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More “Q” updates…. And More on SNOWDEN…. The Release is heating-up…. Expect BOOM….KA-BOOM



Britain seeks opt-out of new European social media privacy laws

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Q ANON: New Latest Posts – “Shall we play a game?”  Snowden’s father is Lonnie Snowden, also Deep State. but i believe the FATHER in this espionage ring will turn out to be John Brennan? Q asked who is ‘the FATHER’ ….the ol’ double meaning dirty trick clowns perform in the circus, Snowden was hunted in this building where he was hiding,in Hong Kong to an small apartment of an immigrant

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Comb your hair is like Bourne telling Pam to get some rest when he was observing her without her knowledge.

I think the CIA sent Snowden into the NSA to take them down and take out the competition. They set up Secure Drop to catch intelligence whistleblowers. They sent Snowden to Hong Kong to get Julian Assange involved and pass him a thumb drive with CIA spyware to catch whistleblowers who bypassed Secure Drop and went straight to Wikileaks. That’s why Set Rich is [187]. Just speculating, but it makes the most sense to me, so far.

3/7/2018 NEW Q-anon SNOWDEN CIA OR NOT – Who has been helping Edward? IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL YOU CAN PROVIDE MONETARY SUPPORT AT: https://streamlabs.com/brucefigert

George Smiley OBE is a fictional character created by John le Carré. Smiley is a career intelligence officer with “The Circus,” the British overseas intelligence agency.


WoW… More New Updates…  Overall i Think the Way POTUS and Q-Team  working are by using  the Scarface method on the cabal. First you take their money and then you take their power and finally take their women. hmm rather you keem em 🙂 as after being bankrupt their women are their liability

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North Korea makes ‘agreement’ with South Korea after historic meeting

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March 2018 Qanon posts – 1 in series of 4: Snowden, White House, Hannity and the LINK. Please subscribe and share to help beat back the beast. New Q videos will be flowing next few days. God bless you and yours!

The magical might be the Majestic-12, Trump might be releasing some alien tech,but he also said that this years parade will not be forgotten and that would make it unforgettable lol!!

+++ + +++++ = 3 1 5 . Check the Wikileaks Hillary Email leak logo… 3.15 = March 15… March 15= Ides of March… The Day Senate killed Caesar… The Day Rome’s true colors were shown.

Water, Fluoride, Steel, Air, Chemtrails, Oil, Corruption, Clinton & Other Foundations, Children And Evil Cloaked in Virtue

Corsi mentioned that the Water could also mean things are calm now in N.K. look at the pics Q posted with the Leaders first one Clinton and Kim Jung IL , the background, the Tidal waves and the current pic of NK and SK leader with a background peaceful. Double meanings..


9.99% gold was adulterated and bartered worldwide.


Heirarchies of development are dissolved.

Activations of all Light Bodies enables the New Development Paradigms.

Structures of elders dissolves.

Novel frameworks uplift Humanity.



Would be easier to believe if the treasonous factions were in Gitmo awaiting execution. No excuse for Obama, Hillary and Soros Who are still being free. LOCK-EM-UP

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8Chan Awakening

CIA Covert Action

CIA Red Oct Steel

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Lynn d Rothschild made comment on 8chan that we will all die of thirst but not until we watch our children die first. The arrogance of these luciferians and their underestimation of the human spirit will be their demise!! If Q is warning to watch the water, the white hats are already on it. Not saying not to worry, but Q always says that future proves past, that we have more than we know. We will all proudly be voting in 2020, alive and well, and voting for TRUMP. #MAGA

And don’t forget what Q also asks. Why is NK out of the news cycle. Because the news today is all propaganda, a CIA psyop, much the same as NK. Some of the media moguls and actually people you see on television will be facing charges themselves. Like Mika B, Nazi through and through. Well…..the CIA is OVER! THEY’RE TOAST. Simply put, if the propaganda news media can put NK in and out of the news cycle at whim, then it’s a big false flag. North and South Korea are meeting right this second as we speak. With trump standing firm on his trade wars without blinking an eye, we should remember another Q saying….not to believe what you read or hear on TV. It’s all lies. But if you watch trump, you see it clearly. He went to SA, the day after 16 princes were exiled. He is going to join with China and Russia, the stock market will be corrected, the dollar will be something different than it is today, and these three countries will join to take out these luciferians globalists. And LDR will be sitting in GITMO.

Qanon has been active again on the 8chan Qresearch boards.

These are some ideas, questions, and concerns I have regarding the current state of affairs. The main point I want to reflect is the quote that “why do so called Patriots challenge this” referring to the #IBOR or #InternetBillOfRights. I question this narrative and wonder why “Shall not be infringed” is forgotten? Our 1st amendment is solid and does not need alteration to reinforce it, we just need to stand up for it. What good does a bill purposed by a company that is funded heavily by CIA get so much attention?

May we all awaken to the truth and Light contained within these words to support us/humanity during these uniquely orchestrated times of Change

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Boom. MAGA I think Trump knows king (crown prince) of Saudi Arabia from casino days and maybe close and told him if he d I didn’t get with the program that he’d be in trouble himself. Forcing him to concur in his plot, not much of a choice. BOOM = 45 (2+15+15+13). BOOM!

What is a LARP? Why is this important? Define roll playing. Why is this relevant? Who is Hillary married to? Who is she really married to? Nothing is what it seams. Or is it? Why did I just say that? Did someone tell me to? Be safe. Q

Q has again been posting to the Qresearch board on 8chan.

dead cat bounce describes what is going on on wall street. A sudden drop in stock price. Even a dead cat bounces if it’s dropped from high enough. The globalists are trying to keep their assets from being frozen. Potus Dec executive order.

The more I see posts from the annons and Q-the more I see what is going on in the governments of the world and what we can do about it… am re-posting the P-TRUMP great speech , which i had posted months back but Q has referred the same VDO on his INTEL board..Q said listen carefully (great trump speech, 5min) , So here we go

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What, if anything, is happening with the Trump administration and his crackdown of Deep State corruption? This is a brief bits & pieces of some of what we can expect for March 2018. Sources: http://qanonposts.com

Q ANON: New Latest Posts – “We Are Everywhere”

We need to cut the satanic globalist off at the knees by pressing Trump to let the Treasury print our money backed by tangible goods/metals. Make the Rothschild dollars worthless, the confiscate all of the stolen assets back including all real property from these elite thieves.

After more than a week of silence Qanon has uploaded a number of posts on both the Great Awakening and Qresearch boards on 8chan. If you are looking for an explanation as to what these posts may mean, you are on the wrong channel. Many other channels choose to give you their guesses as to what Q is trying to tell us……..but none can prove their guesses are correct!

Guys ++I-Q++ has Joined us…… The Phenom who Decrypted ALL Q-Anon Post…. Not a Single You-tuber or Lightworkers or any other Channel could Decrypt Q-Anon to it’s Original…. I-Q is the Answer…. They will Be Postin Soon…..

Welcome ++I-Q++

+++Q+++ Decrypted by ++I-Q++

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Whether his name is Barry S or B H Obama, we know this much: this pretender isn’t what he says he is. No legitimate birth certificate or Social security no., a fake family, etc. He is a CIA construction placed into office to destroy the USA…and he’s still working at it. Time he was arrested and prosecuted for treason.

How convenient this is happening right now at this time! Georgia teacher in custody after report of gunfire at school https://www.yahoo.com/newsroom/vibes/news/v-dd323ebb-416a-3b40-b6ef-7e9c677f40d2_c-7cf49992-25b4-300b-998b-1dfde727bf60_a-7cf49992-25b4-300b-998b-1dfde727bf60

Q ANON: New Latest Posts – The BRIDGE Explained?

Q ANON: New Latest Posts – The BRIDGE Explained? Part 2

From my understanding Obama’s mother was CIA – don’t think its likely he was KGB – much more likely he is CIA. Since everything about this man is so shady – no birth certificate, all educational records sealed, etc. – he is definitely someone’s fabrication.

“The Bridge” is an important thing in Scientology. https://www.scientology.org/faq/background-and-basic-principles/what-is-the-bridge-in-scientology.html


Falacious visions are exposed.

Elements of materials change to the Cosmics.

Frescoes appear to hu-beings.

Freedoms are embraced.


I have also included Tesla Prodigy VDO on Sheldan Channeling

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Selamat Balik. The clean-up operation continues. Our crowning victory grows closer each day. Most of the major bases and strongholds of the cabal have been utterly destroyed. Our list of arrests grows longer by the minute. Meanwhile, the plan presses on to implement the New Republic, empowering our allies to ultimately take over USA, Inc. The RV continues to roll out and move forward. Our allies are discovering just how weak the cabal has become. Its few remaining strong points dwindle with every day. The long-promised prosperity is systematically approaching its delivery date. A most auspicious moment has arrived when the foundation will be laid for a new reality and a golden age.

Our mission is based on carrying out a series of heavenly directives. These decrees were issued to assist humanity’s return, at the right divine time, to its former state as fully conscious galactic humans. It is vital to realize a new realm, free of the hindrances contrived by the relentless scheming of the devious cabal and its many henchmen. In the past, many of our diverse groups of allies were working separately and their efforts were disjointed. With our support, they are learning about “Fluid Group Dynamics”, which has helped make the different Light groups coalesce into an unstoppable force. This ever-increasing strength is freeing the Light to create myriad ways to defeat the dark. Their collaborative effort is proving to be the knockout blow that can crush the dark. As the light grows, the dark shrinks. You tremble now on the brink of disclosure, heralding a golden era of unimaginable peace and the dawn of limitless prosperity! The old reality is waning and a new and glorious world is being established firmly in its place! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

We possess an ever-expanding dynamic whose momentum cannot be denied and the dark realize/realizes this. The cabal knows its time is coming to an end. Many of the wicked factions on your planet have surrendered and negotiated agreements for their cooperation. There still remains however, an obstinate clique that refuses to surrender. and is resolved to fight and wreak havoc to the bitter end. This is unfortunate, as it creates only confusion and doubt in the minds and hearts of Lightworkers where none should exist. However, the forces of Light are growing in number and are united/of one mind/like-minded in their sacred purpose. Nothing, and no one, can keep Gaia and all her people from experiencing this expansion in consciousness.

The next phase/step in our strategies is about to be revealed. Fluid Dynamics is coalescing the many diverse groups that until recently were not allied. Now that they have, miracles are possible and are taking place on a daily basis. Once you hold prosperity in your hands, many untold technologies will be released. These technologies, which already exist on your planet, will provide safe methods to clean up your water, air and land. Healing technologies will replace your broken medical system. Imagine a world free of chemtrails, fluoride in your water or soil depleted of nutrients. Yes, envision a world of clean, clear skies, pure drinking water and organic farmlands. Imagine your body utilizing vibrational medicine to fix your physical ailments. Last week we informed you of the throat chakra and Well of Dreams chakra integrations. These chakras continue to cause restless sleep, vivid dreams, headaches and continuous dry cough, which should begin to subside following the Spring Equinox. Your Well of Dreams is a new chakra that will assist in your connections to the galactic and spiritual realms.

Greetings! We are your Ascended Masters. Today we arrive to discuss the art of being gracious. More than simply being kind, it is in fact an inner state of mind. Learn to stand firm for the Truth while at the same time radiating kindness. In these uncertain times, you need to see the world as more than news reported by the mainstream. It is about how you perceive Gaia and how you can make her a better place for all who live upon her. A major aspect of your journey is to be gracious and to feel at peace as you go about dismantling the dark cabal’s power structure. In your ever-changing pace of life, you must learn how to apply grace and to refrain from a strictly emotional response. Being gracious, therefore, becomes the key because it sets the tone for what you see or say, and how you respond to the reality you create for yourselves.

The key to being gracious is to remain sane and centered in a chaotic and unbalanced world. It is important to understand the ever-changing environment that surrounds you. Discernment, too, is the basis to keeping your heartspace in Love. Each is like a butterfly caught in the swirling winds of change. In this rapid eddying are ideas born and coalesced. Because the sheer number of scenarios bombarding your consciousness can readily cause confusion and doubt, we encourage you to apply the arts of discernment and graciousness in your daily affairs. These qualities that can free you of anxiety. These qualities provide answers to the problems you will face as you create your new reality.

Each one of you is a joy to our collective hearts. We realize how far you have come in these past two decades! You are on a road to success that is to bring to you the return of full consciousness. We feel it wise, therefore, to inform you of these changes and to ask you to continue to go within, focusing and using visualizations to accelerate your progress. You, dear Hearts, are a wondrous group that is only beginning to show your vast potential. The next major series of changes by Heaven are to further accelerate your mental and emotional abilities. As you know, your heart is a vast electrical center that in many cases rivals your brain. This process is to continue as you undertake renewals to your brain’s chakras and to your heart. These changes are to celebrate your new-found potential and better prepare you to meet your galactic mentors.

Today, we continued our messages! The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform the pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity! The dark cabal has had time to change gracefully and failed. A new day is dawning that will bring in a graceful epoch for humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Richard Griffin, better known by his stage name Professor Griff, is an American rapper, spoken word artist, and lecturer. He is a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy and head of the group Security of the First World. Wikipedia

Before the exposed dvd professor grif was exposing illuminati. he influence sparked a whole discovery and created a subculture awareness of what goes on in the industry. i was there at black and nobel behind camera. when you are alert you fall into historic stuff stay awake stay tuned from the muscle productions subscribe today

Update video about Will Smith 2018 and video about Sylvester Stallone clarification important message from him Correction,Will Smith says: Seeking disturbance not sicking disturbing.

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 L.A.’s Elite Cannibal Restaurant



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L.A.’s Elite Cannibal Restaurant Boasts Katy Perry, Meryl Streep, Chelsea Clinton As Members

There should be multiple murder investigations on a very high level going on here, just goes to show how excepted it is in society and how shock value is gone. They’ve been conditioned to look the other way. Got to make a big deal about this. Justice needs to be had for the victims that are the menu. OMG

Supposedly there are 100,000 children held prisoner below the Getty. And many underground tunnels leading to LA mansions. One mansion was Hugh Hefner’s. I pray for the day when the Satanists are exterminated.

What do Katy Perry, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Clinton have in common? They have all eaten human flesh at LA’s notorious cannibal restaurant, Cannibal Club. Comment, like and subscribe. YourNewsWire.com Article – http://yournewswire.com/cannibal-club…

New Drops with references to earlier posts, to spies, CNN, Sandyhook and more

Justin went to Discord. There are several anon boards there. Dtube is difficult sometimes. Also, good contact is The Michael Trimm Show on Twitter, Dtube, YouTube. He is a tech guy & journalist.

Update of posts made by Q to the 8chan boards. It is Trumps Hands , Which many have already stated . The # 5 item on list and 5 fingers showing is 5.5 Sig = signal Read is obvious read the message ” I hear You ” on live TV for all to see ( that are awake ) . The president hears us and is working on things , even if we can’t see it . Plus we know it was to us and CNN and MSNBC made fools of themselves pointing it out and thinking he needed notes , they were clueless , plus we were told plainly this stuff goes deeper than anyone could imagine and these people are evil and stupid 

Q ANON: Latest New Posts – “Do You Believe In Coincidences?”

Q posted some IMP doc links, thru his INTEL drop on 22nd Feb 2018.. given below


JFK docid-32403785

CIA’s Use of Journalist

New Q-Anon Intel Site

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Q Posts Feb 21-22 covering Jack Dorsey, USSS gun confiscation, JFK Protection compared and CIA – Newsmen Links from 1970s and 1990s on.

I don’t think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing anyway… Totally no confidence in CIA at all., it needs to be dissolved, US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media September 22, 2016 , FBI agents conducting undercover investigations have now been given the green light to impersonate journalists, the Justice Department determined last week — effectively legalizing the government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird.



Harmonics are uplifted for all to view.

Portentions of dark sights have closed and no longer apply.

Higher Sighted Ones give credence to the Guides.

Clarifications are finished.

Time to see for One’s Self.



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