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Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 09th OCT 2018 –”POTUS on the Storm (hurricane Michael)”WRWY WRWY! 5.5 marker…Coincidence?Justice takes time…not every deep state thug subject to military tribu […]

S.T.O.R.M. – Strategy and Tactics On Redirecting Movement, for the purpose of lawful control and effective self-defense, Now that the judge is confirmed there will be a market correct, and internet outages so that real news can get to the people by the presidential alert system. Stocks will fall. It’s all part of the Plan. The global currency reset plan where we oust central banks and start backing with Gold instead of paper notes. Might want to pull your stocks now to avoid big losses.


Global Internet could crash in next 48 hours

~Galactic Human~

POTUS on the Storm (hurricane Michael)!! “Much of it is going to be happening in the next short while. So I know how tough it’s been, but we’re with you 100%! It’s all getting done, and it’s getting done rapidly & correctly”!!I think that could have been a double message! 5:5.. It’s Happening, Patriots!! Crooked would NOT, I repeat, Not, give this up voluntarily!! 

Hillary Clinton Gives up Security Clearance After Private Server Scandal

HRC on the Q Clock! From the board!!

DID YOU KNOW THAT @realDonaldTrump’s Friend/Mentor/Lawyer “Cohn” prosecuted the Last Huge Treason Case in America?!? 💥THE MORE YOU KNOW – #QAnon  The War Drummer – “Why Donald J. Trump is the most feared man in the world”

My researching shows that both McCarthy &Cohn were Hunting Communists and both were targeted for doing so… Looks like the #WrapUpSmear has always been in the #DNC playbook since forever

5.5 marker…Coincidence? 🤨 I don’t think so bitch..🧐 We Are with you

Donald Trump and the generals knew the problems that would be created by the Mueller investigation.Military strategists developed a plan with key objectives that could be attained by going around Mueller.

here’s the deal with last night’s #Qanon post: @Potus has several outstanding Judicial nominees that have not been confirmed. A red wave is essential to push these judges through and get them seated. Here are the pending confirmations on the District & Circuit Appeals Court

@Potus and the military could execute the arrests today…they have the evidence and the grounds to do so…HOWEVER, many if not most of the 55k+ indicted criminals will be tried under US criminal law in regular constitutional federal criminal courts and not military tribunals

For those being tried in regular Federal criminal courts, it is vital to ensure an impartial judgment based on the rule of law…think about the current Federal Judge rulings obstructing the President’s constitutionally delegated powers as relates to immigration enforcement…

I have no doubt FISA will be declassified before mid terms…@Potus is waiting for the day and hour which will be most impactful to declass FISA…it may be a week before the mid term election or it may be a few days before…@Potus and his advisers have it planned perfectly..

This is how the #Narrative will change… When the timing is nothing less than perfect, the #DECLAS will drop… #RedWave #LockEmUp ] !!! [ We know midterms are safe from voter fraud per #Qanon’s post from several months ago, and with the great economy and declass of FISA, there will in all likelihood be a red wave (but we MUST VOTE). A larger majority in congress will enable @Potus to fill these judicial seats 

QAnon continues to update the #RR – #RodRosenstein situation…turning the arrests into a political quagmire…the necessary judicial seats will be filled and the process will operate a lot smoother. Additionally, @Potus is still cleaning house in the FBI and DOJ…#Qanon mentioned certain individuals are “in the batter’s box”.

Getting Kavanaugh confirmed was priority number 1 because the 5-4 Supreme Court decision will uphold the constitutional basis of @potus to try many of these deep state actors in military tribunal settings…Q Keeps the deep state in a state of flux. They never know when the arrests are going down! What torture!

As the truth of out great Presidents influencers “teachers” is slowly revealed one must realize he has been in training for what is about to commence for a lifetime. Pray for our Potus. What is the saying? “Beware the vengence of a patient man”.

These videos are produced by an anon that goes under the name “SebAsTiAN C”The videos are interesting enough on their own however, his first “Q Clearance” video was posted on October 26th, 2017

Q shows us Dianne Feinstein and her connection to China, apparently she has been selling our country out for many decades, also Google helping China suppress its people and information that the Chinese citizens can access on a computer, we need World freedom

China wants to take control of our country so they can turn it into a communist, but they ran into a wall name Trump, and that wall is giving them hell they can’t handle. All their secrets like embedding a small chip on the motherboard and people that works for them are no longer there. Now they want to sway our votes to benefit them, not going to happen.

Qanon – How do you navigate around? USE A STEALTH BOMBER, Let this be your red october, as you put your hope and trust in the blood of Jesus, that cleanses all unrighteousness from any who asks. He is our Red October, our truth, our freedom, our hope. Nothing else matters as much as our eternity. That said: I do want to see justice, i want to see her hanged, I want this to be a red red October. No more games. DO IT Q!


SerialBrain2 Decodes – Trump’s secret communication with Q about Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. – Read by the War Drummer

Even though the real vote was 50-48 = 5+0+4+8=17=Q… Boom

~Galactic Human~

October 2nd 2018, 5:20 PM, the Maestro tweets this:In this 47 second video, Trump informs us it is the 103rd time the Stock Market hits another record high. Then, he mocks the Fake News media that will be quick to nitpick in case the number turns out to be 102 or something similar.

Then, he finishes the video saying, “I think, it’s around…”. Why is Trump this vague? His advisers could have given him the exact number before his speech right? Well, you know the Maestro by now. This has a meaning. Of course he did it on purpose! By giving the numbers 103, then 102, then saying “it’s around…” and tweeting: “This is really an incredible time for our Nation”, he is hinting we should find and analyze a connection between time and numbers around 102 and 103.

With that in mind, let’s look at the Q board. We discover the last post Q made before Trump’s tweet is Q2317. Q cryptically says:

And this post was made at 3:31 PM EST (as you already know https://qanon.pub/ is off by 1H). This is exactly 109 minutes before Trump’s tweet. Now you know why the Maestro was vague about 103: the real number he wanted us to look at was 109. Pretty cool right? Keep that number somewhere in the back of your head, we’ll get back to it after we gather more clues to narrow the context.

So we now know Trump’s tweet is related to Q2317. You want a confirmation? Look at the length of the video: 47 seconds. Here is the 47 in Q2317. But then, where is the 53 in Trump’s tweet? I’ll show you. As usual, we need to analyze the capital letters. But before we do, do you see this random dash between Nation and WE? This is Trump hinting we should make a subtraction between the first 2 capital letters T, N and the WE. TN=34 and WE=28, therefore TN-WE=6. Add this 6 to the 47 we got from the length of the video and here is your 53. The Maestro coded in his tweet Q’s cryptic 53-47 using the length of the video and the dash.

We are now in a situation that will allow us to know more about Q2317. If we keep analyzing the Maestro’s tweet, this 53-47 Q gave us is soon going to make more sense. Let’s gather all the pieces of the puzzle.

Next capital letters: RESPECTED AGAIN=127. Now this is pure beauty.

This answers the natural question: why didn’t Trump tweet this video exactly 103 minutes after Q2317? He could have made the riddle simpler and make that 109 more obvious. The reason is because he wants to confirm the TN-WE grouping we did earlier. By analyzing T,N,W,E in one step and RESPECTED AGAIN=127 in another, the timestamp of the tweet is confirmed: 5:20PM can be written 17:20 and here is your 127 permutation.

Now what does the Maestro really mean with RESPECTED AGAIN=127? Looking at the news, the context is pretty obvious: since 53 and 47 add up to 100, 53-47 looks like a Senate vote result, which is what everybody has been worrying about these last few days. With that in mind, notice 127 is also the value for THAT’S A WRAP.

Now it’s time to go back to the 109 I told you to keep in the back of your head. Since we have narrowed the context, we retain 109 is also the value for FLAKE’S CLOUD and TOTAL FAKER.

Do you see it? The puzzle is now coming together. We can now ask the legitimate question: why did Trump turn on his right, probably looking at his staff, and say about 103: “it’s not a bad number, right?”? Then he repeats the number a second time before generously distributing his usual extra hot pepper ice cream biscuits to the Fake News media. This insistence from the Maestro is because 103 is relevant: it is the value for COUNTING.

We can now go back to the beginning of the riddle and analyze why Q posted Q2317 at 3:31 PM EST and not at another time. This is because 331= THEY GET SCARED AND THEN GO INTO DENIAL.

Last question: why is 53-47 located at Q2317? This is to show who will win the vote. I have already explained in previous posts that 23 is the Trump and Q dynamics and we have 17=Q. Saying 53-47 at post#2317 is Q’s way to say: 53-47 for our team.

We have now gathered all the pieces of the puzzle

53-47 in Q2317 posted on October 2nd 2018
53-47 coded in Trump’s tweet

We can now assemble them and extract what Trump and Q are telling us.


Summarized and illustrated in

As confirmed in Q2296, we initially had the votes but the swamp decided to fight back. They found a way to delay the confirmation process by activating Ana Maria Archila, a Soros operative link, a total faker who, in complicity with the Fake News MSM confronted Jeff Flake for the world to see. Their scheme worked: Flake got scared, went into denial and by asking for a week FBI investigation, he put a cloud over the confirmation process. But we went back to lobbying and as of October 2nd, we have secured a 53-47 for the final vote and are still counting. As things are going, it’s a wrap. Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, his honor will be restored and he will be respected again.

Q2295 You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. OLD GUARD >>> POWER TO THE PEOPLE RED OCTOBER. Q

Edit/Update: typos – Decode confirmed. After Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Q posted this:

Q2354 God bless, Patriot.
Celebrate – this means so much.
Closer than anticipated but a win nonetheless.
Red-State D’s who voted ‘no’ are in trouble.

For those who claim that Q was wrong because the vote result turned out to be 50-48 and not 53-47, they now understand why Trump took the time to distribute his extra hot pepper ice cream biscuits to those who would nitpick on his 103… 🙂

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 08th OCT 2018 – 2 year anniversary of #pizzagate.[BOOM WEEK]New Narrative, Wrap Up Smear, Crimes Against Children…The world will KNOW the TRUTH…Time to set the Hook

Now that Q is emerging on the World Stage, in the own words of Q, question everything. You have the Power. United they cannot stop you. “Do not stand idly by as your brother’s blood is shed.” The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”


~Galactic Human~

#Qanon uses a great meme we were circulating on Friday around Twitter except Q crosses out “after” and inserts “before”…Ford was tossed out by the Dems but not without a hefty million from a few Gofundme accounts…sick and evil people…Feinstein’s true colors on display


Google, FB, and Twitter “accidentally” allowed user data to be exposed to the tune of millions of accounts…#Qanon is saying this was intentional to allow the Dims to gather up info to target potential voters…this is so sick…I am so sick and tired of the cheating by Dims!


Google failed to inform its users about the exposure of their private data for fear of the news inviting regulation and comparisons to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The Dims know that that #Qanon posted several months ago “mid terms are safe” meaning rigged Soros voting machines will not be in play for mid terms. So what do they do…they just steal private info to blanket millions of people with false ads and scare tactics about Repubs

The Bartolomo interview of Rep Nunes is being suppressed by Youtube…no surprise there…Think about all the hurdles conservatives have to overcome to get our message of truth and patriotism out to the public…I mean, the Dims use all media and Hwood outlets to cheat…

Interesting timing for this info about Soros and State Dept working hand in hand to come out…@Potus tweeted about Soros over the weekend for the first time ever…I have a feeling we are getting ready to see the last weeks of Soros on this earth…Soros channeling…

#Qanon pointing out that @Potus is using Hussein’s own Executive Order against him and the Deep State! EO 13526 issued by Hussein states that government docs can’t maintain a classification simply to avoid embarrassment to a person, org, or agency…

money to a mercenary army of far left activists in Albania…and no doubt this is not even the tip of the iceberg…where there’s smoke there’s a forest fire when it comes to Soros corruption…#Qanon has disclosed quite a bit about Soros over the months…

The public will… be in for a shock when they see evidence that forces them to recognize the trillions of US taxpayer dollars used by Soros and socialist activists to fund the Paris Accord, Red Cross (see my prior threads on trafficking involving RC), foreign aid, WAR, etc…never audited 

The purpose of the FBI objecting to the release of the unredacted FISA warrant is to protect from political embarrassment and international embarrassment of our allies…not for national security reasons. Why wouldn’t the Dims want to declassify it if it showed @Potus…

and Russian collusion? makes zero sense…Dims don’t want the truth coming out about the evil of their collusion with Russia and Deep State figures….they are terrified of the consequences, so they project. The House is locked and loaded and has all evidence of treason


As the Hill article says, it is extraordinary that the FBI/DOJ would have Americans believe a contact with the DNS lawyer during the middle of the election is somehow a matter of national security that should be hidden from the public!

#Qanon making the point that the anons are already completely aware of the Dims playbook because @Potus and Q made us aware for months…everything the Dims are trying to do was already known by @Potus…he’s always 12 steps ahead!

methodical, legal, and constitutional process step by step to support the declassification of the FISA warrant of Carter Page…once he declassifies these documents, his constitutional and legal basis for doing so will be protected and completely justified…Q is trolling Hussein right now…brilliant moves by @Potus and his administration….simply brilliant and we have had the privilege of observing it step by step thanks to Q!

VJ in her tweet to “victims” says change is coming. She has no idea how prophetic she is. Change in her living conditions is coming. How does a nice cell in Gitmo sound VJ? Maybe you’ll get a room next to Hussein…don’t get comfy. You know what the crime for treason is


Someone else posted this but I wanted to repost to make the point. Jarrett is finished. She has been caught red handed committing treason as has @RepAdamSchiff 42 minute phone call between the two of them. @POTUS has it all.

Wheeewwww! Big post by #qanon relating back to the IG report disclosure and the “crimes against children” note made by Coleman the NYPD investigator into Weiner laptop. Coleman denied recalling the convo with FBI (***) crim investigators and then when Comey asked by Q’s..

This is big disclosure..first time we’ve been informed of what Comey said about Weiner laptop investigation as relates to notes on pg 294 re crimes against children. What date is it folks? Exactly 2 years today since Wikileaks released Podesta emails and #pizzagate exposed!

This is big disclosure..first time we’ve been informed of what Comey said about Weiner laptop investigation as relates to notes on pg 294 re crimes against children. What date is it folks? Exactly 2 years today since Wikileaks released Podesta emails and #pizzagate exposed!

Like Liz said, please spread the word…today is the 2 year anniversary of #pizzagate…Podesta/HRC emails were dropped by Wikileaks this day October 2016. I’ll never forget reading those emails and thinking what the heck is this dude’s fascination with pizza and pasta all about?

Q posted this video of Nancy Pelosi where she accused Repubs of implementing a “wrap-up smear” during the attempt to kill Obama Care.

She is guilty of doing to Kavanaugh exactly this. So so sick and evil. Q is warning that the Dems will now rally their troops to get them…

“Pelosi admits the Democrats use a “wrap up smear” (creating a big lie, then reporting on it). Is this what they did with the false Trump Russia narrative? “These people are SICK!”

The Fake News is the propaganda arm of the Dims. We’ve seen time and time again how they look at people as dumb sheep. I mean think how many people were tricked into believing HRC loves black people. She’s a racist!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s …

children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” “There is a point beyond which they must not advance.” “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best …… hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”-Ronald Reagan[BOOM WEEK]Q
Pre Q Proof!! From the board!!

We are shown James Comeys testimony of “I do not recall” Valerie Jarrett and her family background are discussed, the Clinton foundations crimes against children are indeed in the notes of an FBI agent who checked the Anthony Weiner Laptop, after he an aprox 50 year old man was texting a teenager of 14-15 his genitals. These are not fodder but facts.

The “change that’s coming”…is your suit of clothes into “prison orange”….her and Holder, Lynch, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Obam- Bam, HRC and about 55,000 other sealed indictment suspects

it appears since Kavanaugh has been confirmed, the gloves are coming off and the spotlight is back on the criminals. It feels like something is coming…soon.

The Torture, slavery of children, pedogate, The Catholic Church and their satanist activities! I know that God is in control and that is all I need to know! I pray for our President and Q and all the Military who are right now in harms way!! God Bless us all!

BREAKING: COUNTER-INVESTIGATIONS of Dr. Chrissy Blasey Ford, Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Hirono of Hawaii , Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti, Deborah Ramirez and their legal team members to begin as Justice Brett Kavanaugh is formerly sworn in by President Donald Trump at the White House this evening (Monday 10-8-18.)

QAnon – New Narrative, Wrap Up Smear, Crimes Against Children, Justice K confirmed!

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 03rd OCT 2018 – Symbolism will be their downfall. Q * Reddit’s New Occult Logo !!!# Darkest days.This evil must be destroyed..

Its time for all of us to go on the offense,push the memes,share everything,vote red,stand with Trump,Q and protect all patriots.We are Q. Together we are winning.We fight global, Patriot.. Greetz from INDIA… Keep on fighting….

~Galactic Human~

Qanon is confirming what most have been suspecting about Dr. Ford. From her C_A connections, to coaching her FBI friend on polygraphs, to taking her own polygraph multiple times in order to achieve the desired result. They have it all.

“The Swamp Using Dr. Ford to Frame Justice Kavanaugh”

Q has given us a heads up that the Emergency Broadcast System will be tested tomorrow by @Potus and a message will be sent to the public via cell phones. This ties back into to the November 1, 2017 #Qanon post. re-read this post. This is the only way for @Potus to bypass MSM

The EBS test conducted tomorrow is likely a precursor to ensure it is ready to go for early November when the arrest of Podesta and Huma is announced. If this post is a mirror of things to come, then we should hear of the announcement that Podesta has been arrested on Nov 3.

#Qanon mentioned in February that the white hats were already in the process of testing the emergency broadcast system…This would not be happening unless something big was going down in the next 3 to 5 weeks. Keep in mind a national emergency was already declared by…

@Potus in his January Executive Order due to the systemic threats posed by national and international human trafficking taking place…The US government and military is operating under the predicate that we are facing an “unusual” and “extraordinary” threat to our security Potus and his administration’s plan to prepare the US for this emergency has been unbelievably successful and non-chaotic…Deep State assumed @Potus would start rolling out troops on our streets and throwing Dims in prison which would result in mass riots and chaos… this is where @Potus completely caught the Deep State by surprise…he’s beating the Deep State at their own game…most of the destruction of the deep state by @Potus and white hats has been taking place covertly which has prevented mass chaos and riots… 

he has been preparing the public and warning us to be prepared with an emergency response plan without creating mass chaos and fear which would result in sinking the economy…in the mean time, thanks to the implementation of his economic plans, the economy is booming! Everything is operating according to plan…now, why the need for the Emergency Broadcast System test? Think about it…if the Nov 1 post is correct, what happens almost 1 month from tomorrow? The announcement of the arrest of John Podesta…30 days to prep the public Remember #Qanon Oct 31 post? what did Q say? grab your popcorn, Friday and Saturday will deliver on the Maga promise…Guess what date Friday was last year? November 3…look at Q post 15 I attached…who is indicted on 11/3? Podesta…Future proves past…think mirror… 

All the Q posts serve as a map…there’s so much in the posts, but once you look back over the prior posts and compare today’s events, they prove true…So what will happen when Podesta, HRC and Huma are arrested? they will be tried by military courts…It’s going to happen

Activate Huber. Big indictment here. They ran a “PHANTOM ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE” the CEO just plead guilty to running a transnational narcotics operation.

#Qanon posts a reddit premium ad and says “symbolism will be their downfall.” At the top of the arrow pointing north is what appears to be an eye with a sun rays at the top of the arrow. the little character in the top right hand corner appears to have the Nazi eagle symbol

Here’s a reddit post analyzing the new symbol and coat of arms: planet = community; gold = wealth; cake = experience; karma flower = knowledge.eye of providence. saturn. pentagram. eyes wide shut ritual masks. dog and cat / duality. illuminati cake. flower power. reddit robot (ai) in the center. “momento humani” translates remember human

2 Hospitalized After ‘White Substance’ Sent To Office of Sen. Ted Cruz

Multiple packages containing ricin sent to Pentagon

#Qanon cites to article re envelopes of ricin being sent to Gen Mattis and the Chief of Naval Operations Adm JOhn Ricahrdson. these people are sick. It is imperative to vote Republican…I understand that the deep state consists of some Repubs, but all Dims are Deep State

Well, well, well…looks like the vote to approve Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court won’t even be close! Q just posted…53-47! awesome!

Q Anon | Predicts Judge K Confirmed to Supreme Court?As long as Judge K gets confirmed that’s all matters. Get your pop corns out and enjoy the show. Main theme of the movie is Obama and Hillary getting arrested.

Q Anon | Is she a product of the FARM?The people who think she’s credible hate trump with blind fury.Look at them they look unhinged, they will lose

Q tells us the possible up to date vote to confirm Just K, also a late night (1:45) post on how the FBI case against him is turning out more info against Bl-Ford. Many people are starting to see this nonsense for what it is, and they do not want any part of it.

#Qanon update Qdrops contains Q Posts and current news headlines updated and posted on October 2, 2018 reviewing posts 2302 through 2305. Fully narrated with screenshots and all relevant in-video links included as well as current headlines and news about the Judge Kavanagh SCOTUS hearings and updates about the FISAdeclas.#qanon shocking new intel

Qanon makes a prediction about Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote and suggests that a red wave will sweep Trump supporters into Congress in November.

Q has been posting a lot of information about Evil and Darkness! This spurred me to create this video to highlight how we all have a part in praying and sharing in these dark times.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 01st OCT 2018 – “R RED OCTOBER D Justice K confirmation DECLAS Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein [payment in full] In military time, it’s the 11th hour. STAY TUNED AND WATCH. If you thought the show was good, it’s about to be glorious. […] “Panic in DC”

Indictments and convictions need to occur Fast, otherwise we lose. So, I’m hopeful that the FBI investigation will turn the tables this time! Can’t wait until President Trump finishes draining the swamp. When the storm is made public, the ignorant will be in shock, the awake and aware will be celebrating…. WWG1WGA !

Red October = Redacted October

~Galactic Human~

#qanon posted. Q+ (@realDonaldTrump ) reminding us to stay tuned this month. Red October! Q+ in my opinion is President Trump. Rosenstein paid his dues in full and my guess is @POTUS instructed him to tell Flake to ask for an FBI investigation. 1800 number #qanon posted Phone number provided in Q post 2299 is for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. …how appropriate


“Flake’s decision came after he spoke to senators of both parties and withstood pressure from some Republicans not to take such a step. As he considered his course of action, Flake also had a conversation with Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein], who is in charge of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.” Cont. #QAnon @realDonaldTrump


#QAnon post #2300. In military time, it’s the 11th hour. STAY TUNED AND WATCH. If you thought the show was good, it’s about to be glorious. God bless us all.

mentions Consider 2 possible alternative interpretations of “Stay tuned” & “watch”

From Q Clock Anon!! In regard to President Trump’s tweet matching the Q drop today!! (see above) [57] min. Delta that matches today’s Q Clock!! RED OCTOBER 

Q Clock

[:44] minute marker

Today’s Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :27 [Roasted] FAKE NEWS readers (asleep: not attentive or alert; inactive) told to SUPPORT SESSIONS? “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” LIKE CLOCKWORK. Who ‘elects’ CA We will do our job to protect the vote. Will you do yours?

CNN Legal Analyst Goes Rogue, Says He Supports Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation!!


I’ve felt for a few months RR as part of his plea deal to avoid major prison time has been working with @Potus.

There’s a reason behind this. FBI investigation will be exactly what the Dims kept requesting so when FBI clears Kavanaugh, @Potus will make the dims look like fools and when the dims continue to cry foul, their political bias and ridiculousness will be even more evident for middle of the road voters to see. @POTUS Gave then what they were screaming about and kavanaugh was cleared. Playing into @potus timeline. He’s 12 steps ahead

Christine Blasey Ford and her Family’s Long and Deep Relationship with the C.I.A.
Posted on September 28, 2018 by State of the Nation


Ralph Blasey Jr. Vice President of Agency that is in charge of security for Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Rice & Lynch — NO COINCIDENCES!

Russell Ford (Husband) is the “Senior Director” at Zosano Pharma, and Exclusively Specializes in “Mind Altering” Drugs. Russell deleted his Facebook account, and removed his name from his Companies Website.


Blasey-Ford’s HS Yearbooks Brag of Drunken Promiscuity, ’54 Sex Partners Before College’

Was it part of the plan to have RR tell Flake to stall the nomination of Kavanaugh? In any event the FBI is now looping into it, what will they find? Hopefully they will find dirt on Feinstein and Blasey?

Anon | “Welcome to the POLICE STATE.”Obviously, like Q says they(Google/YouTUbe) have “been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their SURVIVAL [election].”

Feinstein Office, Ford Attorneys Now Under Investigation!

China’s Secret Drug War Exposed?This drug war is genocide!China and drugs- the communist Chinese are making most of our pharmaceuticals including cancer treatment. Could Americans be dying because of China is purposely making bogus drugs?

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

QAnon Drops contains Q Posts and news headlines updated and posted on September 30, 2018 taken from QMAP.PUB posts 2299 through 2300. Fully narrated with screenshots and all relevant in-video links included as well as current headlines and news about the Judge Kavanagh SCOTUS hearings and FISAdeclas.

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 30th SEPTEMBER 2018 – “The hunt for Red October” “Red October” “Why was ‘THE HUNT for’ removed?They know if they lose it’s over. The time to fight!!!!!!!! is now. Good v Evil Humanity is at stake

Trust me, we will find out much about “Dr” Ford that the Dems don’t want anyone to find out. Why else were you so quick to allow the investigation. They are dumb.They can silence our movement on social platforms but they cannot stop us. Click below to help spread the #QAnon movement.


We Are One Q

Red October

“Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford – this name is nowhere to be found in the California registry



The Arch Of Baal Was Put Up In Washington D.C. One Day Before Brett Kavanaugh Testified To Congress

~Galactic Human~

Clearly the deep state is fighting back. #qanon posted and said we had the votes for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. They may have threatened Flake to get him to stall. Now of course the deep state trying to label Kavanaugh a conspiracy theorist re his comments…

that millions of dollars poured in from Clintons and their cronies to defeat his appointment. I think @potus anticipated this would happen and things are still on schedule. Watch for the presidential emergency broadcast. Deep state can’t stop this nomination.

#qanon saying twitter has green light to try and shut the right down. They will try t shut @potus twitter down and blame on rogue employee. Q wants us to be loud and drop the memes. Most importantly vote and register to vote! This scum must be defeated. Humanity is at stake!

QClock explains the 10 days of darkness.

#qanon posts what appears to be an operation command and posts a photo inside what appears to be AF1. Splash 1 may refer to missile attempt or a shot that was fired that missed as it did a while back when q talking about the Hawaii missile alert system. Not sure

enigmatic pic of an United Airlines 787 Dreamliner Business/First section w text suggesting a high target splash from Air Guard patrolling traffic (TFC) or perhaps destination TFC = Taormina Harbour Airport in Italy?

Anon comments/theories on Q’s latest drop!! #TrustThePlan #AllIsWell because #GodWins He is directing the show!! JUST ANOTHER (Seek & Destroy) DAY AT THE OFFICE FOR DEMONRATS

But here we sit and have another week to watch these stupid people destroy themselves! 😝 #ThesePeopleAreStupid! They have walked into a trap set up by themselves, @POTUS and QTeam. The Sky is Falling!

It appears the NSA hacked into A phone which took a photo of Feinstein in a car in China. Chinese flags appear to be on the polls. She is obviously compromised and knew her driver was a Chinese spy. NSA May have hacked into other


IMPORTANT Send the word about this message. “This will cost @TheDemocrats and the Trump re-election is now a sure thing.”.

Unfortunately Dr. Ford you as well need to be worried & your lawyers too. Why weren’t you told that these interviews could be held in Cali and in private? Look at this and who do we see? @HillaryClinton is who! It always seems to come back to you, @BillClinton or the @ClintonFdn.

#QAnon suggests Twitter, Google, & FaceBook’ll use the rogue employee excuse for deceive us about their censorship. Interestingly, a Google search returns no top results of Ford’s Google interns in her home (above, (3.)), whereas Bing does. Google (interns?)

That Look You Give When Lying At A Congressional Hearing!!

If anyone has any doubts that the Kavanaugh hearing was a hit job -they were organizing to block ANY Trump nomination. WHOISGUARD is a service that protects the anonymity of the person that purchased the domain name.Indicating they were SO SURE they were going to get Kavanaugh to quit!!!! 

During #QAnon’s 9/19 Q&A session, an anon requested that @realDonaldTrump tweet a misspelling using a “Q”. So, on 9/24, @POTUS does so, correcting it 13 minutes later. President Trump honored the anon ‘s request!

Q Anon | Dem’s Playbook: Impeach Kavanaugh, The Dem’s move is right out of the 1970’s do a google search of Dianne Feinstein and Jim Jones connection

Once again more circus antics at the SC nomination, but this time an unlikely person steps in to order the 7th fbi check on Kavanaugh.

Once again on soon to be Justice K getting blackballed on his nomination, but is it bait? Also i bring in my good friend Dr Steven to illuminate us on Ford-Blaseys background. An odd pic of an ariplane 1st class section, we need to get out and vote Red.


BOOM! First Kavanaugh Accuser Referred For Criminal Prosecution!

SerialBrain2 Decodes – Panic in DC & the Maestro’s Allegro Prt2 Trump’s tweets decoded – Rosenstein atomized Part2 – Read by the War Drummer

Now that we know in which context the Maestro tweeted his 3 September 22 tweets, let’s go deeper and analyze them.As usual, I will walk you through my thought process that allows the gathering of all the pieces of the puzzle. Then, in the conclusion, I will arrange these pieces and extract Trump’s final message. 

We have already established 3 tweets on the 22nd were an indication Trump was talking to 322 Skull and Bones and their Deep State network. Let’s look at the first tweet. You know the drill, capital letters NER=37. Before we try to find the signification of this 37, let’s notice this random – sign between “basis” and “and”. Since there is no capital letters in “and it is not by accident!”, Trump is hinting we should perform a subtraction using the entirety of each string: [New Economic Records being set on a daily basis]=413 and [and it is not by accident!]=211, the difference is 202. Interesting. Look at what Q posted the day before:

Q2261 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414 Q

Do you see this 202? This is DC’s area code and Q is giving the White House’s telephone number. Why did Q make this drop and why is Trump connecting to it? Q is talking to all those who want to share information or want to come clean: you’d better make a choice quick, call us before the music stops. Did you catch the beauty of the number 2261? DC area code=202, QAnon=61: Q is signaling he is reachable in DC… 🙂 Keep this 2261 somewhere in the back of your head, it will come back later in the most surprising way. Now we have some context and can go back to our NER=37 and reconcile. Gematria for CALLED? Yes 37. As you can see, after Q’s recommendation the day before, Trump is hinting someone called. Who do you think that could be?

To answer this question, you need to look at the 3 Q drops coming before Q2261. Look at the progression:

from Q2258 to Q2260, it’s all about Loretta Lynch talking and her calls with Rosenstein being recorded. Then Q says:

Q2260 When do birds sing? Q

And in the very next drop, he warns:

Q2261 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414 Q

Do you see it? Q is primarily talking to Rosenstein, essentially saying: “we have recorded your phone calls with Lynch and she’s now talking. As long as the music is playing, birds will be allowed to sing. So Rosenstein, do you want to join the choir while it’s still time and negotiate a plea deal or do you want to face prosecution without knowing what the Tarmac Grandma told us about you?”.

We now know all the drops from Q2258 to Q2261 are intended for Rosenstein and Trump’s tweet is his response to Q: Rosenstein called. You want a confirmation? Look at the NER=37 we got from the capital letters, did you notice these are 3 letters in the composition of ROSENSTEIN? What else would you need to add to get to the complete name? Yes: OSSTEIN. Gematria? 101. Now you know why Trump tweeted this tweet at 10:01, he coded ROSENSTEIN in the capital letters and the timestamp and he is hinting Rosenstein wants a 1 on 1 with him. This is pure beauty…

Now look at the next tweet. It’s a video. It’s 37 seconds long. Just like 37=NER. Coincidence? No. The Maestro is confirming 37 was the important number in the preceding tweet. This second tweet talks about wages and comes 55 minutes after the first one. Why? Because WAGES=55. That’s the key word of the video message. What is Trump saying here? ROSENSTEIN, then WAGES. Did you catch the double meaning? We already know wage means remuneration or salary but it also means: “the result or effect of doing something considered wrong or unwise”. With that in mind, listen to the video again:

Here is the transcript:

Did you notice the obvious cut at the 33 second mark? You think POTUS does not have the best video editing team in the world? This was made obvious so that you know who he is really talking to. If you doubt it, look at the length of the video in the next tweet: 33 seconds. Trump is talking to ROSENSTEIN and his Freemasons buddies. He’s saying that WAGES have gone up under his watch: people are now going to be accountable. The reference to the multiple jobs is about people claiming they work for the Government when, in reality, they are loyal to their secret societies. You caught what this 20 years mean right? He’s talking about the to-be-declassified FISA 20 page and how people are going to pay for their past involvement. Now go all the way to the 33 second mark, where the obvious cut is. He says: “Congratulations, spend your money well”. Notice SPEND YOUR MONEY WELL=261, he coded this number in “from 20 years ago. And people had 1 job, now they were working 2 and 3 jobs”. Do you see it? Arrange these 4 numbers like this: [2][3X20+1] and there is your 261. Pretty cool right? Now it’s time for you to go back to the Q2261 I told you to keep in the back of your head. This is where it comes back: Trump confirmed Q’s 2261 in his video speech coding 261 using the 4 numbers 20, 1, 2 and 3 under the disguise of speaking of wages and multiple jobs. Beautiful. And you still have people doubting Trump is a very stable genius!

But what does the Maestro mean when he says to ROSENSTEIN: “SPEND YOUR MONEY WELL”=261? First, you have to notice it is the same value as KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT=261. Coincidence? No. You know the saying: “put your mouth where your money is” right? Well, Trump just gave to Rosenstein the best legal and financial advice ever: you’d better open your mouth, and sing just like the Tarmac Grandma did. Either you cooperate, either you learn we have it all. The hard way.

Then, 283 minutes later, Trump tweets a 33 second video about his trip to New York next week to attend the United Nations General Assembly. This video is the most challenging to decode. Do you remember Trump’s speech when he said he went to DC 17 times? Do you remember when he said “again” to emphasize Q=17? This is what he is doing in this video. The key element of his speech is where he says “again” and repeats he will be in NY next week. Trump repeats “next week”. That is the clue. Let’s keep in mind he is talking to Rosenstein. Do you remember when he said about Rosenstein that he thought he was “weak”, branded him “democrat” and said that he was a “threat to his presidency”? Here is the article:


This is the context. As we said, this video comes 283 minutes later and 283 is the gematria for YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK. Do you see it? Trump repeated NEXT WEEK and said AGAIN to hint we needed to solve 283 and triangulate with Rosenstein with the word WEAK. Take the time to well understand what I have just explained. I know many will ask why did the Maestro change an E to an A. This question is one of the most interesting and mysterious on the Q board. I will give you 2 clues: the first 40 seconds of this speech:

and this drop:

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q


Now that we have our first anchor point with 283, which is YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK, we can list all the other relevant solutions: I REALLY MEANT IT AND I STILL DO =283, YOU HAVE JUST GONE TOO FAR=283, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER=283.


We can now arrange all the pieces of the puzzle:

In response to Q drops from 2258 to 2261 where Q informs us Lynch is singing and that Rosenstein is advised to call the White House and also come clean, Trump confirmed that Rosenstein called to ask for a 1 on 1. Trump refused and essentially told him the following:

“Rosenstein, I knew you were a threat to my presidency, I said it in December 2017 and at the time, I already knew what you were all about. I also said that you were worthless and weak. I really meant it and I still do. With this 25th Amendment thing, you have gone too far and I also know about the other things that have not made it to the news yet. You’d better stop playing games and sing as loud as the Tarmac Grandma because Q has all your communications with her. You are now asking for a 1 on 1 so that you can come out of my office in tears and say that I fired you and take the streets with your 32 and 33 buddies

Well, did you forget I’m a very stable genius? You thought the timing was random? All this is planned. I will be in New York next week and I’ll have General Kelly meet with you instead. He’ll make sure the cameras catch you come out of the White House shaking his hands joyfully

I am not in a hurry. Remember? I have endured your presence for almost 2 years, a few more days is ok with me. You will pay later for what you have done. Did you forget I don’t even need to fire you and that Congress can impeach you? How about when the Supreme Court responds to Sessions’ classified letter about your multiple conflicts of interest?”

I have just told you what happened Monday morning and why it happened. It was all in the Maestro’s week end tweets.


SerialBrain2 Decodes – Panic in DC and the Maestro’s Allegro. Can the Deep State keep up the pace? Part1 – Read by the War Drummer

If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself,  A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. So, ‘burn bright, the world needs your light.’ As the Savior has said, “Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world, [and] let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up” (see Matt. 5:16; 3 Ne. 18:16, 24)

Q-Torch Shines Brighter than the sun on to our World To Lead The way from Darkness To the Light….And We Fight, for the promise New World that awaits us…..

~Galactic Human~

Have you ever wondered why Trump and Q often speak in riddles? I sometimes see in the comment section contributions like: SB2, you are taking this too far, this is probably simpler than you think it is etc… Then, when Trump said wouldn’t instead of would not here below

I understood NT and that he was referring to the Server image decode below

Many laughed but the next day, Trump confirmed the decode was accurate and capitalized Nuclear Test in his July 23rd tweet

As you can see, coded language lives its own life and just like Trump does not care about people’s reaction when he says Covfefe or when he purposely makes mistakes in his tweets, you have to be willing to be misunderstood and even mocked to get your message across.

Now the question is: why? Why pay this price?

First: Plausible Deniability. Trump is ahead of his time. He believes in transparency and that the power, hence the information, belongs to the people. National Security laws are still what they are, and still apply to him and to Q, so they have to play by the rules until we can change them. The black hats are monitoring every communications they can and would be the first to file legal cases against Trump and Q if they could prove National Security laws were infringed. When Trump shows a hat with “Make our Farmer’s Great Again” written over it, I understand he is signaling Q will break his silence and post soon because FARMER=61=QANON

Later events showed I decoded it accurately because Q broke his 20 day silence and posted the next day of this farmers’ hat episode. If Trump is asked about this, all he has to say is “who is SB2? I was talking about our farmers.”

Second: Conversion. This drop:

Q1545 Message not for Anons. Q

is proof we are not the only recipients of Trump’s and Q’s messages. They are also talking to the black hats and more generally to the enemies of mankind. These bad actors have used very ancient political tricks to invade our country and our government. Through blackmail, mind control, and information retention techniques, their pyramidal structure keeps their supporters in the dark while they are at the top doing things only God knows. Do you think the average Joe in the Democratic Party knows what the Contortionist and the Witch are all about? No. He may be a sincere patriot but is misinformed. Think Seth Rich. How about the Deep State Government agent who genuinely thinks he is resisting for a good cause? Trump and Q’s coded messages are also directed to them and some of them who have decoding skills may go like:” wait, this server thing is actually real? Did HRC really sell SAP intel to foreign countries? I thought this was a hoax from the Right to get votes. I’d better come clean before I go to jail for something I was not aware of”. Do you see it? These coded messages are devastating for the enemy’s armies and you now understand why they have to shut down our platforms and why learning how to decode Trump and Q is crucial.

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

That’s for the strategy. Ready for the tactics?

Let’s take a look at Trump’s tweets on Saturday September 22nd:

He made 3 tweets that day. 3 tweets on the 22nd? 322 Skull and Bones again? Coincidence? No. The Maestro is setting the tone. The music today will be played in the D Major scale. D like disarray, D like DC, D like D5 and Major like the current panic in DC. Look:

As you can see, the Tarmac Grandma is talking and many key players are on their way to complete annihilation. Q also reveals her calls with Rosenstein were recorded 4 times in the past 11 days. You know what Q is doing here right? He’s letting everybody know Loretta’s whole phone directory was monitored. For those who don’t know what the 411 is, this is a good opportunity to pay tribute to Mary J. Blige, one of the best voices in our artistic heritage:

Peruvian Coffee for those who recognized the sampled bass line! It comes from the Ohio Players’ song “Pride and Vanity”. As you will see in the following video, these 2 things were Loretta Lynch’s speech baseline last year but we have come a long way since then and she changed the scale:

Then Q gives us the juicy details of the Deep State’s collapse under the subtle and repeated signs of the Maestro. Who will be the best singer for his allegro?

Trying to get their head above water, the Deep State activates Feinstein. In a desperate attempt to force the Maestro to negotiate, they promise to drop their attack against Kavanaugh in exchange of pulling back from the FISA declassification process. Unfortunately for them, only the Maestro can now stop the music and he will when he decides so. For now, he signals people should keep singing and dancing and that Kavanaugh will be confirmed regardless. Epic.

To make things worse for the Deep State and confirm that music is a language everybody understands, the Maestro orders a Uk Release of his Symphony. If Bruce Ohr, the backchannel between FBI/DOJ and Steele is protecting his “beautiful wife” Nelly

and is throwing Lynch, Rosenstein, Comey and Yates under the bus over the Fake Steele Dossier, do you think he would spare Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele? The 2003 UK-US Extradition Treaty is now going to be activated and Steele will soon make it to the US. At a very low price…

By not seeking Bruce Ohr’s testimony, Mueller showed his hand: how can you investigate Russia and not contact Bruce Ohr, the DOJ focal point of the baseless Steele dossier who, with Brennan’s complicity, organized the classified leaks to Fake News and gave the Steele dossier the internal gravitas it needed to make it through the DOJ system?

Q2106 Think Steele > BO [post FBI firing] intel collection. Think DOJ/FBI classified leaks to FAKE NEWS > insert into FISA app in effort to provide ‘new sources’.

Q gave us Mueller’s motivations here:

Q1973 Why wouldn’t Mueller seek testimony? Mueller: Impeach POTUS operation?

Then, he showed to Mueller his plan was not solid:

Q1973 If impeachment is the goal via retake House (midterms), does it still not require a 2/3 vote in the Senate?

Then, he invites Mueller to a 20 mile race where Huber is already waiting for him at the finish line:

Q1973 What will the [20] FISA 4th warrant disclose? Trust the Plan. HUBER has EVERYTHING. Q

So, Mueller, I have a question for you. What didn’t you understand about this:

Q2170 Twelve moves ahead. Q

It’s twelve moves per step and there are 5 steps:

Q14 How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead? Who is helping POTUS?

The 61st move is Q’s checkmate…

Mueller, you are struggling with the next move within your step, how could you see the Plan?! You didn’t know it had a prepared dead end subroutine for grey and all RGB uncertainties? Q told you, right here:

Q1287 Not confirming SC is on /team/. Question everything. Timing important. Planned? Q

R=18 G=7 B=2.

Now Mueller, if Bruce Ohr loves his beautiful Nelly so much and can’t stop singing while the music is playing, do you realize your failure to contact him establishes your intent to cover this up:

Q1708 What if the UK gov worked hand-in-hand w/ the Hussein admin to sabotage the 2016 election? Data collection. Voice. Video. Bugging. Creation of fake intel dossier using ex spy.

Sabotage of the US 2016 election? With the complicity of a foreign power? How do you think an international relation lawyer would qualify that?

I figured out from my kitchen that the multimillion dollar Russia investigation you are conducting is in fact a UK/US investigation. It’s right here:

Q1708 What if intel masked penetration(s) to frame Russia? Crowdstrike?

I can even tell you that this spy operation against Trump and framing Russia has Skull and Bones and its puppets written all over it. Q made it easy for you and gave you 10 names out of the 32 that were identified:

Q1708 PS. LP. No Name. Clapper. Brennan. Rice. LL. HRC. BC. Hussein. +22

Now Mueller, look at this drop:

Q1708 Servers. SR. JA. Why does the UK gov desperately want JA? Think source files. The more you know. Q

What if JA and others suddenly remember this number and call: 202-456-1414? So you thought the delay the Maestro has allowed on the FISA declassification was a sign of hesitation? No. It’s a musical pause. A Caesura. The Maestro uses it to allow all the calls to come in and all the parts of the song to be recorded before the music stops.

Q2261 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP. 202-456-1414 Q

And while all this is happening, Sessions is dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s. He knows the epilogue is near so he wrote a classified letter to SC Justices 1&2 to get their opinion on his recusal, unrecusal and the several conflicts of interest identified with Rosenstein, Mueller, the Ohr couple and others. Sessions is extremely skilled: he’s seeking for the anointment of the highest court authority before he drops the hammer. Those who will challenge his coming devastative moves will in fact challenge the Supreme Court of the United States of America!

Hahaha! Now question: are you tired of winning yet?!

This is the context in which the Maestro tweeted his 3 tweets. In part 2, I will analyze them.

Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q

Q-TRUMP~ INTEL UPDATE 24th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Rod Rosenstein had resigned#Are you all ready for the “Sky is falling week”? DECLAS of FISA = [RR] self-incrimination..THE RATS ARE PANICKING.”all [FISA] signers will be [currently] under investigation”Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker

Let us know when you realize that TheStorm and is about to take place here on American soil & the political landscape will be forever changed , Let us know when you realize that the USMilitary asked DonaldTrump to run for President in 2014 to protect your country & your Freedoms. Let us know when you realize that DonaldTrump is playing 4DChess to eradicate the DeepState & their co-conspirators.  will become known as the greatest military op of all time. Let us know when you realize that President Trump prevented WorldWarIII the day he was elected and saved our world from powerful evil elitists who want you DEAD so they cannot be challenged by a growing population.Let us know when you realize that Trump will go down as the greatest President in US history – accomplishing what JohnFKennedy died trying to do. Prepare for ‘Sky is falling’ week.



DEEP STATE in coup attempt to take @potus down. he is the only prez who has kept his promises! please, vote them out!

~Galactic Human~

President Trump has decided, apparently, to meet a firestorm with one of his own, one that, I submit, is long overdue.

WWG1WGA dedication to Q and the Anon’s

The tip of the iceberg. But the iceberg is cracking. “Fruit of the poisonous tree,” anyone?

Are you all ready for the “Sky is falling week”? #qanon just posted and said it’s coming and to be ready. The bottom is about to bust open and Justice is about to come pouring forth; Rosenstein self incrimination will be clear once FISA declassified. @potus not going to..

#QAnon’d told us 9/10/18 that “all [FISA] signers will be [currently] under investigation”. Now on 9/23 he posts “all [FISA] signers are currently under Grand Jury investigation.

[RR] in charge of DECLAS.> Rosenstein is in charge of the declassification because Sessions is still recused from all Russian-related matters

Rr was in charge of declassifying it so it went straight to Horrowitz for conflict of interest final review. With Horrowitz charged with final review, RR won’t be able to slow process down and Mueller and left won’t be able to interfere and endanger sources and methods.

If the DOJ and FBI renege on the deal; meaning if the IG report does not expose the institutional corruption; then all agreements are null and void. President Trump wants this done prior to the election!

#qanon saying UK and Australia begging @potus not to declass and release FISA Because of damage it will cause to diplomatic ties. They must learn a lesson and experience consequences for their actions against the @potus. Apparently RR tried to sign and approve even more…

The UK and Australia must be allied to the duly elected President, not the prior administration. Acting against the President is an act of WAR. Coordinating a coup with domestic enemies is WAR.

Using MI6 agents (Steele) and leftist politicians (A. Downer) to subvert the electoral process is an act of WAR. A true “ally” does not interfere in our elections.

Huber will have ability and power to bring criminal actions all across USA and has empaneled grand jury in Utah. He is not limited to prosecuting DS crimes from cabal friendly DC. Hence, 50k + indictments are sealed and most of those are “USA versus (criminal defendant)


Huber’s doing a great job, you just won’t hear about it.

Former Defense Intelligence Officer Arrested for Attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China

The NYT article has stunning revelations, including the existence of McCabe memos in the hands of an unknown number of media outlets. Rosenstein is said to have been behind the 25A push based on chaos in the WH. He also allegedly offered to wear a wire when meeting with POTUS in the WH because no one asked to see his phone. If not him, Rosenstein wanted those interviewing for the FBI DIR position to wear a wire. Rosenstein sat in on the interviews.


“Panic” [RR] was 1 of the recipients of 4 Dem Gang of 8 letter fired out on the 9/18 after Trump’s announcing declass, saying they’d received assurances that declass was never going to happen.

Declassify and Release The FISA  QAnon Graphics Decode

[RR] problems!! Sources say [RR] currently on his way to the White House expecting to be fired!!2018 Will be GLORIOUS!!

Is the ‘Tiger’ tweet a reference to a Military Operation? Looks like a big win could happen!! Very exciting!!

It will all work out!!! It will also All come out!!! Thank you, President Trump!! Unnecessary caps – MT (Military Tribunals?)

#QAnon It’s not Dan Coats they want an explanation from & it’s not Christopher Wray. They were demanding Rod Rosenstein explain himself. Despite the assurances HE GAVE THEM this declassification is happening.MCCABE MEMOS [NYT [RR] ARTICLE][PROVE] THE RATS ARE PANICKING. Q

FISA applications but was prevented from doing so in a forceable manner. All who signed and approved FISA warrants are under grand jury investigation. McCabe memo given to Ny Times re “RR going to wear wire with @potus” shows they are all panicking and the rats are scurrying

Conspirators want [RR] to be seen as not credible before the #SpyGate docs come out saying Rosenstein wanted to secretly record the @POTUS and then try to use the 25th Amendment to impeach him.

TRUST GRASSLEY says Q. Even though it looks like he’s catering to the lefts requests to continue to back up the Kavanaugh vote, there’s more to it. Timing is everything. MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s, Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS. Operation Mockingbird

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker… effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits,Christine Blasey Ford, who claims without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics.


Please Watch Short Video of Lady who attended FEINSTEIN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY! Turn the tables!

The greatest part of being alive now is that we are citizen journalist. We are more in touch we each other then ever before. We are all fighting for the same freedoms

Q reiterates how the rats of the deep state, who have no honor or loyalty, are panicking and turning on each other. Devin Nunes suspects McCabe leaked the NYT op-ed hoping POTUS will fire Rod Nosenstein, but Q and Trump team are well aware and will not fall for it, and there is no need, Rod will be removed once the Declas FISA application is revealed. Also i discuss the many problems with soon to be Justice Kavanaughs accuser, so many.

Reports first thing this morning was that Rod Rosenstein had resigned, and after much speculation and back and forth, ultimately he has himself and interview with POTUS on Thursday, Bob goodlatte had made a speech today talking about the political hack job attempt on soon-to-be Justice Cavanaugh, showing how all four of the alleged victims Witnesses tonight any memory of such a party, and the second allegation was not even following up and the New York Times, because per their own statement it was not credibly backed up, also they didn’t even mention Michael avenatti and his claimants as well.

This is the awesome-ist thing to happen in my lifetime! They gonna run out of popcorn Please pray for holy angels to always surround, protect and guide Trump, his family, and those who try to help him MAGA. And let’s pray for honest elections. Ask for paper ballots if you can get them!

As the deep state panic continues, Qanon says we should prepare for hysterical headlines. The Sky is Falling

Q Anon | Prepare for ‘Sky Is Falling’ next week?I made a reference to the fact that the new accuser of Judge Kavanaugh, Deborah Ramirez, was named a Soros Senior Fellow by the Open Society Institute and a professor at Northeastern. These statements have proven to be referencing a different Deborah Ramirez than the one who is accusing Judge Kavanaugh. Apologies, stay tuned. God bless.

SerialBrain2 Decodes on Q – The Q2172 Q2176 riddle- will this be the week – Q proofs – pt2 followup

Today, we are solving the Q2172-Q2176 riddle.

You are now familiar with the method, we start with a synthetic look at the riddle by gathering all the relevant components in a single image with first degree connections

As you can see, Q puts us right in the middle of the FISA declassification process. By linking in Q2172 to a CNN article about FEMA testing the emergency alert system, Q is hinting there are chances this week may become rocky and that security measures are being implemented to avoid any overflow.

Then, in Q2175, he links to National Review article where it is hinted this week may be the week when Trump will declassify and publicize key FISA-gate documents — in particular, the redacted portions of the Carter Page surveillance-warrant applications.

Icing on the cake, Q2176 reveals that to declassify, Trump would be using Sec 1.7 of Obama’s Executive Order 13526 where 4 case scenarios are clearly listed to describe classification prohibitions and limitations.

Wow. Pop corn.

Let’s take a closer look at Q2172. What is this Sept 17 [week of]? Do you remember Rachel Brand? She resigned on February 20, 2018 from her Associate Attorney General position (#3 position in the DOJ) to take a job as head of global corporate governance at Walmart link. In Q1433, Q reminded us the rules under which she was to be replaced and that the acting AAG had a 210 day “lifespan” in the job. In the same drop, he then asked the question: when does the clock run out? Well, if you add 210 days to February 20 2018, you get Tuesday September 18 2018. That’s tomorrow! This [week of] is the week when the acting AAG cannot be acting anymore and the position becomes vacant. Now look at these drops:

Q1433 Once the ‘extremely guarded & highly classified’ information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated. [RR] problems. What was RR’s Senate Conf Vote? WRAY reports to RR [important fact].

Q1470 When the info is released [RR] no more. When the info is released no more Russia investigation.

Do you see it? When the declassification occurs and that RRs implication in FISA is public, RR, occupying DOJ #2 position is gone, but the DOJ #3 position will also become vacant because of the 210 day rule. So? Almighty Sessions! Descending from the heavens, sitting on a throne with a Golden Hammer. Direct link with Wray. Direct oversight of Mueller if un-recused, controlled link with Mueller through #3 refill. Game over.

Q1602 The game is over when the public knows.

When this happens, the Left will go CRAZY. I can’t wait to see how Mockingbird MSM is going to deal with this. Now you understand why FEMA tests the emergency alert system, and why Q posted above

Now let’s take a closer look at the Contortionist’s Executive Order. It’s EO 13526. Add these numbers, what do you get? Yes 17. That’s Q. Coincidence? How about Sec 1.7? Coincidence? How about Section 1.7 being at page 302. Do you remember? The inversion? Skull and Bones 32 VS Trump/Q 23. Coincidence? Don’t you find it ironic Trump is going to use an Executive Order signed by Obama to destroy all his Deep State network and that it has Q written all over it?

Q1085 Have faith. Trust the plan. Q

But there is more. Let’s analyze the picture in Q2173. It’s a 1143X720 pixel picture. Let’s add these 2 numbers, we get 1863. Now expand your thinking. How can you read this number with time in the back of your head? Yes: 18:63 which is either 19:03 or 18:03 depending on if you have an analytic reading (adding the minutes to get hours) or a photographic reading (just looking at the position of the watch hands). Either way, what do you notice? Whatever number you pick, it will be Q2175’s timestamp on 8chan or on https://qanon.pub/! Pretty cool right? We can therefore deduce that this Q2173 picture is related to the FISA panic in DC described in Q2175.

Now let’s look at the picture filename. It’s DnKGWXyU8AAG5Ln. First, the gematria of this whole string is 177. Repetition rule? It’s 17=Q. Coincidence? Keep this somewhere in the back of your head, we’ll get back to it. Do you see this AAG between the 8 and the 5? That’s Q hinting we should separate the string and extract AAG as one block: DnKGWXyU8AAG5Ln = DnKGWXyU8 AAG 5Ln. We get 3 blocks. First block=DnKGWXyU8=137, same gematria as AUTHORITY. Third block=5Ln, same gematria as SAFE. The file name becomes AAG AUTHORITY SAFE. This AAG was the lead Q gave us as a hint based on the context (like a street sign showing the direction), it can therefore be dropped and since we know the picture is related to FISA, we deduce that Q coded that the FISA declassification process will restore complete authority in the DOJ and put it in safe hands, which is a confirmation of this January 21st 2018 drop:

Q570 #Memo reinstates SESSIONS’ authority re: Russia/ALL.

You want more? Sure. You can also read the filename as the amalgam of 2 string types: letters and numbers. If you separate the string types and put the letters in one block and the numbers in another, the filename becomes DnKGWXyUAAGLn 85. Why did I do this? Because I saw the witch. Yes, you have to memorize a few numeric names from the movie casting. Hillary=85. Since DnKGWXyUAAGLn=164, the file name becomes 164 85. Gematria of NOW THE END BEGINS? Yes 164. The final message Q coded was that once this FISA declassification process is initiated, it will be the beginning of the end for the witch.

Now this Q2174 is key. It’s a tweet showing Flynn at the Eagle Council. Why is Q inserting this tweet between the image I have just decoded and the Q2175 FISA Panic in DC drop if he is going to give a link to Flynn’s speech at the event in Q2178? Redundancy? No. You and I know that never happens on Q board. The reason is because Q is hinting Flynn is in the middle of all this. He is involved in all this declassification, AAG, FEMA process. I will tell you how.

Let’s analyze Q2178. Look at the video minute mark Q picked: 212. Does this ring a bell? Do you remember Q2095 and its picture? I decoded the message hidden in its filename in my post “So you want to know why Trump tweeted « TREASON ? ». I will tell you”. Quick reminder: the filename of the picture in Q2095 is DWuttxKVwAARaSd. The ordinal gematria is DWuttxKVwAARaSd=212 and it was established that it is the value of “DO YOU DOUBT ME NOW? and also DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? and also THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! Do you see it? Let’s go back to the Q2173 picture, I told you to keep somewhere in the back of your head that the overall gematria of the filename was DnKGWXyU8AAG5Ln=177 same gematria as DO YOU REMEMBER ME?

Let’s recap: a twter picture of FLYNN is inserted between Q2173 and Q2175 which are both about FISA declassification, DOJ cleaning and the required security measures in case of national disruption. A link is provided to a video with the coded messages: DO YOU DOUBT ME NOW? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU REMEMBER ME? THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!

Now I have 2 questions for you: Gematria for Q? 17. Gematria for FLYNN? 71.

Q1685 Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary? Logical thinking. [20] Q

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