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NEW QAnon DECODE ~ “lost” Page/Strzok Texts / FREE PRESS of Present Cabal Threat. #LEFTISRIGHT #PSYOP #SNOWDEN

Q is warning journalists and whistle-blowers that the Cabal is a real and present danger and warns the public to understand that everything is a reversal within a reversal. It’s critical that we not be #SHEEP any longer as the fight to Make The World Great Again is in full play.

To view Julian Assange’s tweet on Biden at CFR: https://twitter.com/JulianAssange/sta…

I will post the blog link in the comments below with the links for the subjects in this video later within a few hours.

Jerome Corsi and Anons from CBTS Stream breakdown latest #QAnon posts – JANUARY 27, 2018. WE ARE SEEING THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

Too many of us know! Project Mockingbird FAILED! (See Pinned Comment) Look at Twitter try to shut down and misdirect from Sean Hannity! Its only going to make it worse!!

The letter from Senator Chuck Grassley is like a huge net cast out upon the swamp, ready to pull in the first net of swamp creatures. Listen to Thomas review the list with Betsy. To see the letter, click here: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/…

To read about how Obama used the U.S. Digital Services to rig the election, click here: https://aim4truth.org/2017/11/24/abso…


Q-Anon ~ Mad Maxine / May is Neutralized Nobody is sleeping tonight

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Still need to Meme away, Maxine Watters, Internet Bill of rights top subjects

MEME folder https://mega.nz/#F!HggSwKTA!YbCjrbRbB… https://mega.nz/#F!mswzjSBB!8VdzmuFDE…

POTUS returns from Davos, Soros cannot draw a crowd. Where does Theresa May stand? Ramping up for the State of the Union nobody is sleeping.

Is Sean Hannity in protective custody? Alwaleed was released this week is he going to play ball or act like a DOPEY dumbfuck? http://humansarefree.com/2014/05/quee…

Breaking: Explosive New Q- Drop Mishel McCumber- Deception Bytes PayPal: Atonabooks@gmail.com Book: A View Beneath- available on Amazon https://www.amazon.in/View-Beneath-Wo…

Maxine Waters will be following up trumps State of the Union Address, for obvious reasons

HW is controlled by CPC and CIA/SA, MW plays the race card She riles up blacks gets them in fear to protest against “white suitemacy”


Michael Tellinger Investigates Giant mudfossils and are human mtDNA certified

Mudfossil University has done ancient protocol analysis on several Giant mudfossils and are human mtDNA certified. Now Michael Tellinger in South Africa has discovered another of this new species and will be doing a detailed analysis independently. This is the MUDFOSSIL SCIENTIFIC REVIEW and verifies or puts an end to mudfossils.

It appears there was a different hominid prior to us and the feet are similar in FUNCTION it appears however quite different in CONSTRUCTION. I can only say this needs to be investigated and it is meaningful not simply another monkey bone. You be the judge.



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A Declaration Of The Independence Of Cyberspace

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Qanon might be spokesperson of Trump. He speaks everything that Trump wouldn’t be able to say openly in front of cameras.

So the penny dropped – he drains the swamp from the least to the greatest SO THAT when the more infamous ‘swamp creatures’ are CAUGHT and finally stand in the dock, they won’t have the CORRUPTED judicial system (replete with ‘underling swamp creatures’) rubberstamping their RELEASE.

Wasn’t the Black Forest where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took place. Black Forrest is also in Colorado by NORAD in Colorado Springs, Dopey is also one of the seven dwarfs


Q-Anon Intel Drops Update ~ The clock is ticking / Freedom of the Press / NOBODY IS SAFE.

As you can see Spaceshot Too supports TRUMP and says He will be the Greatest President the world has ever seen. Man am glad,  i am way ahead of knowing the TRUTH.. Anyway Q-anon shared a webpage below…

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This is part 1 of a two-part video detailing the January 26th and January 27th post from Q, showing the trim at the top of my video makes it 10 times faster to upload don’t know if you guys really care about that let me know in the comment box below thank you

ANY citizen deemed to be an Enemy Combatant can be taken into custody, lose their Constitutional Right to Counsel and be tried in a Military tribunal. The EO can take out Every member and sponsor on the Council on Foreign Relations .

Catch and release (big fish) Where’s Obama and Hillary now


Q-Anon RED ALERT- WHAT IS IN THOSE TEXT MESSAGES!? Assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family? Time To LOCK THEM UP!

I dunno what to say?… Can’t comment on this post but Intel links below

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Q-Anon 8Chan Intel

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The congressman who have seen the memo have not seen the human Trafficking information yet… Trust me. They would have very very likely leaked it by now. The lid is about to completely Blow off friends.

Yes, trump, saudi king and good prince were in vegas, mercenary teams were supposed to assassinate the 3, but they shot up the concert goers.


Something Strange Is Happening In The Adult Film Industry

In the past few months we’ve seen something strange occurring in the adult film industry. A number of adult film stars have been found dead under questionable circumstances.

Great new vid about it by YouTuber “The Vigilant One” (not to be confused with Mario at “The Vigilant Christian”). If you’re not subscribed to “The Vigilant One” you ought to be. He’s one of my fav Youtubers.

Please subscribe to my backup channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3bm…


Hawaiian mystery,seasons traitors, perverts: time’s up! Clintons ‘Looting and abusing’ Haiti

Jim carrey is a top warlock for the satanists and clinton is top witch so they might be doin a ritual and seems like other famous people there too- wish we could check if ne kids went missing in hawii around that time

Robert David Steele (quasi-famous former CIA operative featured in many YouTube interviews) has stated that Huma Abadin was a “gift” from the Saudi’s to Hillary Clinton when Huma was 17 or 18 – that was about the time she went to work for her as an intern when Hillary was the 1st lady.

The Clinton Gang Has Been ‘Looting and abusing’ Haiti for Decades

There are just so MANY of these lunatic elites all over the world. This is why all this is happening at the rate it is. They tried escaping out through Hawaii. POTUS last stop on his Asian tour was Hawaii to make sure that they could not get out.

This is getting out of hand. trump needs to set the record straight. either go after Obama, Clintons, Muller, comey, Obama ag, an the rest of them an arrest them or let the public know he isn’t bout it

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic… Fresh Hot Loaf: http://www.enigma-q.com/qmap.jpg Or https://t.co/OKDDZv4Aqd (ENIGMA Q MAP)

Over the years, Judicial Watch has obtained documents detailing the Clintons’ corrupt influence in Haiti. Tons of money were funneled via the Clinton Foundation through recovery efforts in conjunction with the State Department during the 2010 Hati earthquake. Among the waste, fraud, and abuse that occured, $170 million was spent on a power plant that was never completed. Read more about the story here: https://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/20…

This is how #BillClinton and his horrid criminal cohorts destroyed #Haiti. The ONLY “shithole” part of Haiti was Bill Clinton’s involvement, he and his crooked family. Bill Clinton was Haiti’s devil incarnate.


“Q”Anon Checkmate New INTEL Alert ~ ASSANGE CONNECTION/ Uranium 1 / Shutting Down Government 2 Block Military

Here’s a compilation of the latest news about QANON and some interesting breadcrumbs, The following is a Biggest compilation of the latest Qanon posts. A big thank you to all the Harworking Lightworkers who are working endlessly to Decrypting the INTEL

This is a BIG DUMB INTEL…HoW & WoW

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Q Anon-8 Chan INTEL

Assange Tweets Famous Chess Match Depicting “Safe White King”

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What he’s saying is trust the commander in chief, and trust the joint chiefs. Those are the generals surrounding Trump.Shocking Intel Drop Check-in the VDO


Check Hillary & Obama Investment throughout the world all exposed

It’s not checkmate, it’s from a classic move “One day after Julian Assange was granted Ecuadorian citizenship, the Wikileaks founder tweeted a cryptic picture of a famous 1918 chess match in which Cuban chess master José Raúl Capablanca defeats U.S. champion Frank Marshall using a pawn.

I assume the pawn is a nod to the people (pawns) in the game who (like you/ALL of USa) we thought weak and powerless against the evil overlords.

They thought wrong. Deadly wrong.

#QAnon is Back – “HIGHEST Level Intel Drop EVER”? #thestormishere #followthewhiterabbit



The 13 Names On The Executive Order-Takedown !+++

Ok This seems legit… I have included 2 Vdos releating to the same and a Document link for Readers to Research More..The name’s mentioned is nothing new as you can see at the end of the EO released on 21st Dec 2017 the actual names given below at the bottom, But here’s the take –tadaa– this reminds you of the “Q” Map and it’s importance as everything-is-connected…The Few Names Connecting All-the-Dots around the world ,Thru Money-laundering and its  Time to Dis-connect em all,  cutting the Mission-Cutting-OCTOPUS-Cords…


::::: ChecK :::::

13 Names On The Executive Order and Connections

Learn to Read MAP

Q Anon Map leads us to who is…

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”

+++~ Galactic human ~+++

Today I finally dove into the 13 people named on Trump’s EO from Dec. 21. I wanted to wait until more came out and the IG Report release day approached. Any day now it should be released, but before that happens, here’s the dirt I could dig up on Trump’s infamous 13.

Our efforts are continued through your contributions. More videos can be produced with more content disseminated the more I’m able to hire outside researchers. Patreon: patreon.com/TheRightMedia Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/tran… (email it can be sent to it benspolitics1@gmail.com)

The Q Map all put together, and my videos on there at the bottom, this means it’s 100% https://throughthelookingglassnews.wo… http://natashanothingbuttruth.blogspo…

Mark Lambert, President of the transportation company involved in the Uranium One trafficking scandal during the Obama Administration… when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State… has just been indicted on 11 counts by Trump’s Justice Department. Here is the link to the Department of Justice press release: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former…

Q is back dropping loafs on us! https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1.html


Hawaii Gets Horrifying Wake-up Call … Missile Threat False Alarm!!!………..

Someone or something messed up BIG TIME and sent an emergency alert to phones of Hawaii residents saying there was a ballistic missile threat inbound, but fortunately … it was a major false alarm.

A little after 8AM in Hawaii, people’s phones starting going off with the alert, and this is what they saw:

Shortly after 8am local time Saturday, Hawaii’s emergency alert system sent out a shocking tweet to its citizens: “Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek Immediate shelter, This is not a drill.”

At 8:07 local Hawaiian time, all hell broke lose via text message. People were receiving text alerts telling them, “EMERGENCY ALERT: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

Yikes. Despite saying “This is not a drill,” Hawaii emergency officials have confirmed there is no missile threat and the alert was sent as a mistake.

A follow-up message was sent to Hawaii residents — albeit 40 minutes later — to let them know the message was a false alarm.

The emergency alert was sent to all cellphones…

Everyone was panicking, the whole island was awake and alert…The aftermath of the false alert was crazy, people ran around on the streets crying and screaming wondering what to do…”

NBC News reports that the ballistic missile threat left people “crying and screaming” in Hawaii on Saturday, the state’s officials said the message was sent in error.

Something BIG about to happen? January 7, 2018 was a big day… links between the Space X launch, the mystery flash/shockwave in Russia and the Q Anon post saying “sky fortress engaged”.

And I touch on links between the Q-Anon Delta posts and the ULA classified Delta IV rocket today on January 13 … same day as the mystery “incoming missile” Alert was sent to Hawaii. (Plus white hats and white knights slaying dragons, for whatever that’s worth.) Maybe “white night” has to do with Julian Assange’s chess board post with the white knight on the board. Maybe DEFCON means more than we thought.


POTUS-TRUMP ~ Qanon is his man and that we can trust his WORD!!

WoW… Am loving this… TRUMP has helped all of us, the Alternate-Media and the so called Lightworkers all to become as “ONE”… This is for the First time in Our History that  we all are Speaking in One Language and that is ” Q ” Anon..This is History-in-the-Making

Awesome this Man POTUS will be Going Down in History as the Greatest and the Brightest President Ever…. And am Honored  to play a small role..We SALUTE You..

Watch the Second Vdo  Below with the SPEECH THAT MADE DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT

+++~ Galactic Human ~+++

In this video I will show how POTUS makes it clear and gives evidence that Qanon is his man and that we can trust his word! The Brilliance of our President is unmatched, he confirming Q at the same time he left a big long rope for the FAKE NEWS to hang themselves with. You can be sure that they will all so stupidly make fun of him in the morning all the while those of us (and that you and me) have been given the most clear piece of confirmation where to get our news. We are living this reality; hear, what im saying, and see this is the turning point! DJT is making a laughing stock of our mainstream media, all the while giveing the microphone to inexperienced ones like me but with unyielding intention to take our country back!!!

PLEASE COPY REUPLOAD and TWEET and FACEBOOK it UP!!! This is the beginning get ready help your friends and family wake up and smell the sweet smell of wining!!! Bigly Blog here on Steemit https://goo.gl/fSMnpM

Is #QAnon President Trump, or is #QAnon a team of Patriots President Trump is leading to take back our country?

If you don’t know what #QAnon is, you need to GET READY for what’s about to happen in the coming days; weeks and months!

To follow #QAnon Updates, Visit: http://sbn.buzz/CBTS To join the conversation in the “Ready Room”, visit: http://sbn.buzz/readyroom

This issue is being tracked, and now with some big names being added is starting to circulate. The reasons for resigning that most of them give, well it just doesnt make sense, and here in our live show we describe this event and why it pertains to what Qanon said. Also discussed in the live show… many topics surrounding the companies brought up.


Q Anon?! ~BreadCrumbs INTEL +++

Why I started paying attention the Q Anon posts and why you should too. Twitter: @VeryValyn Q Anon Primer + Graphic: https://steemit.com/news/@enki74/q-an…

Q-anon, whether you believe is an AI/bot (Artificial Intellegence) or a/multiple human person/people (CIA etc) or even a LARP (live action roleplay) a hoax, doesn’t matter. What he/she/it/them is revealing is really happening. George Webb imho is on the forefront of investigating and discovering the deep underbelly ‘footprints’ that have been left behind by the Deep State Globalists. Not conspiracy theory (although some speculation is definitely required in order to dig deeper) but real, tangible, hold in your hands FACT.

This video is deep and begins that dive into the rabbit hole. So get your migraine remedy accessable because there’s so much information your head’s going to explode. But, I’m breaking it all down into smaller digestible pieces to help we ordinary folk comprehend it all. From Uraniumone to Q-anon to Saudi Arabia, Seth Rich, the DNC ‘hack and even Las Vegas etc. It all seems to have connection to Palantir. Don’t know much about that? Well, thanks to some awesome independent investigators/journalists, we now can find out wtf is going on. At least those of us brave enough to see….;)

This video expands on my previous videos about Q Anon & the human tracking system called Palantir. I tie it all in to the Hillary Clinton email scandal. It explains how we’ve gotten to the point of this massive political corruption we see exposed on a daily basis. The Clintons and their Foundation ‘pay to play’ corruption and the cover-ups by Deep State top officials who have been protecting them from prosecution, has created a monumental shift in our intelligence agencies. The FBI & DOJ top officials have colluded with eachother to protect Hillary during her private server investigations. The agents have now gained the upper hand and are retaliating against these corrupt bosses. Comey, Lynch, Obama, Mueller, the Podestas, and all the rest of those who have enriched their own pockets through dishonesty & secret connections are being exposed and taken out, through strategic intelligence leaks by patriotic Americans who are no longer able to sit back and watch our Republic’s (and their agencies) destruction.


Faces From Another Dimension

When you see this on film you’re conditioned to respond “oh that’s just red eye…” you’re conditioned to say that… but what if that was a cover story for something else.


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