any paperwork with it for almost 3 years!! Anyway i am Just posting Old web links and the list of Board of Directors of the Company below

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UNSEALED: HRC, Uranium 1, Comey, BUNDY Ranch, M_rder #CASE1:16-cv-01490-LEK-DJS

Donald Trump possesses this document along with Flynn, Mattis, Cohen and others!


IRON Eagle Press Release

IRON Eagle Press Relase Upgrade QTCQB

Pinnacle Press Realse

Pinnacle IRON Eagle Agrrement

IRON Eagle Corporate Profile


~ Galactic Human ~

Q probably had the info all this time. They just needed a President that would support them bringing it all out. All this time, Killary was hanging herself by trying to cover her tracks. Now, Q has proof of her crimes of obstruction as well.

Q-ANON 4/24/2018 M.O.A.B. 60% to remain private? None should be hidden from us. We will never stop this happening in the future if we don’t know what we are dealing with. Sounds like something is about to go down. 

This covers all of the q posts for 04-24-2018. this covers information on the state dinner. nuclear backroom deals. potus is free from the black hats peter strzok and lisa page new texts coming out tweeted from sarah carter this covers everything ongoing from the news coverage of the anons, to the disturbing facts coming out on the the possible corruption on some elected officials. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan.

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: Praying for POTUS and Family , as well as ALL Who are taking down the D.S. Also, Capricia Marshall was just on CSPAN 2 speaking during the State Dinner intro segment. She stated the evening is based on a schedule called the “Tick Tock”. Q, recently said “Tick TOCK (LLC)” as the last thing on one of his posts. May tie together, may not. We shall find out!

Strzok/Page missing texts will be revealed within 24 hours. Also talk about how KimJong Un was a hostage in his own country much like The head of Iran is. Cleaning house World wide.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 23rd April 2018 ~ 5 Eyes / Earth Day-Al Gore/ Corey Feldman / Kanye West Tweets EVIL & CORRUPTION

Everyone should do what other sites don’t do, go back and re-read the crumbs as Q has said many times, it’s enlightening. Sun 29th Nov 2017 very relevant to recent posts, Session-leaks, Haiti, etc. Future proves past, you have more than you know. Evidence of this would certainly change people’s perspective and be huge.All roads lead to 911. All of this crap is tied to it, hopefully the truth will be told and those responsible, executed for their treasonous crimes!

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Al Gore has thrived as green-tech investor

We Must Fight – President Reagan (TyDale’s Version)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America – Court Document

Nunes on looking into the origin of the Russia investigation

Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

The mission of Harvard University Muslim Alumni (HUMA)

Bachmann defends her witch hunt


~ Galactic Human ~

Fifteen Things To Know About ‘Pakistani Mystery Man’ Imran Awan & Huma A… TREASON. 

Pompeo is the Trump Card? 👇🏼 #FutureProvesPast? & Allison Mack, #Q, Mariah Coogan & #TheStandardHotel? 

INFO on data collection on you and your family imran quotes saying he can change a us president allison mack was arrested for alleged role in sex cult child slave ganges go free as polic fail to investigate dnc suing trump campaign wikileaks countersuit hs priciple charged with child sex abuse judicial watch hosting special police officer arrested for dealing drugs out of cruiser child molester found dead in cell after being in 2 weeks recall on all romaine lettuce – e. coli breakout londons big crimewave voter fraud and election fraud continues in us global warming – and how one has gotten very rich on it bill peters resigns waffle house gunman said taylor swift was stalking him still at large avicii dead at 28 verne troyer (mini-me) dead at 49 new eo from the potus – reducing gov reliance

Truth and Art TV Weekly Podcast #43 – Recorded Sunday April 22, 2018- Narrating the rebirth of America. This is my weekly weekend podcast which I make a little longer than my other videos in order to summarize news and events as well as review all the new Q anon drops. All of this is to illustrate the BIG PICTURE. This week’s summary is one of the most comprehensive yet. Lot’s of new Q anon drops the past few days and the “April showers” is upon us.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Listen carefully.” I said it once and I say it again: Alex ignores Q because he is afraid of pizzagate. He can’t touch this subject as you remember he had to fire 2 of his reporters, apologize on air and saying comet pingpong is a nothingburger (although I believe he knows it’s true). Q is still exposing them thus Alex can’t decode Q posts. 

They paid for Obama to go to harvard.! Saudis Muslim Brotherhood, They left out the part about how Berry Sorotors’ brother is the head of the Muslim brotherhood. Seriously, the plot continues to thicken that only the gallows will be able to cut through the lies, sedation, treason and deceit!

Hey Al Gore btw it’s earth day where have you been? Guess you are content now that your net worth went from $2 mil in 2001 to $100mil now after investing in those “green companies” which you told everyone were good companies to invest in. More on Mslm B hood and HUMA and Obummer, Regan speech, we must fight. More talk about 5 eyes eavesdropping practices.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 20th April 2018 ~Pizzagate Breaks Wide-Open, Who’s Wendy, Barack? “Wendy” Nixon Digs. WE GOT YOUR NUMBER, #BHO. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #Pizzagate #Pedogate

The Brilliance of Q is that he’s made all of us #QAnon’s w/o having to bear the brunt of fame His #BreadCrumbs created an Army of Truth #WeThePeople now have a unified vision & Q’s guidance has fostered our strength #InternetBillsOfRights is a MUST FIGHT the MSM & DeepState. In what kind if world are we living?! Sick-Satanic #PizzaGate is going viral worldwide (Elites Are Terrified) This is being covered up everywhere! Do not let them cover this up. Make sure you share this to everyone you know! #PizzaGate ..there’s lot of things Q is exposing which we never knew .. think again!! why did POTUS passed all those Human Trafficking bills…

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President Trump Signs 3 HISTORIC Human Trafficking Bills

Senate Passed Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill That Compromises Sex Workers, Is Now On Its Way to Trump 

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

~Galactic Human~

The horrible abuse of children is the worst part of this, and I’ve lost sleep over it. I’ve always known there are evil, sick people like this in the world, but I’m having a hard time believing there are this many. People that we expect to be role models for our children are actually brutalizing them?

This is what has gotten me invested in this Q thing because I can’t turn away from these children. It breaks my heart and makes me cry. But your report is always straight forward, sensitive, and with enough of a sense of humor to make it easier to cope. So thank you for that, Bruce. I’m so thankful for President Trump for putting a stop to this.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “The world is watching.” So Maggie is his personal MK ultra slave to do personal presidential favors? Is Nixon a breeder for MK ultra? In regards to “pet names” Cathy O’Brien was RR’s kitten. DC’s prey in his hunting games, GHWB’s listener in his reptilian transformation as his taste was more for her young daughter. Byrd was her owner, GF seasoned her at a very young age…just to name a few.

Tock LLC is a company that invented this restraint software. Maybe this software has other purposes? Maybe they have access to it now? obama pic with West, makes it more like TOCK llc, in Chicago. Obamas Chicago ties.TOCK (LLC), way for pedo’s to disguise the way they “order” children from a menu, these people are sick!

Apr 20 Late Night Dr Jerome Corsi Decodes Latest QANON Posts #1203 thru #1216. No wonder our country went into the toilet!!! These pedos were running it. The Satanist part of it all is just an excuse for the pedos to act on their illness. They’ve been enjoying themselves in the name of Lucifer. How can they possibly think they could get away with this forever? This is the worst stuff, next to serial killers.



Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 18th April 2018 ~ Good vs Evil is real # Criminal referral # How rare are engine fires?Are You Awake?

April Arrests ? Well ….. We’re Waitin !  As May Flowers are yet to bloom…POTUS and the MILITARY take the Washington swamp down – and then PEDOVORES-R-NEXT ! #QAnon says that May will have a bad month for the Pope and focuses on finances. Are your IRS funds being funneled to the Vatican? And whats-up will all those PLANES….

::::: Check :::::

Congress criminal referral


~ Galactic Human ~

Nice. Comey clinton lynch mccabe strzok, and page have been referred for a criminal investigation. McMasters father possibly offed? Back channel 17 on twitter outted as fake by Q

Bad Actors on notice more information on syria. including daily financial news, and daily white house information and activities. as the world turns – a quick spin around the world on issues in many countries. we are building a news organization for the united states and all of her patriots to get real unfiltered news.

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many). 111V-B is the 111 Fighter Squadron out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Backchannel17 on Twitter is a fake, meant to throw us off, which is why Q points this out. Only trust info placed on Q site, and no others. Q indicates McMasters’ Dad was murdered, because McMasters couldn’t retain his position, and this was his punishment for it from Cabal; also considered a warning to others. Pruitt is a Trump man, and is hated for it. He had an expensive phone booth built for making calls; I and others really don’t understand phone booth, but I’ve nicknamed him “Maxwell Smart (Agent 86)”. Wonder if he has a shoe phone too? 

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “ARE Y0U AWAKE?” 111 V-B It is plane hanger 111 on Virginia Beach airbase.McMaster = plant. Engine fires = very rare. Not coincidence.

Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 14th April 2018 ~Iran next#Trust the plan! #April SHOWERS. [SHOWERS].# Do you believe in coincidences? Disinformation is REAL

Genius! Trump bombed Deep State Chem Facilities in syria…When the Light shines, darkness disappears… Let us see the LIGHT-NOW….

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~ Galactic Human ~

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/CjZGaGgH/qanon-p… Alex & Zack were both acting… remember Q said disinformation is vital …. Trust the plan. God put Trump here to carry out His ( God’s) agenda.

There are many references to Castle. And the OTHER references have ZERO, but ZERO references to the B1-b bomber used in recent operations in Syria. However, what we do see in intelligence circles the use of the term “castle” as a war room, or BETTER said an “operations” room. Think of a Castle as a bunker type or VERY secure war room, and that room has communications ability. So it kind of the “king of the hill” or better said a Castle that is a high security and HIGH protected room! – A fortress! With the above in mind, let’s look at the use of Castle in Q posts and put them in context with the above information:

QAnon Analysis April 15 2018 – Connection Between Deep State And HoneyPots #Qanon

It’s possible these strikes in Syria were against deep state, rogue CIA assets. When Trump telegraphed his troop withdrawal the “gas attack,” happened. Then Trump tells to Putin to get ready for our new missiles. It is possible that on the surface and in MSM the missile strike is meant to look like it’s against Assad, for now, when it was actually against the deep state actors in the area.

Every time Trump strikes Syria it feels like somebody has punched me in the stomach. There better be a DAMN good reason for this because it is exactly the opposite of what he promised his supporters. Given the fact that we have been betrayed for decades, he should understand that we are going to react badly to this apparent betrayal.

Q-Anon – IRAN NEXT 4/14/2018 The Syrian Missile Attack is prep for Iran – April Showers The Q Collective has taken down the AI ALOGRYTHM HASHTAGS SHOULD NOW WORK #TheGreatAwakening #Q-Anon

Q MEGA-MEME DROP: Have U Ever Heard OF The Illuminati capital ASTANA?

ASTANA is also known as the Illuminati capital and has most of it and with the help of New-York Bank Trump FROZE $ 23 billion of assets held by the Kazakhstan National Petroleum Fund . #Astana #FollowTheMoney …


This is unprecedented”: New York Bank freezes $ 23 billion in Kazakh assets

~ Galactic Human ~

Here’s an analysis of the contents of yet another fascinating folder, from the QAnon Mega-Meme-Drop.

These are memes for patriots to use, in order to counter the MSM, FAKE NEWS, (Mockingbird) narrative, and help wake up those who are still asleep.

This folder was titled “Astana Kazakhstan,” and that’s not the most exciting title in the world… but I downloaded it anyway.

Before that moment I had never heard of Astana. Simply switch the “A” and the “S” at the beginning and you have “Satana.” That’s not an accident.

Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan, straddling the Ishim River in the north of the country. Along the left bank, the ultramodern, 97m-tall Bayterek tower offers panoramic views from its observation deck. The Ak Orda Presidential Palace is topped with a massive blue-and-gold dome. The giant, tentlike Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center houses a shopping mall and indoor beach resort. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astana

Here I discuss Astana…the new capital of Kazakhstan… This is a a fascinating place indeed. We will look inside the structures of this city. The Pyramid of peace, the presidential palace of Astana. The Khan Shatyr Entertainmentn Center. The Bayterek Tower and the symbolism behind this architecture. Look at what Kazakhstan has branded on their land.

Q ANON: New Latest News – Trump Inspects Wall, Speech to Marines! Q = 17th Letter!

I did post a Vdo on POTUS pointing the Q Sign, and i say again Its Rather STUPID for anyone to Say POTUS does not Know Q?… The fact of the matter is He-is-Q and part of the Team Q-Anon.. Without him nothing will work… He is the Engine on Which Q Runs… Don’t Forget Q came onto the scene only after TRUMP got Elected….Watch below -Q- signature move VDO

~ Galactic Human ~

TRUMP Showing his Q-Signature Move

Wow !! President Trump so awesome 😎. No need to waiver as to who Q just might be. I, .. once again, stand in amazement of our great president. 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA

President Trump = 17 = Q, He’s not showing us that He’s Q, more like he’s Validating Q… You still can say he’s Q in one sense though…we all are! “Where we go one, we go all.”

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO OPENING STATEMENT – on President Donald J. Trump holds a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, PA. Watch our all day live stream coverage beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time. 3/10/2018

Q~Research – Why did Q say, “We Went too Deep”?

Q Post from March 11 says “We went too deep.” We’ll look at possible reasons why and explore the Red Cross, the Clinton charities, Australia, and Antifa.

This is a war, not a civil war with each other, although that is happening too, It’s a world wide war and Truth-seekers from every part of the world are joining together and working to end the Satanic control over this planet. King Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived, said there is nothing new under the sun. Thanks for watching, commenting, and praying! Hillary, Gillard, Bishop https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2…

Trump referred to DDos – and a lot of ppl noticed they were unable to watch the speech b/c it kept being interrupted every 1-2 secs – Distributed DoS attack.

Also, the word außerehelich translates to extra-marital meaning that Hitler’s grandmother gave birth to Hitler’s father Alois Schicklgruber as an illegitimate child as well. Later, Alois Schicklgruber (Hitler’s father) changed his name to “Hitler” and little is known for sure as to why. In the Q post three names are mentioned Anna, Maria and Alois. Anna Maria Schicklgruber was Adolf Hitler’s father’s mother (two names Anna Maria). Hitler’s father (also an extra marital child) Alois Schiklgruber then gave birth to another “illegitimate” child named Alois Hitler Jr AND Angela Hitler (Adolf’s half sister). Seems to be a trail of illegitimacy dating back to Hitler’s grandmother.

Q-Anon Intel Drop 10th march 2018 ~ March Madness / Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Hitler / Marina Abramović Satanist

WoW another Huge Q Drop…. This time focus on Angela asking ..Is Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Daughter? the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany.If you look at the following photographs you will see the resemblance of their faces. Personally I do not know what to believe from all of these, especially if we believe that Hitler lived in South America after he escaped and directed his suicide ! Both of them, “father and daughter” came from nowhere and conquered the world….. Another coincidence…..?

And  another Expose on Hardcore Satanist Crooked Marina-Abramović a Pedo Spirit Cooking psycho .. Whatever the So called  Conspiracy-theorist said or believed? All are coming out to be TRUE….. Q is exposing ONE and ALL…

Do Check VDO posted by Q on US Admiral James Lyons Exposing OBAMA

:::: Q-INTEL PAGE ::::

~ Galactic Human ~

-US Admiral James Lyons VDO’s-

Admiral Ace Lyons speaks at a private meeting held in Washington DC on February 11, 2015. Those that asked him to speak probably regret doing so. Retired US Admiral James “Ace” Lyons exposed the corruption within our government, spoke about Islam, terrorism, exposed Secretary of Defense, and Former POTUS- OBAMA’ real agenda and whom he really supports.

I guarantee this administration NEVER wanted this to get out to the public. Please download video, keep a copy, re-upload so this video doesn’t disappear. MSM surely won’t touch this topic, nor expose this truth! We need to get this video everywhere, we must force this into the MSM media for coverage. Original live leak video link: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bc0_14…

Q ANON UPDATES – Hollywood is filled w/ them – MARCH MADNESS

Trump was asked by the military to run for President. It is definitely military intelligence. Democrats are trying to destroy America. Trump becoming President saved us from a civil war.

Wow. Too much to list again. Is angela Merkel hitlers daughter? We’ve been programmed for so long and so deep, that it’s going to take generations to re-learn everything we thought we knew… like the benefits of blood & “placenta”. smh Anyway, Daniel Scavino Jr., aka, TRUMP, is our Q

A Read out, Visual, Research, and Analysis of Q Post 906 – 931 March 10 2018. Merkel is Hitlers Daughter!!!

Q ANON: Latest New Posts – “…the deeper we go.”In trumps speech today in Pennsylvania, he mentioned a few times about how stupid Maxine Waters is and how low her IQ is

Q-Anon Intel Update 9th march 2018 ~ Snowden, we can take you anytime.”24HRS to respond. He did, smartly.”

Early Q drop. An anon posted a great meme w/@POTUS & Obama and Q’s response is….WOW!! Even if he DOES pull a stunt like this, couldn’t he still be declared an enemy combatant? Will he try to escape to a country with no extradition to U.S. agreement?

I guess Laying Ground Work to Arrest Obama

~ Galactic Human ~

Snowden in that video is saving face and begging for his life – hence “smartly”. He’s always been a squirrel. The stuff in Kenya, Trump is going for the birth certificate, O birth certificate, not from Kenya as Obama has claimed. \kenya is disowning him. Place of O birth when revealed will be as though he was never president and everything he did, EOs etc will be null and void

Bringing you up to date with the latest posts by Q on the qresearch 8chan board. Also some ‘Dilley’ intel….

Q~Anon Intel Update 8th march 2018 ~ Break the MSM / No Deals / Set the stage” “Clowns out” “Strings Cut”

WoW… Q-Anon INTEL’s  heating up…. NK & SK unification , Snowden and IRAN… i have even posted a VDO below as you can see the Grt POTUS-TRUMP signalling the +++Q+++ Sign

::::: Check :::::


~ Galactic Human ~

TRUMP +++”Q”+++ Sign

Q ANON: Latest New Posts – “Set the stage” “Clowns out” “Strings Cut”

Watching President Trump tell us that the stage is set with the hand motion was a big boom, it’s quite a relief knowing that he’s with us as we are with him.. thank you for all you do .

I hope someday we can find out what Trump did to cause little bowl cut jr to want to demil his nuclear arsenal. This man has got to be the most effective leader this country and the world has ever seen. I don’t think I’m gonna get sick of winning, regardless of what he says.

POTUS is a “gift from God”… God will straighten all crooked spaces before POTUS…

Much Ado about Snowden, ES, Internet Bill of Rights and more. If this works, it will have taken 3 hours and a complete re-do of video to upload. Froze the first one, denied format the second time and make the redo take an hour more to load.

With respect, that Q post at Snowden can be read several ways! “We’re going live. Comb your hair! Re: IBOR. This scares them more than anything.” Firstly, Q uses the term ‘we’re’ as in you and I, perhaps others also. It’s just as likely that Snowden is ‘on a mission,’ and that Q is his ‘handler.’ The whole post sounds like Q is ‘instructing Snowden,’ not threatening him, in my personal opinion. According to some intel experts, the place that Snowden is in, in HK, is very run down and seedy; so obviously he has been ‘slumming it’ (as someone undercover would likely be); secondly, according to the intel, the place that he’s apparently heading to has something to do with China’s intercommunication/IT/Satelite structure.

There is absolutely no concrete evidence to suggest that Snowden is a ‘black hat,’ since he left the CIA. It would be unwise, in my personal opinion, to read Q’s posts in a one dimensional way. They can all be interpreted in several ways… Q later said: “We can pick you up anywhere.” That could mean that they can ‘get him out of there’ if the going gets tough. I’m gonna wait and see before I decide to assume that he is a rogue agent.

Q ANON: Latest New Post – “…as a way to escape.” The GREAT AWAKENING! We have been praying for Light to shine on the darkness! 

Q Anon Intel Update 7th march 2018 ~ @SNOWDEN Comb Your Hair in HK ..China? Shall we play a game?”

More “Q” updates…. And More on SNOWDEN…. The Release is heating-up…. Expect BOOM….KA-BOOM



Britain seeks opt-out of new European social media privacy laws

~ Galactic human ~

Q ANON: New Latest Posts – “Shall we play a game?”  Snowden’s father is Lonnie Snowden, also Deep State. but i believe the FATHER in this espionage ring will turn out to be John Brennan? Q asked who is ‘the FATHER’ ….the ol’ double meaning dirty trick clowns perform in the circus, Snowden was hunted in this building where he was hiding,in Hong Kong to an small apartment of an immigrant

My videos are now available on bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/citi…

Comb your hair is like Bourne telling Pam to get some rest when he was observing her without her knowledge.

I think the CIA sent Snowden into the NSA to take them down and take out the competition. They set up Secure Drop to catch intelligence whistleblowers. They sent Snowden to Hong Kong to get Julian Assange involved and pass him a thumb drive with CIA spyware to catch whistleblowers who bypassed Secure Drop and went straight to Wikileaks. That’s why Set Rich is [187]. Just speculating, but it makes the most sense to me, so far.

3/7/2018 NEW Q-anon SNOWDEN CIA OR NOT – Who has been helping Edward? IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL YOU CAN PROVIDE MONETARY SUPPORT AT: https://streamlabs.com/brucefigert

George Smiley OBE is a fictional character created by John le Carré. Smiley is a career intelligence officer with “The Circus,” the British overseas intelligence agency.

Q~Anon 6th March 2018 New Update ~ “Try, try, try, as they might.” Trust the PLAN!

WoW… More New Updates…  Overall i Think the Way POTUS and Q-Team  working are by using  the Scarface method on the cabal. First you take their money and then you take their power and finally take their women. hmm rather you keem em 🙂 as after being bankrupt their women are their liability

::::: Check :::::

North Korea makes ‘agreement’ with South Korea after historic meeting

~ Galactic Human ~

March 2018 Qanon posts – 1 in series of 4: Snowden, White House, Hannity and the LINK. Please subscribe and share to help beat back the beast. New Q videos will be flowing next few days. God bless you and yours!

The magical might be the Majestic-12, Trump might be releasing some alien tech,but he also said that this years parade will not be forgotten and that would make it unforgettable lol!!

+++ + +++++ = 3 1 5 . Check the Wikileaks Hillary Email leak logo… 3.15 = March 15… March 15= Ides of March… The Day Senate killed Caesar… The Day Rome’s true colors were shown.

Water, Fluoride, Steel, Air, Chemtrails, Oil, Corruption, Clinton & Other Foundations, Children And Evil Cloaked in Virtue

Corsi mentioned that the Water could also mean things are calm now in N.K. look at the pics Q posted with the Leaders first one Clinton and Kim Jung IL , the background, the Tidal waves and the current pic of NK and SK leader with a background peaceful. Double meanings..


9.99% gold was adulterated and bartered worldwide.

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